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JUNE 2023

Venezuelan Military Burns Truck Carrying U.S. “Humanitarian Aid” – Fake News

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Venezuelan Military Burns Truck Carrying U.S. "Humanitarian Aid" - Fake News

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On February 23rd, following the closure of the border with Colombia and the cut of diplomatic ties, the Venezuelan navy threatened to open fire on a civilian ship carrying aid from Puerto Rico, according to Ricardo Rossello, Puerto Rico’s governor.

“We are already back in Bonaire with the humanitarian aid that could not enter Venezuela this afternoon.”

Separately, reports that the Venezuelan Military burning a truck of “humanitarian aid” appeared to be completely false.

“Another false positive in Cúcuta. They burn a truck of “humanitarian aid” in Colombian territory and say that it has been the National Guard Bolivariana of Venezuela. What time does the show end? (It’s for a friend).”

US National Security Adviser John Bolton meanwhile shared videos showing Venezuelan soldiers defect to the opposition’s side and recognizing US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido as their Commander-in-Chief.

He also reiterated the Interim President’s promise that those who defect would be given amnesty.

Bolton also shared an article by Reuters, which was based on anonymous sources. It likely rings true.

According to it, more severe sanctions may be imposed on Venezuela if Maduro doesn’t back down, allow the aid in and relinquish power.

US Senator Marco Rubio shared a CNN Espanol report showing “young members of the National Police cry as civilians beg them to allow them to bring humanitarian aid into #Venezuela.” This is most likely one of the most common trick and propaganda tool used to support one side or another during protests. After all, even the “henchmen” of the “tyrant” are crying while carrying out their orders.

2020 Presidential Candidate Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders also voiced his concerns, calling Maduro’s government to respect his people’s needs and not utilize violence against protesters.

As the voice of common sense, Sanders did not call Maduro a “thug,” a “crony,” or a “tyrant,” he also did not refer to the government of Venezuela as “regime.”

Another Democrat Senator – Kamala Harris also called for an end to violence, but in a stronger rhetoric.

Meanwhile Guaido, whose attempts to get humanitarian aid into Venezuela were blocked continued with the usual rhetoric of claiming that those who assist in the delivery are “true patriots,” while those who impede it are supporting tyranny.

Guaido was also cited as saying that “all options are open,” presumably once more threatening to “authorize” a US intervention.

Finally, Constitutional Lawyer Olga Alvarez shared a video showing Elliott Abrams in Cucuta seemingly at a loss. Apparently no Venezuelan children showed up to be rescued by the convicted war criminal.


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Yeah, cant help to compare this to both Haiti and France, but wants to highlight some few aspects of this, eh….. show.

Angle, like France, light an mach, go so close that it looks like the Eifel Tower is burning, and all tho, there was some fires, they all where small, where in the centrum of the city, may look dramatical, but its no where near it to be frank, some furniures burning, give me an break. This, use of events, like this birdge, close up of people, doing something, smal groups followed closely to give the impression of an much larger crowd, do notise the way this images are taken, what do they de facto display, this use, of people, truencoats, the so called defectores, and now we have HRW and AmIn, yapping bollocks, invented as before, and to me, Libya and Syria have shown us one thing, never ever trust the MSM and whom ever they manage to stack up infront of their cameras, its all about giving images the right context, of course fake thruout, or blown up to be something it never was, like Libya, an peoples uprising.

“Exsperts” my ass, drooling shitheads saying what the Gov wants them to say, and do watch, how they expand this to Nikaragua and Cuba, all of this, is Trumpsein & Co work, yeah, an classic ex on propaganda where they use narratives, witch since its coming from an wankee have abolutelly nothing to do with whatever happened in Venezuela, but then wankees have never bothered them self with much truts anyway, and like our “eminet” MSM; some alts sites are de facto much worse, since we all know this one is because wankeestan wants, yeah, like asking an prince for an reason, my cat is like that, princes needs no f…. reason, they are princes, of course.

Yup, the asylum is gone into an parallel reality, the only explenation I have, where the bloofy hell did this creeps go into, do they think we are that f….. stupid, wankees. YOU, the most brainwashed sheeps drooling on this heep of rock, are an insult to intellegence, thats it.



US Forces give the nod, it’s a setback for your country Bombs and trenches all in rows, bombs and threats still ask for more Divided world the CIA, who controls the issue (Midnight Oil 1982.) America has to be stopped.


The true face of US foreign policy I think :)


You can call me Al

The following bears no link to your comment except it sort of has the same background and made me laugh.



That image reminds me of a friends wife :) She is always outraged about everything.

El Mashi

The United States and vassal Saudi Arabia and Israel have created a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen. The Venezuelans benefit from subsidized nutricion from its government. Military aid can never be humanitarian. Never. These are United States crocodile tears. This is a pirate action to plunder Venezuela.


Avoid Trump organization for your national safety.

Tom Tom

…because Obomber organization was safe?


No, because Trump is just as bad as Hillary would be. He has fulfilled practically everything Hillary called for and then some and brought in the neocon brigade to get it done. I’m no fan of Obama, but at least he did get the JCPOA, which Trump dumped at Israels request…right after he moved our embassy to Jerusalem. Even Hillary didn’t go that far. But Trump isn’t Zionist ‘deep state’.

El Mashi

You can bet that with the Venezuela distraction, the importation of cocaine from Colombia to the Untied States will increase. Today, a shipment of pineapples from Colombia had $19,000,000 of cocaine hidden in the shipment. Remember Elliot Abrams and the Nicaraguan Contra cocaine shipment into the United States thus the crack cocaine epidemic. Watch the “new” drug epidemic come from ally Colombia with narco President Duque directing it. History does repeat itself.

You can call me Al

Why ?, because their poppy fields are being burnt to the ground by the Taliban in Afghanistan (another war the Yankers are getting battered)


Very dirty Propaganda – made the sign power from USA! Hands off Venezuela!


yeah hands off, let the people just die and some crazy tyrant keep sinking the country into a more dire state


Boy, you could be Bolton ranting his BS propaganda about Syria. You sound just like him. We all know hasbara is deep into Brazil….have they moved into this theater as well? As for crazy tyrants sinking their country into deeper shit, have you looked at the US lately?


US is doing fine, better than the country it’s trying to help


Help? How did we get on the subject of that world leech, Israel? That’s the only country we ever help. Everyone else we screw…including Americans.


Nah there are tons of humanitarian supplies sent to the Venezuelan people by the US. They elected a democratic leader but this baboon Maduro would rather see the country and its people suffer than give up power.


Trying to help? Like Vietnam, Libya, Syria, Iraq? Yeah, if murdering millions of civilians and destroying a country is “helping”, you evil murderous imperialist. It’s esp. revolting that a mass-murdering war criminal like you tries to justify your crimes based on “humanitarian” needs, I hope a humanitarian bomb lands on your house you POS.


Vietnam was purely trying to prevent commies from taking over. And no millions of people aren’t murdered by America. Maduro has done enough damage it’s time for him to go


Vidura is seriously demented or just doing his hasbara thing to jerk our chains. His ridiculously child like statement about VietNam shows his depth of intelligence…then his ‘tons of supplies from US’ lie is icing on his cake. The last ‘supplies’ the US sent were set afire by Guanos (batshits) while still in Brazil. What moron creates a FF while being videoed? Batshit crazy morons.


So Bernie Sanders, the almost socialist, and Kamala Harris , the almost progressive agree with the regime change policy of Trump, Pompeo, Bolton, Abrams. They agree with the sanctions imposed and suffocating Venezuela, and they agree also with with amazing of US forces in Curuta and unprecedented intervention on a sovereign country. I guess they will also agree on staging the same show with Branson in Nicaragua and Cuba next. What does the young AOC says about all this?


Of course they agree, they’ve been pawns for a while now. Just different coating.


who gives a shit ? Maduro needs to go now that fool is going to burn the country down

Concrete Mike

Fuck off with your regime change bs Look what you have done to Libya. I give a shit, this travesty is hurting people right now and has been hurting them for a long time.


Imposed you understand that word???

All because american companies want to steal the venezuelan peoples ressources, oil and minerals.

Your best reply is who gives a shit #blamemaduro.

Show what you regime change dumbasses know.

Let us smart people deal with this and go the fuck home!


Nah you fool if all the sanctions were removed tomorrow it wouldn’t do a single thing to improve the state. Get over it you commie sucker Venezuela got itself into a mess becuase of commie policies and now it’s dumbass leader can’t even let the people have food or elect their own

Brother Ma

Shut up zioyankee shill.


Anti-American nut bag can’t even stop and think for a second


What an absolute dumb fuck.

Alejandro Bonifacio

vidura is a bot!

You can call me Al

Block the fucker and do not be side tracked by him. My view only.


Did and done!


For the moment the opposition together with Colombian puppets and Americans are burning everything

peter mcloughlin

The US risks unleashing a Latin American Spring on its own doorstep, how it views South and Central America. The Arab Spring was a disaster for the Middle East – and Europe. This is an old fashioned struggle for power, not about differing political philosophies. If ideological compatibility was the only criterion for judging someone suitable Washington would treat President Ngunyen Phu Trong of Vietnam or YPG commander General Sipan Hemo in exactly the same vein as they do the ‘socialist’ Maduro. The core of the problem – not just in the Americas, but globally – is that the planet is heading for another world war. The pattern of history is clear. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/


The similarity is quite clear. Europe is inundated with refugees due to the destruction of MENA countries and their support structures…roads, water, electric, food, schools, hospitals. This causes all kinds of disruption and pits even the host population against themselves as governments tighten controls on demonstrations, passing even more draconian laws abrogating rights (the goal), all while spreading disinformation. Now look at the US and you will see the exact same occurring. Phony contrived diaspora, triggering conflict among Americans, while ignoring root causes of real refugees from raped Latin American countries, as states pass more laws restricting and criminalizing demonstrations. The American spring is come, it’s just disguised. Look at the OAS and their conformity in assailing Venezuela. The rhetoric against Maduro almost identical to that leveled at Gaddafy and Assad. While this ‘show’ is continued, the realization that the countries in S America have become ‘owned’ once again is obvious. The Israeli ‘chaos theory’ in action…and yes, this is a prelude to war.

You can call me Al

War or mass migration into the US, as planned by the tribe ?:



Concrete Mike

I share you grim outlook.

The western leaders…im canadian, are idealogically blinded…they all want war.

The pattern is clear.

No one wants this war but them. We must stop them.


What a farce – first US employs economic sanctions to strangle Venezuela’s economy, then CIA hit teams try to destabilise parts of the country, Then US sends aid instead of lifting sanctions, then US sends a war criminal to receive fleeing venezuelans that don’t exist. Ollie ans Stan come to mind. It sould be funny if it wasn’t driven by the satanists who require regular blood-sacrifices.


That about covers it. John Perkins covers this very well. He wrote 2 books every American should read. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and it’s sequel, New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. Age old recipes for subjugation and corruption that Smedley Butler wrote about 80+ years ago as well.

You can call me Al



On Jan. 28, 2019, treasonous neo-con /video/1″>John Bolton stated that “It would make a difference if we could have American companies produce the oil in Venezuela. It would be good for Venezuela and the people of the United States” (by people of the US, he obviously means the Globalist oligarchs, not citizens, b/c they ain’t gettin’ a drop of that). https://twitter.com/HootHootBerns/status/1089857134920114176>/video/1

In 2012, as Obama was destroying Libya, Trump told Fox News: “I’m interested in Libya if we take the oil. If we don’t take the oil, no interest.” https://www.smh.com.au/world/newsmaker-donald-trump-20110422-1dra5.html

In 2016, Trump repeated his assertion that the U.S. should have seized Iraq’s oil after the 2003 invasion. “It used to be, ‘To the victor belong the spoils,” Trump said. “Now, there was no victor there, believe me. There was no victor. But I always said: Take the oil.” https://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-trump-iraq-oil-20160909-snap-story.html

In a July 2017 private briefing with intelligence officials, Trump apparently asked why the US wasn’t at war with Venezuela, noting that “they have all that oil and they’re right on our back door.” https://www.vox.com/world/2019/2/20/18233394/mccabe-trump-venezuela-war-oil-lawrence


Saw the title, you know there are opinion articles that receive a lot of flak for what you’re passing as fact, South Front?

J Roderet

Kamala Harris = Hillary Clinton 2.0. She’s the Neocons’ main minion in the Democratic Party’s (rigged) “presidential primaries.” No surprise that she openly supports this US coup attempt against Venezuela. Meanwhile, aging pseudo-socialist Bernie Sanders has been wheeled out again to get the young people involved in the USA’s farcical “elections”.

Real Anti-Racist Action

More exposing of fake news done by this good Rabbi who tells it like it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAuPLrg9Emg&t=373s

Lazy Gamer

Im wondering what if Maduro accepts the aid and takes control of it, directs it to whatever he thinks needs it. Thats a waste of resources. He would have enriched the country without any expense.

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