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Venezuelan Military Blocks Border Crossing With Colombia Ahead Of US ‘Humanitarian Aid Delivery’

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Venezuelan Military Blocks Border Crossing With Colombia Ahead Of US 'Humanitarian Aid Delivery'

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Venezuelan troops blocked the bridge at the border crossing with Colombia ahead of an expected humanitarian aid delivery from the US, arranged by US-proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido.

The Guardian also published a video of the blockade:

“’We have been threatened by the US empire,’ said Venezuela’s embattled president Nicolás Maduro.  But the aid blockade could lead to troops disobeying Maduro’s orders and allowing the much-needed aid to pass. International pressure is growing on Maduro to step down after major EU nations this week joined the US, Canada and some Latin American countries in recognising Guaidó as the country’s legitimate leader,” the outlet reported.

The blocked border crossing is Cucuta. It is one of three collection points for international humanitarian aid called for by Venezuela’s opposition leader and self-declared president Juan Guaido amid Venezuela’s debilitating economic crisis.

Earlier, Guaido identified the three collection points: the Brazil-Venezuela border, an as-of-yet unidentified Caribbean island, and Cucuta.

Maduro rejected the international aid, saying, “We are not beggars.”

Once again US National Security Adviser John Bolton accused “Maduro and his cronies” of “living lavishly in Europe,” while also blaming Cuba for the crisis.

On February 6th, John Bolton met with Colombian Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo at The White House, discussing how to deliver aid to Venezuela.

Juan Caicedo, a spokesperson from Migration Colombia, Colombia’s Ministry of Immigration and Immigration Control, said the Venezuelan military put the blockade into place on February 5th, adding that there are cameras monitoring activity on the bridge.

It should be noted that there are concerns that the passage of humanitarian aid may be used as a cover for US troops to enter Venezuela.

On February 6th, Guaido was cited once again calling on the Venezuelan Military to join the opposition’s side. To permit aid into the country from neighboring Colombia, which is run by a right-wing government critical of Maduro.

“Brother, let the aid in. Do not stop it,” he said, appealing to members of the country’s armed forces while speaking at a meeting with farmers in Caracas. “The end of the usurpation will be the end of hunger,” he said, and called on Venezuelans to reject the Maduro government.

There appears to be a sort of change in rhetoric. On February 5th, Juan Guaido, in contrast to everything the US and him have said in the previous days and weeks, said that the “route was clear from the beginning.”

He requested three things: 1) An end to usurpation; 2) A transitional government; 3) Free elections.

John Bolton also reinforced Guaido’s words. In a tweet in the early hours of February 7th he said that the US and Germany are pressing for the US-proclaimed Interim President to hold new elections.


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Brian Living

The Venezuelan people do not need ‘US Aid’ they need for the U.S to withdraw their illegal sanctions and let the government look after its people.

Carlos Correia

agree, the solution is easy USA stop meddling in other country’s affairs


Of course, you are right.

But the reality of what you say is exactly the same as expecting a serious drunk to stop drinking.

America literally is addicted to military force and pushing other nations around.

Jens Holm

Thats right. As long as many in the countries see themselves as a contrast, they dont fit.

The only alternative seemes to produce and behave better themselves. I see no signs of that. The only alternative is self prodution and join better to western – or – maybee – chinese.

I mainly dont like what I see from the chinese, but it seemes better then it is now

Jens Holm

The usual thing explaining why the people do nothing themselves and are not even responsible for their own situation.

If they all are low like learned in many countries they should be runned by others.

Jens Holm

That solves nothing. I agree USA should behave nicer and only help the parts, which they understand well.


That same government who let the country fall to pieces to begin with? I dislike US foreign policy like most here, but even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day. Maduro is not a hero to those who despise US foreign policy, he’s the Robert Mugabe of Latin America and his fall would be a boon to the people of Venezuela. The only point of argument should be, why should the US get involved in this? As everything it touches turns to shit.


Maduro is inept to be sure, but he also had the difficult/impossible job of keeping the economy running with all sorts of problems outside his control. He has won a bunch of reasonably transparent elections. Who is qualified to take his place?

Keep in mind, Venezuela was in the toilet before Maduro or Chavez, how they got elected in the first place? Its a trap with a lot of the smaller countries that have desirable resources and lack of diversity in the economy – allow foreign ownership of all your resources and be starved of revenue, in debt to IMF and foreign military bases on your soil = 3rd world economy but newspapers make all sound good. Or nationalize the resources and come under attack, sanctions etc and be starved of revenue = 3rd world economy and newspapers call you the devil.


It remains to be seen how much Maduro actually won any elections, as the fairness and transparency of them are highly contest. Not to mention the political violence that was used against his opponents. He basically stole the rulebook of Robert Mugabe on how to cook elections in order to stay in power.


IDK about any of that. International observers gave it a clean bill of health and the opposition signed off on the results as well. He trounced the opposition.

He’s a terrible politician, but he represents the party most Venezuelans want in power.

Jim Prendergast

Maduro has the support of the people of Venezuela. His government has made great strides in improving housing for the poor and overcoming crippling embargos. He will be around long after this corrupt American administration has failed.


Well, Chavez certainly did good things for Venezuela. A lot of that is going for naught as the economy shrinks to fractions of its former output.

Maduro probably wasn’t up to the task of carrying on under anything but the best of circumstances – to be honest few people could have done so. It called for a bolder hand from the get-go. Chavez had confidence in his base, the people voted for HIM, Maduro got the vote because he’s the candidate of the party. They need real, concrete help from China, Russia, Turkey.

roger temple

Indeed. US aid is never free. Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes. First you blockade and interrupt supplies to make the people unhappy and malleable. Then you offer humanitarian aid. Bollocks to that. If the situation is as dire (which it isn’t) as suggested all over MSM, a few truckloads of “humanitarian” aid are a handful of peanuts to a starving gorilla. All this is no more than crocodile tears and look-how-kind-we-are hypocrisy. Disgusting.

AG Korvin

Russia’s humanitarian aid convoys to the Donbass… noone of you complained ?

Stephan Williams

As if there’s anything “humanitarian” about what the neo-conned USA calls “Aid to Venezuela”…You can be assured this “aid” has NOTHING TO DO with helping the people of that unfortunate country.

My only question is, “Why is the traitor, Guaido, not yet imprisoned for his crimes against the state and people of Venezuela?

AG Korvin

Ukraine at that time had no control over her borders – but currently Venezuela does. So why not checking the contents of the aid? ? Given they are not into letting in it, even if it really is humaitarian aid, you cannot rule out that their intention to strip their own people of food.

El Mashi

NIce to know that Ukraine Nazis have support.

AG Korvin

? Yes, when having no reasoning in an argument, you could always resort to nazinazinazi stuff. Which makes it easy to measure your weight.

Tudor Miron

Have a look at this one https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9943a24d3171d75002f3144a978ac4d58810d784f6febc529b7d899548d73175.jpg

AG Korvin

It is about YOUR paperweight nature, bro.

Jens Holm

We all know that from the old days. Those became strong parallel to the Communists both being contrast to the few in the Zar system.

There was no gradually reforms which took their parts of the responsabilities like in many countries avoiding contrasts or at least calming them down.

There by that came no middleclass. The only one being educated and thinking like that was jews instead of dark catholic rule and hard hands.

And again and again Jews are blamed for it and being used as tool mby someone like You. We have the unaeducated mob blaming them.

We have Your Great Leaders hardly elected at all. When things dont work, You have learned to blame others in stead of producing a well educated middle class.

Its aexact the same for most parts of Arabistan, where most people not even can read the Choran itself but instead take old male traditions reading it as devils do.

Jens Holm

Well, nazi is very selective. I am more like naming so many deciders there as Mafiosas even having private armies for it being states in the states.

That goes for the socallad Russian part. Those unfortunatly are not better.

Jens Holm

Yes, they look very much as the Russians and in those matters are.

Jens Holm

Adding food into that makes no sense. The bordercontrol is already well established to lower import and a normal try to control inflation.

One good solution would be to let people grow their own food instead of socialisme having no toools for it giving land back for it.

When do those people learn. Above I mentioned several great mistakes, but I also see the Rhodesia collapse as well as the one in Kenya. Making a kind of ownership not even having any tools for it has no chance on this earth.

Jim Prendergast

The “Aid” is informational propaganda. It is a well developed package of media systems. The U.S. wants an event that it can edit in it’s favour. They want to show the U.S. as good and the elected government of Venezuela as bad. Treats for the children look so good on T.V.

Jens Holm

Unfortunatly I agree. Its about making more supporters only.

Tudor Miron

Trying to twist the truth again, zio? Would not work. Russian humanitarian aid convoys started to flow into Donbass AFTER american instigated coup happened and south eastern Ukraine (Donbass) didn’t accept it, resisting hunta that came into power in Kiev.

AG Korvin

Tudor, Tudor. I cannot help if you cannot read. The question was: Ukraine at that time had no control over her borders – but currently Venezuela does. So why not checking the contents of the aid and why blocking the roads for all traffic?

It is about atupidity, which is surely a familiar thing for you. So, instead of throwing rhetorics and russki propaganda try to argue.

Tudor Miron

Little “smart” zio :) You can say that black is white as much as you want but it would not change much other than people see your lies for what it is. You posted “Russia’s humanitarian aid convoys to the Donbass… noone of you complained ?” and I showed that you’re trying to twist the facts.

AG Korvin

Im not little nor zio, but ok, I got it: a parrot cannot answer even simple questions. You being one it wouln’t have been a surprise ???

Jens Holm

He already has. Semits never should have left the ark apart from those, which smoke and drink.

Jens Holm

Yes, and someone like You only are learned, that Your defatisme is made by jews and some few jews runnes the whole world.

If true, then Islam is worth nothing. What is it 100 to 1 .

Jens Holm

Thats right. Those are not comparable at all.

Jens Holm

Thre we go again. Zios do anything bad in the world and You do NOTHING to improve but making excuses.

Feudal systems produce hardly nothing, because they have no structure for bigger structures such as states. And You even insist in it.

And in ME You are extra good because 4 countries can blame Kurds for it too. What a great succes.

Harry Smith

Let’s look logically over the situation. The legally elected president Yanukovich was substituted via the coup d’etat with an USA puppet Poroshenko. Donbass refused to accept the illegal kinda president. So the humanitarian aid was for the remains of the legal Ukrainian authorities. In Venezuela, in contrary, the USA aid is directing to the Guaido, an usurper like Poroshenko. See. All is pure logical. If Pompeo wants to help Venezuelans so much, why then he did not send the aid to the legally elected president Maduro?

Jens Holm

USA has lost a lot of money by the decline of the Feudals in Venezuala which has done their way worse and worse making even more crime in drugs and in the private room of crimes.

Thats why. They think they by that might get some money and import back as well as improving that.

Chavez and Maduro dont represent any production. They have taken the unproductive low develloped from low and bad to confiscation and by by then slaughtered it. We see the opposit just like in Cuba. The now socialistic fields produce nothing for the exact same reasons.

We also saw them in Ukraine after Bolsjevics took over. Million died by reforms, which was no reforms, because there not even was tools for it. Furthermore Stalin/ Lenin too the farmers, which knew old farming well, away, and by that there was none understanding what growing things need.

My own solution for many things for Chavez and Venezuala would have been small changes of the ownership and by there making a more modern and effective sector a little by a little.

We now see a science fiction, which never came through. We can see the collapse of even mild models into nothing in Tanzania by old Nyerere as even well supported leader. There was no competence to make villages in stead of spread out primitive farming, better barefood doctors and food distribtuition.

Instead You saw and even worse urbanosation making much more people low at the starving level.

USA could think different but dont. USA is not owner of the plantations. None others can apart from the locals – but the are only allowed in old systems, which again and again is only duable if You give back or give ownership bnack to the expertice.

Socialisme is about production too and share. No systems can be supported, if they cant even give bread – and in ME some olive oil, salt and sugar.

AG Korvin

Okay, but the topic is that three trailers or containers will obviously can’t block an invasion. Plus they could check any incoming traffic at the border post. So why on earth they blocked off the bridge if not to block aids?

Jim Prendergast

Good point. The real problem is the U.S. Media Circus with Guaido, Bolton, Popeo and the talking heads. CNN is like an informational Neutron Bomb. Don’t let them cross that bridge with Tamales, Coca Cola, McChicken treats for the ninos. Horrible! Murder!

Jens Holm

I actually see TV by journalists from there, so that picture is one by many things from there.

How low are You. Those of course is blocking for some invasion by many trucks and demonstrtors agaist Maduro.

In the other hand You tell, that even Yoo probatly support Maduro, but next he has done norhing. All import i reduced to almost nothing, because of sacibf country money.

And Yes, of course its to block aids. I think I have written that already. Thats not aid for Maduros. Its for getting support for a regime change.

Harry Smith

Dear Jens Holm. Are we debating here Bolsheviks, Chavez or Stalin? Pardon me, but my response demonstrated just that humanitarian aid for Donbass was fully lawful, while the USA try to delivery some aid to Guaido is fully unlawful. So can you please be so kind and stay in the disquisition flux instead of trying to debate all global issues since the Roman Empire fall?

Jens Holm

I dont think any should complain about that. The disputes there unfortunatly is bad behaving from many there and the USSR collapse has not changed, what the real problems are.

Its non develllopment in a mainly capitalistic version fit for Ukraine, nprmal big crimes and they didnt stop the USSR corruption – jost took their % of it.

I several times has proposed that those 2-3-4 counties should be allowed to vote themselves back to 1956 USSR. We had succes with that after WW1 Germany/Denmark.

But none wants that. Only weapon sale can be happy about that. I see none in Russia and Ukraine devellop anything in all their countries to the better.

Its as if the Gods has turned out the light there.


Somehow, despite the shaity weather, yeah, AGW my ass, and have been freezing for 2 straight months getting grumpier every week, now. So. What on earth is snapped inside the heads in the PentaGoons nest, huh, fighting uh….. dissssinfo, or counter with what, pissinfo, you can shuffle whatever you want on an cats dungeon, but the crap is stil there, it reaks, no matter how clossy you may relay it, or by whom, for that matter. The facts remains.

Russian boots, sniveling drivel coming from an pack of junkies, some cant even take their shoos on without making it to an cluster f….., dopeheads, aka medical miracles/experimennts?, witch means that they can infact see normal, but is packed to their eyeballs in medication, and on top of it, dont even know where this countrys de facto are. And have an steadily increasing build up of teflone coating inside their scul, where nothing sticks and everything just, slips. I call it, vaccume eyes.

2 years of staggering amount of whining about Russians/Putin(of course) interferenc, witch lead to whats defined as nothing, but when this comes riding infrom the west, its suddenly, something else, taken an nobody and made him the king, how, uh… medivial, dont you think. Yeah, you are an joke, get over it, I feel sorry for the morons paying the bills, but hey, its your cash not mine.

The thing is, Venezuela is the latest battle field for the Imperial banana republics ugh….. never intervining eh…. intervention, ugh…. stategy, no, in your own god dammed back yard/s, when the same scums drooled something about Nicaragua and Cuba. And how, then, morons can you hide that, tell me, we have seen it all, time and time again, the only draw back, not for me, but for you idiots, is what is the main cause, you know, cause and effect. Or did it get to complicated. Highly lightly. Right. All over the world, countrys have history, UssA have an criminal record, dont even try to insult our intellegence with premature verbal ejaculations, witch you simply cant hide the facts of your rotten to the core Gov is doing to any given time, and everybody sees it, the western MSM is going down in flames, goood riddance. WE live indeed in intresting times.


Jens Holm

Very good reflexions ven I dont agree in all of them.

Jens Holm

Turks and Assads are blocking SDFs much harder and infame. Some are denying admitance to get refugees from Turkey home and its impossible because of who – SDF blocking too.

Why dont You change that in stead of Venezuala and rainforrest and like there. Like You those deny to change themselves. Thats the main porblem. Some more are putting dirty fingers of all kinds in the soups.

And it makes me cry and laugh, that not even the Chines can get their money back and Russia are able to do anything there. China has some capasity to that, but Russia cant even solve their internal production apart from taking very low pension from the old of theirs.

I would love to write something positive about USA in that. Unfortunatly I see only small good corners from there and many which say, that USA dont understand, how other try to help themselves.


Fuck off USA!

Jim Prendergast

Well said.

Len Zegelink

russia need to send aid now .to block the usa

Diego Sagredo

Us humanitarian aid == weapon smuggling

Dušan Mirić

al’ vam je blokada u PM

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