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Venezuelan Intelligence Service Arrests Vice-President of Opposition-Controlled ‘National Assembly’

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Venezuelan Intelligence Service Arrests Vice-President of Opposition-Controlled 'National Assembly'

Edgar Zambrano with Juan Guaido at the failed coup attempt at April 30th. Click to see full-size image

On May 8th, Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) arrested Edgar Zambrano, vice president of the opposition-controlled National Assembly for the participation in the coup attempt of April 30th.

Zambrano is one of US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido’s top aides.

Zambrano tweeted in the afternoon of May 8th that his car had been surrounded by Sebin officers.

“We alert all the people of Venezuela at this time 6:35pm. We are surrounded by the SEBIN, we are inside our vehicle at the Democratic Action facility in Caracas.”

He and the other passengers refused to leave the vehicle and were lifted by a crane and moved directly to the Helicoide.

The arrest was confirmed by the president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Diosdado Cabello. “A little while ago they detained one of the leaders of the April 30 coup attempt, Edgar Zambrano,” he said in his television program.

Guaido said that the “dictatorship” had kidnapped Zambrano, “violating all processes” and “displaying the authoritarianism.”

He further said that the opposition had alerted its “international allies” about the alleged plan of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government to shut down the opposition-controlled National Assembly by “mass arrests of deputies.”

Guaido’s staunch supporters in the face of US National Security Adviser John Bolton and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have not yet provided their comments on the matter, since they appeared occupied with escalating their rhetoric toward Iran, among others.

Luis Amagro, the head of the Organization of American States, which Venezuela recently left, condemned the arrest, demanding Zambrano’s release.

“We demand that the SEBIN stop the intimidation, respect the jurisdiction of the members of the National Assembly and that Edgar Zambrano is immediately released. No more political persecution by the Venezuelan dictatorship.”

Zambrano’s arrest comes in addition to the Supreme Court of Venezuela finding 7 members of the National Assembly guilty on May 7th.

They were as follows: Herry Ramos, Luis Florido, Richard Blanco, Marianela Magallanes, Americo De Grazia, Andres Velazques and Jose Calzadilla. No news if whether they were detained have surfaced.

Separately, Maikel Moreno, the President of Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice on May 8th, expressed his rejection of US Vice President Mike Pence’s claims that Venezuelan officials would be subjected to US sanctions if they don’t back the opposition and abandon Nicolas Maduro.

“We denounce the fact that the United States is trying to get the Venezuelan judicial power to step away from democracy and promote a coup d’état.”

“The judges and magistrates of the TSJ categorically and forcefully reject the threat made by Mr. Pence, who, in a disrespectful and interfering manner seeks to subjugate the highest Venezuelan judicial authorities through threats that violate the principles of independence of self-determination and sovereignty,” he said in a statement.

“This unlawful, despicable and intolerable action violates the norms and principles of international law that govern the relations between civilized nations. This is a case of a new unilateral threat laid upon the Venezuelan Judicial Power, specifically on the TSJ composed of 32 magistrates.”

On May 7th, Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell accused the US of acting like a “cowboy” in Venezuela and stressed that the solution in the country should be “peaceful, negotiated and democratic.”

“The contact group which we are part of is not on the same wavelength as the U.S. administration, which is like a cowboy who says ‘look at me, I will draw my gun,'” Borrell said during an interview with TV Espanola.

The UN Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of sanctions Idriss Jazairy claimed that the US’ unilateral sanctions go against UN’s Declaration on the Principles of International Law concerning friendly relations and cooperation among States.

On May 6th, he expressed deep concern of US sanctions on Venezuela, Cuba and Iran.

“The resort by a major power of its dominant position in the international financial arena against its own allies to cause economic hardship to the economy of sovereign states is contrary to international law, and inevitably undermines the human rights of their citizens,” the Special Rapporteur said.

“The international community must come together to challenge what amounts to blockades ignoring a country’s sovereignty, the human rights of its people, and the rights of third countries trading with sanctioned States, all while constituting a threat to world peace and security”, the UN expert concluded.


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dismantle them one by one and left guaido alone at the end before he get hang as traitor

Harry Smith

Maybe they are just testing the USA reaction before they get Guaido.

Promitheas Apollonious

no they dont really care what americans are doing since what ever stupid notion americans have it will never go beyond words and economical war that is been happening for how long now? What venezuelans react on the attack from americans is standard russian doctrine in such cases. never do what the enemy is expecting you to do and never follow a retard on his own arguments and actions.


Hey Edgar play ball with the gringos and you get the bat up your butt.
That’s the rules, imbécil.


Very good strategy President Maduro. Defend your innocent nation against Trump child butcher. Well done, keep it up.
America fckd again. LOL
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Arresting Guaido, which is a logical thing to do since he tried to foment a coup, would probably trigger Western outrage. Arresting the people around him though probably less so. And once isolated Guaido is just a talking figurehead with no means to cause further unrest. This is how the Burmese generals for years neutralized Aung Sang Suu Kyi. While she drew a lot of international attention she was powerless to mobilize the people against the generals because basically the entire cadre of her political movement was imprisoned.


Mind you, she’s the pres now. But based on how she’s operated since getting into office, only because she cut a deal.

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

This will be met with swift and powerful repercussions by the US. Military intervention option against criminal maduro regime still on the table


Indeed, it is more than likely that tens of thousands of Venezuelan men will have to die, tens of thousands of Venezuelan women will have to be raped, and tens of thousands of Venezuelan children will have to be sold on the CIA people trafficking operations because Maduro is not obeying the orders from Washington cess pit.


Don’t you wish. However, this is not Israel and Venezuelans are not Palestinians…your Zionist terrorists can’t just do as they please here. This nation is well armed and the proof is that the US has to resort to guerilla/financial tactics, not overt attacks. The only ‘swift’ response will be maybe more sanctions and more hot air from the Buffoon’s shithole swampland. Your Israeli tactics won’t work here.


How about affordable healthcare for its citizens. A living wage. A great economy for the rest of us not just the evil rich. Bring the Troops back home. Close the Bases all over the World. Do what you said you were going to do Donald. No more war on the rest of the World.

Dušan Mirić

Every nation has the right to choose their own idiots to rule them. It is no nobody’s business but the Venezuelans.

Promitheas Apollonious

farting and doing are two altogether different things. They going to invade venezuela also preparing to attack iran and turkey, to protect the kurds and ………….. How long we been hearing them farting from the mouth, until someone stand up to them and then all see what they really are.

Chickenshits. so get over it deal with reality and smell the roses.


Fuck off solomon kupec.

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

antisemite says whaaat?


The criminal regime in this is led by one Donald Trump, although to be fair it would be about as criminal led by anyone else on offer.


lets see guaido brought before a court of law or even better allow the public decide what to do with him, court or lamppost. my guess would be lamppost and if he would be joined by bolton swinging from the next lamppost all would be well.

Dušan Mirić

I just saw a video in which a Venezuelan said they are gentle and music loving people which is OK up to a certain point. You must beat those who wants to enslave you again. Down with quislings!


Push the car into a shipping container in the sun, and come back in a week.
The US did that to prisoners in Afghanistan, it softens them up, into mush.

Tommy Jensen

If only Maduro and Venezuelan government would accept usury loans and be a central bank member of the International rules of order, then Venezuela could have peace.
Venezuela cant be an independent commie shethole country in a modern and free Western world market with liberal freedom of the market.

Xoli Xoli

Guiado is last to be arrested after all evidence.

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