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Venezuelan Government: Blackout Was Preplanned, Reports About Deaths In Hospitals Are Fake News

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Venezuelan Government: Blackout Was Preplanned, Reports About Deaths In Hospitals Are Fake News

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On March 8th and into March 9th, the blackouts in most of Venezuela continued.

On Twitter, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expressed his support to the works of the national electrical service working tirelessly to restore power.

Maduro, together with Vice President Delcy Rodriguez also announced a suspension of classes and working hours on March 8th until the electrical service is restored in a statement on TV.

“President Nicolas Maduro has suspended the classes and working hours for today, in order to facilitate the work and efforts for the recovery of electrical service in the country, victim of imperial electric warfare! United Venezuelans win! The coup leaders will not pass”

Also on March 8th, during the blackout in an area west of Caracas people received humanitarian aid boxes from the Venezuelan government.

Sputnik Mundo reported that the Venezuelan opposition has known for days that the blackout would occur and showed videos that US Senator Marco Rubio as well as they knew that the “terrorist act” was going to take place.

“This video shows that the Venezuelan opposition and political operators as they @marcorubio knew that this terrorist act was going to occur. For some days, they were modeling public opinion for the ‘ Operation Blackout ‘ planned by the #CIA”

Meanwhile, Western media reported that deaths are starting to happen in hospital due to the lack of power and that chaos is ensuing.

In contrast, Venezuelan media reported that contingency plan for the country’s hospitals and offered immediate attention to children and patients in vulnerable situations.

“Deaths in hospitals denied #Venezuela during blackout http://bit.ly/2EMHB4h The Venezuelan government activated a contingency plan in the country’s hospitals and offered immediate attention to children in vulnerable situations”

The head of nurses in one of the largest hospitals in Caracas confirmed that there had been no deaths due to the blackout.

Madeleine Garcia also alleged that Marco Rubio knew the blackout was going to happen, describing in several tweets how the Senator tweeted of the generator failure and other facts before they were made publicly available.

At 5 PM on March 7th the electrical power failed and Venezuelan Energy Minister announced the failure was in Guri at 5:55 PM as per the screenshot.

However, the exact place and scope of the attack was confirmed on March 8th, despite that allegedly Rubio knew exactly where it had happened.

Thus, Marco Rubio knew because the ones responsible for the alleged attack targeted the automatic control system, “the brain that activates the 20 machines #GURI and the generators were not activated how did you know @marcorubio?”

Marco Rubio tweeted that “just a week ago” the electric workers union warned that the Venezuelan hydroelectric dam would not be able to handle a blackout.

He also alleged that there were deaths as a result of the blackout, which has since been denied.

In response to the blackout, the Venezuelan military increased its patrols, as announced by Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez.

On March 8th, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced that Venezuelan Industry Minister Tareck Zaidan El Aissami Maddah was charged with evading the February 2017 sanctions by hiring U.S. companies to provide private jet services, including for a February 23rd return trip to Venezuela from Russia. El Aissami was also a former Vice President.

Venezuelan businessman Samark Jose Lopez Bello, an El Aissami associate also sanctioned by the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, was also criminally charged, as were several other defendants.

Marco Rubio posted the court decision to charge them on Twitter and alleged that they are part of the “Maduro Crime Family.”

US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliot Abrams announced that the sanctions against Venezuela are all going according to plan. He also said that the blackouts throughout the country show that the Venezuelan infrastructure is suffering from Maduro’s misrule.

Asked about a letter sent by 16 House Democrats expressing concern about US sanctions and violent threats, Abrams said the sanctions were meant to be temporary.

“The purpose is to motivate people to change their behavior,” he said. “It’s not just a punishment, we hope it’s also an inducement to change pattern of behavior.”

To accusations that US-Proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaido was a “US Puppet,” Abrams said that that is impossible since the support he receives from the US, Canada and Europe disproves any such claim.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton continued with his usual rhetoric toward the Maduro government.

He also shared an article by Reuters, citing unnamed Inter-American Development Bank officials, according to whom in the week between March 11th and 17th the forty-eight member countries would vote on accepting a representative from Venezuela’s opposition to its board.

Bolton naturally urged US allies in all institutions and governments to support Guaido.

Finally, Juan Guaido reminded people to take to the streets on March 9th to take part in the protest he came to Venezuela for.

“Venezuela to the street!

Tomorrow I summon all the Venezuelan people to express ourselves massively in the streets against the usurping, corrupt and incapable regime that has put our country in the dark. The cessation of usurpation will be the cessation of darkness.

Come on Venezuela!”

He also propagated the claims that 79 people died due to the blackouts, which has since been denied. He accused the Maduro government of lying that it was a cyber attack and accused it of killing opposition supporters.

He also alleged that the blackout was also a result of a sabotage, but not by external forces, but rather by the “usurper.”


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pipic astig

There is only one usurper of power in Venezuela, and that is Mr. Guaido. The whole world knows it. Even the Americans and their vassals knows it, but they just pretend not to know for a purpose. Shameless!

Bill Wilson

Maduro is a pig that deserves to be skinned alive!


You show what a thoroughly unpleasant person you are with your dehumanising statement.

You can call me Al

Are you American ?.

Pave Way IV

Kind of improbable to take down damn near an entire national grid and all its protective systems at the same time simply due to ‘poor maintenance’.

If it was just broken equipment or lines somewhere, then the rest of the grid would never have gone down at the same time. They’re just not built like that, and Venezuela’s grid isn’t that old. Poorly maintained? Sure. Periodic, isolated blackouts all the time there. But taking out the whole grid requires some serious engineering and coordinated action. If they did it by messing with the way the generators synchronize phase with each other, then they also permanently fried a lot of them. If you hear reports of that, then US cyber attack.

…unless it was just an unfortunate, rare, complex, conveniently-timed blackout due to Maduro stealing all the money. A blackout that somehow took a day to resolve, but ‘fixed’ in time for the weekend anti-Maduro protests. Yeah… let’s go with that one.


May have been this guy, but not sure.
comment image

Luke Hemmming

Your right Paveway. Most definitely some other hand in this.It is a well known fact that in the last few years we all have read in the MSM about how vulnerable electrical grids are to cyberattacks and we all know the US has the means AND the will to do such a thing when it involves some agenda they want to control.

You can call me Al

mmm ?, not sure on this one. The grid is monitored and manipulated by software, so it can be hacked as has been inferred. Regards the dam, water flow rates will also need to be controlled, so that could have been affected or as well manipulated before the shutdown – it is easy to burst a dam if you think about it.

If you look at that sentence above, namely “Marco Rubio tweeted that “just a week ago” the electric workers union warned that the Venezuelan hydroelectric dam would not be able to handle a blackout”……..I think it says it all, worse still, I actually believe the Yankers wanted to burst the dam.

What we are seeing is pure evil in play.

The one thing that baffles me and leads me to software hacking, is that I have never once heard of the back up generators clicking on, not in the hospitals, dams or even the network control house.


100%, plus BACKUP failure points to systemic interference in the grid en toto, this is run by computer, and outside forces not friendly to VZ might do this, even convicted war criminals like Eliot Abrams.


I watched, eh…. managed to get stuck to one of our so called News channels in the Khazarian shithole Norway, whom is extatic when it comes to slaughter, oh…. sorry, humanise them to the stone age, because they are “socialists”, yeah, if you think the AmeriTards and Trumpsteins hooligans are brain washed I can tell you in Norway is jaw dropping bonkers, the MSM have and is stil lying about everything, from Afganistan to the present Syria, and thru the years the MSM in Norway as elsewhere, never alowes any oposition, it simply dont exists, and again, and you cant differentiate between Leftis nor the so called rightwinged ones, nope, only the pretext since they all use the MSM as an source, yeah, sweet.
What I saw was the Incubator story repeated, again like the run up to the invasion of Iraq, they used this incubator event to highlight how “evil” Saddam was, yeah, echoing the same to day, and everybody was screaming about how rotten the Venezuelans are, in fact, the whole propaganda nine yards is on repeat, just replace Saddam/Assad with Maduro and you have it all.

I know this was an Wankeestan attack, and again, they use that Sactions whom have been inplace for several decades, regarding food to medicine, witch, as before, isnt even mentioned in any story I read when its dealing with what happens inside VZ, just like NK, and instead of blaming the one behind this, crimes on humanitys, the imperial banana republic UssA, they put all the blame on the present Gov, like in NK.
And then debate what, whit whom, when most are just brain washed to oblivion.
Nothing new and do notice the apologists, whom is of course, blaming VZ for everything.


Pave Way IV

1990: (((Reported by usual MSM suspects))) Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US has 15-year-old daughter (without revealing relation) ‘hospital volunteer’ give teary-eyed account of witnessing Iraqi soldiers in a Kuwait hospital pulling premature babies out of their incubators and leaving them on the cold floor to die, all in order to steal the incubators and take them back to Iraq. Turns out she was never a volunteer at the hospital and only visited once. Interviewed after invasion, Kuwaiti doctors at hospital said no Iraqi solders, and no incubators taken or disturbed – all were still there. The entire performance was arranged by a PR firm hired by Kuwait to promote subsequent US invasion.

2011: (CNN) — A Syrian human rights group says eight premature infants dependent on incubators died after authorities cut power to a hospital in the embattled city of Hama as part of a renewed crackdown on anti-government demonstrators calling for an end to President Bashar al-Assad’s reign…The babies died at Hurani Hospital in the northwest Syrian city on Wednesday, Rami Abdul-Rahman, president of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said Sunday. Abdul-Rahman cited information provided by a hospital employee who fled the city on Saturday.

2012: (DailyMailUK)The bloodiest 24 hours yet: ’18 premature babies die in Homs hospital after power cut caused by fifth day of shelling by Assad troops’ Newborn babies in incubators among at least 100 killed today… Eighteen premature babies were said to be among dozens of civilians who died on one of the bloodiest days of the Syrian uprising. They perished yesterday after their incubators failed during power cuts in the rebel-held city of Homs, according to reports.

2019: https://twitter.com/marcorubio/status/1104005460137558019


It’s a bit repetitive when you put it like that…


Immediate use of such happenings in the propaganda and information war (media, politicians, social networks and so on) – is sure sign of the planning involved!

Bill Wilson

No food, no medicine and now, no power. Next is no Maduro!
Industry experts aren’t surprised to see Venezuela go dark. The idiots Chavez and Maduro never bothered to replace aging equipment and transmission lines that were due for replacement 20 years ago nor did they bother building new thermal generation plants so Venezuela wouldn’t be so dependent on hydroelectric dams that supply 75% of the country’s electricity. The river is low behind the Duri Dam so it’s electrical generation has become very limited. The few thermal generations plants are all screwed up from lack of maintenance so are only operating at 10-20% capacity. Venezuela has aged transformers and substations blowing up all across the country that take forever to replace since they don’t have replacement parts, the equipment required to do the work disappeared along with 15,000 linemen and technicians that left the country the past three years due to Venezuela’s downward spiral. I wouldn’t be surprised if one failed substation caused a cascading effect that shut down their entire rickety grid. Several substations blew up last years that knocked out power to several states each time.

dez nuts

Socialism leads to genocide. Extinguish that satanic doctrine.


Khazarian control leads to genocide’
Extinguish that satanic doctrine.


Tis time to take this grid offline.
That really would be amusing :)
comment image

Real Anti-Racist Action

Venezuela must be alright with this, because they pay for the trojan horse called “Microsoft”
Any nations that implements Microsoft products has willingly and knowingly imported a CIA Trojan to monitor their nation and steal information and sabotage it.
Microsoft from the get-go has always been a weapon to use against people.
Their is an available Operating System that will protect anyone. It is designed and built to protect such infrastructure. It is called… Kaspersky OS.


Xoli Xoli

Guiado is the Venezuelan troublemaker. Be careful maybe this airlift terrorists can be smuggled in during power outages.

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