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Venezuelan Court Sentences US Mercenaries Involved In Failed Invasion Attempt

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Venezuelan Court Sentences US Mercenaries Involved In Failed Invasion Attempt

The two US citizens were detained following the failed incursion in May

Two former US soldiers have been sentenced to 20 years in prison by a court in Venezuela for their role in a failed plot aimed at overthrowing President Nicolas Maduro. Their contractor, Jordan Goudreau, remains at large, last known location, Miami, US.

The two mercenaries, Luke Denman and Airan Berry, admitted to taking part in the May 4 operation in legal proceedings. They were found guilty of conspiracy, trafficking in illegal arms, and terrorism.

Named ‘Operation Gideon’, the failed mission was launched from training camps in Colombia, leaving eight dead. 66 people were captured and jailed. The two US citizens were arrested in the fishing community of Chuao.

The incident triggered claims in the country that US-backed opposition politician Juan Guaido had authorised the attack.

Guaido and US officials have denied any role in the plot. LINK

Most Western corporate media has already buried the documentary trail leading directly from the mercenaries to Guaido and his co-plotters. However, the evidence is clear on this point, as examined in detail by several reports. US Army special operations veteran Jordan Goudreau claimed he organized the coup plot, which he called “Operation Gedeon,” together with a retired Venezuelan Major General (Cliver Alcala).

The two ex-US soldiers claimed during interrogation by Venezuelan authorities that their mission was to secure the Maiquetia international airport, kidnap Maduro, and transport him to the United States.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused Washington and Bogota of involvement, stating in a televised address:

“[Colombian] authorities in Riohacha, Barranquilla and Alta Guajira were aware of the mercenaries’ presence and the training camps. Any independent investigation would reveal the Colombian government’s involvement in this armed incursion against Venezuela.”

Venezuelan authorities also drew attention to a contract in which the Venezuelan opposition hired Goudreau’s Florida-based private security firm, Silvercorp, to overthrow the Maduro government in exchange for a US $213 million fee. Opposition leader Juan Guaido, as well as advisors Juan Jose (J.J.) Rendon and Sergio Vergara, appear as signatories in a copy leaked by Goudreau.

The terms of the extraordinary agreement – according to which the “Service Provider Advisors will advise and assist Partner Group in planning and executing an operation to capture/ detain/remove Nicolas Maduro (heretoafter ‘primary objective’), remove the current regime, and install the recognized Venezuelan President Juan Guaido” –  have been published online by the Washington Post.

The agreement includes details regarding the opposition’s payments to Silvercorp in addition to the firm’s future role in “counter-terrorism” and “counter-narcotics” activities under a Guaido administration. The paramilitary forces were also to deploy anti-personnel mines, strike infrastructure and other economic targets.

The Trump administration issued has denied any involvement in Operation Gedeon, as have Colombian officials.

Many however consider it likely that the US had prior knowledge of the operation. The Wall Street Journal published a report citing anonymous sources who claimed that the CIA and Colombian intelligence monitored paramilitary training camps headed by Alcala in Colombia. LINK


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Ivan Freely

It’s too bad they’re not swinging from lamp posts.


Guaido needs to hang from a lamppost first. Maduro’s govt. has been excessively condescending with that Zioterrorist puppet scum and all the other pieces of shit in the neocolonial globalist “Venezuelan” opposition.


Zioterrorist scum needs to be executed summarily unless there’s a swap to be done, waste of resources to keep them fed in prison. Guaidó should’ve been killed long ago, along with his synagogue of terrorist co-conspirators and quislings, Venezuela can’t move ahead with them fucking around doing terrorism and sabotage.


After “The Bay of Pigs”, they had the “Bay of Piglets”.

They’ll be exchanged sooner or later for something.

Kenny Jones ™

Trump will likely try a bigger bay of pigs to increase his chances of winning the election, from Colombia and Brazil and with air support he may declare war on Venezuela, but he will fail


You mean usual : to drive attention towards the war to make population forget about economic catastrophe ahead? That has worked in the past in completely different (less difficult) circumstances. More warmongering and throwing money at new wars will only speed up implosion of dollar and US society all together.

Kenny Jones ™

S-300 in place, no airplane will get through, the problem is the invading force outnumbering them, guerrilla defense must be the way, and also a lot of missiles, right into the meat grinder


To make long story short…Even with problems (the way they are now) US with the help of Colombian army (NATO member also) can invade Venezuela and even impose occupation but for what price and for how long?!

And how long it will take before dollar implodes and US economy collapses? Even if they start the war, can they finish it and survive as viable country without economic collapse?

Removil Pedro Mata

I don´t think so, any war that isn´t won fast enough or any failed action will bury he´s reelection.

Do you really think Trump is so smart to be sure of that? He thinks 3 months is enough to win such a war, let him try

James Adams

Wasn’t really an invasion but 2 guys on a row boat with some defected solders. I do like how South Front protects dictators.

John Wallace

But allows ignorant dipshits too comment.. Like yourself.


“Named ‘Operation Gideon’, the failed mission was launched from training camps in Colombia, leaving eight dead. 66 people were captured and jailed.”

Potato Man

It is not invasion it is surprise freedom. See it this way, what would you think if China did the same thing to US gang?


China doesn’t have full freedom. I’d chose North Korea freedom.

Potato Man

China have full freedom but you have to unlock it by being very fuking rich just like in USA. I’d choose NK freedom as well tbh.


I’d chose to be slave of the Internet over Chinese freedom.

Potato Man

Aren’t we already slave of the internet like 85% of the world tho.


Yes and of the Dollas. And Debt. And Capitalism. And Shugar. And French fries. Which are Belgian btw.

Potato Man

US Dollar have the power for 75 years tho, ohhh I don’t like shugar things that much, I drink my green tea with no sugar. hmmmm a good French fries is good but all I eat is noodle and rice, I’m fuking lazy to make a good food, beside noodle and rice (curry). And yes it was from Belgian, like how spanish flu originated in usa.



Potato Man

spanish flu originated in China as well…not in one of US military base? Damn didn’t know.


Its only a matter of time for the Chinese government to arrest and prosecute the US and UK NGO’s that have been fueling the fires fake democracy with their ‘paid and well trained trained rioters ‘ .

Potato Man

Fun fact if you didn’t know most of them running to Australia and UK. They fuked HK and fueling more BS from those countries. As for Taiwan they better be ready to get clap in a week if they dear to attack China. China have the right to remove those NGO’s and other countries should do the same such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and even Lebanon. But the problem in Iraq & Syria is Kurds host most of those UK/US NGO’s ofc.


That’s all Pentagon and U.S. navy could afford “2 guys on a row boat”?!? :-)) Being broke and all but I didn’t realize that U.S. are completely broke!

From now on you can’t invade Granada, let alone Panama !!! Stay home before anybody hurts your 60genders LGBTQ arse ! Not safe around the world any longer for you, being failed military power !


It was a stupid assumed mission, they groyp even bragged on Twitter before that they will kill Maduro. Kind of Wagner group when they tried to cross Euphrates with a tank and take over the Syrian oil fields by themselves.


There was no Wagner there (it is the Western media using Wagner this, Wagner that for, every Russian mercenary)

I don’t know what happened with those Russian mercenaries and why and I honestly don’t trust Western sources and their bragging of 300 killed…It just takes bad luck that group is spotted and that some gunship with gattling’s and 75mm automatic canon makes minced meat just about from any “special” forces or mercenaries (specially on the terrain where there is nothing to protect you from that fire) One thing is sure that was not serious highly professional group if they didn’t have at least few man pad’s for self defense against aerial attack! Only idiot would go into action like that without air cover or man pads….not professional and bringing along one tank on top?!?

What the fuck for is ONE tank?

To be spotted more easily?!!! C’mon Bacon you can’t be that stupid to buy that ! I didn’t say it didn’t happen I just say sounds like some amateurs just like in US case. Except in US is much much worse than those Russian amateurs! To brag about objective on Twitter before the action ?!? They could as well send the exact map of the ground invasion over the Twitter, fucking arrogant idiots and amateurs!


I didn’t say the number, obviously fewer than msm numbers, since had a single tank. I’m saying that mercenaries, like gangsters involve in stupid actions some times. That doesn’t represent Russia strategy in Syria or… Pentagon strategy in Bolivia – as Russian tabloid media tries to portrait.


Well I still can’t believe that anybody is that stupid to take ONE tank for surprise attack and on top have no protection from the air attacks at all (when they knew that US calls air cover always when attacked ) Also one doesn’t take only one platoon to invade oil wells with their dingaling swinging between their legs but with sufficiently strong well protected force. Something stinks in that story from tactical point of view lot.

Yes mercenaries do stupid things also , but some things are military basic rules they do without thinking because well known, things that sometimes even amateur knows.

cechas vodobenikov

liar—CIA paid huge sums to military in Bolivia to create the USA coup—where Morales is quite popular to this day…u believe any fake news from the NYT


I know the type of Morales, Maduro, Chavez. They are not the type who liked school and they are saying lots of funny things. That’s why mediocre people like you, love them.


I think the hugely inflated number of 300 was claimed by trolls on this site, “Jacob Wohl” and his many other accounts. The previous week they where claiming 200 but that was not good enough. The rumor of the large numbers started in Russia when Putin was running for re election?


It is not some Jew troll only but many Western sites writing about those subjects. Including some members of US military bragging ( as far as I know). Most interestingly they were only bragging lot, but no video or photo or anything was ever released which is most unusual (if all that is true)

Americans were always very strong on big mouth and manipulating media, spreading rumors, misinformation is one of their favorite PSYOP stunts.


These US and Colombian foreign nationals entered Venezuela illegally, with intent to engage in sabotage, sedition and terrorism. When major gas and fuel storage-hub facilities in Venezuela randomly explode into fireballs, as been happening in last couple of years, it is the handiwork of foreign saboteurs entering Venezuela to engage in infrastructure terrorism – and guess who pays for it, US taxpayers via The National Endowment for Democracy (aka Congress’ annual rubber stamping of vast budget for ongoing US-CIA programs of aggressive and targeted regime change operations).

cechas vodobenikov

expected stupidity from a girl that lives in a military dictatorship, inverted totalitarianism, police state oligarchy

johnny rotten

Poor Guaidò will still have to disguise himself and prostitute himself in some European city by changing his name and gender on the documents, a return to his old life.

Антон С

Juan looks like Obama’s son, so he can come to Obama’s home and live there as close relative.)

Kenny Jones ™

May this be a lesson for the Yankees, and if you try a full blown invasion, then you’ll be surprised who you will meet.. https://twitter.com/aliawada171/status/1266115819509035010?s=20

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls are crying and raging :)

Peter Moy

Well boys, first things first. You will need to brush up on your Spanish language skills or you will probably die quickly while living in free government housing with all the benefits – meals, clothing, medical care if needed and a bevy of new friends. Next hire some really degenerate New York or inside the beltway lawyers from Washington, DC. Those diabolical, dastardly, deceitful, devious, evil, slack jawed, mealy mouth creatures will do their best for an early release back to mommy or better living conditions. Also if you have special dietary needs (kosher or McDonald’s, Chinese food or TexMex, etc.) demand it immediately or sue Venezuela. Otherwise have a great Bolivarian day! Tschuess. (Have you noticed that ELEPHANT BOY Pompeo has been pretty quiet about this case lately.)

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