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Venezuelan Authorities Arrest Colombian Paramilitary Chief Allegedly Sent To Assassinate Maduro

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Venezuelan Authorities Arrest Colombian Paramilitary Chief Allegedly Sent To Assassinate Maduro

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On March 23rd, Venezuelans took to the streets in an “anti-imperialist march,” marking 1 month of the failure to enter US humanitarian aid into the country.

During the address, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro spoke about the arrest of a Colombian paramilitary chief with alleged links to US-Proclaimed President Juan Guaido.

“We have captured the head of the Rastrojos gang in Carabobo state and he is giving testimony… about who hired him and why he was brought to Venezuela,” Maduro said.

He also said that the arrest was thanks to Guaido’s chief of staff Roberto Marrero tipping off the authorities about the alleged paramilitary boss, leading to his arrest.

He accused Guaido, who he called a “diabolic puppet” of wanting to organize his assassination.

“The American imperialism wants to assassinate me. We have just foiled a plot that the diabolic puppet personally directed to kill me. We have proof, but they could not prevail,” he said.

In his address, Maduro also called on Trump to “end his obsession with conquering Venezuela.”

“Journalists of the world please tell the truth because the Venezuelan people have the right to peace, calm and independence.”

Regarding the alleged terrorist cell arrest, Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez said in a televised address that the plot involved smuggling Central American hitmen into Venezuela.

He showed screen grabs of cell phone conversations that he said are proof Marrero was orchestrating the hitmen’s payment.

“The conversations found on Marrero’s phone show that he conspired with Guaidó to manage financing of terrorist acts,” Rodríguez said.

He stressed that the plan was between 8 and 10 teams of approximately 6 to 8 PMCs to enter Venezuela, which had the objective of carrying out a series of “terrorist acts”, highlighting “selective killings” and “assault on the Miraflores Palace.”

“Assassins and paramilitaries have been recruited using large amounts of money so that they can be sent to Colombia to receive training,” Rodriguez said. “Marrero was involved in contracting people from Guatemala and Colombia to comply with the recruitment and training plan for assassins.”

“On previous report we reported that he was captured paramilitary chief of Colombia’s most Wanted: Wilfrido Torres Gómez, aka Neco. He Is One of the chiefs of Assassins entered through the far right from Colombia. Requested with code blue x Interpol x Homicide and killings.”

Separately, according to Bloomberg, Maduro is feeling the pressure of US sanctions and vowed to undertake a major change in the Venezuelan government.

“I will in the coming hours announce new government methods and a profound change in the entire government of Venezuela,” Maduro said in a speech at a political rally broadcast on state television. “We need to renew ourselves, refresh, improve, change.”

Meanwhile, the US-Proclaimed President Juan Guaido is trying to gather supporters from more countries. For the first time on March 23rd he spoke to officials from Caribbean countries, which would also explain why US National Security Adviser John Bolton has been praising them and expressing their support.

“Today we participate for the first time in a meeting with Caricom And Caribbean countries where we express our vision of the crisis In Venezuela and our route. In The new Venezuela we will have the best relationship with the Caribbean for the benefit of our region”

Guaido continuous showing pictures of organizing rally, but the loss of steam is becoming more and more apparent.

A New York Times report claimed that Guaido said Nicolas Maduro is in his “final phase.” According to the US-Proclaimed Interim President, opposition members had spoke to high-ranking military members about changing sides.


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I am waiting to see what happens after it becomes crystal clear that Guaidó is finished. There will be more twists and turns but, with Venezuela not already folding, the regime change is DOA.

It seems they are building a criminal case to arrest Guaidó. He is the one, in my opinion, that is almost finished. Russia has set it’s red lines with the US on what it can and cannot do. Major trading partners like India, have not yet folded on buying the oil. Now, there is word trickling through that the deserters who went to Columbia are being abandoned and told to get out. All the signs point to it being over. Remember, President Trump is an extremely money conscious guy. He won’t stay all in for long and will easily change his story about the situation because, he is basically as I was told in the early 1990’s; he is a liar.

Mr. Guaidó, you have been far too gullible.

Promitheas Apollonious

you mean to say $ hungry and a class traitor to his country.


Oh, he is a political opportunist par excellence. One day that smile of is will nolonger show it’s face.


Guaido should be watching his back. One plausible next step is false-flag assassination of Guaido, to blame it on Maduro. He’s no longer useful for much else.


He always has been, just an opportunist, who let himself be used as a tool.

سيف الاملح

comment image

Rafik Chauhan

city of cowards who uses women and children as shield to protect themselve

Toni Liu

Another isis cowards who surrenders in mass and trying to fools us by sending propaganda from a refugee camp in europe


Got away you Iblis worshiping Wahhabi fakes, your a cancer to Islam and hardly anything resembling Lions. If you where real Muslims willing to die for the faith, then go fight the Zionist, but you never do, you rather kill other Muslims. Your evil to the core.

Xoli Xoli

Guiado is selling Venezuela to USA and Bolton.Shameless gangster.Venezuela is a sovereign country not Taxas gangster paradise neither Cocaine dealer mafias state of Colombia.

Tommy Jensen

Quite embarrassing for all the lapdog countries in Europe including Germany and Latin America who support a snitch and traitor like Guiado.


On 21-22 February 2019, two USAF C-12 Huron aircraft flew into Bogota. These can carry 10 passengers and are capable of long range navigation. On 23 February a USAF C-146 Wolfhound flew into Bogota. This aircraft is used solely by US Special Forces. So it looks like the US brought in about 20 people to be trained by US Special Forces. We now get a feel for what their missions were going to be.

Xoli Xoli

Arrest and handover Guiado to Venezuela people to be mauled to death.

You can call me Al

Stay strong Venezuela. God bless you.


Nabbing assassins is always good, and CIA will send in several. Like the guy in the Christchurch alleged massacre video, who has been known to Syrian intelligence for many years and was classed as a potential assassin against President Assad. But his mission withered due to lack of opportunities so he had to be assigned to other tasks, i.e. to kill other people.

Bill Rood

Meanwhile, gas prices continue their rise. They’ve increased over $.50 in some Midwestern states since the start of the year. Some corporate media reports are warning of the possibility of average US prices topping $5/gal by the summer. They’re giving us all sorts of reasons like refinery maintenance, a refinery fire in California, increased summer vacation driving, etc.

One thing they’re not talking about is Venezuela. But, the media tells us the US is a net exporter of oil, so how could Venezuela have anything to do with this? Many of our refineries on the Gulf Coast are dependent on the heavy crude Venezuela has traditionally exported mainly to the US. They can’t process the lighter crude produced in the US. So, while the US is indeed a net exporter, it has traditionally imported large quantities of heavy crude from Venezuela. But Trump has frozen Venezuelan funds, in effect stealing Venezuelan earnings from its exports, and has essentially promised to do the same with any future earnings. As a result of this massive “gas and go,” Venezuela is doing what any sane gas station owner will do when hit with such thievery, refusing to pump oil for the US without pre-payment. And since we’re not willing to pay (that would be admitting defeat), our Gulf refineries have no heavy crude to process.

Now, I’m no expert, so I have no idea how much this affects gas prices in the US, but it must have some effect. Perhaps more importantly, the effects could well become permanent since other countries who have previously not purchased much Venezuelan oil are starting to do so, and there’s some talk of them building refineries tuned to that heavy crude.

This is why sanctions often don’t work. They cause temporary discomfort, but eventually the target country adjusts and the sanctions end up hurting the imposer as much or more than the sanctioned. Sanctions have failed against Russia, whose agricultural sector has benefited greatly from sanction and whose oil exports are now less than have its export earnings.

Has the Trump Administration shot the US in the foot?

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