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Venezuelan Authorities Arrest 14 More Suspected Mercenaries, Including 1 Woman

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Venezuelan Authorities Arrest 14 More Suspected Mercenaries, Including 1 Woman

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Venezuelan authorities announced the detention of another group of mercenaries of the operation “Gideon”, including one woman.

As of May 11th, 45 people are in custody in relation to the operation.

During the last 24 hours, the Venezuelan State Security Forces captured a total of 14 mercenaries who participated in the failed infiltration attempt on May 3th.

Venezuelan Authorities Arrest 14 More Suspected Mercenaries, Including 1 Woman

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All 14 were not arrested in the same operation, but at different locations throughout the country.

Notably, the Special Actions Forces (FAES), belonging to the Bolivarian National Police, indicated that they detained in the Tovar neighborhood, Aragua state, three individuals involved in the failed armed incursion that occurred on May 3rd.

Those detained by the FAES were identified as First Lieutenant Jairo Betemy, Army Second Sergeant, Franco Jonathan, and Bolivarian National Guard First Sergeant, Evan Rincón, who are now in the custody of the corresponding authorities.

At the moment, 31 mercenaries (including eight from the Petaquirito mountainous area and two ex-green berets from the United States) have been captured and accused of attempting to carry out an armed incursion and abduct or kill Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Earlier, interviews were published of both the Americans, who work for Silvercorp USA, a company that’s provided security for US President Donald Trump.

The Washington Post published the purported contract signed between US-Proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaido and the mercenaries, as well as a contract signed by Guaido’s adviser Juan Rendon.

Some highlights of the contract are as follows:

  • Assistance from Silvercorp advisers to the group of allies in the planning and execution of a capture/arrest/elimination operation of President Nicolás Maduro, the overthrow of the current regime and installation of the recognized Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó.
  • Continuation of services for the agreed time, despite President Nicolás Maduro resigning from office, being removed by another group or government, or handing over power to another individual, before the operation was carried out by Silvercorp.
  • Payment by Guaidó of a bond of $ 10,000,000.00 to Silvercorp, disbursement would depend on the success of the operation.
  • In the face of a civil, federal, or state lawsuit in Venezuela or the United States against Silvercorp USA, Inc, the Venezuelan administration must finance the full cost of the legal defense. It must assume financial responsibility if Silvercorp is found not guilty.


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The US Zioterrorists would’vealready unleashed ISIS/al-Qaeda on Venezuela if there were a large Sunni population in the country to cover up for US Zioterrorism there. Instead, they have to resort to the armies of its narcobanana republic Colombian druglords, 3rd largest recipients of US “aid” after ISISrael and the Egyptian whores, and private US contractors for it and still they get nothing. Time to play the same zero-sum game the US Ziocorporate elites play and bet on access to Venezuela’s gold, oil, diamonds, gas, coltan, etc., to the countries willing to transfer Caracas advanced military tech and know-how to ensure the continuity of the Chavista government.

Liberal guy

So true

Zionism = EVIL

The Americunt dumbass losers are not doing a very good job LOL

Jens Holm

At least some here know who is who in that quaqmire.

I allow me to add the worst thing next could be a civile war.

Jens Holm

Mr LIberal Giy seemes to prefare civile war.

Do You sell weapons or medical equipment :(

Liberal guy



love the pink bandana’s. Maduro has a sense of humor, I like that in a strong leader


VIVA MADURO! Victory to Venezuela.

Jens Holm

I see no Victory to any there.


Good job. Perfect moment to arrest their terrorist leader Guaidó (long overdue actually)

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Gaydude is like the pile of shyte on the floor, and the mercs are the flies drawn to it.

Give Gaydude a while longer, there are many more flies to be swatted still.

Jens Holm

As long as the Venezuala miliatry forces are with Maduro none has a chance for succes.

Luke Hemmming

Phuck you still talking absolute shite Jens. I noticed to most of us ignore your badly written comments because… 1. you just talk shite and 2. no one can understand anything you say because of your bad spelling and your bad sentence structure.
In Australia we say to people like you ” what’s the difference between Fat Cat and you? Fat Cat has friends.” If you don’t know what that means Google the joke and you might learn. Oh and Maduro has been doing just fine cause he is still in power.

Jens Holm

You just show wel,You are the NO ONE.

Another is writing exact the same as reflection as I do. We are the SOMEONES.

None of those 2 solves everything. As usual You dont care about people living there …


Thats how the US Reich operates,buy of a couple of generals for a few million dollars and a villa in Florida,so far they haven’t managed to buy off some bastards in Venezuela,what the Venezuelan should do is put those SOB on trial with international observers invited like the Angolans did,then if guilty execute the bastards.

Jens Holm

I have not written a single word about that at all.

You just write things are solved by some sterotypes replaces soemone else or not.

Killing those people doesnt solve anything at all. Kiling Maduro is same thing. It dont solve anything at all.

There are solutions which are number 3, 4, 5 but both sides ignpore them or are not able to handle them.

Much like You need a haircut for eyes and ears. Propose something better. But You havnt the slightest idea about what realy went on the many years before Sanchez took over a bad and rusty car and sold it as spareparts, so oil almost has to be taken up by hands.

Even the Chinese cant get their money back.

cechas vodobenikov

epoch news a counter revolutionary Chinese propaganda media organ in the US is operated by the Falun Gong cult

El Mashi

All the traitors in the Venezuelan army have been purged. 3,000,000 Venezuelan peoples militias keep an eye on traitors in the Army. There are no “Pinochets” in the Bolivarian Army, but plenty Che Guevarras.

Jens Holm

Thats what I have told and indicated. The military forces of Venezuala are in Maduro control.

By that Venezuela is his quagmire…

cechas vodobenikov

Morales was surprised that the Bolivian military—where the officers r mainly of German, Croation descent created martial law in Bolivia…it has been widely reported that the CIA provide 50K to all lower ranking officers and larger sums to the commanders—the rich in S Bolivia r largely German, many of whom have lived there for many generations dating to the early 1900’s

Thim Page

Gaybo is on thin ice

Ivan Freely

There’s more than enough evidence to charge and convict Guaidó on treason.

johnny rotten

Venezuela belongs to Venezuelans, not to fucking Anglo-Zionists, thieves of other lands and supporters of all forms of terrorism.

El Mashi

Venezuela has largest petroleum reserves on earth. The US has the most expensive oil to produce unlike Venezuela. Not having Venezuela’s oil, makes war more expensive. It also needs Venezuela’s cheap oil to reduce military operations costs. Moreover, a war with a peer enemy, China and Russia, needs secure and cheap oil. Remember, WWII losers, Japan and Germany, had no oil. Russia and China know that if the US steals Venezuela’s oil, it threatens world peace.

AM Hants

Must admit, could not work out why the US would advertise the$10-15 million bounty, to take out the President of a sovereign nation. Not realising it was the price of the contract to get a private military firm on board.

El Mashi

Never underestimate stupidity. It has a lifelong practice.

AM Hants

It flocks to political careers as well.

Peter Jennings

The Venezuelan admin, ‘must assume financial responsibility if Silvercorp is found not guilty’. That’s not very likely is it?
Ilegally entering the country with weapons, having a shoot-out with Venezuelan military, avoiding arrest, planning a conspiracy against a Venezuelan president. The facts shouldn’t pose too much trouble for any jury.

cechas vodobenikov

the fascist bumbling amerikans have been doing this for 3 centuries—they bribe greedy local fascists who will oppress their own people and then blame poor conditions in their colonies as “mismanagement” by 3 rd world dictators that they install. when the amerikan empire disintegrates—predicted this decade–the amerikans can retreat to their 4th world cultural desert and civilized peoples can live free of US killing and economic meddling

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls will cry and rage…

cechas vodobenikov

unmentioned is that Venezuela is a collectivist society where there is individuality—feeling a connectedness, like all civilized peoples, they demand strong leaders that will improve social conditions and reject Yanqui imperialism—-Maduro was a labor leader—amerikans prefer immoral lawyers—impotent tricksters that produce polices that creat worse conditions—amerikans require immoral leaders that will conduct immoral wars

Tommy Jensen

$15 million bucks is $15 million bucks. Thats the way it is man.

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