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Venezuela – The National Constituent Assembly is in Place – But the fight for Sovereignty isn’t Over

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Written by Peter Koenig; Originally appeared at TheSaker.is

Venezuela has voted on 30 July for a National Constituent Assembly (ANC – Asamblea Nacional Constituyente) with a resounding close to 8.1 million votes, or over 41% of the total eligible electorate. The figure was confirmed by the president of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena. The Chavistas battle cry before the elections was Venceremos! – Ché Guevaras favored revolutionary slogan. And the day after, 31 July, the victorious Ganamos! Accompanied by dancing in the streets.

Venezuela – The National Constituent Assembly is in Place – But the fight for Sovereignty isn’t Over


To counter the mainstream presstitute mass media slandering of Venezuela, calling the legitimate democratically elected President a dictator, and that the vote was illegitimate and against the present Venezuelan Constitution – lets explain upfront what the Constitution says:

Article 347 of Venezuela’s constitution:

“The original constituent power rests with the people of Venezuela. This power may be exercised by calling a National Constituent Assembly for the purpose of transforming the State, creating a new juridical order and drawing up a new Constitution.”

Article 348 states

“(t)he initiative for calling a National Constituent Assembly may emanate from the President of the Republic sitting with the Cabinet of Ministers; from the National Assembly by a two-thirds vote of its members; from the Municipal Councils in open session, by a two-thirds vote of their members; and from 15% of the voters registered with the Civil and Electoral Registry.”

Article 349 states

“(t)he President of the Republic shall not have the power to object to the new Constitution. The existing constituted authorities shall not be permitted to obstruct the Constituent Assembly in any way.”

The process to vote for the ANC is complex but highly democratic. The 30 July election chose 545 members to the National Constituent Assembly, of which two thirds (364) were elected on a regional or territorial basis, and one third (181) by sectors of professions or activities, i.e. students, farmers, unions of different labor forces, employees, business owners – and so on. This cross-section of people’s representation is the most solid basis for democracy. See also http://www.globalresearch.ca/why-is-venezuela-in-the-white-houses-crosshairs/5594240.

The 8.1million pro-ANC vote may, at first sight, with 41% of total eligible voters not constitute an absolute majority, but they are a legitimate majority analyzed from different perspectives. The only historic data we currently have on Venezuela is the one from the 1999 Constitution (still valid today), which President Hugo Chavez Frias, elected in 1998, initiated after asking the people whether they agreed to the drafting of a new Constitution. He received an overwhelming 80% support.

Assuming that on average about 20% to 25% of the electorate do not vote (based on the past 19 elections since the Bolivarian Revolutionary Government took over in 1998), of the 20 million eligible electorate, about 15 million could be expected to vote. With 8.1million ANC supporters, the National Constituent Assembly resulting from the 30 July elections is a clear majority, about 54%.

The election result is another resounding victory, when compared to the opposition’s plebiscite, illegally held a week earlier. The opposition claims having received 7.2 million votes against the ANC. However, by all observers, including internationals, this is a highly questionable and probably vastly inflated figure (based on their election boots which were a fraction of those of the ANC election process countrywide. Plus, the announced result cannot be checked, as the voter’s bulletins were burned by the opposition, as soon as they informed the public of the plebiscite’s result. However, even assuming this figure was correct – which it most likely isn’t – the total alleged votes cast between de official ANC process and the illegitimate referendum would amount to 15.3 million, of which 8.1 million represents about 53%, or an absolute majority of the votes cast.

For analysis sake, let’s just look at the curious composition of votes the oppositions claims having received. In their referendum people had to respond with yes, or no to three questions, with each one being a leading question against the ANC. Each one of the three answers counted for one vote, thus, there were up to three votes per person. The same people also were allowed to vote in several districts. During the press conference held by the opposition, a journalist asked whether it was correct that one voter could cast his / her vote 17 times. The answer of one of the directors was yes, but it may bediscovered at the final count. There were also stories of 10-year old kids and other minors voting. Also, there are 101,000 eligible voters abroad – but according to the opposition, the votes received from Venezuelans living outside Venezuela were almost 700,000.

The illegitimate – yes, illegitimate – opposition vote is pure farce. Though it can never be checked, since the votes were burned and given the above details, the promulgated results of 7.2 million votes against the ANC would have to be discounted by at least 30% to 50%. Yes, illegitimate, as the Constitution does not allow interference from anybody, once the ANC process has been launched.

Curiously though, the opposition, having the majority in the National Assembly could have initiated themselves an National Constituent Assembly. They didn’t. They could have actively participated in President Maduro’s ANC vote and presented their own candidates as they would have, had they respected the principles of democracy. They didn’t do that either. It is clear, they are not interested in a democratic process. They are not interested even in dialogue, one of Mr. Maduro’s priorities for conflict resolution. They want a violent ‘regime change’ – that’s what their Washington masters want and pays them for.


The most vociferous critics of the process came from the usual villains, CNN, BBC, Washington Post, NYT, even The Guardian, but so far relatively few from the EU and her members. One of the countries that sticks out most with her unsolicited comment is “neutral” Switzerland, where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on President Maduro, to cancel the elections for the new National Constitutional Assembly in ‘respect of democracy’. It further declared through the Swiss state-run radio-TV station, SRG, that the elections were illegal, as they are against the Constitution – which is a blatant lie, the Swiss Executive is aware of, but it pleases for sure Washington.

The Trump Administration also said it would not recognize the vote and slammed more heavy sanctions on Venezuela, among them, blocking President Maduro’s alleged ‘assets held in the US’. This in itself is a massive and ridiculous propaganda falsehood. It must be clear to any dimwit, that President Maduro does not have assets in the US. Washington forced ‘sanctions’ will probably also follow from its European vassals.

The right-wing puppet leaders (sic) in Latin America have of course also immediately played to the tune of their northern masters. The first one to do so was Peru’s President Pablo Kuczynski, saying that his government would not recognize the result of the elections. But who cares what Peru thinks about sovereign democratic Venezuela? – His arrogance went as far as calling upon the Peruvian Prime Minister to form a committee that should look into possible actions Peru could and should take against Venezuela. If one knows the level of corruption that literally runs Peru – one of the worst, if not the worst of all Latin America – and the way Kuczynski was ‘elected’, or rather shoed in by his Washington Masters, one can just chuckle in disbelief. If there was any un-bought, uncorrupted functioning legal system in Peru – the last five consecutive Presidents would now be in jail for corruption and crimes against humanity, including the present one.

Of course, Colombia and Mexico, among the staunchest vassals of the northern empire were also accusing Venezuela’s ANC initiative as being illegitimate, anti-democratic, for the sole purpose of allowing President Maduro to become a dictator and to bend the new Constitution so that he may stay President for life. None of this is of course intended or in the cards, or indeed allowed under the Constitution and the National Assembly still in place. In fact, according to the Constitution, neither the President or the National Assembly which is not being resolved or replaced by the new National Constituent Assembly, have a right to interfere in ANC’s process of drafting a new Constitution.

On a recent visit to Mexico, the ultra-right-wing (Tea Party) CIA chief, Mr. Pompeo, pledged for both Mexico and Colombia to help assure that the situation in Venezuela is being corrected. Let’s not forget, Colombia’s President Santos (the latest Peace Nobel Laureate!) has already several months ago asked Brussels to send NATO troop to Colombia. They may already be there. With a 2,200 km porous border between Colombia and Venezuela, infiltration of Colombian and NATO troops into Venezuela would not be complicated (http://www.globalresearch.ca/venezuela-washingtons-latest-defamation-to-bring-nato-to-south-america/5575480).

Among the few but strong supporters of the ANC and which called for the world to respect this legitimate and democratic process, were Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Iran, China and Russia. Others may follow. So far Brussels has only been mumbling. What remains to be seen is how these countries, notably Russia and China, would react, when it comes down to the wire with a possible CIA / US / NATO instigated coup à la Maidan, in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2014.


Why did President Maduro call now for a National Constituent assembly to modify or redraft the current Constitution? – The answer is simple. Dictators around the world, like France under Macron, the UK under Mme. May, and probably soon Germany under Mme. Merkel, would call for Martial Law to clamp down ‘legitimately’ on the peoples’ rights and carry through their atrocious militarization and austerity programs, as well as to ’selectively curtail foreign influence’.

President Maduro, instead, follows democratic principles to the core. The purpose of a new or reality adjusted Constitution has precisely to do with foreign interference to the detriment of Venezuela’s economy. They include outside orchestrated food and medical supply shortages; from Miami manipulated black-market vs. official exchange rates, ruining local purchasing power, thereby causing inflation and a sagging economy; foreign news networks deadly propaganda; and infiltration of foreign trained, armed and funded violent terror groups to help organizing the relatively small Venezuelan elitist opposition to cause havoc and civil unrest – as we have seen over the last several months in the runup to these ANC elections. The US State Department funded NED – National Endowment for Democracy – is a key sponsor of violent opposition in Venezuela, as well as elsewhere in the world. The new or adjusted Constitution is expected to allow the government to sovereignly control its borders and its economy with whatever means it has to take to keep the criminals out and regain full sovereignty.

These vicious foreign supported groups have cost the life of some110 people during the last few months leading up to the ANC vote, through the most horrendous acts of terror, including lynching, burning alive, shooting, looting of shops, attacking and destroying schools, public infrastructure, police headquarters and more. There is no end to the list of heinous crimes committed by the so-called opposition – which is nothing else as a tool for the Washington tyrant-in-chief, who will not let go until he has achieved ‘regime change’.

The presstitute doesn’t present this real picture of things. They portray the violence and dead toll as the government’s responsibility. In fact, thanks to the diligence of national police and the 200,000 military forces deployed throughout the country in the last couple of weeks to protect the population, the voters, in the leadup to the elections, violence and dead tolls were kept in check. Violent outbreak would have most likely been even more atrocious without the military deployment.

A new puppet government would return Venezuela to the pre-Chavez years – or most likely much worse – giving away Venezuelans world’s largest hydrocarbon deposit is to US petrol giants and torturing Chavistas and anybody who had in the past opposed and still opposes the violent undemocratic, oppressive servile-to-Washington elite.


What’s next for Venezuela? – Well, it’s not over. The National Constituent Assembly is just the first step. The rabid bulldog will not let go. He keeps attacking and biting relentlessly and without merci sovereign democratic and un-obedient Venezuela. The steady internal foreign instigated economic and social decay, the build-up to what prompted President Maduro to initiate the ANC vote, was very reminiscent of the fascist 9/11/1973 CIA instigated military coup in Chile.

The Chile coup was also preceded by artificially and outside instrumented shortages of food and medical supplies – paying people to protest in the streets. The only difference there is that the Chilean army was split and high ranks defected President Allende. This doesn’t seem to be the case in Venezuela. – The overwhelming people’s support for the ANC has further cemented the solidarity within the Bolivarian Republic – and given the revolution new energy. Venezuela will prevail. Venceremos!

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, The 4th Media (China), TeleSUR, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.

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Hoping victory for the Venezuelan revolution led by President Maduro!

Tom Tom

And let the starvation continue! Yayyyyyy!


Thank you for this, very good read.


Pablo Kuczynski, the president of Peru is a jew polish that have american citizenship. XD.

I can’t stop laughting. Peruvian can find one real peruvian in all Peru. XD.

USA wants to destroy Venezuela. USA doesn’t care about so-called democracy.

Solomon Krupacek

you little shit, you are loughing on all countires. tell us, which country is your own? we want also laugh on your miserable home.


There is no more shit than you. You’re the shittiest shit in the world.

Solomon Krupacek

no, you are the fascist shit here


You are the fascistest fachist of the shitest shit on the world.

Tom Tom

well that went well.

Solomon Krupacek


but you still did not tell, from which shitty country are you.


What I suggest is to let the so-called opposition have the power but to remain democratic. Maduro and allies will be in the opposition. Then, after next election, they will win easily and destroy the american opposition.

Just like, in Ukraine, the former president must have let the opposition to win and then win after. Like that, you don’t die. Because USA wants to kill the nationalists. If there is an “american revolution” in Venzuela, the venezulan nationalists will buried for ever. You must keep a foot in the door to let it open.


What USA hate the most is democracy for others.

Jan Tjarks

Don’t be fooled, democracy is just another system to justify rulers. If we take a look at the USA we can clearly see that the president there isn’t the man in power, but others behind the scenes pushing him to do things he doesn’t want.

Currently, Trump and the establishment are in a big power struggle, ich which the military currently profits the most and gets its biggest share of power. But that might change.

While Trump is a business man and might be mistaken being part of the establishment, he is not. He represents the business people within the USA, but not the establishment in Washington DC, which wields the real power.


USA is a fake democracy. Everybody knows that. But, they denied others to be democratic. Everyone doesn’t care if USA is dying. The problem is that USA don’t want to die alone. They want to bury the world because they are crazy.

Jan Tjarks

You don’t understand, the word democracy was added at the very last moment before the USA became independent, because it sounded so good for “the people”, better than republic.

But that was all the reason why it was added. This was looked at and noticed in England very well. Since then the “democracy” startet to spread in the different countries, not because it was keeping it’s promise, but it was keeping those in power who used it as nothing else than a disguise if nothing else worked out anymore. Democracy was actively designed in England, barely anyone knows this.

It only becomes more apparent since the internet age, don’t think that the political system was different in any way before, but it was less visible due to the media being able to cover up, which doesn’t work anymore.

You only have to know how to maintain the “election cattle” and that was, to maintain power by money. Those who wanted power had to get hands on money, and that didn’t count for political parties, but for the media too. The word lobby was and is an integral part of democracy.

Let’s face it, every democracy is a fake democracy.While it still is better than any dictatorship, it is nevertheless a system for rulers, not for societies.

Solomon Krupacek

in democracy the president should not be theman of power. he is only 1 of several key posistions. in democracy there are balances. not like russia, north korea, china, saud arabia …

Tom Tom

The globalist banks/military industrial complex own the President, both parties, etc.

Jan Tjarks

It doesn’t matter if it is the president or the chancellor who is in charge (see Germany), at least officially. They are just interchangeable positions.

The oligarchs, owning the banks & industry are the ones who wield the real power. Everything else is just to make sure the election cattle doesn’t understand of what’s really going on.

All these funny charts how the political power is distributed in the different political systems, but non of the charts ever show the lobbyists, how they are connected within these system, directly connecting to the decisive parts in it, neglecting the other parts which do not matter anyway. It’s a sham, nothing else.

If humans proved to be successful in one thing, than it is to undermine and hollow out such static systems, no matter if political ones or others.

The truth is, democracy is nothing else than just another ruler system, justifying rulers. And this is what the old Greeks, who invented democracy, exactly had in mind. It’s the same old story all over again.

The ruling class which owns everything, against the working class, which doesn’t own anything. This scheme is going on since thousands of years and is really nothing new anymore.

Do you think you are politically more part of the liberal left wing? Or the opposite, more the conservative right wing? Good, as long as you do not understand that you are poor fighting the other poor, you won’t fight the rich, which maintain power by divide and rule. Watch all the dividing topics, all of them do not matter for us humans, but for our “leaders”. As long as you do not understand that, you are just a soldier in their wars, not fighting for yourself, but for them.

What is the opposite of liberty? So far no one could successfully answer me that question, probably, as the brains of the people are being washed successfully, since childhood.

Tom Tom

Excellent post. Your insight takes subtlety and brains, which most do not have.

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

I’m now waiting for SF to also shill for North Korea since they’re backing communist wannabe dictators like Maduro.No 9 million people didn’t go out and vote and the ones who said they did, lied (because they’re under the control of Maduro so it’s only logical to lie about it so they can pass it)about 3,7 million people voted which was not enough to pass the ANC.If Maduro is so great SF,tell that to the people killed by him during the 3 years of protesting,or the ones who got imprisoned by him,or exiled or the ones who are starving,the ones who are fleeing in mass to Colombia.It seems like you think that every country which opposes the US is a victim of some US aggression and that the crisis in Venezuela couldn’t possibly be Maduros fault because that idiot failed to diversify the economy (The Venezuelan economy is oil based,bad news for when the oil market collapses).The people want him and his failed socialist policies out,and they’ll get their way sooner or later.

Edit: Also for the last part “Venezuela will prevail” it will indeed,Maduro will fall just like that commie Allende and Venezuelans will be back on track by rejecting communism,it’s fine if they still hate us after that,it’s their choice in the end.


What is Colombia ? A narco state. A prostitute state. A US puppet state.

Damn. Is that cool ? XD.

If USA stars making a war to Colombia, Colombia is finished. But, like Colombia is a US puppet, being a narco state, a country of prostitutes, … is called “good”. XD.

Tom Tom

you don’t live in Venezuela or if you do, you’re getting paid with a bag o’ donuts a week.


What is the USA economy ? Oh yes 20 000 billions dollars of debt. XD. Is that cool ? XD.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

20 trillion and another Narco state.

Tom Tom

true, but it does mean Maduro is a good guy. Please learn discernment.

Pavel Pavlovich

Venezuela would stands a far better chance at resurfacing from this whole if they stopped this socialism nonsense (I am not against the ideology, but the first priority of any nation must always be souvereignity).


“It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just like in US elections , they shutdown the investigation as soon as they found fraud in Michigan and elsewhere.


Why the “opposition” doesn’t want to vote ? Because USA doesn’t want democracy. Tjhe “opposition” is very small in reality. It’s like in Syria. Who voted for so-called SDF and for FSA ???? Nobody.

It’s clear crystal.

Tom Tom

clear crystal for those who don’t live in Venezuela. He has the army only temporarily and that’s what keeps the dictator Maduro in power.

Alex Black

There is no parallel between the Syrian revolution and what is happening in VZ. Venezuela is governed by the monster Americans pretend Assad is. The people gate Maduro, unlike Assad. Those trying to overthrow Maduro want a democracy unlike Syria where the foreign funded terrorists want a religious theocracy. Not every situation is them same. Maduro is human trash, and he and his entire family should be executed as a lesson to others.


They want democracy. XD. So why don’t they vote ? There are no sunnies in VZ to make the dirty job so USA is using the narcos and the gangsters. Just like in Ukraine they use Nazis and gangsters.

Alex Black

This article is ignorant nonsense and the vote is a sham. Here is what happened. People are starving and no one wants Maduro. Maduro attempted to get chancellory powers and this election is a total sham. If you objectively look at the data, you would realize that it is impossible for 8 million people to vote for maduro. He is terribly unpopular, and the number he is pretending he is getting were similar to Chavez at the height of his power, and Venezuelan economic prosperity. Maduro should be killed, and beheaded, with his naked flailed corpse dragged around the streets of Caracas.

Volker Burkert

Thank you Peter Koenig for this excellent analysis. The reminder of how the CIA in coordination with the fascist Chilean military leadership under Pinochet ended Chilean democracy was a lesson that Chavez and now Maduro have taken to heart. They kept the military on their side. It seems the only way to achieve enduring progress towards national sovereignty in S. America.

Tom Tom

Chile has sovereigny without its people starving.

Tom Tom

Peter Koenig, is the U.S. an evil bankster-empire? Sure it is.

Does that make Maduro a good guy? Not a chance.

In crony capitalism the banks own the state, and in socialism/communism the state owns the banks, and there’s a revolving door between them all for the elites. They always win. Everyone else loses.

You’d have to be an idiot to write a one sided article like this.

Tom Tom

Ah, I see, somehow the U.S. secretly broke into the Venezuelan printing presses and created so much money they now have over 700% inflation. Wow, amazing. Of course, it was the idiot Maduro that did that. At least Chavez understood basic economics. Maduro, not at all. Maduro was just a yes man to Chavez, that’s all.

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