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Venezuela Crisis: US Pushes Regime Change Agenda, Withdraws Some Diplomats

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On January 24th, the Organization of American States convened a meeting on the situation in Venezuela.

During his opening speech US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo once more reiterated the US position regarding Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, claiming that his presidency is illegitimate.

Following the claims that democracy must be upheld by recognizing Interim President Juan Guaido, he also once more called Maduro an illegitimate president and called for regime change.

Furthermore Pompeo announced “more than $20 million in humanitarian aid to the people of Venezuela” to help with the severe crisis.

He concluded by calling on all partners and responsible Organization of American States officials to “how leadership, and pledge support for #Venezuela’s democratic transition and for interim President @JGuaido’s pivotal role in it…History will remember whether we help them or not.”

Also on January 24th, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton was asked why Nicolas Maduro “was worse than other autocrats” Trump had befriended.

“Well, your question is full of fallacies,” Bolton told reporters. “The fact is Venezuela is in our hemisphere. I think we have a special responsibility here, and I think the president feels very strongly about it.”

Furthermore, in the late hours of January 24th, RT reported that the US ordered all “non-essential” diplomats and embassy staff to leave Venezuela “for security reasons.”

“The State Department has also warned US citizens in Venezuela that they should “strongly consider” leaving the country, after Maduro said the US should pull their staff out of Caracas “if they had any sense.””

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has accused the US – and President Donald Trump personally – of fomenting a coup in Caracas, while Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino accused it of waging “economic war” on his country.

In a televised message on January 24th, Padrino insisted that elected president Nicolas Maduro was the only “legitimate” president. “I warn the people that there is a coup underway against our democracy and our president Nicolas Maduro,” he said.

Padrino reminded of a failed coup attempt by the Bush administration in 2002, saying that “those of us who lived through the coup of 2002 have it etched into our minds, we never thought we’d see that again, but we saw it yesterday.”

RT also interviewed Ecuadorian ex-President Rafael Correa. He said that a situation in which a man “declares himself an ‘interim’ president” and immediately gets recognition from 11 Latin American countries and the US, is “unseen.”

“One can talk about a new Operation Condor now,” Correa said, referring to the infamous campaign of state terror and purges of alleged Communists conducted by US-backed South American dictatorships beginning in 1975.

“This is an impressive blow,” the ex-president said, referring to the development in Venezuela. “They avoid resorting to the military [action], assassinations or kidnappings for now because they do not need it. One cannot rule out that they could still resort to such methods” in the future, Correa warned.

However, Russia, China, Iran and Turkey supported Nicolas Maduro, warning the US not to intervene in the country, especially not militarily.


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Tommy Jensen

If we wanna sail around Isla La Orchila 24/7 in International waterways in freedom of navigation with our nuclear Aircraft-Carriers we do it, and you guys cant do a sh.t about it.
America has every right to defend itself against any amateurish and hostile action on its soil!!

Brother Ma

I know you are sarcastic so i wont answer.


The journey of the Russian bombers to Venezuela last year did precipitate the Venezuelan crisis.
Do you don’t see the connection? Someone in the Pentagon suffers from buthurt :-)

leon mc pilibin

The zionist regime in jewSa is the only urgent change of government needed by the people of the world.


”Today I am announcing U.S. is ready to provide more than $20 million in humanitarian aid to the people of. The funds are to help them cope w/severe food & medicine shortages
& other dire impacts of their country’s political & econ.crisis.”

The froze billions of Venezuela, giving just $20 million in humanitarian aid in return is a rip off

Floyd Hazzard

Is there nothing called treason in Venezuela? Are there no laws to deal with usurpers. I see another Iraq-Libya-Syria-Yemen-Ukraine-Egypt-Palestine-Yugoslavia in the making.


Soon you all will hear that US fucked. Seriously.


I am sure there is, which is why the so-called interim president immediately fled and sought asylum in a cuntry where 1 opposition leader had been murdered every week or so for about 50 years. So much for human rights in Colombia…

Carlos Correia

same old modus operandi only the pleb falls for this, history repeats it self more times then you can expect


The flight and landing of Tu 160’s on Venezuelan soil infuriated the neocons and projected their weakness in defending the Monroe doctrine.


the almost bankrupt and disorganized states of america is desperate for some kind of success, in fact any success will do since it’s a long time since the morons could chalk down a win or a success, so anything will do. it smarts to be outwitted by Russia time and time again and by China over and over again and the only way to get to these much more clever and brighter parties is to rip the world economy to pieces and the one true loser from that step (trump’s understanding of economy is less than stellar) is the poor sods in the fifty states ruled by a gang of bona fide idiots, pompeo, bolton, mnuchin et al. truly frightening!


Venezuela is a good friend of NK.

northerntruthseeker .

Really??? And where is your “proof”??

I smell Hasbara again here.. and they are so laughably obvious when they make stupid comments like this one!


NK’s head of state, Mr Kim Young-nam visited Venezuela about 3 months ago and both countries are good friends to each other.

Brother Ma

Who cares?


Would it be too cynical to suggest that these actions by Trumplumpeo regime have something to do with VZ oil???


Create a nation of starving people then claim you come in the name of humanitarian relieve. The next move will be ‘humanitarian’ droning under the pretext of ‘the right to protect’….while in actuality, protecting the profits of the twenty six people that own the world.

Smith Ricky

$20 million dollars can help us rebuild our own country wtf???!


US is done and finished. NK can attest to that. Trump is just talking. US can’t afford that much $$$.

Brother Ma

Stupid Pentacostalist Pompeio braying again. Why do all the dunces rise in the USA,like slag?

Tony B.

Lying pricks. If they want to help the Venezuela people just return the billions of dollars of Venezuela’s money they have stolen from that nation by their talmudic Jewish banks.


Time for Maduro to team up with the Democratic opposition…?
(I mean the one in the U.S., not in Venezuela, against the U.S. presidency. :-P)

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