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Venezuela Crisis: U.S. Has Painted Itself Into Corner

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Written and produced by SF Team: J.Hawk, Daniel Deiss, Edwin Watson


Venezuela has the dubious fortune of being located on the continent of South America, which the United States has treated under the so-called “Monroe Doctrine” as its exclusive zone of political, economic, and military influence. In practical terms it meant that whenever a Latin American government pursued a policy at odds with Washington’s preferences, it would be subjected to measures ranging from economic sanctions to outright military invasion.

Latin America became one of the many battlefields of the Cold War when several countries sought to leave the US shadow and align themselves with USSR. The US retaliation was harsh, and included the support for the brutal military coup in Chile, training of “death squads” in Honduras and El Salvador, support for the so-called Contras in Nicaragua, not to mention the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Once the Cold War was over, however, a relative peace settled over the region, with Cuba remaining the only hold-out against US power. Even the coming to power of soft Marxist “pink wave” governments in Venezuela and Bolivia did not seem to overly ruffle Washington’s feathers. But the current escalation of the US campaign against Venezuela suggests a revival of US activism in the region.

“Energy Dominance”

One might as well cut to the chase and state the obvious: Venezuela is not only a member of OPEC, it is also a country with the world’s largest known oil reserves dwarfing those even of Saudi Arabia. It is no coincidence that pretty much every country that has been on the US “hit list” in the last decade or so—Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Venezuela—is a major producer of hydrocarbons. Given that the global economy is utterly dependent on steady provision of hydrocarbons, US political control over these countries means a stranglehold over major industrial competitors to the United States, namely the EU and China. It also creates US jobs, once US oil companies establish control over the country’s oil fields. At the very least, should the effort to place the country under indirect US control fail, plunging it into chaos removes a competitor to struggling domestic US oil producers.

Monroe Doctrine Returns

The timing of the US escalation closely follows the visit by Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers to Venezuela during which the possibility of creating a Russian military base in the country was discussed by some media outlets. Given that Russia has by now established through the Syrian example that once Russian troops arrive in a country they are unlikely to leave no matter how great the US pressure, Washington may have decided to step up the pressure in the hopes of not only Russia but it’s other major competitor, China, from establishing themselves more firmly in the country. Russia’s Rosneft already has considerable presence in the Venezuela, assisting it with the development of its oil potential, and China has also made a number of investments in the country, though its economic footprint remains modest. Moreover, the US aggression against Venezuela sends a signal to the nearby Nicaragua, also a country facing increasing US political pressure, against pursuing a project of building a canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans with China’s support.

Thus far US actions consisted of economic sanctions and apparent coordination of coup attempts to be carried out by elements within Venezuela’s military and security forces. It is still difficult to make out what the Trump Administration’s recognition of Juan Guaido, the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, as the country’s “interim president” was supposed to represent. Even by the standards of Trump’s current foreign policy team of Pompeo and Bolton, “recognition” of a claimant to supreme executive office who does not actually occupy said office is unprecedented. Not even in the case of Syria, where the US has been far more directly involved in attempting to overthrown its legitimate government, was any opposition leader “recognized” as the official representative of the country itself. Therefore one may conclude Guaido’s “recognition” was supposed to follow the military coup which Guaido probably promised and Washington clearly expected. It is also difficult to say whether Guaido overestimated the degree of his support within the military or outright lied to his American sponsors. Either way, the US intelligence community has once again failed at providing an accurate assessment of the situation within a country, as Venezuela’s military rallied around President Maduro.

Bay of Pigs 2

United States has thus painted itself into a corner. Guaido’s recognition, which was moreover coordinated with the bulk of Latin America’s countries and with the European Union (which likewise points to a wider though failed conspiracy to overthrow Venezuela’s government) cannot very well be walked back. Maduro’s continued presidency has now become a challenge to US power at least as great as Assad’s. One can therefore expect stepped up US efforts to overthrow Venezuela’s government, though it remains to be seen how far the US is willing to go. An outright US military invasion appears unlikely at the moment. The most recent such effort has been in Panama during the George H.W. Bush administration, a far smaller and easier to control country. There is no evidence of US intelligence services training Venezuelan expats in the manner of the “Bay of Pigs” invasion force or the Nicaraguan contras. However, Venezuela is bordered by two countries ruled by far-right politicians closely allied to the United States, Brazil and Colombia. In the wake of the failed US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and with the US military retooling itself for great power confrontations, the US modus operandi in the past several years has been to use proxy armies. These may take the form of non-state actors funded and armed by US intelligence agencies or of friendly states, as in the case of Saudi Arabia’s invasion of Yemen. One could readily imagine the Yemen model used against Venezuela, but this time with a “Brazil-led” coalition doing Washington’s dirty work.

Bargaining Chip?

Last but not least, one must consider the possibility of Venezuela being treated as a bargaining chip in some sort of negotiation with Russia and/or China in the delineation of the great powers’ spheres of influence. This would mark a de-facto return to the policy of compensations wherein the balance of power is preserved by major powers ceding parts of their empires to others in exchange for gains elsewhere. Thus, for example, Washington could approach Moscow and  offer a “Venezuela for Syria” or even “Venezuela for Ukraine” bargain. While not out of the realm of possibility, it remains a difficult course of action to imagine for two reasons. The first is that there is little awareness of the limits of US power in Washington itself. The expectation is still of powering through any opposition. The second is that even if the offer were made, it would probably not be accepted in Moscow. Apart from the cost to Russia’s international image, the US at this point has very low credibility and trustworthiness.

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  1. Sakaramanga says:

    US is bullying the world. US is the nightmare of humanity.
    Dont see how Venezuela did not completeinfrastructure, manufacturing industry etc like the soviets did in their time…

    1. El Mashi says:

      The Bolsheviks got rid of their corrupt oligarchy after the civil war and Imperialist aggression unlike Venezuela.

      1. MichaH says:

        You forgot to mention the intended starving of millions to death and killing millions more by execution … Nice story, well done…

        1. jako says:

          Ideological disputes ( rightfully so ) belong to 20th century.
          What Bolsheviks did or didn’t do tells enough the fact that no country wants to be Bolshevik ever again not even Russia.
          (except maybe US by directly supporting the most famous Bolshevik Garry Kasparov “fighter for democracy and freedom in Russia”)

          Also this totally failed and criminal liberal capitalism that is raping everybody except rich and super rich and bringing us also reward (for being raped) in the shape of new World Depression as cream on the top.

          FUCK communism and capitalism !

          1. Tudor Miron says:

            Jako, your problem is that you don’t even understand what this terms mean – bolsheviks, mensheviks, tortskists etc. I know that you’re on our side (our = common ordinary people of this planet) but you often fall into trap of western mass media cliche created with exactly this purpose – create confusion and keep knowledge and understanding out of ordinary people.

          2. jako says:

            “Tortskists” maybe yes….
            I probably don’t know any of other two definitions but I have grown up under communists and lived whole my fucking life and can have quite accurate picture of communist regimes in general THANK YOU for reminding me!

            Miron I know that you belong to the traditional Russian communist left and I can’t help it any more but being disgusted by those 2 ideologies (communism & capitalism)
            Because both proven failed today and created lots of problems for the people in the process.
            Actually for capitalism to declare it clinically dead we have to wait little bit longer till new world DEPRESSION officially starts…
            Because that day capitalism will die also.

          3. Tudor Miron says:

            No :) I do not belong to traditional Russian communist left. I know very well what it is, where it was “invented” and most of all I studied actual history of events (documented) including what happened in Russia in 20th century. I can’t explain extremely complex events within couple words of message board format. If you knew Russian I would point you towards very good historical and analytical material.
            A little hint – capitalism/communism (better say marxism-leninism) are simply different sides of the same coin.

          4. jako says:

            By definition I am very skeptical about anything that can not be explained in simple words even if it has to be done in little bit simplistic way.
            So if your position is neither, nor (of “different sides of the same coin”)
            What exactly is that position if purely politically explained?

          5. Tudor Miron says:

            I support Concept of public safety movement . Here’s a couple of short video’s describing some basic views:

          6. jako says:

            Thanks buddy I’ll most definitely take look !

          7. Tim Müller says:

            So do I among other perspectives, as far as I can due to my lack of not knowing Russian :)
            Thank you for sharing the vids.

          8. Tudor Miron says:

            Thank you.

          9. Brother Ma says:

            A Russian who does not know what a Menshevik and Bolshevik is? I grew up in an Americanophile English-speaking country and we learned that in our History lesson. That was of course before we had Soros Lefties and Yankers telling my gov what to teach in schools!

          10. jako says:

            1) I am not Russian
            2) I probably knew something when I was younger but luckily I forgot.
            I can “learn” it in second from internet but I do NOT want !
            I most definitely know what all of them did ever since “revolution”
            And also you are definitely not the one to give me the lessons about communism.
            I lived ALL my effing life under the communists and I will not take lessons from people like you for sure !

          11. Brother Ma says:

            Ok man. We are still friends. It doesn’t matter if Russia is Communist or Capitalist.; Americanonato will want to destroy her just as Americanonato has destroyed all the Southern European countries. It will find any excuse and talk it up.
            Actually not just Souther nEurope.

            It is now choking UK ,Germany and France via Nordpipeline rubbish and anti -Iran helpers’ legislation.

            No friends ,just squeeze everyone so America Uber Alles.

          12. jako says:

            I don’t know what people intentions are so I react appropriately.
            I don’t even know you why would I bear grudge against you?
            “It doesn’t matter if Russia is Communist or Capitalist”
            It does to me because I love Russians and Russia.
            They are my only hope for freedom in fight against now degenerate terrorist supporting Western democracies.

            UK is not friend of Germany and France, never was and never will be!
            The only reason why UK was with the France in the past, was simply because of stopping Germany.
            But even than UK was not true friend of France.
            And UK is not friend of strong and independent EU either,
            just like their boss U.S….
            UK is just junior partner of US and it is absurd to talk about their independent policy because it doesn’t exist

          13. Sinbad2 says:

            Bolshevik literally means the majority, so you don’t believe in democracy?
            Who do you think should rule the world, YOU?

          14. jako says:

            This is not cheap Russian language lesson nobody needs that.
            Any dork can Google translate 1 word thank you very much!
            And I read and write Cyrillic also !
            BOLSHEVIKS (without me going on Internet to check )were directly linked to that CRIMINAL Lenin and his CRAP revolution !
            Even I would be much better for Russia today than “Bolsheviks” and Garry Kasparov!
            Hell ANYBODY even dead Lenin would be better than them!
            I would definitely not be for Bolsheviks coming to power EVER in Russia again!

        2. Tudor Miron says:

          This Jew fairy tales can be fed to ingorant western sheeple. One who actually study historical documents will find out that this is terrible lies and usual zio trick of blaming victims of its own crimes. But nice try, well done…

          1. seawolf says:

            Brother Miron its part of the history changing with Soros money.

          2. Astrid Watanabe says:

            Studying historical documents is fine, but it is not the same as having been there [even if only as a child]. And not everybody is susceptible to “zio tricks” US lies.
            I am not into accusing anyone. What happened, happened. No end of wars in sight either.

        3. Sinbad2 says:

          The Soviets did suffer after WWII, because of US sanctions.

          The US is currently starving Yemenis North Koreans and Venezuelans and is responsible for killing half a million Iraqi children.
          But like a rapist, people like you blame the victim, Maduro dresses like a slut does he?

          1. jako says:

            I doubt very much that US are “starving” N. Korea.
            Those days of fair play towards U.S. are long gone.
            Koreans now have everything they need to survive forever, oil included.
            Russia and China take care of that

          2. Sinbad2 says:

            The USA prevents North Korea from buying food, that is an attempt to starve them. The US also prevented Iraq from buying food.
            Starving the enemy is a standard American tactic.

          3. jako says:

            Yes they “attempt to starve ” but as long as they don’t have any access on both sides of Chinese-Korean frontier they can do jack shit about China sending all that is necessary to N. Korea
            As long as Kim behaves and does what he is told to do.
            And Russians can transfer the needed oil on the sea from ship to ship without going to N.Korean ports

    2. jako says:

      Corruption ?

      1. Tim Müller says:

        The overall corruption was mainly inserted by the CIA who has the well-known habit of walking around with dollar sacks in the area bribing governments and other elite circles. We know this also from Europe since WW2. Many of the so-called ‘important’ elites are bought. That’s why they counteract against Europe’s interest. Paul Craig Roberts admitted this circumstance. He was told so as a young Assistant to the Secretary of Treasure. Simply money!

        1. jako says:

          So naughty CIA is main culprit for thieving habits?
          I am relieved !
          We all know how “governments and other elite circles” are “hard” to bribe.
          In my country CIA can’t possibly do that because these guys ask for more all the time!
          For some reason CIA has very little success doing that in countries like Finland and Denmark ( hell I even think that all small percentage of corruption in those countries comes from emigrants only )
          In general all world elites in are thieves and traitors (in Scandinavia for some mysterious reason they are less )
          One don’t have to ask Paul Craig Roberts to know that, just to read the news often.

          1. Tim Müller says:

            Yes, indeed, your country is constantly running around everywhere in the world with buckets of dollars, captivating and blackmailing convenient foreign leaders, parliaments, NGO’s, Atlantic Council, etc. for their (in their view) legitimate interests of world domination. And if you do not believe it, then take care of your education. Ask for example Paul Craig Roberts and others. The CIA messes up 3/4 of the WORLD. See actually Venezuela. Get your fact straight.

      2. Brother Ma says:

        Only people had a good life were Rightists and now party elite. Everyone else struggled amidst plenty.

        1. jako says:

          And what did I say?!
          Don’t put your words in my mouth.
          I accuse those in charge only for irresponsible managing of resources and time and not everybody else!
          When oil had good price they didn’t think enough about days when price of oil is going to change
          The best example is Russia who despite economic blockade today and bad prices of oil is doing excellent considering circumstances

    3. Sinbad2 says:

      The US has owned most Venezuelan assets for 200 years.
      The US wants every country to be controlled by the US, and their empire project started in Central and South America. They stop any form of local development.

      Did you know that Cuba and its people, were owned by the United Fruit Company?

      1. Sakaramanga says:

        I read thousands of tragic things central and south america due to US, fruit companies of energy lords, whoever…that banana workers’ massacre for eg. and in most cases local politicians are on the corporations’ side…dictators come and go….manufacturing and self sufficiency is not allowed…in short US hates Nation States and thus they hate peace!

        cuba -got my share of facts fm the godfather :)

  2. Kevin Travis says:

    Oil? Poppycock. The anti-U.S. crowd loves to say they’re out to get their oil. When has that happened? The U.S. is it’s own greatest oil supplier. The U.S. is an oil exporter. World demand for oil is going to go down as the world moves toward sustainable energy.

    The real problem is the corruption that oil brings to the countries named. Countries which are unfortunately “backward” do not have a good history of managing their oil resources. The common denominator is backwardness and corruption – not oil. Venezuela (and Mexico) could be rich and healthy given their oil wealth if not for their mismanagement.

    As demand for oil goes down, wiser governments are moving into other sectors of the economy. Time has run out for Venezuela.

    This site has lost my interest. Bay of Pigs? They had missiles pointed at the U.S.!

    Noriega? He was controlling the Panama Canal!

    There is no equivalence to Venezuela. Ridiculous article.

    1. jade villaceran says:

      No one could be rich if the usa and its vassals leech your resources, stop your trade and rob your gold deposits

      1. Kevin Travis says:

        Your response is irrelevant to my comments or the original article.

    2. Pave Way IV says:

      “…This site has lost my interest. Bay of Pigs? They had missiles pointed at the U.S.!
      Noriega? He was controlling the Panama Canal!
      There is no equivalence to Venezuela. Ridiculous article…”

      No equivalence? The US oligarchs and their (((banks))) want that $9 billion that Venezuela and PDVSA are overdue today in bond interest payments. The US oligarchs and their (((banks))) want that $1 trillion in principal that Venezuela owes them on their bonds in the next 30 years. Does anyone think these bastards would ever be worried about something like missiles or the Panama canal?

      The article only slightly misses the mark by aiming at oil. Oil production/sales are the only way that the banks can ever get their money back, but the U.S. doesn’t want any God damn oil. And what good would stealing $1.2 billion in gold from them do if your debt slave is already behind $9 billion in payments? For fuck’s sake, Venezuela is all about debt slavery, not political ideology or corruption. U.S. bankers want their sheckels back from Venezuela, period. Oil sales or organ harvesting – they don’t give a damn, as long as the bond payments are made on time. Restructuring or default of Venezuela bonds – in the minds of the psychopaths – is EXACTLY the same thing as having nukes pointed at them.

      Venezuela is a fight between corrupt US and Venezuelan oligarchs. Guaido is there to repay the oligarchs’ bonds, not save the people or lessen their suffering. Christ almighty, the first thing he did was offer amnesty to any of Maduro’s senior narco-military officers that would defect to ‘his’ side. Where the fuck is the justice in that? They should all be publicly executed! But that’s a problem for the Venezuelan people to solve, not the U.S. (((chickenhawks))) and the ((((banks/bondholders))) they work for.

      The little people in Venezuela are absolutely screwed either way. The hopey / changey bullshit is all propaganda. Suffer under Maduro or suffer under Guaido.

      1. Kevin Travis says:

        Nice straw-man argument. The big-oil argument is wrong, so here’s another one, “big capitalism”.

        “The Americans loaned us money, they are bad people”. Unless they refuse to loan money, then they’re bad people too.

        Whatever money was borrowed, it came from Americans to help Venezuelans. What did the Venezuelans do with it? You know the Saudis and the Dakaris? They lend other people money. You don’t have a leg to stand on.

        But blame the Yanquis is still the refuge of the scoundrels.

        1. Pave Way IV says:

          ONE TRILLION in Venezuela sovereign and PDVSA debt is a straw-man argument? F’king brilliant – you saw right through me.

          1. Kevin Travis says:

            Mea culpa – I should have stopped after my first paragraph.

            The straw man was your introducing the debt argument, then knocking it down. That’s what a straw man is – arguing a point your opponent is not supporting. What you should have said is , “you’re right, friend, the article is wrong”

            Instead you went with, “well he shot down one of our favorite arguments, let’s throw another one at him.” That’s what I hate about opinionated people: you can never find common ground with them.

            I should have ignored the straw man and said it was irrelevant to my argument and to the article, as I had already done to another commenter.

            What is certain is that no one has addressed the points I’ve made. That’s why this site is useless. An echo chamber.

          2. Pave Way IV says:

            OK, I’ll indulge you:

            The real problem is the corruption that oil brings to the countries named. Countries which are unfortunately “backward” do not have a good history of managing their oil resources.

            So before I say anything, clarify whether you mean this list of countries named (other countries were named in the article) “…It is no coincidence that pretty much every country that has been on the US “hit list” in the last decade or so—Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Venezuela—is a major producer of hydrocarbons. If so, are you claiming these – or whatever other countries you meant – are all backward, corrupt countries? Which ones? None of that backwardness or corruption had anything to do with oil?

            “Venezuela (and Mexico) could be rich and healthy given their oil wealth if not for their mismanagement.”

            Rich and healthy like well-managed, non-corrupt Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar or the UAE? Or rich and healthy like Libya was – before the U.S. freedomized the unfortunate citizens?

          3. Kevin Travis says:

            You are working backward from your conclusion to creating “facts”.

            You said:

            every country that has been on the US “hit list” in the last decade or so—Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Venezuela—is a major producer of hydrocarbons.


            Syria is not a major producer of hydrocarbons.

            Of course, maybe you didn’t mean Syria. The U.S. is not at war with Syria, it’s at war with ISIS. Oh, and it just said it was pulling out.

            This “blood for oil” mantra has been cited for decades. It never withstands logic.

          4. Pave Way IV says:

            YOUR words: “The real problem is the corruption that oil brings to the countries named.”

            Me: No, the problem in Venezuela today is U.S. oligarchs trying to recover the trillion USD they loaned Venezuelan oligarchs by installing a U.S. friendly puppet regime.

            YOU: Whaaah! Nobody is addressing my argument(s) in this worthless echo chamber!

            Me: How about clarifying your f’king argument? Which list of countries in the article are you referring to? [gives example list from article]

            YOU #1: Syria is not a major producer of hydrocarbons. Of course, maybe you didn’t mean Syria.

            Me: I didn’t mean anybody. I didn’t write the SF article. I’m trying to get you to clarify what list YOU are referring to.

            YOU #2: This “blood for oil” mantra has been cited for decades. It never withstands logic.

            Me: Your argument now makes sense without the unnecessary support of some mystery list you can’t cite from the article. My response to this argument: Look no further than Iraq and Rumsfeld’s Blood-for-Oil pipeline promised to Israel. The very motivation that (your words) never withstands logic. This wasn’t the sole reason for invading Iraq and killing a million Iraqis, but it damn sure figured prominently into the scheme. It’s now called IJEP and they’re building it right now. Here ya go: https://iraqenergy.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Dhia-Jafar-Ministry-of-Oil.pdf?d2dd45&d2dd45


            Wut da fuck?! That’s illogical…

          5. Kevin Travis says:

            Please pardon me for not noticing that the list of countries was from the article. However I must say that if the original authors wrote that Syria is a major hydrocarbon producer, then it proves my point that the article and this site are worthless.

            As to what countries specifically manage their oil well. Oh, I don’t know, we could probably debate, But I’d say Norway, the U.K. and Canada do pretty well. Also Qatar. Countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are at the next tier. Below them maybe Nigeria and Mexico. At the bottom Venezuela and Libya. I’m not sure where Iran and Iraq fall.

            Some countries manage their oil wealth very well to the benefit of all their citizens. Others benefit only the chosen few. The capitalists do well; the communists and dictators fail. (with or without oil, it makes no difference)

            Oh, and we’re opening a new argument about Libya? Another dictator who nationalized the oil business. And you say somehow America created the civil war there. Why are all the comments and the article saying on the one hand that the U.S. is painted into a corner and on the other they can bend others to their will like magic.

            As for the pipeline. I don’t see your point – sorry. There are tens of thousands of pipelines in the world. They carry products from seller to buyer. The one you mention is impressive when you consider thirty years ago Israel was bombing Iraqi reactors. If you think it proves something evil I’d ask you to defend the statement.

          6. Tim Müller says:

            Don’t give up! We need the debate.

        2. verner says:

          the destitute states of morons, aka the usa, cleaned out venezuela during decades starting in the 30s and hasn’t ended yet. how much was paid in taxes by lagoven when they extracted oil and maraven, bribes to their bought and corrupt politicians/oil executives and nothing to the government – you can say, you sad oaf, that the destitute states of morons, aka the usa, stole the oil and left nothing but polluted areas when their concessions were privatized.

          so, go feck your mother, if you have one, stupid!

          1. Kevin Travis says:

            Pardon me if I don’t know much Venezuelan history. However the thirties is a decade before the forties when Japan and Germany were reduced to rubble by the U.S. and its allies. They seem to be doing quite well.

            How many centuries does Venezuela need to get on its feet from the devastation of the 1930s?

            Or, if being a puppet government to the U.S. is some magic ticket to prosperity, why does Venezuela not go that route? Morality?

            Currently Venezuela supplies oil to the U.S., China and Russia. The U.S. pays cash. Russia and China won’t give cash because Venezuela owes them too much money.

            Question: Why aren’t you complaining about China and Russia committing “debt slavery” and thanking the U.S. for paying in cash? Because you want to blame the Yanquis.

    3. Tudor Miron says:

      “Venezuela (and Mexico) could be rich and healthy given their oil wealth if not for their mismanagement.”(c) Venezuela and Mexico could be rich if not fallen victims of constant robbery from western world.
      Good that you remind us about Bay of Pigs – you got your ass kicked well :) They had missiles pointed at the US before Bay of Pigs??? Do you expect that people here will buy into this BS?
      BTW, US has missiles pointed at Russia – should we strike US for this reason? Russia has missiles pointed at US, why doesn’t US do another Bay of Pigs?

      1. Kevin Travis says:

        You are twice wrong. I did not mention the Bay of Pigs. And it was Cubans who were sacrificed there, not Americans, trying to take control of their country. Had the U.S. supported the other side your argument could still be made, and so what? There are always winners and losers.

        Your challenge regarding the Cuban missile crisis is specious. For those among you who did not pass the eighth grade I’ll explain: Allies of the Unites States in Europe looked at the USSR record of aggression and allowed or invited the stationing of U.S. troops and arms in Europe to prevent a land war. No similarity with putting missiles in Cuba.

        “victims of constant robbery from western world” You’re kidding, right? Where do you think Venezuela is, exactly? It’s in the west, not in North Korea even though it looks like it. Constant robbery? Your buddy says they owe a trillion dollars or bolivars or something. And they’re not paying it back. How exactly did this wealth transfer go the other direction in your mind?

        The trouble with discussions like this, is you already know the facts but choose not to face them. You like conspiracy theories better and treating the U.S. as the bogeyman for all your problems.

        Try answering the points raised with facts and being consistent. Or resort to name calling when you have no facts.

        And the original article says it’s about oil. Where’s the oil argument gone? You don’t care as long everything can be blamed on the U.S. even if it’s wrong. Just regroup and spin another yarn.

    4. Brother Ma says:

      You are so benighted it is not funny! Boohoo. Russia had missikes pointed at the the us…wow. what makes you so special?
      Us had missiles pointing at Russia the whole time as well ,even in Turkey where it was agreed they wouldn’t.

      Noreiga? America’s pal for years like Saddam Hussein,Bin Laden,Erdogan.
      Remember the names ? All friends of the Yankers like you till they wanted to do their own thing. You even went to murder Greece’s ex Pm because he wanted to build an oilpioeline with Putin. He was a Rightist American-sucking/ loving pm! And you still tried those stunts!

      Poor poor you,American Exceptionalist Boy who thinks America can do no wrong. Good Riddance.

      1. Kevin Travis says:

        Knowing full well they were provoking the United States under the Monroe Doctrine the Russians moved missiles into Cuba. Like it or not. It’s not the same as Venezuela. Which is the discussion.

        You are off topic with the remainder of your rant.

        1. verner says:

          and you’re as boring as a concrete block on any street ny where, grey and inflexible like a yes, a concrete block! piss offffff

          1. Kevin Travis says:

            Facts are always boring.

        2. purplelibraryguy says:

          The Monroe Doctrine isn’t the sort of thing you should expect anyone outside of the US to accept. It’s not like it’s a provision in international law or something, it’s just some US politician from way back announcing the US consider themselves bosses of a continent.

          1. Kevin Travis says:

            You are correct. Nevertheless the Monroe Doctrine is what distinguishes the actions taken by the U.S. during the Cuban missile crisis and any suggestion of military action in Venezuela. The Monroe Doctrine is an accurate predictor of U.S. response to a given situation.

    5. verner says:

      good now that you’ve lost interest in this site, why don’t you just feck off, quietly and don’t come back! ever!

    6. purplelibraryguy says:

      It is not as much about oil as some say. But it is to a fair extent; however, it’s not about getting the oil, it’s about controlling the oil, as in, being able to decide who does get the oil (eg: Not China). Well, that and simply grabbing the profits–whether it’s the Middle East, Africa or South America, who are those (appropriate racial epithet here) to think they can get away with sitting on our oil/money?

      A lot of it, however, is just about obedience. The US want to control every country in the world. They particularly want to control every country in the Americas. They get very, very bothered any time some country does its economic policy in a way which is at variance with the “Washington Consensus”, contrary to the diktats of the IMF, World Bank etc. They have trashed or taken over literally dozens of countries for this reason, some of them more than once. The list of countries in Latin America that the US has not invaded, sent mercenaries against, or sponsored a coup in is much shorter than the list of countries where it has done at least one of those things. Venezuela is the latest Chile, one among many; there doesn’t have to be much of anything in the place for them to poke their noses in–look at Grenada and Haiti.

    7. Sinbad2 says:

      You think that because the US has lots of oil, it wouldn’t want more, that’s because you are normal.
      But the USA is not normal, American greed is unquenchable.
      Even if the USA doesn’t use the oil, it can sell the oil it steals to others.
      The corruption you speak of is real, but what you don’t seem to realize is the corrupter is the USA. The USA installs corrupt governments so the politicians will virtually give a nations resources to American companies.
      Here in Australia we have one of the worlds largest gas fields, Australia receives $10 million dollars a year for that gas, Chevron makes tens of billions of dollars out of our gas.
      In Indonesia the US installed the Suharto Government in exchange for Freeport mining being given the largest gold mine in the world.

      As for common denominators, hasn’t it struck you as odd that the US is involved in every single war and coup on the planet?

      1. Kevin Travis says:

        Oil companies normally make a profit on the products they extract. Are the Australian gas field leases underpriced relative to other leases?

        If the U.S. can simply install the Suharto government, then why don’t they do that in Venezuela which is an obstacle according to the article.

        The U.S. is clearly not involved in every war and coup. How many coups d’etat have there been just in Venezuela? And involvement by Cuba and the Dominican Republic. That’s just one country. The common denominators are corruption, dictatorships, and socialism. Proof of that is Russia versus Germany. One was America’s ally, te other its enemy. The one that is socialist failed. Or look at North versus South Korea.

        1. Sinbad2 says:

          “If the U.S. can simply install the Suharto government, then why don’t
          they do that in Venezuela which is an obstacle according to the article.”

          Well it wasn’t simple, a million Indonesians had to be killed.

          1. Kevin Travis says:

            It was a rhetorical question, not seeking a realistic answer but rather pointing out the absurdity of the premise, i.e., that the U.S. has some amazing capacity to install governments at will.

  3. paul ( original ) says:

    One thing that always disappoint me in these situations is how many assets are left under Western control which are then frozen. This appears to be the case in this situation with gold and some assets controlled by the Federal Reserve. If countries were serious about breaking free and confronting the USA they would not allow anything to be controlled by their enemies.
    I think there is a lesson in this for the Chinese. I don’t expect that much of what they own in the USA will ultimately be returned to them.

    1. Tudor Miron says:

      That’s common practice of colonial western civilization – taking hostages (people, assets, etc.). That’s they way most of governments and “elites” of souvenir/sovereign countries work – their assets are kept in the west to make sure that they continue to betray their people. This is still the situation in Russia – 80% of elites were “hand made” by US in early 90’s and operate in this way. Many people wonder how Russia should do this or that against western hegemony but they should wonder how Russia manages to do what it does in such circumstances. If one takes time to read our constitution (written under US tuition) they will realize that Russia is still far from regaining its sovereignty to 100%. More than anything I lough about western fairy tales that Putin controls media – one should learn Russian and read it to realize what is going on in reality.

      1. paul ( original ) says:

        Interesting. Will Russia ever get 100% of its sovereignty?

        1. jako says:

          And you are from which “sovereign” country?
          If from US tell me exactly what are your advantages comparing to ordinary Russian being from “sovereign” US?

          Also Miron as Russian leftist tends to paint darker Russian picture comparing by
          ( in his mind ) very “bright” USSR past they have had.

          1. seawolf says:

            I agree with Miron if what you said is true :)))

          2. Tim Müller says:

            It is true …

          3. Tudor Miron says:

            Lol :) As I said in another article comments – I’m not leftist by any means :) Also, what I’m talking about could be verified – as I said, one has to simply read our constitution to understand what I’m talking about. Sovereignity has many aspects. Russia is sovereign in military terms – there are no foreign forces on our soil. Russoa is sovereign in its foreign relations (not 100% – we’re not in a vacuum)
            Russia is not sovereign in monetary area – our central bank is independent of government and parlament but dependent on IMF and FRS
            Russia is not comletely independent in its economic politics
            There’s also cultural sovereignity and so on.

            PS: My name is Tudor, Miron is my last name (фамилия).

          4. Harry Smith says:

            Noroc Tudor! Cum crezi, trebuie sa-ti amintesc ce strigau despre rusi si Rusia, fratii tai pe piata Victoriei acum Marii Adunari Nationale in anii 1989-1991?
            So we got the baggage, came to the train station and returned to our Mother Russia. And guess what happened then? You came after us. And as 100% ethnic Russian I am not happy when guys like you suggest us how we must build our own country. What to rebuild the USSR? Get your baggage and go to your motherland and build it there!

            PS Pardon me if my comment insulted you too much, but I am just too tired of non-Russian younglings dreaming USSR 2.0 in the heart of my motherland. Russia does not need commies or liberals.

            PPS Forgiven not forgotten.

          5. Tudor Miron says:

            I’m Russian of Moldavian nationality. Я родился в СССР в 1970 году, в Леово (под Кишиневом). Через месяц, я уже был дома в Обнинске где и прожил до совершеннолетия, потом переехал в Питер, потом обратно в Москву. Так что это моя страна – моя Родина. Молдавия – малая Родина. Вы (100% этнический Русский) предлагаете мне собирать вещи и валить? Может всем “не 100% этническим Русским” надо вещички собирать?
            Я не являюсь сторонниками проекта СССР 2.0 (который кстати продвигается из вне, судя по определенным признакам – взять хотя бы “количество телевизора”, которое предоставлялось Кургиняну). К нынешним коммунистам (которые за недорого продали место кандидата в президенты Грудинину), кроме легкого презрения ничего не испытываю. Про либерастов, извините за выражение, я вообще не говорю.
            Я поддерживаю Концепцию общественной безопасности и другие движения, вектор целей, которых совпадает или достаточно близок.
            Вы серьезно считаете, что у меня и других “не 100% Русских” нет права голоса?

          6. Harry Smith says:

            1. Тогда почему вы Тудор, а не Фёдр?
            2. Не коренным народам России нужно всё-таки иногда вспоминать, что они тут в гостях, а не у себя дома. Особенно, когда несут ересь про СССР, Сталина или КОБ. Это моё личное мнение и не отражает мнение всех этнических русских.
            3. Право голоса есть у всех граждан РФ, согласно конституции. Хотя, лично моё мнение: демократия без остракизма – профанация. Особенно с повсеместным правом голоса без каких-либо цензов. Но это опять моё личное мнение и не нужно его приписывать всем русским.

          7. Tudor Miron says:

            Кстати говоря, друзья и знакомые зовут меня Федор :)
            Насчет гостей – татары в Казани в гостях? Мордва в Мордовии и т.д.? Как будем определять хозяев – по форме черепа и генетическому анализу?

          8. Harry Smith says:

            Коренные народы России.

          9. jako says:

            Thanks Tudor
            I really had hard time to decide which is your last name and for some strange reason I never asked.

          10. paul ( original ) says:

            I live in the UK. But would be an outsider wherever it happened to be.

        2. Tudor Miron says:

          Nobody knows what will happen in the future. I’m not a prophet :)

      2. Hisham Saber says:

        The 80 % elites are all Jews too. They are there to undermine Russia and its people.

        But this group is overestimated and can be neutralized rather effectively and quickly. They are bankers, industry leaders and just plain crooks and thieves. Im surprised they haven’t been arrested for thief and corruption. The FSB has all they need as proof to do so, that’s if they don’t escape to Israel or New York or London first.

        Putin has the support of the Russian people, the Russian powerful Ministry of Defense, and the Foreign Ministry on his side. Lets not forget the ever increasing in influence and power the Russian Orthodox Church.

        High time for a ‘ night of the broken glass’ in Russia, like the Germans did to their nefarious Jewish groups, and fifth column insiders, trying to undermine Germany.

        1. Brother Ma says:

          All Putin needs to do is round them up and sweat them just as MBS in Saudiland did.

        2. Tim Müller says:

          «Im surprised they haven’t been arrested for thief and corruption.»… the Russian, as @Tudor Miron says are not fully sovereign. The US-submission treaty positioned the Us-made Oligarchs ABOVE the Kremlin!! Putin had and still has a hell lot to do to limit their influence. I my opinion he needed the first 2 terms to diminish the influence of these oligarchs. And when someone in the West is saying Putin is close to the Mafia/Oligarchs – then remember he has still to deal with them, because of this (US)-structure of the Russian constitution. (J. Fjodorov)

    2. Kevin Travis says:

      I am no expert in this area but I would guess that after the Saudis seized all the assets of Aramco or after Venezuela seized all the assets of Royal Dutch Shell the victims got smart. Assuming I have the history correct.

      As for the Chinese, they will do fine. They are foolish to invest in foreign properties, just as the Japanese were, but they are not likely to lose the assets, only to lose money when the assets lose value. Whether real property or dollars.

    3. Attrition47 says:

      Assets in the US and its satrapies are a form of appeasement; getting rid of them takes time and guile.

  4. Prince Teutonic says:

    Nothing is going as planned for U.S. last years. Failed in Syria and Ukraine they are shifting focus from Middle East and Eastern Europe to South America. Guess they are determined to succeed this time…

    1. Tommy Jensen says:

      What do you mean by failed?
      US robbed Ukraine´s national bank gold, put in Biden and his son plus in Ukrainian business.
      US destroyed Syria, by proxies with Saudi, Turkey, Qatar, UAE paying, to please Israel.
      US did just fine.

  5. Sinbad2 says:

    Maduro should declare Guano a traitor, and put a $1 million Dead or Alive bounty on him, one of Guano’s team will collect.

    1. jako says:

      Having hungry people and being under danger of (probable) total blockade
      And giving in the same time away $1 million bounty on person that would be only LIABILITY and excuse for total pressure from ALL (terrorist)Western “democracies” would be probably very stupid move.

      Arresting that self proclaimed monkey is just shortest and best way for the West to play the card of victim-hood and giving posture of “fighter for freedom” to that clown, that would ALL Western Media use IMMEDIATELY and with total hysteria !

      1. Sinbad2 says:

        Yes do exactly what Saddam and Yanukovych did and play by the rules.
        That’s a proven formula to allow the US to take over the country.
        Or you can play like Iran and North Korea, and remain free.

        1. jako says:

          Who is ever saying that he should play bu the rules ?!?
          He can put that asshole in house arrest to cut his contacts with others
          and not to make hero out of him for Western MSM.
          While in the same time he can try to put in prison, or kill everybody else who is involved .
          I don’t see at all useful for the moment putting that guy in prison.

          1. Sinbad2 says:

            Put him in prison and he becomes a martyr.
            Kill him with a sniper and find an American passport and rifle at the scene.
            If America France and the UK can kill people and frame innocent countries, why not Venezuela?

          2. jako says:

            Exactly what I was trying to say.
            Maduro can arrest even kill many in opposition if they resist arrest but killing this guy or putting him in prison is bad idea.
            So your “Dead or Alive bounty” is not good idea.

            I do not see how anybody can be declared a “martyr” if he is put in HOUSE arrest ?!
            But lets not say “not possible” one can’t ever be sure with insane Western MSM propaganda machine.

            Staged murder of Guaido would be also El Dorado for hysteric Western MSM.
            They have many other Guaido’s waiting for replacement and assassination would be great argument to discredit Maduro in presenting him as “ruthless dictator” not hesitating to kill his opponents.

            “If America France and the UK can kill people….why not Venezuela?”
            You are asking wrong question…
            What U.S., UK, Israel, France does is visible to many people and to all countries despite total Western MSM propaganda and cover up.
            Some crimes are hidden better than others but eventually everything will come up to surface.
            The dignity and respectability of those countries is flashed down the toilet already. The only thing left is sheer power of their weapons and huge propaganda machinery they control.
            But still their world is more than eroding it is starting to collapse!
            Maduro’s Venezuela can’t afford to be the same because they would be LABELED as criminals and that would be only cover up for Western putsch and all the crimes (that usually come with the putsch )
            Now it is more than visible that U.S. does not respect a single law national or international and has become a true terrorist country by not respecting any laws or limits.

  6. TS says:

    Sure, but the situation is far more complicated. Venezuela is a narco-state as much as Mexico
    is and this is going to be a case of biting the hand that fees, as the USA is
    hooked on drugs (has been for over half a century). This will be the undoing of the USA if any US
    employee or agent is involved in a violent uprising, as this will be the catalyst
    for the working majority to rise to oppose this ‘meddling’ and not just
    Venezuela, but Guyana, Nicaragua, Honduras, Columbia, Peru, Guatemala and the
    big daddy of them all Mexico. This is a
    smoldering fuse right now and the best thing is to let the Russians get paid,
    in gold and stabilize the country’s real income at a subsidence level.

    Juan Guaido need to be martyred, contrived car
    wreck or something like that and Maduro should be let to flounder on much like
    what happened in Nicaragua. Now can you
    imagine if Brazil went into chaos and all the populous switched to speaking Spanish?

    1. purplelibraryguy says:

      Venezuela is a what now? I’ve been following Venezuela for over 15 years and this is maybe the second time I’ve seen someone claim something like that. Not that there’s no drugs in Venezuela–sure there are, there’s both local addiction and transshipment. But it’s not a big enough deal to be a major part of the country’s problems or for the drug dealers to be controlling a lot of politicians, like it is in Mexico or Colombia. There’s a lot more smuggling of legal, subsidized goods like gasoline and food out of Venezuela to clean up on markups. Buy for pennies in Venezuela, sell for dollars in Colombia.
      But really, oil is the big deal in Venezuela. The wealthy class are all oil parasites.

      1. TS says:

        You ‘hit it right on the nose’.. “trans-shippment”.. this can not be solved like
        Noriega anymore.

  7. jako says:

    “Mexico Is Starting To Look Like Venezuela”

    State-owned oil company PEMEX found more than 12,500 illegal holes in the pipelines last year.
    And these oil thieves went as far as building a 2-mile long pipe themselves to divert oil directly from the refineries………………………………..
    The work is also incredibly dangerous… more than 80 people recently died in a pipeline explosion north of Mexico City when they were trying to siphon off gas.


    1. Sinbad2 says:

      Well in the longer term the US hopes to own all of the worlds oil, in fact they want to own all of the world. So the US will relieve Mexico of the burden of oil ownership in due course

      1. jako says:

        Well that’s at least their plan.
        But we all know that they didn’t get everything according to their plan.
        Even though they try really hard.
        The countries are starting to resist to U.S. terrorism.

  8. Eskandar Black says:

    Russia needs to make inroads with the new government and drop Maduro. He is an abject disaster. No one supports him. Maduro is a liability for both Russia and China. Russia needs to find a way to extend influence through the new government. Cuban interests are not Russian interests. By causing a change in government, Russia could benefit by squeezing china out of Venezuela. Currently, china is heavily invested in the Venezuelan infrastructure, and both Russia and US would benefit if Russia could form a working relationship with the new government.

    1. purplelibraryguy says:

      He won the election; someone must support him. And don’t try to tell me it was election fraud, I know all about the Venezuelan voting system, it’s flippin’ bulletproof.

      1. Eskandar Black says:

        You must be some sort of a comedian. Maduro rigged the election. He has no serious support in Venezuela. He would not be in charge but for the narco cartel that runs the country keeping him there so they can continue their pillaging.

        1. purplelibraryguy says:

          Do you know the tiniest bit about the nature of the electoral process in Venezuela? It’s far better than the American process. All votes are electronic but generate a paper ballot which is used for auditing the vote–the results have to match the paper trail, unlike with say Diebold machines. Voters are authenticated with ID and fingerprint, so no voting the graveyard. Polling stations are kept open until everyone has voted, even if that takes them past theoretical closing times. Opposition parties have scrutineers everywhere. Foreign observers always conclude Venezuelan elections are free and fair; Jimmy Carter’s outfit called them the best they’ve ever observed. And this time was no exception–once again, those international observers who were present concluded the election was free and fair–although some of the big boys refused to go, probably afraid that their narrative that the elections were fraudulent would be a tad undermined if they were actually there and didn’t observe any fraud. Better to have no evidence and just make up stories out of whole cloth than to have to sweep the evidence that you’re lying under the rug.

          There is only one way I know of to skew elections in Venezuela–old fashioned vote buying. And even that runs into the problem that the ballot is secret so someone could take your money and then vote the other way. However, the only case where there’s few enough voters for that to be viable is certain seats set aside for indigenous representation–which happens to be exactly where the right-wingers did exactly that, got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and then defied the supreme court when it told the guys that did it their victories didn’t count. If they’d been willing to put up new candidates in by-elections they’d have had a comfortable majority in a functioning parliament even if they lost the by-elections, but they’d rather do coup plots than govern democratically.

          1. Eskandar Black says:

            You live in a fictional universe. In reality, Venezuela is a puppet government for a narco state, that is trying to use populism to maintain a nearly total control over starving people that just want to have a basically normal life.

          2. purplelibraryguy says:

            You on the other hand apparently live in a propaganda universe. I don’t know whether you’re duped by it or guilty of it. But the utter lack of specific references, just vague blanket smears, makes it clear that you have nothing to back you up, not even any lies manufactured well enough to have some spurious detail.

          3. Eskandar Black says:

            Thanks for your input, your perspective is obviously some pro maduro troll account, maybe some unfortunate basement in russian intelligence or cuban intelligence. Anybody who knows anything about venezuela knows how ridiculous and stupid your comments really are.

          4. verner says:

            on the contrary, you appear as the useful idiot that you most obviously are – find another platform where you can make your inanities public.

          5. Eskandar Black says:

            You should run along now sheeple.

          6. verner says:

            find out f there is a fake news nwo outlet where your drivels will be appreciated – just not here

        2. Sinbad2 says:

          The Venezuelan election was a lot more honest than any American election.
          People like you always claim the system is rigged when your choice loses.

        3. verner says:

          prove it, idiot

          1. Eskandar Black says:

            Its self evident, and it is the truth.

    2. Sinbad2 says:

      Yes to hell with the will of the people, Eskander for Fuhrer.

  9. martin clarke says:

    The US once more rears it’s ugly genocidal head with it’s well used policies of starving populations of food and medicines and sending in CIA trained insurgents disguised as NGOs to destabilize elected governments and assassinate current leaders. From Korea to Vietnam, from the Balkans to Iraq, from Libya to Syria, From Chile to the Yemin, from the Congo to the Ukraine the US killing machine continues it’s murderous course. Their preferred method is ‘Carpet Bombing’ of civilian areas and drone attacks. They are backed by the spineless governments of Colonial governments of Europe who turn a blind eye to International Law where their desire is for regime change. It’s Venezuela’s turn now. The US has almost destroyed their economy with illegal sanctions and retention of their assets which the West has backed but these factors seem to be of no consequences. I have only heard Ron Paul and Ray McGovern condemn these policies, I have no doubt that once again the ‘Heartless Butchers of the US will walk away with impunity as Tony Bliar, George Bush, David Cameron, Barac Obama, Sarkosi and May have done.

      1. Sinbad2 says:

        The US is now threatening Turkey, because it has been buying Venezuelan gold.
        Also the only people now buying US treasury bonds are American pension funds.

        These clues point to an upcoming US default and collapse of the US dollar.
        If you haven’t got some gold or silver, you might find you need a wheelbarrow of US dollars to buy a loaf of bread next year.

        1. RichardD says:

          Everything that I have is paid for. I’m self employed with a 6 figure net worth, and almost no debt. If there is inflation, the value of my real estate and truck will go up. If the cost of operating expenses rise, I’ll raise my prices. As long as people are driving cars, there will be work hauling them. Half of my accounts are offshore. I can switch from USD to Pound Sterling to Euros to Yen in the click of a mouse.

          If the live forex account builds continue as they are. I’ll be out of trucking this time next year. And working on forex trading, disc craft R & D and ET contact work full time. I’ll probably establish a second residency in the Caribbean and get a second passport.

          The US debt to gdp ratio is going parabolic, this formation in trading usually reverses itself. The last time it happened, during WW2 the debt was paid down. I don’t see that happening this time unless the US becomes Jew free. The alternative is some type of crash. I don’t have a crystal ball and my ET security clearance access to their ship’s computers isn’t in place yet to look at their time forward viewing projections.

          Once I make my first million, which is progressing now. I’m planning to transition to deca, and centi million then billion dollar net worths with no debt during my lifetime. Which may be measured in centuries rather than decades if things go well.

          SPECTRASHELL Water Resistant Clasp Lock Passport Case
          https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/08d5fb2485e600951bb4da66546c72c2e3ad9205b40f8e1a8ab49f563ff5884c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/37d07d727ffcec799c0cf3e216e3a2538e63b43ca47a34e151a8cba5c64f63bc.jpg

  10. verner says:

    guaido is most certainly a candidate for the lamppost experience, which is sort of a rule of thumb ends for traitors. the remarkable thing is Maduro’s patience but being a 3rd world country maybe there aren’t all that many lampposts or they’re short of rope or he’s hiding like the rat he is.

  11. tapatio says:

    ANOTHER ZIONIST/NAZI REGIME IN SOUTH AMERICA?…………………. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5c0cdcd716366b7f570bc31b67385175e7b4d9af75c6bc4b188acc666bcc3ce5.jpg

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