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Venezuela Closes Maritime and Air Border With Carribean Islands, Army Rejects Trump Demands


On February 19th, Venezuela announced that the nearby maritime border with Dutch Caribbean islands before the February 23rd deadline for the entry of US humanitarian aid given by US-proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido.

The closure blocks movement of boats and aircraft between the western Venezuelan coastal state of Falcon and the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, said Vice Admiral Vladimir Quintero, who heads a military unit in Falcon.

Curacao’s government, which has agreed to receive aid for Venezuela without being involved in its delivery, said in a statement that the closure was meant “to prevent humanitarian aid from getting in.”

“Curacao will not force in the aid, but it will continue to function as a logistical center,” it said.

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino in a televised broadcast on February 19th said Venezuelan troops would remain stationed along the country’s borders to prevent territorial violations.

Padrino said officers and soldiers remained “obedient and subordinate” to Maduro.

“They will never accept orders from any foreign government. … They will remain deployed and alert along the borders, as our commander in chief has ordered, to avoid any violations of our territory’s integrity,” Padrino said.

Furthermore, the Venezuelan Armed Forces (FANB) released a statement on Twitter condemning US President Donald Trump’s calls for the military to support the opposition and follow his orders.

“Our Constitution points out that to be Commander of the #FANB first one has to be Venezuelan by birth, then to make political career in Venezuela, then to run for elections and then win by popular choice.”

“There is no debate of ideas, neither discussion, nor dialectic, is the only thought that wants to impose on the world, through force, obligation and coercion, but we here in Venezuela have a constitution to respect.”

“It is a lack of respect, to demand and for him to plead that the #FANB be placed outside the Constitution and its institutions. They underestimate us. We are called to fulfill our historical task: to defend the fatherland. Let’s resist and we’ll win!”

“It is a lack of respect to demand that the FANB be placed outside the Constitution and its institutions.”

US National Security Adviser John Bolton also continued his usual rhetoric, alleging that the Venezuelan military plans to harm its own people.

Separately, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Perilla gave a press conference to deny that the country has security forces in Venezuela and charged the statements were part of an orchestrated campaign of lies paving the way for military intervention in the South American country.

He also said that there is a big political and communications campaign underway, which “are usually the prelude to larger actions by this government.”

“We are all witnesses in the making of humanitarian pretexts. A deadline has been set for forcing the entry of humanitarian aid,” Rodriguez said.

Finally, ahead of the February 23rd deadline for the entry of humanitarian aid, Juan Guaido started a plan aimed at influencing the top brass of the Venezuelan military to aid the opposition.

“We’re going to send a message to every responsible military chief in the areas of the country where it’s [the aid] is going to #AyudaHumanitaria will be a call to reflection that we will do peacefully, with the conviction that together we will achieve the cessation of usurpation.”

He then went on to publish pictures and contact details of Venezuelan army military chiefs, which his supports may contact and “urge” to assist in the delivery of aid.




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  • RichardD

    It used to be when Jewmerica and it’s partners in crime wanted to install a puppet government as part of their hegemony drive, the excuse was forced democratization. Now they’re even going after democracies to force democracy on them when they already have it. The whole charade is absurd.

    • viktor ziv

      “Ultimatum democracy, my way or highway. “:)

  • Joe Kerr

    If Trump expected the Venezuelan military to roll over and succumb to his threats, he’s living in fairy land. Instead, he can expect a military loss and disaster bigger than Vietnam should he gamble on war… and the end of his presidency.

    • You can call me Al

      Venezuela may also attract the left wing cartels in to help and defend Venezuela, if that happens which is a long shot, there may be a backlash in other Countries in South America. Since everything the Yankers do now, seems to backfire, nothing should be discounted.

  • goingbrokes

    “Humanitarian Aid”! I laugh at that. Instead of trying to force Aid down someone’s throat, how about lifting the economic sanctions first? Let them recover from 10 years of sanctions. You’ll find that they don’t need any aid!

    The globalist elites put sanctions on you first and then bring you aid. Is this not the theatre of the absurd!

    • Luke Hemmming

      You hit the nail on the head. EXACTLY!! Removing sanctions would be more beneficial for the whole of the country than just a few tonnes of AID to a few cities and towns. The AID is only a token and a bribe. Good on you Venezuela for resisting the USA!

    • zman

      Yes, that is the MO…first you create the problem, then you provide the solution. Trump will find out several things…Venezuela is not Grenada or Panama. Also, Venezuela has a real military and it is loyal to Venezuela, not for sale. The US may have to go it alone, the rest of SA will not want to fight a brother, regardless of the rhetoric they are forced to say…and the people in those countries won’t like it either. There is no other state in SA that can take on Venezuela even if they wanted to…it would take the entire OAS to bring down Venezuela. Then what would be left, not only of Venezuela, but of those that would attack her. Maduro is right, this would likely be worse than Vietnam.

  • Vince Dhimos

    Russia is sending aid with no fan fare to avoid making waves, but a few news sites around the world are carrying this news:
    “Russian authorities have prepared about 300 tons of humanitarian aid for shipment to Venezuela, RIA Novosti reports. According to the Head of state Nicolas Maduro, cargo will be delivered to the country completely legally tomorrow. The plane with humanitarian aid will land at the airport of Venezuelan capital on February 20 [that’s today, folks!]. In particular, medicines will be brought from Russia.”
    Russia has a deal with Venezuela to send regular shipments of wheat.

  • Vince Dhimos
  • Parisa Zoorgoo

    slaughter bolton for he has 911 guilt written all over him!

  • Rodney Loder

    Trump is worried that the economic circumstances that brought down left wing Governments in South America, those being, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, and Bolivia could become more pronounce with the right-wing liberal conservative Governments taking their place.

    Trump could eaisle move to solidify the neoconservatives now holding the reins of power in South America.

    The thing that could come back to bite him is a strong resistance, luckily for South Americans Trump has no longer got Jesus Christ always about ready to worship the queer Pope, as was always the case in the mind of Christian swine up till about 6 months ago.

    So the resource values fell and never really recovered since 2013 this is caused by the decline of China’s growth model and a consumer slowdown due to stagnated wages and also other technical factors, Trump sees privatization as one solution austerity and rain forest clearing being used for monoculturemas the other.

    This is unlikely to succeed and Trump knows this, his only real option is to invade, but he might not be up for it.

  • Anastasis

    The pressures of the US and other imperialists to overthrow the legitimate Venezuelan government of Nicola Maduro are directly related to their attempt to regain control of the country’s rich oil and mineral wealth at the expense of the interests of Russia’s, Iran, etc. that act there.

  • Anastasis

    Crisis in Venezuela[edit]
    Further information: Crisis in Venezuela (2012–present)
    Following the death of Hugo Chávez in 2013, his successor Nicolás Maduro oversaw the worst crisis in Venezuela’s history as a result of Chávez’s policies and Maduro’s continuation of them.[20][21][22] The destabilized economy resulted in hyperinflation, an economic depression, shortages in Venezuela and drastic increases in poverty, disease, child mortality, malnutrition, and crime.[23][24][25][26] As a result of the crisis, Venezuela’s debt to China and Russia – two political allies – increased.[27] Due to the financial burden of this debt, Venezuela offered Citgo as collateral for Russian debt in 2016, raising the possibility that the Russian government could own Citgo due to Venezuela’s high risk of default.[27]
    In November 2017, six executives working for Citgo, including five American citizens, were arrested while attending a meeting at the headquarters of PDVSA in Caracas, and as of January 2019 remained in prison without consular access.[15][16] Other Venezuelan oil executives were arrested in what was seen as a purge designed to bolster more economic power behind President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro,[17] Asdrúbal Chávez, cousin of late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, was installed as president of Citgo in November 2017.[18] In July 2018, Citgo president Asdrúbal Chávez had his work and tourist visas revoked by the United States and was ordered to leave the country within thirty days.[28]

    • Bill Wilson

      Yep. It started with Chavez’s mismanagement then made worse by the bus driver Maduro, who didn’t have a clue over what to do, other than to give away the store to his generals in order to remain in power.