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Venezuela Charges US Ex-Special Forces Soldiers With “Terrorism & Conspiracy”

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

The two US ex-special forces turn mercenary soldiers captured by Venezuela Monday as they tried to lead a small anti-Maduro invasion force into the country appeared in a Venezuelan court on Friday, alongside some dozen other alleged conspirators and detained mercenaries.

Luke Alexander Denman, 34, and Airan Berry, 41 have been charged with “terrorism and conspiracy” for the failed raid, which new details say included a total of 17 people coming ashore on fishing boats from a staging ground in neighboring Colombia.

Venezuelan media also claims that eight among the mercenary force – reportedly mostly made up of Venezuelan defectors – were gunned down when they tried to enter the country.

Denman and Berry have specifically been charged with “terrorism, conspiracy, illicit trafficking of weapons of war and (criminal) association.”

Venezuela Charges US Ex-Special Forces Soldiers With "Terrorism & Conspiracy"
Captured mercenaries after botched ‘Bay of Pigs-style’ raid into Venezuelan territory. Image source: Defense Ministry of Venezuela/Al Jazeera.

There’s officially no death penalty in the Venezuelan legal code, with the charges faced by the Americans bringing a max 25-30 years in prison.

Maduro and Caracas officials have ultimately blamed the plot on President Trump, something which the US president and admin officials were quick to deny, with Trump noting he would never have used “a small little group”.

“If I wanted to go into Venezuela, I wouldn’t make a secret about it. I wouldn’t send a small little group, it’d be called an Army,” Trump told FOX on Friday.

Meanwhile Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab has issued an Interpol arrest warrant for ex-Green Beret and head of the Florida-based security firm Silvercorp Jordan Goudreau.

Goudreau had initially been boasting of being behind the failed coup attempt and giving media interviews from Florida, and he’s now under investigation by US authorities.

The US army has since confirmed the men formerly served as members of the Green Berets and had been deployed to Iraq. Venezuelan state officials have claimed the group was going to be paid $212 million to orchestrate the overthrow of Maduro on behalf of opposition leader Juan Guaido and his US and Colombian backers.

While distancing itself from the fiasco, the State Department has pledged to “use every tool that we have available to try to get them back,” according to recent statements by Mike Pompeo.

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Zionism = EVIL

Seriously, what a bunch of loser dumbass cunts, Americunts are treated like animals everywhere, look at the bastards with KKK hoods being dragged around like rabid dogs. Respect to Venezuela!


Put them in the gulag and watch them kill each other


pompeo-twat knew well that the 10 or 15 million bucks reward for the arrest of maduro would be like a lump of sugar for a fly and get the lowlife crawling out from under the rock trying to collect the bounty. please note that the bounty for maduro’s arrest is in fact a dead or alive bounty, thereby skirting the law which forbids government agencies (i.e. cia) to arrange assassinations of foreign leaders. the low-lives in the white house are suffering from a moral turpitude of an order never seen since adolf hitler made the german law obsolete in most aspects. way to go disjointed states of A!

the glimmer in the dark is that the desperate attempts by the disjointed states of A to hold on to be the foremost country in the world is bankrupting them in a fast and furious manner.


Nothing stopping Venezuela to reciprocate and put a bounty on Trump; may as well because this sort of BS won’t stop until the US knows that their safety is jeopardized.


I agree for one – a hefty bounty on fat pompeo and his immediate family and the same for trump and kushner and their respective families. called tit for tat. works wonder.

Jim Allen


johnny rotten

What you see, you can’t get,
nothing’s free, nothing’s set,
Don’t be fooled by the signs,
don’t read in-between the lines.
What you gonna say,
what you gonna do,
man you missed out once again,
but i thought you knew.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

They can always hope for the liberation by calling Rambo, James Braddock, Jack Ryan, Jack Reacher and why not? Any Marvel superhero.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

I forgot Casey Ryback, rescue mission specialist.
Sorry =)

Zionism = EVIL

But seriously, just look at these underfed midget Americunt CIA mercenaries in contrast to the tall well fed and armed Venezuelan soldiers, the US is now worse than a third world country and a complete shithole.


Missed the point completely size has nothing to do with competence you seem to have a complex inferior issue with height,typical cowards are like that,try 6.5 220 very agresive ex nato milita well fed to the more worketh hardened iron fist n channemed endery,speed,agility and balls to go all the way in the end 3 secons flat that’s all it takes for the ligher bloke with enough weight to make the bigger blokes look like spastics so no size means sht,more that the venezualians were trained by co russian ops seens their bigger well trained blokes all fared no better than these medium sized traitors!

Too many hollywod movies can seriously devour ones ability to concieve any situation
however in the real world it aint always like it fk no,now if you ask me the real hard ones
are even shorter but wide without a neck,gotta be carefull with those ones!

Lazy Gamer
Assad must stay


Jim Allen

Nah, Rambo wouldn’t touch this….

Xoli Xoli

Know what about ISIS in Syria and Ukraine marines.

Peter Jennings

The two captured mercenaries have spoiled the image of the green berets as these bunglers now look more like two punks ready to receive their ASBO and ankle tags.

Pompeos may smile and deny all he wants. However, it is a huge embarrassment and one they have been planning for themselves for some time.


That bloated fuck Pompeo doesn’t smile he smurks,i would like to wipe it off his face,maybe when those US terrorists are shot or dancing on the end of a rope the smurk will go.


The word “terrorists” describes very well the mullah regime, the U.S are the protector of this world from states like Iran, NK and Vanezuela. I also can’t wait for the IDF to start taking actions on the other side of the Golan, chop chop dead IRGC.


The Days of the Jewmerican forever war for Israel are coming to an end. And when you have to face your neighbors on your own it won’t go well for you.


Let me correct you Richard, the day we decide to actually wipe out any city or a village that dares to shoot rockets, is the day we win. Fuck U.N rules and ceasefires.


Spoken like a true serial war criminal. When you’re outmanned and outgunned you’ll either change your tune, or do the Massada thing and commit suicide by cop.

The way to humanely correct humanity’s Jew problem is non genocidal extinction. So that the planet is Jew free. By outlawing Judaism and closing and demolishing the synagogues and yeshivas like the Chinese and many others have done for thousands of years to get rid of you trouble makers.

And allowing law abiding former Jews to get on with their lives without discrimination. And prevent Jew criminals from raping their children, infecting them with venereal disease, and brainwashing them with your demonic Talmud rabbinical cult ideology.

Jim Allen

Yeah, I wouldn’t want to see ya’ hold your breath until that happens.
US Government Is protector of Israel, second most hated country on earth.
Israel needs protection, when US Government has destroyed USA, and the people are all dead. Israel’s life expectancy is 36 to 72 hours. But only if their enemies forces don’t rush.

Jim Allen

Not smirk. The face, and expression of a zealot. Zionist Khazars: Athiests pretending to be God’s Chosen Ones.
Arrogant sociopath zealots.

Smirk ? Putin smirks, often followed with the word “Nyet.” A different smirk for each individual.

Peter Moy

I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the sequel to this disaster movie. Maybe Trump and Elephant Boy Pompeo can include an army of zombies – who can actually speak Spanish.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Be wonderful if Hezbollah could capture Pompeo for Maduro.

Luke Hemmming

Interesting to read that Venezuela doesn’t have the death penalty as a punishment. Yet we are led to believe that Maduro is a uncaring dictator by the US which some states DO HAVE A DEATH PENALTY, like the state of Texas, George Bush country. So who really is the uncaring dictator here? Maduro or Trump with 80,000 and counting dead coronavirus victims at the hands of an incompetent and uncaring federal government… Phuck US you got problems at home phuck off and leave the world alone!!

Assad must stay


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