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Venezuela Blackout: Cyber Attacks, Sabotage And Mighty Cuban Intelligence

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Venezuela Blackout: Cyber Attacks, Sabotage And Mighty Cuban Intelligence

During the past few days, Venezuela was suffering a major blackout that left the country in darkness. The crisis started on March 7 with a failure at the Guri hydroelectric power plant, which produces 80% of the country’s power. Additionally, an explosion was reported at Sidor Substation in Bolivar state.

Since then, the government has been struggling to solve the crisis with varying success.

President Nicholas Maduro says that the blackout is the reason of “the electric war announced and directed by American imperialism.” According to Maduro, electrical systems were targeted by cyberattacks and “infiltrators”. He added that authorities managed to restore power to “many parts” of the country on March 8, but the restored systems were knocked down after the country’s grid was once again attacked. He noted that “one of the sources of generation that was working perfectly” had been sabotaged and accused “infiltrators of attacking the electric company from the inside.”

Communication and information minister Jorge Rodriguez described the situation as “the most brutal attack on the Venezuelan people in 200 years”. He also described the situation as the “deliberate sabotage” on behalf of the US-backed opposition.

In own turn, the US continues to reject claims accusing it of attempts to destabilize the situation in the country. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo even claimed that Washington and its allies would not hurt the “ordinary Venezuelans.” According to him, what’s hurting the people is the “Maduro regime’s incompetence.”

“No food. No medicine. Now, no power. Next, no Maduro,” Pompeo wrote in Twitter, adding that “Maduro’s policies bring nothing but darkness.” Unfortunately, the top diplomat did not explain how wide-scale economic sanctions imposed to wreck the country’s economic should help the “ordinary Venezuelans”.

The State Department attitude was expectedly supported by US-proclaimed Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaido, who recently returned to country after an attempt to get more foreign support for US-backed regime change efforts. Guaido accused the “Maduro Regime” of turning the blackout during the night in a “horror movie” with his “gangs” terrorizing people.

Another narrative, which recently set the mainstream media on fire, is the alleged Cuban meddling in the crisis. According to this very version of the event, “forces of democracy” were not able to overthrow the Venezuelan government because its political elite is controlled by Cuban intelligence services. President Donald Trump even said Maduro is nothing more than a “Cuban puppet.”

Taking account already existing allegations about the presence of Hezbollah and Russian mercenaries in Venezuela and an expected second attempt to stage US aid delivery provocation on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, it becomes clear that chances of US direct action to bring into power own political puppet are once again growing.

The February attempt to stage a provocation failed and make a final step toward a regime change by force failed after it was publicly revealed that the US-backed opposition was intentionally burning “aid trucks” to blame the Maduro government. Furthermore, the military backed Maduro, and the scale and intensity of protests across the country were not enough to paralyze the government.

The blackout in Venezuela was likely meant to bring the country into disorder and draw off army and security forces. Therefore, an attempt to stage a new provocation to justify a foreign intervention to overthrow the Venezuelan government could be expected anytime soon.

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leopoldo capparelli



And yet Guaido is still roaming the streets a free man. He conspired with a foreign power, defied a court order, calls for civil unrest and supports an attack on his own country. It just goes to show how helpless and weak Maduro is. There is little he can do now anyway. Might as well just cede power to Guaido and let the U.S. take over the country. It’s going to happen anyway.


Nonsense. Oh, Maduro’s no Chavez, but come on, think for two seconds. What would happen if Maduro deservedly threw Guaido in the slammer? Oh, yeah, the US would use it as a pretext to invade. Duh. Instead Guaido’s wandering around looking like a dork as he denounces a “tyrant” who refuses to tyrannize him. And you know, if it wasn’t Guaido it would be someone else; he’s an extra from central casting. The Venezuelan government has been very careful overall: They allow protests, they mostly allow flagrant illegality by major political figures (with the notable exception of Leopoldo Lopez, and for good reason), they basically allow almost anything that could call itself democracy in action. But they are not shy about nabbing anyone with weapons. I could wish they’d gotten a bit more serious with certain landowners hiring assassins to kill off activist farmers. And I think they’d be way better off if Maduro had nationalized Polar, the main food importing company who’s been behind a lot of the hoarding and smuggling, years ago. But letting Guaido keep on making a fool of himself? No, that’s sound tactics.


” But letting Guaido keep on making a fool of himself? No, that’s sound tactics.” yes, it is. but you won’t convince the cowboys posting on this site of that. it’s not the way they do it in hollywood.


“It just goes to show how helpless and weak Maduro is” no it doesn’t. all it shows is that he is operating within the laws of VE.

Pave Way IV

Rubio: Dark Master… we have a problem. Abrams: Ya’ God damn right we do: not enough dead Venezuelans, not enough of their gold and oil and one too many Maduros! That’s our ‘problem’ Rubio: How should we… proceed, Your Vileness? Abrams: What do you mean? They must be getting utterly dependent on our aid by now – keep shipping it. Rubio: Yes, well, there’s been a problem with that, Demon Master.. They refuse to accept it. It’s still in Colombia. In addition, they’re still exporting oil in defiance of our sanctions. Abrams: WTF? The food and water? The Venezuelans must be dying of hunger and thirst by now. Rubio: Um, …no. It turns out our assessment of the situation on the ground was… flawed, My Lord. Agent Guaido’s progress is slow. Venezuelans are reluctant to believe in him, even with our massive PsyOps. Abrams: OH FFS! You incompetent bitches can’t do a damn thing right, can you? Hang on a second… Abrams: [on phone mumbling to someone] Get me USCYBERCOM… hurry, God damn it….mmm… mm. Venezuela… mmm… useless eaters…mmm mm… defiant! grrrr… mmmm.. m. yeah, STUXNET… heh, heh! Lights out! mm… mmmmm… right away, Damn it… mmm… mmm… yeah, God Bless America!… mmm… m… [slams phone down with satisfied smirk] Abrams: OK, Rubio. Give it a few days. Those little fuckers in Venezuela will be begging us on their hands and knees for food and water and some good old US freedomization. Rubio: Er, what exactly did you do, Incarnate of all Evil? Abrams: None of your God damn business. It’s classified. Let’s just say their aging electrical infrastructure is about to have some ‘issues’… heh heh… [snort!] Make sure you point out how Maduro has personally stolen all money set aside for repairs. And make sure no God damn replacement electrical gear can be shipped there. Those fucking Russians will try… you just wait and see. Rubio: Isn’t this a bit harsh, Exalted Anus? The poorest of the Venezuelans will suffer horribly – they don’t matter anyway. We’re really just trying to replace the Sun Cartel in Caracas with our IMF Cartel. I mean… what, two or three dozen assassinations tops? Maduro will just leave. Abrams: Look, you sniveling little foreign policy expert… I’ve been doing this longer than you’ve been slurping on Zionist schlongs. How’s your Cuban regime change going? Yeah, I thought so. Don’t… fucking… tell me how to destroy a country or make little people obey the US. I wrote the fucking BOOK on genocide! Rubio: [whimpering, pees in pants, scurries away] Of course, master… Forgive me. I forgot my place.



From the American perspective, turning off the power is good, it means babies in humidicrib’s die, and killing babies is an American specialty.

Stahl: “We have heard that a half a million children have died [because of sanctions against Iraq]. I mean that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And–you know, is the price worth it?”

Albright: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.”

America will be remembered for its crimes longer than Sodom or Gomorrah


“America will be remembered for its crimes longer than Sodom or Gomorrah” does that mean it will part of bible?


Probably, there have been many gods and many bibles. You can bet that the US will get the part of the devil, and in the future calling someone Americun will be the equivalent of calling someone a cun* or Jew.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

More than likely the U.S. has used the blackouts to drop personnel and materials in for provocations.

Allan Greedspoon

No heart, no morals, no diplomacy . . soon no Pompeo.

Joe Kerr

Iran has some skills in this stuxnet area that Madura could use, while Cuba can help with manually operating the generators and taking out any Bay of Pigs type infiltrators, although these power issues will continue for a few months until the cleanout becomes effective. However, it’s obvious that this latest attempt to cause chaos has failed, and it remains to be seen what the would be empire of greed’s next step will be. Pressuring India to stop importing Venezuelan oil failed, as has the attempted enlisting of other countries for supporting a military option. One thing is becoming clearer… the U.S. has fucked itself, again.


To illustrate ur bias….. let say Russia or China did this to saudi arabia (just for an example)

i bet ur comments would be: Saudi is screwed, they got no hope unless the US . or Israel helps them, even then they will still most likely fail! China and Russia’s EW weapon sare far more effective then the US in the last 20 to 30 years! China and russia have been creating advanced weapons during these decades while the US has mainly been focussing military spending on conventional weapons in their fake war against terrorism!

This is the kind of shit u would write if the country u liked was doing the same fucking thing!

But since its the USA…. we read the shit u wrote above!

Reality…. the USA is the dominant power . in the world and likely the most advanced! Hence why they are able to walk all over almost any country they choose!

If the USA takes Venez without spilling any US blood then i can tell u right now, it will be considered highly successful.

Tell me, how the fuck can u expect China or Russia to do anyhting about Venez when the USA’s country and military is parked right outside of it or right next door in Colombia! They can literally surround the country! China cant even take back Taiwan for fuck sakes!

Now add to the fact that the USA has some advanced weapons also! They have intel agents, money, tech, shit loads of military etc etc!

i cant even imagine one single thing China could do to stop this USA take over! China is bowing down right now to the USA on trade! China has no balls and hasnt fought in a modern war at all!

So i sit here and wonder why people like u talk so much bullshit! DO U EVER DEAL IN REALITY?

u dont have to like what the USA is doing! im just saying, there is no need to talk HOPE and BULLSHIT! If Iran , China or anyone had any chance to do any kind of cyber crap to the USA, it would have already been done!

Venez will belong to the USA in the same way Iraq, Saudi, Qatar, UAE does! This is reality!

This confrontation is even easier simply because is much closer to the USA and much further from Russia and China! 2 Tu-160’s wont change shit! Russia still hasnt fixed its own problem in Ukraine! So if u think china and Russia are going to have any impact on Venez by a few monekys with a keyboard and an internet connection, u are delusional!

Joe Kerr

The U.S. military hasn’t got the cahonas to take on Venezuela, as they’re scared of another Bay of Pigs embarrassment that’ll make the original version look like a church picnic. No surprise really, considering its cowardice in refusing to support their U.S./Israeli trained Georgian friends in 2008, when Russia crushed them in 3.5 days.


Wait a second, lets be real! what country in the world has proven they have more “cahonas”?

USA has been invading EVERYONE! occupying Japan, Germany, invading the middle east, installing defensive and offensive weapons in eastern europe (which i am not a fan of).

Almost everyone on te site thinks the USA are assholes BECAUSE they invade countries!

yet u are saying the opposite right now!

Does China have Cahonas? What are they doing in Syria? What are they doing about Taiwan?


Didnt the USA almost start WW3 with the cuban missile crisis? By the way who won that crisis? Who won the game of chicken??

history calls ur bullshit!

As for failed and embarrassing moments! i agree, u forgot to mention panama too! Navy seals got fucked up! u forgot to mention operation eagle claw! That was the biggest mess in history!

Yet, they own Saudi, occupy europe, occupy japan, saved Australia, occupy taiwan, occupy iraq etc etc!

Some failures i agree. Some victories! But u know what i think an american would say? They would say “Who’s got the reserve currency status”?

Anyway…. if u think China defeats the USA when it comes to Venez, i think u are making a bad call!


By the way, im a big fan of Russia! And yes Russia fucked them hard in Georgia and i loved every single minute of it!

Just know, since Trump came to office, the USA is not the bad nation it once was! Globalists are losing control!

Forget Israel and Venez. They are not important in the overall outcome of whats to come!

i said this before and ill say it again! Russia and the USA will become allies after the 2020 elections!

Luke Hemmming

Veteranstoday published an excellent article covering the blackouts. Seems there has been sabotuers caught.

cechas vodobenikov

the NYT can publish lies every day—american imperialism has become more incompetent and less transparent


Venez has a choice for its debt to be bought by the USA or China! Venez will then in turn become a puppet of one of these 2 nations! Logic tells us that the USA will win this regime change simply because of the location of the USA and Venez and the support the USA has from neighbouring countries such as Colombian (military).

In the end, it will be the people who decide (even if their opinion is controlled by the USA or China). The wind is blowing in the direction of the USA! Sanctions have done their damage but the damage was already done long before sanctions came! Lets not forget what Hugo Chavez did with his IMF loan that was made in the past when oil was priced at $140 per barrel!

He really screwed up and left the nation vulnerable! This is why revolutions (such as in China and Soviet Russia) never turn out the way they wanted! People die because of the risks and changes these new leaders push and often these leaders end up killing those who had once supported their movement!

Venez is not innocent in this! Their own leader started this problem! Why on earth would a leader steal back its countries oil reserves from corporations (by the way, i completely understand why Chavez did this) but then get a loan (which he didnt need) based on the price of oil at the time (which was at an all time high). We all know what happened, oil crashed to $28 per barrel! Venez was FUCKED!!!

We can all assume that perhaps the drop in oil prices was engineered (which i believe it totally was) in order to collapse Venez economy! Thus leaving Venez vulnerable! my belief is that yes this was done for this purpose (among others re: russia)

But still u have to ask urself, what were the REAL intentions for Chavez to take back the oil reserves and to then take out this loan! Its almost as if he was either greedy, dumb or knew what he was doing and deliberately fucked his own nation for personal gain! Why the fuck would u take out a loan based on peak oil prices ver the next 10 years!

in the end…. ur worst dreams will come true! The usa will own Venez! But i believe, better the USA than China! Look at Taiwan, look at Germany, look at Japan, look at South Korea, they are far better off than China’s proxies!

Joe Kerr

Keep dreaming. All China needs to do to end the U.S. is to dump U.S. T-bonds, and Trump knows it (which is why he’ll surrender his trade war). That Israel’s U.S. colony has gone from sole superpower to bankrupted wannabe in a world record of 20 years is due to its own arrogance and stupidity… wars are expensive, especially wars for lies. BTW, you need to update your info about S. Korea and Germany (Germans dislike the U.S. more than China, while SK wants a the U.S. to sign a peace treaty with its northern brother). As well, Portugal and Italy want to be part of China’s OBOR.


This T-bomb is rubbish! Yes they own them but if china wanted to use this tactic, they already would have! There has been more than enough reason for China to use this (bomb) yet they havent! if ur response to this is “they are waiting for a more opportune time” then ull be waiting a very very long time! Facts are, China’s economy has shrunk over 30% and USA economy risen over 25% since Trump came to office! These trade wars and currency wars should have already pushed china to demand payment for these bonds! But as i understand it, these bonds are a double edged sword! Kill the american economy and u kill China’s economy! Lets be honest, China will still be a peasant land if it were not for (Criminal Clinton’s) trade deals that saw the USA’s and the rest of the worlds manufacturing base shift to China! So lets not forget that first and foremost! Do not bother to “educate me” that China did this all on their own (farmers to tech and global giant in 30 years). China was chosen by the Globalists to be the new manufacturing base of the world for reasons i cant be bothered discussing now (labour costs, production costs, little if no regulations, no unions, not obliged to any environmental rules etc etc etc).

China has not proved itself in a war! China inherited its wealth (more like stole or was handed to them) by the USA and the west! So dont go cheer leading for China like they are some sort of good nation! Do not forget their own revolutions that killed its own people and supporters! Do not forget that they legally (opposed to illegally) spy on their own people and encourage their own people to do the same via its social credit system!

if u support China then u support evil! (My opinion based on the last 100 years history)

America has done some really shit things! i know! i have hated them for 20 plus years! But they have done some good things too! Soviet Russia wasnt exactly sugar and spice and all things nice either! Nor was France in its history, nor was England! Shit even my own country Australia killed 100 thousand plus of its own indigenous!

Nobody is innocent!

Reminds of what jesus said…. “Let he who is free of sin cast the first stone”! Nobody cast a stone at the adulterer women!

But again i ask u to look at US proxies… be it defeated enemies or protected proxies! Now compare them to Chinese proxies! (you know who they are)

Compare them!

Enough said!

The sooner this shit is over in Venez the better! u might not like the outcome, but its better that the USA wins this proxy war than China! If u think otherwise….. u might want to check yourself!

Keep in mind, before hating on the USA, whats about to go down inside the USA (deep state) is no different to what happened in Russia when Putin took over from Yeltsin!

ive been warning everyone on this for the last 8 months! Clinton and co going down! 8 days and counting (give or take a few)!

Then u will find out who colluded with who and who TRULY rigged US elections! (Hint, China!!)

Joe Kerr

1. The U.S. won’t even come close to “winning” in Venezuela. Even Colombia knows this now.

2. China’s peasant army kicked the U.S. out of NK during the Korean war. McArthur even wanted to nuke China to stop it pushing U.S. forces South.

3. For a “shrinking” economy, China’s doing ok… Portugal and Italy have agreed to be part of its OBOR, while the 6 ASEAN nations signed up to a trade deal with China that reduces tariffs by 90%. Meanwhile, Lighthizer and Mnuchin are begging China for a deal that’ll save a bit of face for Adelson’s orange clown. With $22+ trillion of debt and forex reserves less than Iran’s, the U.S. is now a beggar whose place in the world is to kiss China’s butt, notwithstanding what the moronic U.S. msm says.


Do u know about the IMF’s SDR’s that China signed onto? If the US reserve currency dies (which i believe it will one day) China still ends up second best!

A lot of capital flows back into the USA at the moment!

Venez will be an easy take for the USA (my prediction)! I dont think it will even come to war! i think Maduro will be kicked out and the new leadership will side with the USA (my prediction)!

Yes i think the Korean war was really a war between China and the USA with the backing of the Soviets! No different to Vietnam! however it was a stalemate!

Dont forget Russian fought in korea too! Mig-15’s with Russian pilots using copied Rolls royce engines did very well against the americans! These Russian aircraft changed the course of the war! So in reality, Russia was the deciding body, not Chinese peasants!

As for Korea, where would u rather live? north Korea or South Korea? Russia or the USA? China or the USA?

China isnt an experienced war nation! Not in the modern world! China just copies and does nothing! The only weapon they have is money and trade! US sanctions stop that! A naval blockade would also stop trade and a war would mean nobody wins!

So as for ur prediction on Venez, id bet my house the USA wins! China cant even get Taiwan back, so how the fuck do u expect they will get Venez?



the more you write the dumber it gets. you must have help. no one person could be this confused.


yet all i said is not only arguable its also more than likely or spot on! u cant even argue one point i make! u just make a whinging comment because u dont like it! where is your rebuke?

u gonna give me the “your not worth it” response? Everyone on this site is a fucking pussy who cant debate! Come on u fuckin pussy hit me with something!


oh no another mental giant. when all else fails bring out the vulgarity. lol

mommy must be proud of her little bacon-butt. you must be a product of the exceptional murican school system.

if someone is paying you to troll, they are wasting their money.

find something else to do, you’re not good at this.

don’t bother answering. you are a non-event. lmao


and……….. still doesnt rebuke! lol!


“u cant even argue one point i make!” too busy laughing

Joe Kerr

He’s just another useless angry fart-brain, for amusement rather than debate.


give me my props! im smart and youre not!



U see…. Soviet Russian’s admitting they fought in the korean war in MI-15’s Got something to say now? HUH??

I’m right, you’re wrong! Remember my name and tell your friends about me! Watch the whole lot and then apologise!



ahhhhh soooooo i’m right!!!!!! ohhhhhh

“Soviet Pilots Aleksandr Smorchkov (12 loss) Nikolay Ivanov (6) Semyon Fedorets (8) Yevgeny Pepelyayev (19) Sergei Kramarenko (13) Soviet pilots were active in Korea from April 1951. In order to hide this direct Soviet intervention, precautions were taken to disguise their involvement, open knowledge of which would have been a major diplomatic embarrassment for the USSR.

Soviet pilots wore Chinese uniforms when flying, whilst rules were prescribed to stop Soviet pilots flying near the coast or front lines (where they might be captured if shot down) and from speaking Russian on the aircraft radio. All aircraft flown carried Chinese or North Korean markings.[10] When not flying, for reasons of ethnicity, on the ground Soviet pilots ‘played’ the roles of Soviet commercial travellers rather than Chinese or North Korean soldiers.

Soviet pilots flying MiG-15 jets participated in battles around the Yalu River Valley on the Chinese-Korean border in the area known as “Mig Alley” and in operations against UN “trainbusting” attacks in Northern Korea, with considerable success.

The lack of a shared language between Soviet, Chinese and North Korean pilots frequently led to incidences of friendly fire as other MiG fighters were mistaken for American F-86 Sabre jets and shot down”


Lick my balls BITCH! Down on your knees and lick my fuckin balls! Your friends can lick my balls too, make sure they fill out the application form and i’ll get back to them later!


Joe Kerr

Bet your house? Better get a trailer ready. As for TW, its current U.S. friendly govt. got thrashed in recent local elections and the next Presidential election will see a China friendly govt. there was well (it’s called finance and trade, and the U.S. has zilch to offer). You obviously know nothing about the Korean war, nor anything else… and your infantile overuse of capitalised lettering with exclamation marks indicate an IQ deficiency, and justify my preference for Russia/China over the U.S. any day.


How did Russia copy the Rolls royce engine? Lets see how much u know!

Are u saying that russia didnt fight in the korean war?




mostly garbage. are you sober when you spew this stuff out. OMG it is really funny. lmao


Sober and woke! i just read all my info u replied too! Every word i wrote is not only beleiveable (bases on China) but also this last but on the clintons is 100% accurate and happening as we speak! The SDR thing is not BS either so i dont know what ur problem is here! Ifit doesnt suit your own belief system, then i guess its tough luck! i know im right!


all garbage


ask me nicely and ill start teaching u what u dont know! ASK ME NICELY!!!!!!!


Carlos Correia

Nice toilet reading. The eagle empires always falls


hey, ill take that as a compliment! my best reading is done on the toilet!


As the US state decays the US boss class prospers; this is cupidity not stupidity.


I told u! i told u! CIA = Globalist Zionist Intel Agency Google = CIA Facebook = CIA Instagram = CIA China = Globalist Zionist new Communist super power Clinton bathroom server = transfer of tech to China https://twitter.com/HawleyMO/status/1106247367177764865


“All China needs to do to end the U.S. is to dump U.S. T-bonds”

No it’s not that simple, the US would simply print another trillion dollars, it would be a flesh wound, not a head shot.

China can, destroy the US, by destroying the Chinese economy. You probably think that’s crazy, no country would crash their own economy. That’s why it’s the perfect plan, the Americans simply cannot see anything more important than money, so will never see it coming. After the dust settles, America will have lots of loans at usury interest rates, and China will be left sitting on the mountain of gold it has been collecting for decades. The Golden Rule of Lending Money — he who has the gold makes the rules.

China is about to defeat the USA without firing a shot, I hope they are successful, because the alternative, a military war, would be very bloody.


mostly garbage. who writes this balderdash for you?


u sound butt hurt! waiting for u to make a point! u have no opposing views and therefore u are worthless!


your extensive vocabulary is amazing. lmao


AND………. still doesnt rebuke by making any points! lol, uve replied like 7 times and u still havent made ANY points to “educate me”!

dude, ive seen ur kind! all that happened is i said something u dont like so u needed to belittle my comments without proving me wrong!


Brother Thomas

Anyone who is familiar with the stuxnet cyberattack against Iran by the US, Israel and UK (as featured in the documentary “Zero Days”) knows that it is the US behind this attack.

And, having let the genie out of the bottle, the US needs to understand it has changed the rules for warfare, and exposed its crumbling cities and decaying infrastructure to this kind of attack.

cechas vodobenikov

http://www.sott.net/article/409075 more bumbling US imperialism…the failing empire is desperate


If a copy of the virus could be obtained, it could be used against American systems. I’m sure the Americans would blame the Russians, but everybody knows it’s an American military virus like Stuxnet.

I have to say, that after Stuxnet only the mentally infirm would allow an interface between a vital controller and outside computers. Countries like Syria and Venezuela make it easy for the Americans to steal their countries from them.

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