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Venezuela Arrests Alleged U.S. Spy Ex-Marine, As U.S.-Registered Drug Plane Is Downed

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Venezuela Arrests Alleged U.S. Spy Ex-Marine, As U.S.-Registered Drug Plane Is Downed

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In the week ending on September 13th, an alleged U.S. spy was arrested in Venezuela, according to President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelan authorities detained a US citizen named Matthew John Heath.

On September 14th, Venezuela’s chief prosecutor said that the arrested person was suspected of espionage, as well as a terrorist conspiracy, preparing to sabotage the work of oil refineries and electricity supplies in order to stir up unrest in the country.

The Venezuelan prosecutor’s office said that the US citizen, allegedly connected with the CIA.

Ultimas Noticias newspaper, citing a preliminary report by the authorities, said the U.S. suspect was a former marine who had fought in Iraq, and that during the arrest soldiers seized a satellite phone, credit cards and mobile phones.

He received help from three Venezuelan conspirators (one of them from the military), who were also arrested near a pair of oil refineries on the Venezuelan Caribbean coast.

The detainees’ mobile phones bore images of alleged targets, including a large bridge in Zulia state, military installations and the Amuay and Cardon refineries in Falcon state.

Pictures of the items seized from the group, including a grenade launcher, plastic explosives, a satellite phone and a bag of US dollars, were shown on television across the country.

“Everything here can be qualified as a lethal weapon designed to harm and promote murder and crimes against the people of Venezuela,” said Attorney General Tarek William Saab.

Authorities have charged Matthew Heath with terrorism, arms trafficking and conspiracy, as well as intending to open a drug trafficking route through Venezuela.

According to the Attorney General, Heath is also charged with illegal entry from Colombia into Venezuela without a passport, a copy of which was hidden in his shoe.

It is noted that he worked for three months a year in Iraq as a communications specialist between 2006 and 2016 at MVM Inc., a private security company based in Virginia, which confirmed to the press that Heath “is not currently an employee or contractor.”

The United States Marine Corps said that a man under that name served as a communications specialist from 1999 to 2003, but cannot confirm that he is in custody in Venezuela.

The US authorities have not officially commented on this case yet.

It should be reminded that Venezuela is in a crisis and is suffering from a fuel shortage due to US sanctions.

The state of Zulia, where the bridge designated in the case is located, is a major center for oil production, which has now practically stopped operation.

he Amuay and Cardon factories are also possible targets for sabotage – part of the huge Paraguana oil refinery complex on Venezuela’s northern Caribbean coast. According to Western media, these dilapidated factories have stopped producing gasoline and Venezuela is dependent on supplies from Iran despite hosting the world’s largest oil reserves.

However, it is known that recently the Iranians brought spare parts and equipment to Venezuela so that the country could independently resume oil refining.

Separately, also in Zulia state, a plane registered in the United States containing a large shipment of drugs inside was rendered inoperable.

Nestor Reverol, Minister of People’s Power for Internal Affairs, Peace and Justice announced that the plane had attempted to enter Venezuela from Colombia.

As the official announced on his Twitter page, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) detected the illegal aerial unit through the Comprehensive Aerospace Defense Command (Codai) radars.

Afterward, all of the established protocols under the Law of Control for Comprehensive Aerospace Defense were activated, through which they were able to render it inoperable close to a secret runway in the Machiques de Perija municipality. The plane had U.S. tags and entered Venezuelan territory illegally.


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Assad must stay

great job with the arrest keep defending your country!

Jens Holm

Thats not their country. It belongs to all living there. There seeemes to be 50% which dont exist in Your mind.

You learned that for Syria.

Lone Ranger

5%* Shouldnt you be at your local jihadi club doing stand up ..?

Jens Holm

For Syria 5 millions, which is outside the country makes 25% not supporting Assads. They also dont support the Jihadist.

If they were divided like that and hostile to them and each other either Assads or the Jihadists was defeated.

And the rest mainly are Jihadists and SDFs. You easy ca find 5 milion there.

Telling I should be a Jihadist only tell, You lie all the time or had no idea about, whats going on there.

So many dont like Assads and that includes many foreign countries.


If those 25% don’t support the Syrian government and the SAA,then they ARE supporting the terrorists,its that simple in this situation,thats like saying any frenchman who didn’t support the resistance he wasn’t supporting the Nazis,sorry pal it doesn’t work that way,in a war situation like Syria it really IS black and white.

Jens Holm

No they dont. But if You assumption is true, You have to add them as against Assads.

Almost all of them are no supporters of any war and passive waiters even Turks and others try hard to recruit them. They are NO FIGHTING.

Your version of back and white is not how things are for most thing in a either blacl or white.

Your diving of the French is higly incorrect.

Charled de Gaulle by help from USA took over France by that maybee only 1/3 of the population and by sometimes very stranneg nationaisme reduced the ones supporrting the germans as well as the left wings(mainly Marguise).

Those wanted not black an white but some unification in the middle by peace and rebuilding.

You are so wrong.

If Syria for You is that black and white its because You are worse then colorbilind. You here – as I see it – ignore there are so many good reasons from all isdes to replace Assads.

By that You should wonder if You are supporting the wrong ones and are wrong.

cechas vodobenikov

Jenny –u stupid liar…your cartoonish puerile yearning for attention amuses us

Jens Holm

It seemes Saudis has taken Your toes and fingers for calcualtion

Jens Holm

LInk pls

Lone Ranger

80% of that 5million werent Syrians.

Jens Holm

Of course most of them are.

Lone Ranger

Indeed, most of them are foreign terrorists on CIA/MI6/Mossad payroll.

Jens Holm

So funny version. A very good reason for demonstrations and even uprises are, people has no jobs and no possible way for a good life and their asking for help are ignored. Some åepåle would say it wpulæd be very strange, there was nothing to do to improve Syria.

So that part could be true. Just before the kilings started the unimplyment among men was 50% and close to 100 for women.

…And of course 2 mio Kurds should have left SDF and went to Turkey waiting 5 10 15 for Assads to take back or forever.

Lone Ranger

Usual CIA phamplet PR propaganda…

Jens Holm

Ir has beeb eaxct the same all over the world for 1000s of years. And now its changed. You made my day haha.

Lone Ranger

BS alert…

Jens Holm

Lone Ranger, the bookkeeper is here https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/39fa4dd5b50f2b9fab873c4f960726d3bd0a29a2adbefed8c2a2fb46e927744d.jpg

Lone Ranger

Nice pic of yourself Jens…

Jens Holm

Somebody has learn form birth Internet is only for fishermen.

Lone Ranger

I see the LSD kicked in. Good night Jens…

Oliver Eitel

Thats not true, all NATO countries have forbidden their Syrian refugees to vote in Syrian Embassies…and I meet Syrians that returned to Syrian into government held areas….and warned me about what nice refugee-ISIS offspring we are nursing here in Germany!!! Last but not least https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4525106/user-clip-brzezinski-assad-support-group-opposing-him

Jens Holm

Syria and the refugees from there is not even a Nato operation. Somebody must have been operating Your head.

Nothing in Syria is a Nato operations as well as the refugees.

Tommy Jensen

Here is your countrymen the Danes with sieg heil on their way to the east front, to fool around on Russian territory with machine guns and hand granates to murder Russians. Note most of the Syrian Jihadists comes from other countries, and they are organised and paid from KKR where your former PM Rasmussen is employed. In your country sleeping cells of ISIS members walk freely around on the Danish welfare system. So you tell me you are not like a Jihadist? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/80bd21ae8ed401a4df709f990b675e69bdc654bb73d868f335432f48173a67cd.jpg

Jens Holm

About 9.000 became nazisoldiers and many of them actually was German Danes living here.

The Nazis hardly had 2% of the votes in 1943 and the parlament was 179. By that we were not able to have a Quisling.

DEnmark had very good relations to Germany but not the nazis.


Well i have some material for them,how do you stop a jihadi from drowning? take your foot off his head.

Lone Ranger


Potato Man

LMFAO you get gang raped by Zion and Wahhabi 24/7 how about you tell them that huh.

Jens Holm

Thats unfair competition. Half of the drug is made by Maduros.

cechas vodobenikov

u despicable ignorant racist—zero cocaine is produced in Venezuela u stupid pitiful lizard–only 3 nations produce any cocaine—colombia, Peru, Bolivia

Jens Holm

Many many links tell You lie about this too. Dont You have internet:(

fx https://www.culturalsurvival.org/publications/cultural-survival-quarterly/south-american-cocaine-production

Oliver Eitel

Haha everybody know that its Colombian druglords and Mexican Cartels and they pay their 30% share to CIA and get a CIA-Intel stemp and can’t be taken down by DEA…thats why all these DEA-Agents are crying….its the same with Heroin, my Germany Comrads in the Army couldn’t burn down the Heroin plantations….after buring one down the ISAF General called them personally, and told them ” its a matter of our national security, if you ever touch one again, we will send you in combat areas 24/7 for the rest of your time here……….in the USA is everything fake right now, fake titts, fake asses, fake lips, fake women, fake men, fake economy, fake weapons…the biggest drug consumers and porn production center….the most imcompetent and corrupt leaders…did history teach you nothing? Does PISA say anything to you? IQ-levels in USA, UK, Europa are shriniking thats a real fact…..

China has a five IQ point advantage over OECD Member countries combined means that they have 300,000 people with 160 IQ, compared to 30,000 in the so called West comined. China has overtaken the US to become the world’s largest producer of scientific research papers, making up almost a fifth of the total global output, according to a major new report. China dominates a global ranking of the most-cited research papers published in the 30 hottest technology fields. Though the U.S. accounted for 3.9 million research papers overall compared with 2.9 million from China, the Asian country produced the largest share in 23 of the 30 fields that drew the most interest, while America took the crown for the remaining seven.

thats happens when you play too much computer games and study 58 genders bullshit…..the liberal fairytale society….. of the west nothing more that and pedophile dream of CIA and Mossad sponserd by Wall Street and Citiy of London…..


Interesting post as it hits where it hurts. I forgot about the 58 genders thing. That has to be the dumbest thing ever thrown out there and yet, some are buying it. Sure speaks volume about stupid people.

Jens Holm

You write as if I let one side go free and condem another. But I dont write and even think like that.

I see it as a market, where the drug use and production somehow has to decline.

The Pisa hardly show anything usefull.


stretch his neck in the nearest lamp post!

Lone Ranger

What the fuck is that pimped up Uzi…? Lol.


Drug traffickers

cechas vodobenikov

there is no distinction between CIA and a drug mafia—except that CIA is less competent

Lone Ranger

Cocaine Importation Agency…

Jens Holm

We all know they partly are parts in it and it sometimes out of hand, but being main is “no way”.


They need to make an example of these animals,give them a fair trial then shoot the bastards.

cechas vodobenikov

incompetent amerikans

Lone Ranger


chris chuba

In every story about Venezuela’s refineries, there is always a dig at them not properly maintaining them ‘despite them sitting on the world’s largest oil reserves’ (non-sequitur, having oil is not related to being able to refine it).

I bet there is more to the story and I’d love to hear it.

Their oil is incredibly hard to refine, it’s not like the Gulf State oil. I bet that they paid U.S. oil companies to build and supply these refineries. I wonder if U.S. companies were forced to abandon these contracts. There might be some real neglect but this just feels like propaganda to me of the category, ‘1/4 truth’.

BTW not blaming Southfront, I get that they have to repeat AP stories. Southfront can’t make up their own copy.


Koch bros. have a refinery in Texas that’s built to specifically refine heavy crude from the Alberta tar sands and Venezuela that’s vastly under used.

They need either the keystone XL pipeline or access to Venezuelan oil.

Maduro refuses to sell to the Kochs and Hugo Chazez nationalized a Koch owned fertilizer company so the Koch bros have a deep hatred for Maduro and Venezuelans in general.

Koch Bros. are also the worlds leaders in refinery equipment and maintenance which would be another reason to point out the state of disrepair of Venezuelan refineries …. in other words they can’t have an oil industry without US technology and expertise

chris chuba

I know that both Chevron and Exxon had past dealings w/Venezuela so they were willing to work w/U.S. companies. This makes sense because the U.S. is the closest oil giant but now that we want to kill them off we aren’t going to allow that. Brazil also has a good oil industry but they are another ally of the U.S.

So …. Venezuela has to go all the way to Iran for help and that will take a long time and I don’t know how much expertise they have in heavy oil. We in the U.S. are such pricks.


Yea … the western hemisphere is governed either by ‘School of the Americas’ alumni or leaders scared of being replaced by ‘School of the Americas’ alumni if they cross the USA.

Jens Holm

Yes, peopåle here dont know whats really goubf in in Venezuala. Chavez came to power because the other ones almost had destroyed the futurere for all.

Then Chavez plundred the rest as selling old cows for meat in stead of old cows gave leass and less milk.

All was drowned and are drowned in corruption added crime a´nd feudalusme. Maduro is no socialist. He only understand to share.

The part to produce or else there is nothing top share is not there.

johnny rotten

Imperialism has run out of good cards and must play the discards, we are moving towards the end of the game and the bluffs will be smashed one by one.

Jens Holm

I wonder what will replace it?

Wolfgang Wolf

if they hang this yankee ass publicly… everybody knows what will happen to the next one

Tommy Jensen

All Americans are equipped with a bazooka and a machine gun when they go on holiday in a hostile country. Nothing unusual, but defense to preserve peace and freedom!


Good one!

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