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Venezuela Air Force General Killed In Ambush Amid Guaido’s Hints At A US Military Intervention


Venezuela Air Force General Killed In Ambush Amid Guaido's Hints At A US Military Intervention

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On May 4th, a group of unrecognized heavily armed people ambushed a mixed military commission in Venezuela on May 4th. Three officers were left dead in the attack.

After an exchange of shots with an unrecognized group of heavily armed individuals, the brigadier general of the Bolivarian Military Aviation (AMB), Jackson Silva Zapata, and two officers of the Aragua Police identified as Bruno Manuel Benavidez, 34, and Jesús Eduardo Arraiz Sánchez, 30, both with the rank of chief officer were killed.

Following the failed coup attempt in Venezuela, US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido said he “overestimated” presumed military support.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Guaido said that he acknowledged errors made in his attempt to stir a military uprising. He further said he didn’t discard an option of a US military intervention and that if a “proposal” was made by Washington, he would take up to vote in the opposition-controlled National Assembly.

“Guaidó suggested that he expected Maduro to step down amid a groundswell of defectors within the military. Instead, Guaidó’s call for the rank and file and senior brass to abandon Maduro did not produce mass defections. Maduro’s security forces then quelled street protests and left Guaidó’s U.S.-backed opposition on its heels.”

“Maybe because we still need more soldiers, and maybe we need more officials of the regime to be willing to support it, to back the constitution,” Guaidó said. “I think the variables are obvious at this point.”

If US National Security Adviser John Bolton would hypothetically call him with a proposal of a US military intervention, Guaido would presumably say the following:

“Dear friend, ambassador John Bolton, thank you for all the help you have given to the just cause here. Thank you for the option, we will evaluate it, and will probably consider it in parliament to solve this crisis. If it’s necessary, maybe we will approve it.”

Guaidó said he welcomed recent deliberations on military options in Washington, calling them “great news.”

“That’s great news to Venezuela because we are evaluating all options. It’s good to know that important allies like the U.S. are also evaluating the option. That gives us the possibility that if we need cooperation, we know we can get it.”


“I think today there are many Venezuelan soldiers that want to put an end to [leftist guerrillas], and help humanitarian aid get in, who would be happy to receive cooperation to end usurpation. And if that includes the cooperation of honorable countries like the United States, I think that would be an option.”

The BBC interviewed Guaido as well. He also said that he would consider “asking” for a US military intervention.

“I think President [Donald] Trump’s position is very firm, which we appreciate, as does the entire world,” he said.

Asked whether he would like Trump and the US military to intervene, he responded it is “responsible to evaluate” the possibility of international intervention, adding: “I, as the president in charge of the national parliament, will evaluate all options if necessary.”

John Bolton himself continued his usual rhetoric against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government and its supporters.

US President Donald Trump on May 4th further said that Maduro must go, the dictatorship must end, and that the US would not tolerate any foreign military influence in the Western Hemisphere.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated his support to the opposition, and claimed that the US supported a peaceful transition, despite expressing support of a military coup just days earlier.

On May 4th, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza visited Moscow and met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

In the opening remarks, Lavrov expressed Russia’s support for the Venezuelan government and said that regime change actions were in contrast with any claims of democracy.

“You know Russia’s principled, consistent and firm support of the Venezuelan government, which is headed by Nicolas Maduro. We are currently witnessing an unprecedented campaign led by the USA to overthrow the legitimate authorities in Venezuela. We condemn it as it grossly violates all the principles of international law enshrined in the UN Charter. Apparently, it concerns not only Venezuela but also Washington’s pattern for the political reshuffling of Latin America in line with the notorious Monroe doctrine, which reflects a complete lack of respect for the peoples of Latin America and Caribbean countries.”

He further mentioned the phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump on May 3rd.

“We call on both Americans and everyone who supports them to give up irresponsible schemes and act exclusively within the framework of international law, as President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin suggested during his telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump on May 3.”

Lavrov is to meet US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Finland on May 6th – 7th. Pompeo is expected to tell the Russians “to get out of Venezuela.”

“Cooperation between Russia and the US can play a very significant and positive role in solving most issues, if we are building this cooperation on the principle of finding common approaches,” Lavrov said regarding the meeting.




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  • RichardD

    Probably the CIA.

    • d’Artagnan

      They also killed 5 field grade officers yesterday when a French Puma/Cougar AS-332 helicopter went down near the Colombian border. The CIA is trying to do a Nicaraguan Contra style terrorism, so far the Venezuelan military is standing fast.

    • goingbrokes

      He is a satanist after all, this is what he does.

  • d’Artagnan

    This shameless CIA puppet Guaido is a total disgrace. He is openly calling for the invasion of a sovereign nation and spreading sedition. In the US police state he would been executed by the FBI in a Jew York minute. The Venezuelan government needs to arrest him, try him in a Gitmo style military court and then execute him.

    • Sharp Shtik

      Gaido is a socialist, same as Maduro and Chavez. Venezuelans need to fight the civil war they should have when Chavez and fellow socialists started depriving civil rights.

      • purplelibraryguy

        Wut?! Could we get real? Guaido is a parasitic rentier capitalist, just like Lopez and most of the opposition. Chavez has been dead for years, so it’s kind of hard for him to deprive anyone of civil rights, but both Chavez when he was alive and Maduro since have displayed way more respect for civil rights than, say, France or the US or Canada generally do. So you’re talking pure unadulterated rubbish.

        And of course they created a far more democratic polity than most of the “advanced Western democracies”–Venezuelans have power to legislate directly although they haven’t used it much, they have the power to do recalls of elected politicians (the opposition tried to use that on Chavez but couldn’t muster enough votes), they have some direct power through the communal councils and communes, with a big enough petition they have the power to initiate a constitutional assembly. So Venezuelans have a lot more democratic powers than citizens of most countries.

      • You can call me Al

        Socialists here, commies, there and fucker Yankers under the chair.

      • Sinbad2

        Sharp BullShtik.

      • JustPassingThrough

        S*it Shtik = braindead troll

  • RichardD
    • AJ

      Very appropriate picture.

    • JustPassingThrough

      notice the rope around his neck.

  • Rob

    The American and Israeli terrorists will now do something to cover up their own shame of failed coup in Venezuela.

  • JHK

    trump must go, the dictatorship must end, and that the Axis would not tolerate any foreign military influence in the Western or Eastern Hemisphere.

  • occupybacon

    Probably Black Water

  • Hasbara Hunter

    Colonel Gaddafi was killed by Headchoppers who were Guided & Directed to Gaddafi’s Exact location by American AWACS….The same will go for Venezuela…. High Ranking Officers Beware… the U.S.A. will locate your positions & send in their Executioners….

    Remember Lieutenant-General Valeryi Asapov
    Intelligence by Gringos Killed by Headchoppers

    • Criticalthinker101

      Maybe they could locate the position of your brain (in your BOWELS) and end your revenge fantasies.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        Free your mind Boy….if you say I’m Wrong….I get the Strong Feeling that I am VERY VERY RIGHT….and you know it Bwahahahaha…Critical Thinker My ASS! In here I am the Critical Thinker & You are just a Servant of Satanyahu

        I have been Bloody friggin’ Right on Many occasions…the U.S. Will go Down boy…

      • Sinbad2

        When ever I see a user name like “the truth” “critical thinker” etc, I know they’re morons.

        • zman

          Especially when their only up-clicks are from themselves.

          • Lukas Marines


      • FlorianGeyer

        It appears that you located your brains in your bowels during your childhood, and learned to live with the shit that oozes out of your mouth.

      • You can call me Al

        Off you go you retarded Zio-yanker,take your shekel as you go.

    • Sinbad2

      I thought Gaddafi was murdered by the British SAS?
      The story I read was that he was put into a British military ambulance and was dead via gunshot when the ambulance got to the hospital.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        SAS is very well possible…I will be the Last to deny it…I once had respect for those Filthy Rats a long time ago….

      • Justin

        He died on camera you idiot! havent you seen the footage? He was grabbed from his vehicle, by the time he was put into the back of a utility vehicle he had already been stabbed by a long dagger up his asshole! Stabbed in the back and chest! You could see he could hardly breath by the time they got him into the vehicle! Basically he died at the end of the video! You are uninformed! No surprise there!

      • Bob

        Gaddafi’s convoy was targeted and tracked – due to in-convoy use of cell phones – by NATO electronic surveillance aircraft – then scrambled French jets attacked the convoy in open terrain – this destroyed most of the vehicles and caused major casualties. Gaddaffi had actually survived the NATO missile’s impact – but NATO swiftly coordinated the arrival of armed local militants to the bombed site, to complete the killing of Gaddafi and convoy entourage – by ‘Libyan hands’. So that the public images broadcast to world of Gaddafi’s end fitted NATO’s ‘Libyan revolution’ narrative – and (very effectively) obscured from public view the sophisticated NATO assassination operation that it actually was.

  • verner

    attack against the military masterminded by cia of course – can be nothing else. haven’t seen anywhere that anyone has posted a bounty in the millions on fatso’s head (and ditto on bolton’s and abram’s and kushner’s) and it’s about time those criminally corrupt and eminently inept neo-nazi morons are targeted like the ones the neo-nazi morons set up for execution with bounties in the millions – lately the three alleged hezbollah financiers. must be some cash-rich afghani taliban warlord eager to square the picture somewhat.

  • goingbrokes

    This SEAL team or whatever are real scum, acting under illegal orders to attack a sovereign state without a declaration of war, and the soldiers and their officers should be declared international criminals. (Same for the Apache crew that was revealed in the Wikileaks). SOF operating without a declaration of war is the same as criminal scum. They should have no state protection.

  • gustavo

    CIA operation, of course.

  • Sinbad2

    It’s pretty obvious the US has special forces operating in Venezuela, they have been blowing electricity infrastructure for quite a while, and are now killing people.

    Someone must know where they are, perhaps a reward might help.

  • gustavo

    Well, If I were Venezuela president, I would arrest Guaido and execute him for treason to his country. Of course, this would justify USA intervention. Then, with the help of Russia, a new Viet-Nam for USA would be created, and death on both side would appear for sure, but Venezuela victory would be a fact. Without Russia help, it is not possible to stop USA, look for example Brasil and Argentina at this moment.

  • zman

    So everyone knows what is going on, the US has their SFs there doing what they do. When will these people get smart and start doing the same to them? Want to see less of Bolton and crew? Shoot one of them and leave a Saudi passport laying about. That should get things rolling. Just use a hit man, not Venezuelans.

    • Lukas Marines

      Now there is an idea..

  • zman

    Putin and Lavrov can continue to try to talk sense to Trump and his swamp rats, but it will do no good at all. Just continue to out-maneuver them. Trump still on the regime change blabber even after his ‘good talk’ with Putin shows how serious he is.

  • Rodger

    Smart to kill 2 generals from Venezuela and Bolivia….. The only thing they achieve by that is giving Maduro more support.

  • iosongasingsing

    The role of Jews in the service of the US in Latin America is the same as that of 1600 in feudal Poland: Exploiting and killing oppressed peasants on behalf of the master. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e8e9081ee82ff1cdb0946b6b5b6cd67587f32c067dc06e48377a475f3a4a5029.png

  • 35thInfantryRegiment

    Do a Noriega special on Maduro. Maduro would run to Russian embassy for asylum probably.

    • You can call me Al

      Russian troops just turn up in Venezuela and the CIA will shit themselves and go back to that Dump they call the USA.

      • 35thInfantryRegiment

        US Special Forces troops greased 300 Rooskie mercs in Syria last year. Try again hillbilly Al.

        • Hasbara Hunter

          Send my Regards to Langley & Hell Aviv Hasbararat…

        • Bobby Twoshoes

          Russians killed 85,000 Yankee mercs in Syria. Please stop trying, you guys are embarrassingly bad at this war thing.

          • 35thInfantryRegiment

            Stay in your Moscow internet café where you can play war games and get free vodka rations.

          • Bobby Twoshoes

            Vodka makes me sick and I’m happy in Australia, it’ll be even better when we get you out of Darwin.

        • You can call me Al

          Hahaha, OK, I shall contact the British MOD and get them to pass the message across for me.

          • 35thInfantryRegiment

            Stay in your internet café in Moscow. Free vodka rations I hear.

          • You can call me Al

            Unfortunately Moscow is a long, long, long away. But if there is free Vodka, I shall have a look at flight details.

            Thanks for the head up.

    • Bobby Twoshoes

      Do a Noriega? You mean give him money and weapons? Should be about as successful as all your other plans.

      • 35thInfantryRegiment

        You failed military history in 7th grade I see. Or did you flunk 4th grade?

        • Bobby Twoshoes

          We don’t have “military history” because we aren’t war-obsessed savages like you Yanks. Super intelligent retort by the way, did you learn your debating technique at a US “school”?

  • Xoli Xoli

    Guiado and Bolsanaro is Bolton and Pompeo puppets.

    • John Whitehot

      i suspect that Bolton himself could be an android, or a genetically engineered entity.

      • Lukas Marines

        They have cloned officials already.. celebrities too. All to keep the sheep occupied and glued to the TV. One of the things when they replace them is there hair goes blond or they shave their heads right before they are replaced like Brittany and Kanye, the list goes on.

        Look back at the photos of Hillary when she was sick and then came out of a car two days later. It is clearly not her.

      • Lukas Marines

        This is her at the memorial. then find a picture of her two days later it is not the same woman

        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5eaaab5d2f4a9221e35907d4de76a1ecc46210f2efdc791df5cbf05810974ffd.jpg l…

      • Lukas Marines

        WOW I keep getting deleted.. !! That’s hilarious

        • John Whitehot

          idk what to say. sometimes messages are delayed, it occurred several times to me to see them published only after a few hours. Don’t know if it’s intentional or not. I’ve had a couple of deletions as well, but can’t really blame folks that blather 24/7 if they perceive the weight of words to be much more than it really is.

          otherwise, it seems that one of the things that makes the RDTB (Rapid Deployment Troll Brigade) deploy the quicker is talking about the “Wolfowitz Doctrine”:.



  • Xoli Xoli

    If not arrested this boy will causes terrorism.

  • Christina Moshe Friedman

    Physial elimination of the nazi murderer and traitor guaido is a matter of time, according to experts.

  • Domenic Patrone

    Pompeo complains about Venezuelan children who don’t have food and medicines, yet he represents a political party that doesn’t wish to provide such for the citizens of America. Nonsense.

  • roland

    i sense a wind change the illuminati and theyre cohorts are starting to fail theyve failed in syria and seem to be failing in venezuala before this nobody has offered any real resistance to them hopefully this will be the start of something maybe it will inspire us in the west to take our countries back off these pedos