Vegas Massacre Story Changes: Gunman Shot Security Guard Before Opening Fire On Crowd


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

In a dramatic shift to the original Las Vegas shooting narrative, over a week after Stephen Paddock rained down bullets on a crowd and killed 58 people, late on Monday Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo drastically changed the timeline of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, and now the gunman allegedly opened fire on a security guard six minutes before he unleashed the massacre. Officials had previously claimed that Paddock, 64, shot Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos only after Paddock had started shooting at the Route 91 Harvest country-music festival from his 32nd-floor hotel suite on Oct. 1.

The revision to the story also undermines the story surrounding the end of the shooting: officials had previously credited Campos, who was shot in the leg, with stopping the 10-minute assault by turning the gunman’s attention to the hotel hallway, where Campos was checking an alert for an open door in another guest’s room. However, with the revelation that Campos was shot before his mass shooting, officials now admit they don’t know why he stopped his attack.

As part of the new “story”, officials said that police officers who rushed to the hotel room when the shooting began didn’t know a hotel security guard had been shot “until they met him in the hallway after exiting the elevator,” Lombardo said.

The security guard, Jesus Campos, was struck in the leg as the gunman, from behind his door, shot into the hallway on the 32nd floor. Paddock apparently detected Campos via surveillance cameras he set up outside his hotel suite, police have said.

Paddock shot the guard at 9:59 p.m. local time, Lombardo said, shortly before raining down bullets on the Route 91 Harvest festival in an attack that began at 10:05 p.m. and lasted 10 minutes. Police officers found Campos when they arrived on the floor.

And since it is not Campos who summoned the police, it is once again unclear what event catalyze the end of the mass shooting.

Lombardo also disclosed that Paddock was seen on numerous occasions in Las Vegas without any person accompanying him and he gambled the night before the shooting. “This individual purposely hid his actions leading up to this event, and it is difficult for us to find the answers,” said Lombardo, who said he was frustrated with the speed of the investigation.

“In coordination with the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit, a comprehensive picture is being drawn as to the suspect’s mental state and currently we do not believe there is one particular event in the suspect’s life for us to key on,” Lombardo said.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Lombardo refuted something he himself insinuated last week, when he said that there is no indication anyone other than Paddock fired on the crowd: “We have uncovered no evidence to show there was a second shooter.”

Now, as part of the new narrative, Lombardo said it was unclear why Paddock stopped firing at the crowd, suggesting he may have initially planned to escape. As we reported last week, Paddock also shot at jet fuel tanks at McCarran International Airport and had protective gear in the hotel suite and explosives in his parked car.



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  • samo war
  • Barba_Papa

    The plot thickens. We may never really know what happened. Well, maybe what he did, but never why he did it. And that will probably freak us out even more. Human beings like to seek meaning and we have a hard time with sheer randomness. That’s why we invented god(s). To give meaning to sheer random events. Like weather, or natural disasters. So in the absence of a motivation a million theories will blossom as to why he did it.

  • RichardD

    If the audio tapes that I’ve seen and listened to on Infowars and YouTube are genuine. It sounds like there’s more than one shooter involved. So if the government is lying, and there was more than one shooter. Then it’s probably a false flag attack.

    “You hear [gunshots] very muffled, very far away and then all the sudden, shortly thereafter, you hear very loud, very distinct [gunshots]. That’s a far engagement and a close engagement.”

    This is what I heard also.

    Shooting scene before the bodies were recovered:

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    The FBI have already fumbled the lead, as they change their story so many times.
    Not to mention the FBI no longer holds much credibility any longer with the average American.
    FBI are not to be trusted because they work against the American people by trying to control Americans.
    FBI serve themselves, they are careerist who desire stable checks and promotions and expansions of power.
    And that is all the FBI serves.

  • Mickey Dee

    Cui Bono – follow the money. 9/11, Silverstein, Zionists, dancing Israelis, Chertoff, Las Vegas, tens of billions of dollars in security equipment.
    Why did dozens of top executives of the company that owns the Mandalay Bay sell their stock in the company just before the shooting? Hundreds of millions of dollars.

    • RichardD

      Do you have links for the stock sales?

      • Lazy Gamer

        This point is interesting.
        Other people are already quick to say absolutely that there was no second shooter. Just because the police have not uncovered evidence doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Especially if all they did is converge only on one position given away by hotel alarms(could tie in with above) or something else. Just because they hear gunshots in one area does not mean, there are no possible shots from another position.

        If ISIS or anybody else was involved, they’d want massive success. If some branch of government is involved, it is still possible, they’d want the same thing for their guided reactions and solutions. Either, they could let this proceed or they could possibly, separately assist/cover up the evil act. How can one discount this possibility? lol
        A son of a notorious criminal, multiple gun acquisitions, a visit to the Middle East, and a long haul of weapons to the hotel, a profile maybe, etc. Surely someone out there would point out that this was someone worth investigating.

        Other scenarios, a bettor like this guy can also be easily triggered from anger/prejudice/principle or he could also be under compulsion.

  • AMHants

    I was reading an interesting article yesterday, where if you want to change the headlines, and divert the masses, then you phone up the ‘CIA False Flag’ department and they have a section, for emergency false flags, where nobody is meant to ask questions.

    I cannot remember where I read the article, but, it was a good read.

    Las Vegas Massacre: A Hybrid False-Flag, Treason, or an Act of War?…


  • The Farney Fontenoy

    Its a false flag of course, the only thing not making sense, is that, the US regularly stages these false flags & built up a fair bit of experience, so how did they make a complete balls of this one?
    It is so sloppy from start to finish & the story fell apart immediately due solely to the incompetence of all involved.