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VECTOR Research Center Spearheads Fight On COVID-19 In Russia


VECTOR Research Center Spearheads Fight On COVID-19 In Russia

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Written by Viktor Stoilov exclusively for SouthFront

While the fear of the massive spread of the Corona virus has been growing in the past weeks, the need of medical solutions to the crisis is become more and more vital. While we rarely even pay attention to their existence during “peaceful” times, the research centers for biotechnology or virology around the world are at the forefront of the fight against the crisis. One of the world’s leading such research centers is the Russian State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology called “Vector.”

According to different sources, the researchers in Vector have developed 13 different variations of vaccines against the Covid-19 virus that will first be tested on animals. By June, they say they should have one or two variants for mass production. The institute was founded in 1974 during the Soviet Union and is stationed in Koltsovo, Novosibirsk. It has research facilities and capabilities for all levels of Biological Hazard and its main tasks cover:

  • Researching the pathogens of the most dangerous infectious diseases;
  • Ensuring constant readiness for research of new viral diseases;
  • Development and practical implementation of devices and tools for diagnostics, prevention and treatment of viral diseases;
  • Training qualified scientific personnel in the fields of virology, molecular biology and biotechnology.

While the medical benefits of developing a vaccine are more or less clear, the geopolitical weight of such breakthrough should not be belittled. The Corona virus pandemic can also be seen as a new type of world war in which the outcome is determined not by the numbers of soldiers, strategic missiles and tanks, but by the countries way handle the crisis and come up with a solution to it. In this case, research institutes like Vector are of vital importance. Whoever handles the crisis the best, develops the most effective vaccines the quickest, has the most efficient tests and measures, can actually influence the whole world in a way we’ve hardly ever expected.

We’re also seeing that this “world war” or “world race” has different teams. It’s more than obvious that Russia and China are closely working together while the EU and NATO are showing weaknesses. In Italy (a NATO powerhouse), Russia and China are perfectly coordinating their measures. If their work begins to provide the much-needed results in Italy, that would be an unprecedented victory on the information front which can deliver a big blow to the current geopolitical situation.

Another question to the table is how the other Western governments are going to handle the growing pandemic. The number of new cases in Spain, the US, the UK and Germany are skyrocketing every single day. Their current measures are obviously not providing the needed results. Soon, some of them might face the same situation as Italy does. What would it mean in terms of global politics, if the strongholds of the Western world beg for the help of Russia and China? This could be a historical turning point which can shape the future for the decades to come.

For that reason, institutes like Vector have never been as important as now. From what is known, along with Russia, China, the US, Germany and the UK are trying to develop vaccines for Covid-19.  One can only try to imagine the influence of the country which develops the first effective vaccine or find the best combination of medical treatment for the virus.



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