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JUNE 2023

Vain Attempts Of Kiev Regime To Hide Truth From Soledar

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Vain Attempts Of Kiev Regime To Hide Truth From Soledar

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The city of Soledar came under Russian control. Russian victory was officially confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defence on January 13. Control of the city by Wagner fighters was confirmed by numerous footage from the are, which confirmed heavy losses of the AFU as well. 

Despite the defeat of the Ukrainian military and loss of a strategically important stronghold on Donbass front lines, the Kiev regime is still hiding the truth. Unfortunately, the derisive attempts of Ukrainian propagandists to hide Russia’s victory are possible and effective only in a society that has been under severe information pressure for decades.

Here is the latest example of another amateurish attempt to spread fake news among the Ukrainians. During the final stage of the mop up operation in the city, Wagner fighters shared a video, responding to Ukrainian reports about Ukrainian control of the city. Russian fighters promised to show the Ukrainian military how to defend the cities.

The video was promptly voiced over by Ukrainian propagandists and widely spread by Ukrainian media sources. On the Ukrainian fake video, Russian fighters allegedly claim that the city is still not under their control and they suffer heavy losses and lack of ammunition. Ukrainians traditionally used the scenario of an alleged scandal between the PMCs and the military command of the Russian  Army.

Here you can watch the video and compare the first fake part spread by Ukrainian media with the original video:



The Kiev regime is yet to tell the truth. The Ukrainian military command is trying its best to hide the fact that thousands of Ukrainian soldiers died in vain, as the Kiev authorities decided to hold the line and not withdraw troops from the city, which was immediately surrounded by Russian troops.

This is what the reports from Soledar look like on Ukrainian television. Ukrainian commanders, as usual, are joking, trying to assure the public that hundreds of corps of Ukrainian soldiers are not lying on the streets of Soledar. This is how they explain numerous reports from the city that came under the control of Russia:



After Ukrainian military officials were forced to recognize the Russian offensive in Soledad (when the Ukrainian garrison was already surrounded and doomed), they are already claiming that none of the warring parties holds control of the city now.

This is how the adviser to the head of the office of the Ukrainian president Mikhail Podolyak decided to present the situation:

There’s fighting going on there now, heavy fighting. Nobody took the city (Soledar). No one controls it. Unfortunately, there is no total control over the city from Ukraine either. But there is, in fact, no city there.

Earlier, almost a similar statement was made by the head of Zelensky’s office, Mr Ermak. Despite the fact that dozens of reports of Russian reporters who came to the already secured city and videos shared by Wagner fighters confirmed that the sounds of gunshots are no longer heard in the quarters in Soledar, Ukrainian propaganda is trying to defame reality with traditional statements and fake videos.

Such efforts of the Kiev regime to hide the truth only undermine its credibility, including among the Kiev’s Western patrons. Another major defeat of the Ukrainian army on the front line in the Donbass once again confirmed the impotence of the Ukrainian military to develop any offensive operations, including with Western weapons worth billions of dollars and the support of foreign mercenaries.


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The worst fear of the Nazi regime is this: Fear of the population rife is another world of the and the owners stop donating alms to the Mini Führer Bilensky.

Hasbara Hunter

Them filthy lying Nazi-pigs are done, just like their Paedophile AngloZioNazi Puppetmasters in Washington & Brussels…the Final death throes of the Beast. Uncle Shmuel, his Satanic Imperialistic Brothel & his Nazi-Lapdogs in das Viertes Euro-Reich can stick their PSYOPs in a place where the sun does not shine…the completely Braindead Western Sheeple are slowly waking up to the harsh reality with a sharp pain in their butt…


now we’re down to independent verification and instead of interviews let the facts speak for themselves and substantiate some claims including 25k killed/wounded, somewhere there is a casualty collection point, send the photographer and skip the shaky video stuff and document, then publish. Its ugly its graphic and sad but show us the deceased.


Snorty Z will have his ass hanged if he doesn’t manage to escape to USSA before the spring.


frog filth


Wagner better not hand it over to the russian armed forces or some supersmart general will order a retreat. This war would probably go better with just the dpr/ lpr forces and some other special forces off voluntarys getting some fire support off russia… then actually implementing forces on the ground under control of the russian general core who just cares how they can polish their bling bling.

Joseph Day

Russia was smarter, far outnumbered they withdrew to defendable lines and absorbed the Ukraine offensive with minimal losses. As a result Ukraine suffered heavy losses persisting in a failed offensive, now reinforcements are arriving for Russia. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to imagine what’s going to happen now the line is breached


It seems to me that due to the fact that the front was stretched too much with a number several times inferior to the Ukrainians, they lost Kharkiv. And in order to level the front line, they also left Kherson for the Dnieper line, leveling and reducing the front line. The Russians are preparing a line of defense where it is advantageous to defend and repel the attacks of the Ukrainians. Now Ukrainians are attacking well-fortified defensive positions of the Russians. Surovikin is a very smart general, having released reserves from Kherson and Kharkov, he transferred them to the Donbass, where he is trying to destroy the Donbass group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while the rest of the prepared echeloned positions reflect the attacks of Ukrainian soldiers. He wants to bleed them out and destroy them in the Donbas so that it would be easier to attack later while the Russian reserves are being trained to come to the front and close the holes. This is what Surovikin did

Lawrence Hill

The Wagner group’s “Ride of the Walkurie” up against the Mozart group’s “Figaro” and “Cossi fan Tutti” medley… Put your money on Wagner.

Stinging Metal

He says “not like the Russians do chaotically” in reference to precision artilery. My intuition is telling me that the Russians are fully capable of precision. I imagine the surprise Ukrainian soldiers will feel once those artillery shells are precise. The Russians have quantitiy first, then adjust for quality. SMART

Mexican Beaner 🇲🇽

Artillery is always precise. You only shoot when you have coordinates. With full ISR like in Ukropizdan, you always have coordinates.

They are using Grad, Smerch, Uragan katyushas when they need to cover large areas.

Mortars are for dugins, trenches, bunkers.

Each type and subtype of firepower have a different and a well defined purpose.


The last section was well spoken. This silly lies cost Ukraine the support of the west. Now it is time for all Europeans and NATO countries to weak up and see what kind of ally Ukraine really is.

USA is a shithole, EU is becoming one

Ukraine should mobilise the female population, too.

Only then they will be worthy of NATO. MBTs, IFV, FSCVs… Maybe some aircraft, too!

Human wave tactics, females in front! Soldier children, too. That is the real nazy spirit, all charge against Russian tanks with 1898 Mausers.


And don’t forget the mobilisation of all the Ukrainian trans and gay soldiers. That will terrify the Russians into surrender.


No one believes ANYTHING from the NAZI UKRAINE REGIME anyways lol, Now LIBERATE Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) then cut the Polish border, then LIBERATE Odessa and then on to Kiev where they will either kill or capture the NAZI LEADERSHIP if they have not already fled to hide in NAZI USA if they do capture them in Kiev then they will all HANG, RUSSIA IS COMING BETTER RUN NAZIS. =Z=


Tak či tak, podstatou je, že Banderovské fašistické svine dostávajú na búdku. A dostávajú teraz poriadne. Verím, že sa Ruskí vojaci teraz už nezastavia a nezaseknú. Najťažšia obrana bola zrejme vybudovaná tu na Donbase. Banderovské fašistické svine nerátali, že by sa situácia mohla obrátiť a, že by museli niekedy brániť západnú časť Ukrajiny. Mysleli si že sa bude bojovať výlučne na východe. Omyl. Teraz za ten omyl budú draho platiť. A to po práve.


Notice in the first video of soldiers walking, that you can hear footsteps in the real one and not in the dubbed over Ukronazi fake.

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