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Vaccine Wars: U.S. Accuses Russia Of Vaccine Propaganda, As EU Refuses Fair Review For Sputnik V

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Vaccine Wars: U.S. Accuses Russia Of Vaccine Propaganda, As EU Refuses Fair Review For Sputnik V

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On March 8th, the head of the Amsterdam-based European Medicines Agency (EMA) said that receiving the Russian Sputnik V vaccine was a “Russian roulette”.

The Amsterdam-based European Medicines Agency (EMA) launched a rolling review of the Sputnik V vaccine, a key step towards being approved as the first non-Western jab to be used across the 27-nation bloc.

Hungary has already approved Sputnik V and started using it as part of its vaccine rollout, while the Czech Republic and Slovakia have also ordered doses and say they will not wait for EMA approval.

Asked about the prospect of Austria taking the same step, EMA management board chair Christa Wirthumer-Hoche told Austria’s ORF broadcaster:

“It’s somewhat comparable to Russian roulette.”

“I would strongly advise against a national emergency authorisation,” she said, pointing to the fact that there was not yet sufficient safety data about those who had already been given the vaccine.

“We could have Sputnik V on the market in future, when we’ve examined the necessary data,” she said, adding that the vaccine needed to match up to European criteria on quality control and efficacy.

The official Russian Sputnik V account called out the EMA head, asking for an apology and for an unbiased review, as the other US-made and EU-made vaccines had gotten.



The tweets said that 46 other regulators had unbiasedly reviewed the vaccine and found it fitting, and that this had been incredibly one-sided from the beginning.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz met the top Russian official in charge of marketing Sputnik V, and had previously emphasised that vaccine procurement should not be subject to “geopolitical struggles”.

Kurz has said however that Austria will wait for EMA approval before using the vaccine.

Russia has said it is ready to provide jabs for 50 million Europeans as soon as Sputnik V gets the green light.

It should be reminded that these vaccines are quite needed as the EU has been incredibly slow and inefficient in procuring and using its vaccines.

The EU has so far authorized three vaccines: the US-German Pfizer/BioNTech jab, US firm Moderna’s shot, and the British-Swedish AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine.

It is set to decide on the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine on March 11, while jabs by Novavax and CureVac are also under rolling review.

Only the review of Sputnik V is being turned into a publicity stunt and spread all across MSM.

Additionally, it appears that the questionable success of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines is also because of alleged Russian propaganda.

According to the WSJ, Russian intelligence agencies have mounted a campaign to undermine confidence in Pfizer Inc.’s and other Western vaccines, using online publications that in recent months have questioned the vaccines’ development and safety, citing unnamed U.S. officials.

An official with the State Department’s Global Engagement Center, which monitors foreign disinformation efforts, identified four publications that he said have served as fronts for Russian intelligence.

The websites played up the vaccines’ risk of side effects, questioned their efficacy, and said the U.S. had rushed the Pfizer vaccine through the approval process, among other false or misleading claims.

“We can say these outlets are directly linked to Russian intelligence services,” the Global Engagement Center official said of the sites behind the disinformation campaign. “They’re all foreign-owned, based outside of the United States. They vary a lot in their reach, their tone, their audience, but they’re all part of the Russian propaganda and disinformation ecosystem.”

In addition, Russian state media and Russian government Twitter accounts have made overt efforts to raise concerns about the cost and safety of the Pfizer vaccine in what experts outside the U.S. government say is an effort to promote the sale of Russia’s rival Sputnik V vaccine.

“The emphasis on denigrating Pfizer is likely due to its status as the first vaccine besides Sputnik V to see mass use, resulting in a greater potential threat to Sputnik’s market dominance,” says a forthcoming report by the Alliance for Securing Democracy, an “independent” think-tank that’s entirely funded by the US government and NATO entities.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied that Russian intelligence agencies were orchestrating articles against Western vaccines and said U.S. officials were mischaracterizing the broad international debate over vaccines as a Russian plot.

“It’s nonsense. Russian special services have nothing to do with any criticism against vaccines,” Peskov said in a telephone interview from Moscow. “If we treat every negative publication against the Sputnik V vaccine as a result of efforts by American special services, then we will go crazy because we see it every day, every hour and in every Anglo-Saxon media.”

With Russia and China seeking to sell their vaccines abroad, overt efforts to denigrate Pfizer have been well documented.

The forthcoming German Marshall Fund report, which was reviewed by the Journal that is to be issued, analyzed more than 35,000 Russian, Chinese and Iranian government and state media tweets on vaccine themes from early November to early February.

“Russia provided by far the most negative coverage of Western vaccines.” it states, “with a remarkable 86% of surveyed Russian tweets mentioning Pfizer and 76% mentioning Moderna coded as negative.”


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Probably because the SputnikV isn’t intended to kill anyone over 55.

Arthur Deodat Jr.

The Western campaigns are too aggressive. There is a serious doubt that “experimental” vaccines were not fully tested and all adverse effects reported.
You can’t get an infant from nine pregnant woman in one month, no matter of invested money.


Probably it was not tested. I haven’t done the digging on this one, but someone claimed president Reagan signed a law which relieves medical companies from liabilities regarding potential side effects, and the companies have been practicing their rights heavily in the developing countries with tragic consequences.
Now they are probably without liability in the western countries too? For instance Pfizer made some completely crazy disclaimers and requests to the Brazilian government. In the end Brazil told them to sod off and picked the Chinese and Russian vaccines.


In the US, the pharmaceuticals are exempt from liability.


And, if you die from an “experimental vaccine”, your life insurance is not valid.



Tommy Jensen

Then stop dying. Its that easy man,

johnny rotten

The question is all too simple, the pharmaceutical cartel spends huge sums on lobbying both in Washington and Brussels, after paying a lot they cannot allow a competitor to enter “their” market, much less a better competitor who does not pay bribes to politicians on a fixed and industrial scale.

AM Hants

Talking of Washington and Brussels, funny how old $oro$, who fully controls the Dems and Biden, and bear in mind that the Fed Reserve and Treasury are working hand in hand, with the printers on full power. Sorry, going back to $oro$, who has full control of the US and how many EU MEPs does he have in his pocket and that is just for starters?

So why does he want what they have created in the US, in the EU? What article in the Lisbon Treaty places EU member states financial arrangements under the full control of the EU? Like Article 42, demands the European Army, which May signed the UK upto, whether in or out of the EU. There was another article, demanding the EU full control of the economies.

Why Europe’s Left Wants A European Financial Superstate… https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/why-europes-left-wants-european-financial-superstate

What does the Lisbon Treaty say with regards EU and Finance?

Whilst looking for the above article, which seems to be hiding, I did find the Lisbon Treaty Article, relating to the Geneva Act and doesn’t the Geneva Act, include the Geneva Codes, including Code 6 – Crimes Against Humanity, in reference to experimental medication/vaccines?


Lisbon Notification No. 36

Lisbon Agreement for the Protection of Appellations of Origin and their International Registration
Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement on Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications

Accession by the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire

The Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) presents his compliments to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and has the honor to notify the deposit by the Government of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, on September 28, 2018, of its instrument of accession to the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement on Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications (Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement), adopted at Geneva on May 20, 2015.

The date of entry into force of the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement will be notified when the required number of ratifications or accessions is reached in accordance with Article 29 of the said Treaty. September 28, 2…


I listened to a molecular biologist explain how one could create an mrna for something which doesn’t exist in nature today, later on, creating that object thus activating what the mrna was designed to do. Anyone taking that jab is an ….t!

Tommy Jensen


AM Hants

Avoiding it like the Plague and no pun intended.

Raptar Driver

Do you think the Russians aren’t making money on a vaccine that’s supposed to cure…..wait what? Vaccines don’t cure anything!


Not to mention a vaccine which is effective and doesn’t pose both immediate and latent danger down the line. I forget where, but the mrna ‘vaccine’ was reported as having caused miscarriages and still births among pregnant women which received the mrna experimental product. Considering that many people push for it are also fans of depopulation, well……

Lone Ranger

East Europe has used Russian vaccines since the end of WWII, and we are still here…
Autism and cancer rates are also lower than in the U.S. or Western-Europe.

Lone Ranger

All that said, I haven’t had a vaccine in 21years, neither western nor Russian and I’m fine.


Over 40 years no vaccine,.Stay safe:

Lone Ranger

Same to you bro :)


Not filled with all kind of “adjuvants” especially mercury based, which destroys the nervous system – not that aluminum, or other added junk is any better…

As for the rates, they’re sadly quickly catching up…

AM Hants

I would happily accept the Russian vaccine, which does not use mRNA, than Western vaccines. Sadly though, it is not available over in the UK. They go for the Gates version and seems weird a senior member of the eugenics group, is in charge of vaccines and also Pharma and agricultural industries. Why did Monsanto-Beyer want that rich, black, agricultural land in Ukraine and why did the US set up at least 15 bio-chemical weapons, with full diplomatic immunity, over in Ukraine? Why is Gates a heavy investor in Monsanto-Beyer and also those bio-chemical labs? Why did he never graduate and has no education in medicine, but, leads the vaccine programme? Wasn’t his family heavily involved in Planned Parenthood, which was set up for black genocide, back in the 30s? When Adolf was controlling the streets of Germany and had so many scientists working for him and not for the sake of humanity.


as long as we westerners can’t have a shot of SPUTNIK-V, we ought to remain un-vaccinated. at least I’m waiting for the russian stuff. the pfizer and moderna gives you long lasting and killing side effects so it should be avoided for your own safety. (although they should be recommended to be used on jews in palestine)


It will be all fair. Let Russia disapprove western vaccine and west disapproved Russian vaccine. What is the problem here?

AM Hants

Is it true, that the Russian vaccine, unlike the Western vaccines, does not have mRNA and so does not interfere with human DNA?

Funnily enough, would trust the Russian vaccine a lot more than any with a Gates link or loaded with mRNA.


Talking of Russia, and it does fit in with the above, there was an interesting article, over on NEO – New Eastern Outlook. With regards President Putin and who is cheesed off with his style of leadership and how he deals with rogue oligarchs.

What have Warren Buffett, Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Billy Browder all got in common?

The Vested Power Brokers Are Making President Putin, Public Enemy Number One

‘…Comcast’s board of directors are corporate breadcrumbs that lead to the people who want Putin and Russia as our common enemy. That is until Putin is gone and Russia can once again fall prey to corporate butchers bent on chopping the world’s biggest natural resource bank into manageable bits. Dupont’s still run America, in case you did not know… CEO Edward D. Breen is on the board at Comcast. Before I go on, start thinking about agribusiness, materials science, and bioscience grafted with the world’s 2nd biggest communications network. Also on Comcast’s board, is Kenneth J. Bacon, the former Fannie May VP who probably (in my opinion) helped orchestrate the collapse of Wall Street that led to the creation of almost 2,000 new billionaires between 2008 and the present. Another Comcast board member connects with Samuel Irving Newhouse Sr., the son of a Jewish Russian Empire immigrant who founded Advance Publications. This media conglomerate owns Discovery Channel, Condé Nast, and the digital social media site Reddit, just to name a few. Also on Comcast’s board are Jeffrey Honickman, CEO of Pepsi-Cola Bottling (13 percent market share in Russia); Maritza Montiel, former deputy chairman and CEO of Deloitte; David C. Novak, former chairman and CEO of YUM! Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell in 135 countries). These and many others have a vested interest in Putin NOT being president of Russia…

Digging into each of these companies, I found deals popping up in Russia as a common thread. Take Ramon Laguarta, who is the current PepsiCo CEO, he was instrumental in the buyout of Russian dairy and juice company Wimm-Bill-Dann, a deal valued at $5.4 billion for the American company as the head of PepsiCo Eastern Europe back in 2010. Looking at Comcast board member Gerald Hassell, he was the CEO of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, the world’s biggest custodial bank, and one of the oldest banks in the world. I’ll bet few reading my report know that BNY Mellon the bank founded by Alexander Hamilton still exits. Furthermore, few Americans have the time or energy to understand the significance of the US Treasury naming BNY Mellon the master custodian of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) bailout fund during the financial crisis of 2007 to 2010. Are any of you making connections here? Bacon, Fannie Mae, more than 1,600 new billionaires, media, propaganda?…

…The same year (2015), the rich man’s bank also paid $180 million to make up for cheating on the foreign exchange market Hillary Clinton was playing when Russia was blamed for MH17. See my report here. The list of BNY Mellon infractions is pretty long, but the most significant one for this story is September 2009, BNY Mellon settled a lawsuit by the Russian government in May 2007 for money laundering (see Irving Trust, Natasha Gurfinkel, and Prince Vladimir Galitzine). The original suit claimed $22.5 billion in damages, but BNY Mellon managed to settle for a few million…

….From there the rabbit hole goes much deeper. So, to help you readers pressed for time, enter the all too familiar and notorious Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Yes, I know, I am sorry. But, the connection between the world’s top Putin hater and the piggy bank of western elites BNY Mellon is why NBC and all the other networks need Putin to be America’s top enemy. The Yukos Oil mafioso had his assets with the Bank of New York in the 1990s, and Natasha and Prince Vladimir (nicknamed Mikey) were intimate associates of the now exiled (not Novichok nerve agent poisoned, I might add) oligarch. The story of the ruined Yukos boss, Natasha Gurfinkel, and BNY wheeling and dealing ended with the real perpetrators of massive money laundering throwing some others under the bus, of course. The billions being siphoned from Russia to western players also ended about the same time, just about the time Vladimir Putin was named to replace Boris Yeltsin.

Read more: https://journal-neo.org/2021/03/05/the-vested-power-brokers-are-making-putin-public-enemy-no-1/


Hello….. an aside from the current topic. I was reflecting on the 5 eyes network and realized they’re all headed by the British monarch; yep the US as well, just most Americans don’t realize that as it has to be kept quiet. I was wondering about your thoughts on the subject :)

AM Hants

Have you read the article 3 Corporations Rule The World? Personally, I found it interesting, including the fact that the 1213 Treaty, when King John II was bankrupt and gave The Vatican the territory of the UK and colonies, including future colonies. The Magna Carta, which is the basis of the US Constitution and was signed in Runnymede, in the UK. I remember, picnics in Runnymede, when the family would go for a Sunday afternoon drive.

Three Corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City… https://www.sinhalanet.net/three-corporations-run-the-world-city-of-london-washington-dc-and-vatican-city


Treaty of 1213 – The Beginning of the Lie…Once upon a time before the year 1066 the people of England held Allodial title to their land. Not even the king could take the land for not paying a tithe. William the Conquer came in 1066 and stole the Kings Title and took the land of the people. From William I, 1066, to King John, 1199, England was in dire straits. It was bankrupt… https://www.truthcontrol.com/articles/treaty-1213-beginning-lie


All US Presidents, apart from one and I do not know about Donald Trump and cannot see Joe Biden, were all related to King John II. Donald Trump, I would not be surprised, owing to his mother being Scottish. Biden, would automatically hate the British, owing to his Irish Ancestors and he was a big supporter of the IRA. Which means nought, considering they were like the terrorists of today, involved in regime change, just a team, run, set up and played by the crowd who administer the 3 Corporations that run the World.

Washington DC – Controls Military
City of London – Controls Economy
The Vatican – Controls Spirituality

All three, and completely independent of the nations they reside in. With their own taxes and laws, based on Roman Empire ideology. Jerusalem, was an outpost of the Roman Empire, over 2000 years ago.


The US Presidents who descend from King John of England – and why you probably do too
by Lee Rimmer for Ancestry – Genealogy & DNA… https://www.abroadintheyard.com/presidents-who-descend-from-king-john-of-england-why-you-do-too/


When you look at the three corporations that rule the world, check out who controls the Crown Estates, The Vatican Estate and the Fed Reserve. For me it makes sense and I came across the article back in 2014. Bearing in mind, over in the UK, we still use the old infrastructure that the Roman Empire provided us, to this day. Such as the old Roman Roads and the rest of the infrastructure, the Victorians provided. Do believe it is time to sort out our infrastructure.


With regards the Royal Family, they work for The Firm and it was not just King John II that had financial problems. Back in 1760 George III, when he was crowned, the Monarchy had again run into financial difficulties and handed over the Crown Estates in return for a percentage to be returned to the Sovereign of the Day. Welcome to the Civvy List. It is now the Sovereign Grant and the Monarch of the Day receives around 15%, in order to administer the Royal Households and the other 85% goes back to the Government, with the interest and admin charges going to the Private Bankers. The same Private Bankers that control the Vatican Estate and also the Fed Reserve.

Do believe one heck of a lot is going on at the moment and behind the curtains. Don’t believe all you see as Toto will no doubt be discovering just who the Wizard of Oz is, behind those curtains. Get ready with a bucket of water, with regards the witches surrounding old Oz. All I can say, is that I am seriously munching on the popcorn and watching the show, but, have no idea how it will end, or what is true and what is falsebut, do believe light always wins over darkness.

Some questions to ask and I do not know what the correct answers are, however well worth checking out what the gossip has to say.

Dominion/Smartmatic Voting Machines and who created them?
What is the role of the Privy Council and how do they link into Dominion/Smartmatic Voting Machines?
Why have the Royal Seals been removed from Buckingham Palace, after President Trump turned up in June?
What does it mean?

PS, lovely catching up with your wife as memories of Russia Insider Banter and 2014 come to mind, ha-ha.
Then you have the corporations, that allegedly are no longer running, however, is it in the public domain?


Just read “Three Corporations run the world..” which we (I read it to my wife) found interesting… didn’t realize the scope of the City of London. I had read many times names like the Fabian society, the Templars, the Masons and noise about the Vatican but never really delved into any of it. I figured that England gave up on militarily taking it’s former colony back after the Russians intervened during the Civil war and hence became strongly anti-Russia similar to the way the US became anti-Iranian after the Iranians took back their country from the US installed puppet. I further figured that England finally got it’s US colony back in 1913 through the Federal Reserve. It strengthened it’s grasp on the US through the Rhodes scholarship program at Oxford and infiltration into all areas of US government. In one response to a simple comment you’ve given us much more to look into than we had anticipated, but then again, that’s what communication is for so thank you. We’ll check out some more tomorrow…. and probably the next day and the next day…..

p.s. the collaborated attack from all areas of the government, including SCOTUS not upholding it’s Constitutional responsibilities, and the media on all things Trump and their constant pursuit of him after leaving office, prove he was truly an outsider in spite of his wealth. There’s some interesting times ahead here. Meanwhile the Joe Mannequin regime installed in the fraudulent election of Nov. seems to be desiring a bigger war in the middle east, China and who knows, maybe Russia too. We seem to have acquired the world’s dimmest bulbs and flaming psychopaths to run the government here. …. Have you visited Matthew Ehret’s web site canadianpatriotD0Torg? A few other sites we find interesting strategic-clutureD0Torg and risingtidefoundationD0Tnet.

Once again thanks for the reading assignment :) and from both of us, good to hear from you.

AM Hants

Hi, must admit when I read the article, it was a ‘wow’ moment and shared it often. Also, although the other article, with regards the Treaty, seems off the wall, once you get past the first paragraph, it is also interesting, especially the fact that it has never been revoked.

What interests me at the moment, or tickles my curiosity, is ‘Who is Who’ in the Privy Council and how does it all link into Dominion/Smartmatic. Malloch-Brown, who I believe has not been promoted to run the $oro$ Foundation and who set up Smartmatic, who is allegedly a member of the Privy Council. You have Clinton, good friend of $oro$ sticking her nose in, with regards Whinge and Cringe, who moved to California and upset granny and daddy. Clinton, who worked closely with Malloch-Brown, and funded the ‘Russia Gate – Steele Dossier’. So if she is working closely with the Privy Council Crowd, why is she turning on the occupants of Buck Palace? Bearing in mind, whinge and ginger, when they left for Canada, ended up living in one of Frank Guistra’s mansions. Frank Guistra, good friend of the Clintons and business partner. How much did he make from Clinton Aid, over in Haiti, when they mistook Haiti Aid, for Clinton Aid and how much did he make from Uranium One? Why did he give Whinge and Cringe, somewhere to stay? Then funnily enough, when they left Franks, to stay in California, it was another friend of the Clintons that provided them with another mansion and also picked up there security tab, after daddy closed his cheque book. So why is Harry seeking the hospitality and friendship of the Clintons, and turning on Daddy and Granny?

Anyway, enjoy your research, as nothing seriously makes sense, at all.


I don’t know where to begin…. still haven’t had time to look at everything from your original post (will do though and get back to you here)…. been busy fending off annoying defeatists to taking the US away from the current fascist regime. For entertainment (actually for a mental break) and don’t think me weird for this, I checked out this -> canadianpatriot.org/2021/03/10/nazi-healthcare-reforms-revived-under-biden-strategic-hour-on-rogue-news …. I really enjoy the lectures and broadcasts from Matthew and his associates. It also provides me with a ray of hope in this day of educational barrenness, that young people like them would have so much on the ball.

Actually, to be honest, we hadn’t paid much attention to the royals and their issues, since we’ve been busy trying to avoid the growing fascism being followed by so many willing sheep here, who think (they don’t actually think) this is only about party politics.

AM Hants

Hi, sent you the links, for you to peruse in your own time, if or if you did not want to, so don’t worry if you have or have not looked further.

Know exactly where you are and what you mean, as it is similar over here. Nought makes sense. I woke up in 2014 and everything has been a learning curve since then, with regards politicians and the rest. Everybody has an agenda and who knows what is truth and what is false. However, there is also a lot happening, and you can easily see the dots that are linking into the bigger picture. With regards Canadian Patriot, thanks for the link and look forward to finding some sanity.

The Royals and their issues, only following the antics with those living in Canada, owing to a love of popcorn and munching, whilst the show goes on. Find it strange that they ended up living in a mansion, connected to Hilary and her good mate and business partner Frank Guistra. There is so much going on there, behind the scenes, but, my only interest in the Royals, is the fact that for the UK, they represent (not in person, but, custom) our nation/flag. Same as the disrespecting the US Flag. It is not the piece of material, but, what it actually represents, if that makes sense.

Nothing makes sense, but, do believe good always wins over evil, when it comes to it and do feel we are coming to the end of a battle, that could easily go one way or the other.


I told my wife the best thing for me to do is just sit down at the word processor and start typing (after reading of course) and when done, copy/paste into a reply to you. As for Canadian Patriot: I’ve read and listened to Matthew Ehret and company lecture or write all kinds of interesting things like for example that Alaska was sold to the US when both Russia and the US were considering a railroad between them under the Bering Strait and that Russia’s train was created in the US at that time. If you visit risingtidefoundationD0Tnet you can find Cynthia Chung’s article “The Enemy Within:….”. It coincides with another book I have titled: “The Devil’s Chessboard” by David Talbot. She features there as well as at Canadian Patriot. I forget whether I learned about the book written by Elliot Roosevelt “As He Saw It” from them or not, but it is an interesting read where Stalin, FDR and Churchill would meet frequently and their ongoing discussions during ww2. It’s there that I discovered that Churchill wanted the US to preserve Britain’s Empire and FDR responded no and what he expected after the war for those people of Empire. It’s also there that I learn that FDR couldn’t trust most of the people at the State Department. There’s just so many lengthy articles that Matthew and company get into that I’m considering having my computer read to me so I don’t spend so much time sitting.

AM Hants

‘The Devil’s Chessboard’, that has twitched something in me and think it was owing to a comment, and I think it was by you, back in 2014. There was something similar, with regards opposing Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard. From what I remember, it was seriously interesting, the section I came across and very informative.


Was Alaska sold, wasn’t it 1867 and just after Russia sent a fleet of ships, to anchor, just off the US coastline. Back when France and Great Britain were hoping to invade the US, back in 1863. Alexander III was having problems with Poland and attempted insurrections, and sent one of his fleets, to help Lincoln, should they be needed. The bankers never forgave the Tsar, which led to the formation of the Bolsheviks, plus the assassination of the Tsars and families, allegedly. So, when Russia sold Alaska to the US, it would have been during a period of friendship. Quite sad, how politicians have demonised Russia. Did you ever hear about the ‘Tears of Grief’, that Russia sent America, post 9/11, to show their compassion, friendship, sorrow to the people of America? Again, the politicians and DS, were not happy bunnies, to be on the receiving end of the $12 million sculpture, that was gifted.

The Teardrop – A Gift From Russia To The US That You Have Not Heard About… https://geopolitics.co/2015/08/16/the-teardrop-a-gift-from-russia-to-america-that-you-havent-heard-about/


Do not worry about replying to the comment and just glad that you found it interesting (the 3 Corporation Comment). With regards FDR, I heard the allegation that his death might not have been all it seemed, together with the death of Stalin and the timing was strange. Just after they had the three met up in Yalta, Crimea, Russia, to discuss the end of WWII, the de-nazification of Europe, de-militarisation of Germany and setting up the UN, based on self determination. What happened next, but, Roosevelt does not live long enough to make it to the Potsdam Agreement, where they formalised the talks in Yalta. Churchill failed to be elected and only Stalin was present to sign the Potsdam Treaty. I wonder how close Truman was to Allen Dulles, who was the first Director of the CIA, which was launched in 1947, the same year that Israel was laying down foundations in the ME. The first exercise for the CIA was ‘Operation Paperclip’, where they provided safe passage to the Bolshevik and Nanzi Elite and funny how so many of the kids and grandchildren of those provided safe passage are now working in Governments, various institutions and also very active in NATO’s administration ‘Think Tank’, the Atlantic Council.


What I find curious, is the team that Allen Dulles worked with, including Earl Browder, the leader of the US Communist Party and grandfather of Bill. Then you had Reinhard Gehlen was a German lieutenant-general and intelligence officer. He was chief of the Wehrmacht Foreign Armies East military intelligence service on the eastern front during World War II, spymaster of the CIA-affiliated anti-Communist Gehlen Organisation and the founding president of the Federal Intelligence Service of West Germany during the Cold War. Allegedly, he was working with the forerunners of the CIA, back in 1939 and do believe Churchill was allegedly connected to what came before the CIA. Didn’t Dulles also set up the Atlantic Council, back in 1961, with his mates, when he was thrown out of the CIA? The other thing that made me curious was Nikita Khrushchev, who was the Ukrainian, that took Crimea from Russia and gave it to Ukraine, to say thanks for voting him Leader of the Bolshevik/Communist Party – Soviet Union Branch. Wouldn’t he have worked closely with Earl Browder and Allen Dulles, and not forgetting Bill Browder, his grandson, who got slung out of Russia, owing to financial irregularities. Allegedly taking around $400 million Russian Funds and handing it over to the Clinton Foundation, mistaking them for US Inland Revenue. Same Billy boy, who leaves US, owing to tax problems and ends up in the UK and for some reason part of the Integrity Initiative Crowd, financed by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as part of their Russian Disinformation Programme.


If you also look into Churchill’s past, when he was a War Time Correspondent and wasn’t he involved with the Turkish War and also the creation of the Balfour Discussion, which led to the creation of Isreal in 1947? Fascinating times and I am ignorant of so much of the history and must admit, it was only owing to following Russia, back in 2014, that I have learnt so much from history and with so much more to learn. At the moment, I am reading the Knights of the Templars, and finding it interesting, when you look at the story, of how they were created and do believe, by the bankers and the battles they fought, which are no different to now.


Bearing in mind King John II signed the 1213 Treaty, where he gave The Vatican all the territory of Great Britain and the Colonies, including future and in 1215 the Magna Carta was signed at Runnymede. The Magna Carta is a document created in 1215 that limited the power of the monarch and established human rights for everyone in England and is the basis of the Constitution of the US.


Timeline of Knight’s Templars – Sean Martin

c.1070 Birth of Hugues de Payen; Foundation of the Hospitallers
1095 (November) Pope Urban II calls for a crusade to recapture Jerusalem
1099 (July) Jerusalem taken by the First Crusade
1104 Hugh of Champagne arrives in Outremer (possibly with Hugues de Payen)
1114 Bishop of Chartres refers to a military order called the ‘Militia of Christ’
c.1119 The Order of the Knights Templar founded (traditional date)
1120 (January) Council of Nablus:The Order of the Knights Templar recognized in the East
1127 Presumed first meeting between Hugues de Payen and St Bernard de Clairvaux
1129 (January) Council of Troyes.The Latin Rule of the Temple adopted
1130 Hugues de Payen arrives in Jerusalem with new recruits.
1131 In Praise of the New Knighthood by St Bernard de Clairvaux
1135 Earliest records of Templars’ banking activities
c.1136 Death of Hugues de Payen (possibly 1131); Hospitallers become a military order
1136–37 Templars first established in the Amanus March
1139 Papal bull “Omnes datum optimum”
1144 Papal bull “Milites templi”
1145 Papal bull “Militia Dei”
1147–49 The Second Crusade
1148–49 Templars granted Gaza
1153 Fall of Ascalon to the Crusaders
1160s Hierarchical statutes added to the Rule
Late 1160s Statutes on conventual life, the holding of chapters, and penances added to the Rule
1168 Templars refuse to participate in the Egyptian campaign
1173 Assassin envoy to Amalric murdered by a group of Templars
1174 Saladin comes to power in Syria
1187 (1 May) Battle of the Springs of Cresson (4 July) Battle of Hattin (2 October) Jerusalem falls to Saladin
1188 Council of Gisors: the ‘Cutting of the Elm’
1189–92 The Third Crusade
1192 Templars move their headquarters to Acre
1191–92 Templars occupy – and for a short time, own – Cyprus
1191–1216 Templars and Leo of Armenia in conflict over the Amanus March
1198 Foundation of the Teutonic Knights
1202–04 The Fourth Crusade
1208 Innocent III accuses the Templars of necromancy; Start of the Albigensian Crusade
1217–21 Building of the castle of ’Atlit (Pilgrim’s Castle)
1218–21 The Fifth Crusade
1228–29 Crusade of Frederick II
1239–40 Crusade of Theobald of Champagne
1240–41 Crusade of Richard of Cornwall
1240 Rebuilding of Safad begins
1241–42 Siege of the Hospital compound at Acre
1243 Eviction of Imperial forces from Tyre
1244 (16 March) Fall of Cathar stronghold at Montségur (23 August) Loss of Jerusalem (17 October) Battle of La Forbie
1248–54 Crusade of St Louis
1250 (8 February) Battle of Mansurah
1257–67 Additional clauses on penances added to the Rule
1266 Fall of Safad to the Mamluks
After 1268 Catalan Rule of the Templars
1268 Baybars takes Jaffa and destroyes Antioch
1271–72 Crusade of Edward of England – truce negotiated with Mamluks
1274 Council of Lyon
1277 Maria of Antioch sells her rights to the throne of Jerusalem to Charles of Anjou
1277–82 Civil War in Tripoli
1291 (May) Fall of Acre to the Mamluks (August) Templars evacuate Tortosa and ’Atlit
1299 Fall of La Roche Guillame
1300 Templars attack Egyptian coastal towns
1300–01 Abortive attempt to retake the Holy Land
1302 Loss of Ruad and massacre of the Templar garrison
1305 First allegations made against the Order by Esquin de Floyra
1306 Templars support Amaury in coup in Cyprus; Jacques de Molay returns to the West
1307 (13 October) Arrest of the Templars in France
(19 October) Parisian hearings begin
(24 October) Jacques de Molay’s first confession
(22 November) Pastoralis praeeminentiae calls for Templars everywhere to be arrested
(24 December) De Molay retracts his confession before Papal committee
1308 (February) Clement suspends proceedings (27 June) 72 Templars confess before Clement
(August) Papal Commissions launched; De Molay interviewed at Chinon
1309 (22 November)Papal commission begins its proceeding
(26 & 28 November) De Molay appears before commission
1310 (April) Templar defense begins
(10 May) Burning of 54 Templars as relapsed heretics near Paris
1311 (5 June) Papal hearings finally end
(16 October) Council of Vienne begins
1312 (22 March) Papal bull “Vox in excelso” abolishes the Temple
(2 May) “Ad providam” transfers Temple property to the Hospital
(6 May) “Considerantes dudum” allows provincial councils to judge cases
1314 (18 March) Jacques de Molay and Geoffroi de Charney burnt at the stake in Paris
(20 April) Pope Clement V dies
(24 June) Battle of Bannockburn
(29 November)Philip the Fair dies
1319 “Ad ea exquibis” recognises the Knights of Christ
1571 Presumed destruction of the Templar archive on Cyprus by the Ottomans

CIA Family Tree: comment image


Yikes! and I thought my comments were long.

‘The Devil’s Chessboard’ delves into Dulles’s begining with the OSS, his comraderie with Nanzi types while stationed in Switzerland, his narcisstic and psychopathic behavior and of course historical actions taken by the CIA once Dulles becomes it’s head. If you had never heard of Dulles before, You’ll have no difficulty despising a truly evil and vile individual after reading his actions at the CIA.

“Was Alaska sold..”

I don’t remember the year, but that it was shortly after the Civil War. Looking it up now, yep, you nailed it. The goal in that sale was to have international trade traversing through Russia, making a landing in Alaska and then continuing through the Americas; sort of an earlier belt & road kind of thing. It’s truly tragic how events unfolded to keep that from happening. I used to wonder how we could make such a mess of our country until I read a little more history as told by Matthew. Rothschild’s operatives here managed to take advantage of the Civil War debt and the Federal Reserve act was passed in 1913. It’s been all downhill since. If you consider the banking system, Rhodes Scholars and other British leaning operatives infesting all branches of the US government, what do you get? The 5th eye of the 5 eyes; I believe it also explains why we so zeolously protect Lord Balfour’s Israel project. Benjamin Franklin once responded that we had a ‘Republic if you can keep it’. Well, if anyone had any doubts as to whether we kept it, one doesn’t have to travel all the way back to 1913, we can just look at the results of November 2020 and the mannequin installed as the figurehead.

Re: FDR, Truman

It’s truly interesting that FDR’s VP,Henry Wallace, who was as popular among the public as Trump (he won the vote in a landslide) is today, was pushed out from the office by the Democrats (never understood why they call them Democratic, believe someone said the word and the flock followed suit) and Truman installed as his replacement for the election of 1944. Like you, we have wondered if FDR was assisted in his departure, especially because after Truman comes in, the country takes a completely different turn. We now get Hiroshima, Nagasaki, friendly relations with Russia go down the toilet and the cold war which, for only a short time during the 1990’s where people like Browder are looting the former USSR, remains today. The CIA’s Operation Paperclip; yep the kind of people active in all areas of governments promoting things like eugenics as a solution to ‘Climate Change’. The current vaccine promotion has all kinds of latent effects awaiting people down the line. It’ll be interesting how it affects fertiltiy. We’ve read that the vaccines being promoted in the ‘West’ to pregnant women have caused miscarriages and stillbirths. We’ve also read/heard where the vaccine is killing healthy people though it’s being denied that it’s not the fault of the vaccine. I’m sure that if 50 people were shot and died in Chicago this weekend, the official report would be that they died of Covid. You mention the Atlantic ‘Think Tank’ in that paragraph, we have many nasty ones here of which the Atlantic is but one; however, we refer to all of them as STINK TANKS.

“What I find curious..”

The CIA under Dulles…. You really need to get the book, “The Devil’s Chessboard” and I should probably do a re-read. I went and looked up Gehlen’s name in the index and it’s there telling how the guy hid cases of microfilm on the Soviet Union in the Bavarian mountains, which he used to net a trip out of Germany and make himself useful in the cold war.

The Magna Carta and the Constitution are all these days just parchments from a period in history where rights mattered to people. These days, from what I observe everywhere in the ‘West’, people seem to accept that rights are bestowed by government onto the people. Sure a minority fight back, but they’re no match for the forces that government can use against them. Look at what sits in the WH across the pond. How is it possible that anyone believes he should be there and/or that he ran an effective campaign? I look at Britain where people are arrested for violating dictatorial covid mandates that are completely absurd. Same here. The US economy (and the world economy as well) is trash, the Fed prints trillions that can never be repaid and tosses it to it’s friends, in the ‘West’ we’re more concerned whether a boy is male and a girl a female rather than concerned over people with no jobs or food on their tables, not to mention the possibility of losing their residence. Meanwhile, China is rising as an economic power as the US fades, while the psychopaths of US & NATO raise their aggression towards China, Russia and Iran and Israel desires a test of their invincibility. Just the few things I mention here make me feel like it’s not old age that’s going to be the death of us.

My knowledge of the Templars is relegated to the fact that they once existed. My wife knows more about Templars than I’ll probably ever know, so I’ll turn the keyboard over to her.

Hello there! I have read about the Knights of the Templar with interest. Their start with accompanying and financing people traveling into the holy land during the Crusade periods is fascinating. They were greatly supported by the archbishops and some popes. Their power and influence grew over time – eventually they owned several countries, like Cyprus, right? Their financial acumen was so great that world rulers counld be financed by them. In fact that was the cause of their undoing. It was in France, and the current ruler. Philip 1V wanted a loan from them that was refused. That’s when all the persecution started. Their castles and wealth was stripped from them. They were decommissioned and started getting arrested and killed. Wasn’t the leader Jacques de Molay’s face captured on the Shroud of Turin that was mistaken for Jesus’ face? Anyway, while this started escalating, they were on the run and getting tortured and killed with glee. Some of them migrated to France, Spain and England and from there they ended up in America. I know some of our forefathers were Masons, which is an offshoot of the Templars. That being said, the forefathers great intelligence and bravery created our Republic. If they were indeed associated with the Templar knights, it creates an interesting correlation between the two – the influence and power of the Templars and the wisdom and courage of our forefathers, which is sadly lacking currently! I now give you back to my hubby!

This has been a joint communication :) besides, she’s bugging me to go for a walk. Stay healthy and until next time.

AM Hants

Cheers, nice chatting to the pair of you. I am just reading about the Knights Templar, as it fits in with something I want to play with, so learning the history. Also, decided to re-read ‘1984’, so have the two books on the go. Find it amazing, how 1984 is so much like 2021. First read it back in the 70s and put me off socialism for life. Hope you enjoyed your walk and thanks for reminding me about the ‘Devil’s Chessboard’.


O…my… god, the ’70s….! Doesn’t seem that long ago does it. Constantly surprised when we view a movie and the date pops up 197x; better yet, the reaction when a movie pops up a date like 195x. We were kids but still remember the names of people from that era.

We did enjoy the walk, thanks. If we ever get passed the current rising fascism mess taking place over here, I’ll enjoy you and my significant other wiping away my ignorance on the Templars forward.

You’ll enjoy that book, lots and lots of details. Always enjoy these chats with you! So, signing off with cheers to you also, and now, my significant other…

Hi, AM – In regards to 1984, I think I read it eons ago but we do have the movie. It’s not a happy one and does so mirror what’s going on presently in the world.
I have a book on the Templars too but haven’t read it in awhile – I’ve been immersed in what’s going on at present in my own country. All the fraud of the election with all the proof that no one wanted to look at – not even the Supreme Court. I am so angered with all that’s going on that I just have to get away from it sometimes, go outside and look at my birds, squirrels, etc. OR bake cookies – my hubby’s nemesis!
Have you done your spring cleaning yet? I remember last year you did yours in January! What enthusiasm! I’m doing mine a little at a time – don’t want to get TOO excited all at once! I started painting my kitchen cabinets a year ago – my goal is to finish them soon! Well, nice chatting with you – I wish you would join Gab, MeWe or Parler – I do my postings there. You can belong to clubs that suit your interest and talk with lots of interesting people on varieties of subjects. I have an eclectic taste and interests in many things, so have fun there, discussing my knitting projects, my politics, etc. You should check them out and look for me! Take care!

AM Hants

Ha-ha, the 70s only seem like yesterday≥. We had to read ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’ at school, which is why I read it. Plus, the 80s film version and must admit I liked the soundtrack, especially ‘Julie’, with Annie Lennox/Eurythmics. Cannot stand her, but loved the track, plus John Hurt. If you were to ask me to remember anything, film or music from the 21st Century, I would be hard pressed. I decided to revisit the book and it is so apt, including Oceania being at war with Euroasia and Eastasia.


With regards your domestic politics, must admit I am watching with interest and also following events courtesy X22 Report and similar. There is so much that does not make sense, including why the White House turns the lights off at 9 pm and why Biden, when signing Executive Orders in the Oval Office, overlooks the car park. Never noticed the car park, when any other President was being filmed in the Oval Office, there again, not many were being filmed at the Castle Rock Studio. Good luck with everything and I do like the 17th letter of the Alphabet, and their take on things.

With regards eclectic, so know where you are coming from. The Spring Cleaning, well, I do it anytime, other than Spring and not by design, ha-ha. With regards painting kitchen cabinets, must admit, I was thinking about doing the same. Although I am diabolical at DIY.

Take care and lovely chatting to you both.

AM Hants

Just watching that link, with serious interest. Thanks ever so much and would thoroughly recommend it.

AM Hants

PS, besides the Fabian Society and the Oswald Mosely, who was the leader of the UK Fascist Party, was also a member of the Socialist Fabian Society, sorry as I ramble. Going back to the Fabian Society, also check out the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and you can get access to the book on the Archive.net. It was set up in 1913, by Rockefeller and I think the Royal Family, together with two Irish media barons. Lord Rothermere and Lord Northcliffe, one brother leading the right voice of the media and his brother the left voice of the media. They set up the Institute, which is still running, for mind control of the masses. At the time, they wished to turn the opinion of the masses in both the US and UK, from anti-war, to war friendly, in time for setting up WWI.

Was it 1913 or 1914 that the Fed Reserve was set up. The same time that they were focused on the Balfour Discussions, which led to the creation of Israel, in 1947 and the same time the CIA were carrying out their first exercise ‘Operation Paperclip’. Then in 1917, when the Bolshevik Communists were over throwing the Russian Empire, you also had the creation of the IRA and a lot more. Plus WWI, which took out a few more Empires. Then in the 20s, the Fascist Parties were formed, together with Adolf’s National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party and Mao’s Communist Party, over in China. The timing of it all, as we were all played and still see the same old regime change scripts, being run, here, there and everywhere, where natural resources are demanded.

I seriously wonder, if what is going on now (and I do believe we are in some form of world war, just run a different way), how it will end and if it will finish off what was created and started over 2,000 years ago. The complete end of the Roman Empire or if my imagination has gone a step too far.


Just took a quick run through on “Treaty of 1213” the link you provided. Through the fog (lot’s of issues getting typically more than about 5 hrs. of sleep nightly) I vaguely remember something regarding how to respond to a court summons (I believe it was) whereby you must respond but, at the same time, choose common law instead of accepting the court’s jurisdiction over oneself. I wish I could remember the specifics of that. Now that I’ve had some memory strings stirred, I’ll have to look more into it. Thanks alot! :) I also remember how, when I was a kid at a Catholic orphanage, I came across a religious store and purchased a King James Bible. There I stood, so proudly with my beautifully illustrated book, having purchased it with the paltry allowance I had received, and how the nuns rained on my parade telling me that it was not the real Bible and that I should dispense with it (don’t remember the exact language, but do remember the feeling it produced). I disposed of it and never really questioned what was wrong with it, after all, I was a kid.

AM Hants

Interesting, the Catholic Orphanage and the Nuns. I was adopted and ended with a Catholic family, that was seriously into their religion. Prior to the adoption I was placed in a Catholic Children’s home and for some reason, I have had an aversion with regards Nuns and have no idea why. Bearing in mind I was only 8 weeks, when sent to new family. I actually ended up having two christenings, one a job lot, at Westminster Cathedral, owing to the Senior Catholic clergyman running the Crusade of Rescue, which ran the adoption society. The other, bog standard, usual do. Remember one of the Nuns at school and she was a very difficult person and definitely in the wrong profession. I hope you did not spend too long in the orphanage, before a change in luck and circumstances.


My wife says that she wanted to be a nun and I tell her I’m happy that it didn’t work out. Actually, daddy chose her husband at 16 years of age, a fishing buddy with no sense of humor, and it wasn’t me.

It’s interesting that so many people I’ve met, whether in-person or online, that experienced a Catholic education through one way or another, seem to make better use of that organ surrounded by a thing called a skull, than most of their publicly educated counterparts. Looking at ‘Western’ public education today, which doesn’t comprehend the differences between male and female, confirms that point.

Ahhhhhh nuns….. I spent my 2nd through 8th year of education at the orphanage. They did their best to try to give us a good environment, albeit quite regimented from which to grow, and I spent, apparently reflecting back on it, a significant portion of my time there making them wish they’d chosen different professions. I remember my visits from the enforcement branch, the priest, with me ending with some painful education applied to my re*r end. Of course I can’t forget that I too had a ‘difficult’ person who probably regretted her choice of vocation. I remember one particular incident, when I was running away from her, where she demonstrated a more suitable profession where I’m certain that she would have excelled; a throw of a wooden hand broom at quite a distance which struck me at the crazy bone. She would’ve made a great pitcher for the then great New York Yankees. I was so loved by the nuns and enforcement branch that they tried to send me somewhere else, a rural location deep in Nebraska, but I persevered; for they made the mistake of asking for my approval. After the orphanage, I only spent about 2 years on my own before enlisting in the army. The draft was going on then and I figured they’d get me sooner or later and besides, everyone I knew was in school. Well, it didn’t take the army too long to realize they’d be happier without my presence also, which is probably why it’s representative at my company did his best to place me as a conspicuous ta*get to our adversaries there.

All in all, I got quite an education! Over here, once you entered the network, you could spend time in foster care (which I did for a short time) where once you felt part of the family, be yanked out, sent to an orphanage or be adopted by another family permanently (always seemed strange to me). Since then, the orphanage I grew up in, as large as it was, is now gone. So, was your adoption permanent and how’d you do with that “very difficult person”?

AM Hants

Must be the Catholic in us, as I have always been very mischievous. Would not liked to have gone through what you have. My adoption was permanent, but, people adopt for a variety of reasons and not all of them are in the interests of the child. In my case, my mother wanted to be a martyre, and expected me to be obedient, grateful and lacking in voice. The family had three biological sons of their own, and were not expecting a gobby girl, with a mind of her own, so for me, I was the wrong child for the family. A friend of mine, going back to childhood, was also adopted and her family then had a biological daughter of their own, within a couple of years. The family was seriously loving and adopted for the right reasons. Both girls were raised the same, with equal amounts of kindness and love and there was no difference, whether biological daughter or adopted daughter.

Muriel Kuri

You and my hubby were one way, I was always the obedient, loving daughter. I never spoke back and even when my own future was at risk, I still obeyed. I’ve gotten better finally, over time, but I am what I am. Who knows God’s plans? He bought me to the place I’m at for His own reasons!.


“He bought me to the place..”

Yeah, to make me happy :)

AM Hants

Life would have been so much easier, if only I learnt to keep my mouth shut, ha-ha. However, not so much fun, for my type of personality.

Ralph London

Well I dunno, AM, you seem to have turned out to be a fine woman. I DARE you to disagree!

AM Hants

Haha, and cheers. However, fine women are subjective and so I am happy to disagree. I have had a lot of fun, owing to not keeping the mouth shut and also landed me in a lot of trouble, which provided the fun.

Muriel Kuri

Hubby says ‘that’s what I figured’. He and I am alike in many ways, share many interests, and have both learned something from the other’s strengths. He’s really a wonderful guy and will always be my one and only!

AM Hants

Brilliant and nice that you both respect as well as love each other. Tell him I received Dadid Talbott’s ‘Devils Chessboard’ and have had to put down the other two books, as it is a much easier read. Love the way it flows, together with the actual narrative. Never would have thought the CIA were basically created as a branch of the Nanzi Party, courtesy Dulles and his rat lines, over in Europe.


Funny how as kids, our basic personalities are formed which stay with us through adulthood.

So you turned down the sack-cloth did you .. :) It seems like you had it worse than I did since you were in a small group and thus a focus of attention. Me on the other hand, while I went to church everyday (twice sometimes on a day), I didn’t have it so bad. I was just one of 30 other kids in that cottage (there were many cottages) who had adventures from time to time. In any case, it seems like we both came out of it ok and, here’s the really important bit, thinking. Cheers


Pindo-limey junk doesn’t need to be discredited, it does it by itself with the thousands of deaths, and over hundred thousand people left with incurable side effects.
I didn’t trust the pharma industry’s so called “vaccines” for influenza, which had to be taken anew every season with doubtful utility, and many times were wrongly formulated for the next season’s coming bug – speaking of russian roulette. The industry struggled for decades to create a coronavirus “vaccine”, with horrendous effects when the “vaccinated” got the real bug, and had to give up – until now, when magically the computer generated “vaccines” are “saving” the world…
No jab for me since early childhood, and especially not now – including the russkie one.

chris chuba

The U.S. MSM is the one that keeps acting like it is last August when Sputnik V got early approval and they howled how it did not enter phase 3 trials.

It entered phase 3 trials about two weeks earlier than either Pfizer or Moderna with 40,000 participants. Sputnik is as well baked or even more so than any other vaccine yet CNN keeps persisting in calling it unproven or emphasizing Russian vaccine skepticism. Given how CNN echoes lies, I don’t even know if Russian vaccine skepticism exists.

Rhodium 10

They had no problems in travelling to space station aboard Russian rockets because European Space Agency dont have Soyuz Rockets…..but in this case EMA protect western companies.


“That the vaccine needed to match up to European criteria on quality control and efficacy”? What
Wirthumer-Hoche meant was the vaccine needed to match up to European criteria on quality control and efficacy based on the amount of cash Russia would pay them for an immediate approval.

Raptar Driver

I accuse all sides of vaccine propaganda.
Vaccines don’t work. They are a money making marketing tool.


If it comes from the Joe Mannequin regime, it should be disregarded as just background noise.

cechas vodobenikov

Pfizer so dangerous that hundreds have died after injection and many allergic reactions from astra Zeneca also…apparently moderna safer
sputnik now approved in more than 20 nations—safer, more effective, easier to transport

Tommy Jensen

In 1350 more than 100 million Europeans hereof 2 million innocent Americans died of the Corona plague all over Europe because Putin was putting Corona virus inside the gas pipes to Europe.

Do we know what inside the Sputnik-V today? No! Are you now willing to risk your lives again?

КПТ. Александра Ростиславна

Regardless of vaccine origin, they have been mostly rushed to try and
“save” the population from what they deem “certain death”, thus side effects are an

I do not trust Johnson&Johnson based on their previous history with other products. They have had lawsuits in regards to cancer(s), and it has been reported that the American (Pfizer/Moderna/J&J/etc.) vaccines have questionable effects on heavy & more frequent periods.

Personally, my family (Mom, Me, partner, 3 daughters) got Sputnik V solely for our careers. I can not give a recommendation for others to get any vaccine as it’s far too early to do so, and you have to decide for yourself, but if you travel, and you gunfight. You should probably look into it.

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