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Uzbekistan at Death’s Door..?

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Uzbekistan at Death’s Door..?

The alltime President of Uzbekistan (the most populated state in the Central Asia region), Islam Karimov who had previously been hospitalized suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. Some experts claim that 25 years reign of the President of Uzbekistan may very soon come to an end.

The first news about Karimov’s disease appeared on Sunday, but no details were provided. Today, his daughter Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva reported in Instagram that Karimov had suffered a stroke. The lack of information about Karimov’s state of health has already risen many speculations in the region. Some suppose him already dead.

In case of Islam Karimov’s death Uzbekistan may sink into turmoil. The country is already in dismay due to the controversial internal policy conducted during the last 25 years. The average monthly household income is about 50 USD, most of the residents live below the poverty line especially in rural areas. Many young Uzbeks are vulnerable to the influence of radical Islam. A number of Uzbeks have already joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Karimov’s regime is a sophisticated mixture of autocracy and clanship. However, in case of his death Uzbekistan would turn into a new “Afghanistan” in the middle of Central Asia, affecting the entire Central Asia region, including China and Russia.

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Tom Johnson

Is Russia going to bomb Uzbekistan in order to promote peace and stability?

von Tchurov

That’s a wrong question, Tom! The right question is: is USA going to bomb Uzbekistan in order to promote peace and stability? That’s how they do it. Of course it ends up as failed state (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Bosnia, etc.). But who cares, what matters is that the weapons sell well.
Or…: Is USA going to support and fund islamic rebel mujahedins in order to promote peace and stability? (Like in Afghanistan, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Egypt,…)

Yep. USA is true pioneer of peace and stability. Way to go bro…

Shut up bitch, you have no right to have your word after you put the misery to half of the world!!!


You must have meant USA. Maybe Kamirov isn’t the only one that has suffered a hemorrhagic stroke.

Richard the Slav

I guess we’ll watch and see

Hopefully it doesn’t sink into chaos


Who the hell is the writer of this stupid article? Why the alarming and depressing title “Uzbekistan at Death’s Door?”, as if the death of an elderly leader would be the “death” of the whole country?? And why the maligning of a good, strong, enlightened leader who kept the Islamists down and the country stable and functioning, with crappy phrases taken straight out of the Western shithole MSM, such as “the controversial internal policy conducted during the last 25 years”, “mafia-style clanship”, etc.? Why is there no name of the author of the article? Who is the author, and who is paying him to spew this trashy propaganda?

South Front is turning into a more and more lowbrow site every day, full of CIA troll scumbags and shitty “opinion pieces”.

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