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Utes Coastal Missile Systems Return in Service in Crimea


Russian military has restored combat readiness of the Utes coastal defense systems, deployed in Crimea.

Utes Coastal Missile Systems Return in Service in Crimea

The Utes coastal defense system (Photo: Rossiyskaya Gazeta / Vladimir Pasyakin)

Combat readiness of the silo-based Utes coastal defense systems, deployed on the Crimean Peninsula in Soviet times, has been restored, the RIA Novosti news agency reported, citing a source in the security agencies of the republic.

“Within the framework of a random check up, launches of the P-35 cruise missiles have been carried out from the systems in order to confirm their operational readiness. The missile launches were successful,” the source said.

According to the source, now, the Russian Black Sea Fleet has two silo-based Utes defense systems, each of which has two launch barrels.

According to open sources, the Utes defense systems are capable to strike targets at a distance up to 300 kilometers. Airspeed of the P-35 cruise missile, equipped with a 560-kg high-explosive warhead, is more than 2,000 kilometers per hour.



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  • Vido Dasler

    With a CEP of 3 000 meters ?

    • Ted

      There is not a lot of info in regards to this system. I would imagine the avionics of the missile could be upgraded, they are or were radar guided. I would also imagine like all things soviet they could also sport a 150 KT warhead? So CEP becomes? Well you get the idea. That being said anyone else have any info?

  • paul

    These look formidable and should cover most of the Black Sea. They appear to be
    housed below ground in hardened bunkers. I expect the
    bunkers are designed to withstand heavy attack.

  • SOF