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USSR Hand Grenades That Used In Modern Wars (Infographics)

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USSR Hand Grenades That Used In Modern Wars (Infographics)


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road to nazi …. american esxalation …. we in sweden not aloud to do war material only americans ann hadrian … and if we not let willow smith have sex with our kids first .. .ARTIKLE 5 … ok war is obelsy unavable now // stor fursten

Jacob Wohl

Russkie 1980s Scrap Airforce have already lost in barely 60 days: -9 SU-34 fighter/bombers -9 SU-25 CAS jets -5 SU-30SM multirole -1 SU-35S advanced air superiority jets -12 KA-52 alligator -5 Mi-35 -2 Mi-24 -3 Mi-28 -11 Mi-8

Outdated soviet IR countermeasures, outdated electronic warfare defensive jammers, poor radar warning receiver RWR technology, and very poor missile approach warning systems (MAWS) on Russkie jets and helicopters are costing them dearly. Meanwhile Israeli Airforce has carried out over 1000 airstrikes against Syria (largest most advanced air defense in world) in the world, and lost only 1 F-16 in 4 years of airstrikes. And NATO lost only 3 jets against Serbia in 3 months of airstrikes in 1999. Clearly Western radar, jamming, electronics and microprocessor technology is vastly superior to Russkie junk.

At this rate, Russkies wont have an airforce left by next April.


Even if your numbers is true, you really think that is a lot in 2 months of war with an enemy with a large air defense force? that is but a drop in the Russian Air Force combat power, and surely, Russian aircraft industries can replenish those losses without worry!


Interesting, that this stupid Nazi troll is totally ignoring the fact, that the losses of the Ucrap Nazi are orders of magnitude higher! Where is the Ucrap Nazi Airforce? Their Marine? How many KIA? At this rate the Ucraps have no Army within two months. Those Nazi bots are so embarassingly stupid.

IDF War Criminals

Clearly your head is fucked by 1000 Niggers daily in the Rikers Island you retarded zionazi criminal piece of shit, if you are even the real Jacob Wohl (or more likely that sick moronic basement faggot from Canada).

First, your numbers are bullshit based on ukro-propaganda and that debunked turkish crap site. Second, you clueless moron have no idea wtf you are talking about. You just copy laughable Mickey Mouse crap from some gay site pretending that you actually know anything except scamming people and sucking dicks. Try CAS – close air support. Israeli cowards strike stationary objects from Lebanon then run away back to Israel. Comparing small Serbia with Ukraine is retarded for so many reasons, you can fly over Serbia in 10 minutes and it’s surrounded with NATO countries from all sides. Yet NATO probably lost more than 3 jets against opponent with absolutely obsolete AD, and they manage to destroy 4 Serbian tank (less than 1%) in 3 months. They rarely provided CAS to their albanian terrorist puppets and they almost always flied above range of manpads. Otherwise they would be massacred. They didn’t even dare to use helicopters in Kosovo except just a couple of times in the border (and they lost more than one but never admitted). Garbage NATO crap, if you can even call it NATO coz it was 90% USAF operation with their puny vassals doing nothing because they were useless. They still are. NATOUSAF air campaign was a complete and total failure in military terms so they focused again on destroying civilian infrastructure, tv stations, Chinese embassy, basically one war crime after another, apart from bombing the same empty buildings. You clueless moron.

Third, “Syria (largest most advanced air defense in world)” hahahah! No really I have to laugh some more: hahahahaha. Troll, you are the most retarded monkey in the world, stupid and idiotic beyond belief. Now worth wasting my time on your idiocy you complete waste of time and oxygen. Just stop farting and go blow niggers dicks, you won’t be alive by the next April.

Last edited 3 months ago by IDF War Criminals

Only A-10s flew lower and they were hit and damaged on multiple occasions. Eventually they even used B-52 strategic bombers for carpet bombing because Serbs almost didn’t have any SAMs left after 3 months .


big mistake by Soviets to trust someone named Adolf 😃


How many planes and helos lost in Vietnam ??? 5.000 or 10.000 ??? Wikipedia for Dimwits = 11.056


There does not seem to be any difference in offensive and defensive grenades. I don’t get it!


Offensive is to throw as you assault (no fragments, only shock wave). Defensive is to throw from a protected position (fragments and shock wave). Basic Infantry !!


LOL, as if the “offensive” or “defensive” designation matters to anyone

Also, theres no mention of RKG-3M. Iraqis used them against the US occupation, mostly against humvees

Florian Geyer

Knowing whether the grenade is defencive or offensive is a matter of life and death when using grenades.

I suspect that you only play video games where no one gets hurt, Phoron Moron.


Offensive (like a potato masher) is for getting at someone in a more protected position, defensive is for using against relatively exposed targets from a more protected position.

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