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USS Connecticut Nuclear-Powered Submarine Was Badly Damaged- Report

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USS Connecticut Nuclear-Powered Submarine Was Badly Damaged- Report

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The hull of the bow of the US Navy nuclear submarine USS Connecticut, which collided with an unknown object in the South China Sea, was reportedly badly damaged.

“Initial report I have is the USS Connecticut bow dome is severely damage. Waiting on photos.” US specialist SubBrief claimed on Twitter.

No photographs of the damage have been published so far.

According to the US Navy, a group of military specialists was sent to the base on the island of Guam in the western Pacific Ocean to inspect the damage and establish the reason. The damaged nuclear submarine entered the base on October 8th after the incident that took place on October 2nd. The repair capabilities of the base on Guam are limited, so the submarine may be redirected to US bases on the Pacific coast if needed.

The US Navy claimed that after the incident, “the submarine is in a safe, stable condition.” It was also indicated that its nuclear installation was not damaged.

The US Pacific Fleet revealed that on October 2nd, the USS Connecticut struck an object underwater in the South China Sea. As a result of the collision, 11 of the 130 crew members were slightly injured.

After the incident, the submarine was forced to go to Guam in a surface position.

The US military does not report what was the object that the submarine collided with. According to sources in the US Navy, it was not another submarine or ship, and there were no aggressive actions of another country. According to topographic data, there was also no collision with underwater terrain.

Connecticut is one of three Sea Wolf-class boats, a late Cold War attack submarine designed to hunt the most complex Soviet submarines in deep blue water. Along with USS Sea Wolf (SSN-21) and USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23), Connecticut is among the Navy’s most capable and sensitive attack boats.

Its armament is up to 50 Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles, which are launched from torpedo tubes. In addition to combat missions, it also performs reconnaissance functions.

There are only three such submarines in the US Navy. All of them are assigned to the Kitsap Naval Base.


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Sputnik News report was correct. The USS Disconnectedfromreality was flying full speed before it crashed into an undersea “mountain of insane proportions”.

The transgender crew was obviously preoccupied after bean stew was served for lunch. The USS sub contacted the nearest island demanding it move to avoid collision.

Obviously the crew was compromised while undersea. I theorize it was delta soy + bean mix. Burrito night?


probably chinese played with the sensoric maybe they had some drone closeby playing games on the americans telling their sensoric that its moving left when it is in fact moving right obviously not this huge of a change but my point is that these kind of things can be manipulated to happen and a few degrees and a little manipulation can already lead to american ships basically ramming stuff

Last edited 17 days ago by farbat
Ricky Miller

Or, perhaps the Chinese have sewn the SCS bottom with obstacle traps. Most likely using shipping containers with metal scrap for added mass. Updated on Chinese military charts these obstacle objects would go undetected for years until some hyperactive and intruding naval power sends yet another submarine incursion into the SCS and it hits the obstacle trap lottery.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC



They were trying to mess with a Chinese sensor on the sea bed and run into a mount of shipping containers which are now abundant in the South China sea.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Play stupid games win stupid prices…


The price is wrong for the idiot americans for the last several decades.

Enjoy your idiocy, amerotards.


The Orificer on watch was too busy checking FaceBerg to be bothered to respond to the collision alarms, typical US Gay Navy faux pas


It wasn’t a sub, ship, aggressive action or known underwater topography. Hmm… Then what’s left over – maybe whales or the underwater equivalent of UFO’s?

Could it be the Chinese are using new defensive tactics of submerging screens of large objects at a variety of depths along channels that the US subs are likely to operate?

Not sure it is even possible. But if so, it is brilliant. The US subs can no longer operate as normal. They would have to creep along limiting the distance they can travel over time. Those objects won’t be on any maps and are completely quiet. The subs would have to use active sonar to locate them which then means giving up their position. Plus such tactics are low tech and relatively cheap.


So the crew distracted themselves on the “bring a friend” BJ and cross-dressing night, and there was no-one on the command deck watching where the feck they were going.

Yep, sounds like the USN.

down under

In the mean time, US costs are infested with Russian, Chinese, North Korean and Iranian subs.


Badly damage? Ebonics?


Sonar was getting head from a female crew member.


Start using active sonar, morons.

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