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Useful Linux Applications To Increase Your Work Productivity

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Useful Linux Applications To Increase Your Work Productivity


Description: This article provides top Linux apps. The selected applications are suitable for programmers, freelancers, marketers, and other professions.

Linux Applications – The Expert’s Choice

Linux is a modern operating system for personal computers and workstations. It is a multi-user network operating system with the X Window System. Linux OS supports open systems standards and Internet protocols and is compatible with Unix, DOS, MS Windows systems. All system components, including the source code, are distributed with a free copy and installation license for an unlimited number of users. Linux was developed by Linus Torvalds of the University of Helsinki and an uncountable team of thousands of Internet users, researchers, foundations, universities, and more.

To use Linux usually, you need additional programs: video and music players, graphics editors, office programs, system tools, VPN extension, and much more. Finding cool Linux apps is a challenging task for novice users. We have compiled the best Linux software in one list, and here everyone will find an application to their liking. Some of them may not be useful right now, but if you need, for example, to edit a video, then the best applications are already collected in one article. So let’s get down to the review.


GnuCash provides tools for tracking income and expenses, maintaining bank accounts, and managing information about stocks, deposits, investments, and planning loans. GnuCash is a completely free Linux business software. GnuCash also enables small business accounting and balance sheet management. Linux supports the import of data in QIF / OFX / HBCI formats and visual presentation of charts. The project code is supplied under the GPLv2 + license. Data refresh, report building, data export to file, and output to the console are supported.


The most popular application for protecting your IP is VeePN. Its main advantage is compatibility with other operating systems. Since VeePN can work in the cloud, you can connect to it from Windows, iOS, Linux, mobile devices, as you like. This application, a Linux VPN will hide your IP address, as it has an advanced multi-protocol VPN server. We recommend download Linux virtual private network to get rid of hacks and information leaks forever. To become a user of this application, you need to go online to the official website and download the program. It’s worth noting that the developers came up with a trial so that everyone can enjoy the benefits before switching to the paid version.


Scribus is an open-source DTP application. The program is quite old, but it functions well today. The app was developed by people who have their own opinion on typography and page design. The program has two plans: free and paid. However, no matter which plans you will use, the program is available for Windows Vista / XP / 2000, Mac OS X, OS / 2, and Linux. The design that the developers came up with is quite simple and great for Linux. With the help of the program, many economists and business owners can eliminate clutter in folders. For example, if you create a layout for a business project, you can always quickly access it and save all the program changes. The application also has several exciting features. These include drawing functions, editing nodes, visual effects. You can also put the text of the document in a frame and unite all created frames if the document contains many pages.


ProjectLibre is a project management system. ProjectLibre runs on the Java platform, which allows it to run on Linux, Mac OS, and MS Windows operating systems. Compared to Microsoft Project, which it closely mimics, ProjectLibre has a similar interface, including a ribbon-style menu, and a similar approach to building a project plan: creating a task list or work breakdown structure, setting duration, creating links, assigning resources. Features:

  • The user interface in the form of a ribbon;
  • Obtaining the number of costs;
  • Gantt chart;
  • PERT chart;
  • Resource allocation structure graph;
  • Task usage reports;
  • Work breakdown structure diagram.


LastPass is a free browser-based password manager. Even though LastPass has reserved some features exclusively for its paid plans, the free version still offers many possibilities. Like any other password manager, this service allows you to save your logins, account passwords, and other information and use it automatically to log into sites. The user can enter the keys already known to him into his account in LastPass or log in or create a new account on the Internet and save this data to no longer need to fill it in manually. LastPass allows you to generate new passwords. If desired, you can set your parameters for the new key. These include length, lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, special characters, ease of sounding, and reading.


KEXI is a tool for creating visual database applications. KEXI can be used by people who need to design and implement databases. Also, the application is useful for processing data and executing queries. Anyone who installs the KEXI application can use the primary database engines. The program will help you design the data. The program has a useful function – storing different documents in tables of one database. Thus, the user can quickly exchange data and projects. The application can also create tables that you can fill with your information as you like.


Focuswriter is a text editor with full-screen mode by default and no visible controls. All you need to do to use it is open a window and write to it. The Focuswriter creates magic out of nowhere with its “no distraction” method. After launching the app, start typing your thoughts or ideas. Under the hood, Focuswriter has all the necessary text formatting tools and several work tools. Lovers of focused writing will find the Focuswriter very helpful. It combines a text editor with a Pomodoro-like technique, adds beautiful graphics, and even knows how to save your work as an ODT file. It would help if you had the Linux apps described above because your work will seem more manageable with them.

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