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JULY 2022

Usbat al-Tha’ireen Releases Video Of U.S. Forces In Key Iraqi Air Base

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On April 8, Usbat al-Tha’ireen (UT), a newly-formed Iraqi armed group, released a new video, threatening U.S. forces in the country.

The first part of the video includes aerial footage, apparently shoot by a small drone, of the Ain Assad Air Base near the capital Baghdad, where hundreds of U.S.-led coalition troops are deployed. The footage shows many U.S. cargo planes and helicopters parked in the base.

The video’s second part shows a U.S. C-130 cargo plane taking off from Ain Assad. The footage was apparently taken by an UT operative driving near the air base.

Earlier this month, the group released a similar propaganda video featuring aerial footage of the U.S. embassy in the Iraqi capital.

Both UT’s videos ended with the same message: “our eyes are observing their movements … They will not get what they want.

The mysterious group was behind the March 11 rocket attack on Camp Taji, which claimed the lives of three U.S.-led coalition service members.

UT’s recent videos proves that the group has strong presence on the ground in Iraq and not just a propaganda stunt. Yet, the group could be affiliated with pro-Iran Shiite factions in Iraq, such as Kata’ib Hezbollah (KH).


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One of the basic protections for any sensitive site is to jam the frequencies which commercial off-the-shelf drones operate on. It’s standard all over the world, and considering the “American” paranoia, I wonder how did they manage to pull the first (US embassy in Baghdad) and recent (Eyn-al-Assad AB) videos off. I’m not convinced that this is a genuine resistance group, yet.

One gaffe in the last part of the video, is the crack on the wind shield. If it was me, I’d never publish that part. Maybe I’m even more paranoid than “Americans”? :)


I was also curious as to why a ‘fingerprint’ crack in a windshield (windscreen in the UK) was not edited out.


Florian, my English looks like the Frankenstein creature. Some British, mixed with American, Irish, Scottish and Australian, comes out weaving it’s thousand hands and tentacles with a strange Persian accent!


Your English is excellent , Garga, and it puts my foreign language skills to shame :) I realise that you are willing to learn the nuances of British ‘Queen’s English’.

Shia man

I know this is hard to believe but how many times did the resistance whip out surprises plus Iran is no joke it’s been spying on US for long time and hacking it’s drones https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9WZfKQF948k


I have no doubt in my country’s abilities, but they are not Iran, not (yet) an official member of Iraqi resistance and Iran did not endorse them. The reason I’m still not sure about this particular group is, nobody knows them (and some people who know better than me are not convinced too). Their actions are very convenient for American reactions and so far that justification did cost a few lives for the resistance.

Shia man

Their actions also forced the US to withdraw from many bases and they also killed and injured quiet a few US and coalition personal not to mention the random ambushes and attacks happening to the US and their allies in Syria and Iraq but no one is claiming responsibility. I Don’t know if you noticed but American soldiers have been dying almost on a weekly bases since the assassination of IRGC commander Qassem soleimani Let me ask you this what would America gain by releasing rehearsed spy videos on it sites?

Zionism = EVIL

Americunts are also dying in their mean streets as the idiots spend more on losing wars than on health, education or any social service. Such mean and greedy arseholes who have brought nothing but misery to the world and with this bio-weapon that boomeranged also destroyed themselves.

Shia man

Yes isn’t it amazing they are getting a taste of their own medicine and not by any country but by an invisible being for all the years they Bombed starved and killed innocent people for their resources. Now the US is like a mad dog even stealing its allies medical equipment it shows they are hurting for money that they have to stoop so low that they even steal face masks and it’s not like they give them to their people for free ? all trumps bs progress down the shit hole in a few weeks.


I don’t know, they are creating justification for the American occupation force, isn’t this enough? Didn’t you notice that Kataeb said they won’t attack US forces as long as they are withdrawing?

I have my doubts to this group. So far there’s no confirmation whatsoever that they are real. I;m not that naive to fall for a PR stunt, I need verifiable data from trusted sources.

Shia man

You do know this new group didn’t attack the US forces while they were withdrawing right? It’s after they attacked US and coalition troops did the US decide to evacuate a few bases Creating justification for US to attack?!? You act like the US needs a reason to attack plus the US are an occupying force. What this video is showing the US is that even their drones can fly above US sites and US can’t detect them with their radar system. That’s the message this video is sending Now the US commanders are going to be sitting around thinking what if this drone was equipment with missiles it would have taken out the cargo planes and helicopters while they are sitting on the runway and they know where our sleeping quarters are and they have spies inside the bases. This will make US think before committing the next foolish move. But like a mad dog on the verge of collapse they will make a dumb move then they will pay heavy price for it.


From their video, you see what you described and I see something else. I see fatal carelessness which I haven’t seen in any of the resistance groups’ videos (have you noticed that Ansarallah even blurs out ground features and some trees in their missile launch videos? Now we have a car with a distinctive crack on it’s windshield and an aircraft with distinct smudges on it’s canopy, that both have access to the base and therefore easily traceable). I see a reason for US to close it’s embassy just one day after the release of the first video. I see a justification for US to put more anti missile gear and other weapons in Iraqi soil without permission of Iraq. I see a justification for US to oust Iraqi forces from Ayn-al-Assad and remaining bases. Do you think it was the first time Iraqis tried to fly a drone over US embassy or bases? What was really achieved? Americans already didn’t know enough they are hated and are in danger of retaliation? They already didn’t know their tech is not so effective against Iranian drone and missile tech? The only message these videos send is that the US occupation force needs more military gear and needs to act even more blatantly against Iraq’s interests and sovereignty and ready American people’s minds for yet another bloody aggression to deflect their attention from their own problems. That was the reason real resistance groups did not make such videos so far.

I hope it’s like what you said though I have no reason to accept it at this moment. I’ll wait for a confirmation or endorsement from the sources I trust, like known Iraqi resistance figures, Seyyed Hasan or from Iranian resistance leaders. Maybe you have word from a good authority about them, but I haven’t. Time will tell and in the meantime, please stop trying to convince me about this fringe group with just words and wishful thinking. To me even their insignia seems weird and like a lazy attempt to replicate those of resistance’s.

I will gladly accept that I was wrong about them as soon as I hear from the ones I mentioned above.

Shia man

You do know the US gave orders to it commanders in Iraq to prepare for war against the resistance group before this video and even the US commander said they need more forces if they were to take on the resistance group and they are worried that Iran might get involved this war has been brewing since ayatollah khomeini took control of Iran the US tried everything but to get in a direct conflict with Iran and this war is going to happen weather this video was released or not I’m not here to convince you of this group but I am here to tell you this war is inevitable and you should know better then me that Iran said General Qassem soleimani revenge will only be achieved by the expulsion of the entire US forces from the region. Do not worry their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness Look surly Allah has cursed them whatever moves they take backfires and flips on them. do not worry have faith the world is changing very quickly what’s before Corona is not what’s after corona ?

Shia man

Spoilers ?

Al-Najaba resistance- publishes a new image entitled Our eyes above your sites .. pic.twitter.com/azNANl0MYa— Y.N.M.S (@ynms79797979) April 4, 2020

Icarus Tanović

They are spying on them, no matter windscreens cracks. Volcano is getting activated, earthquake is about to hit US bases…

Zionism = EVIL

It is time to cause a massive headache at the Americunt al-Thaireen occupation base too. It is indefensible to both rocket and 120mm mortar attacks, no missile required.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

It’s just waiting to be lit up.

Pave Way IV

Bullshit. Too slick for a group of guys with a couple of gun trucks that nobody has ever heard of, except in mysteriously back-dated videos or blogs.

Too ‘Rita Katz/Atlantic Council-ish. I expect some kind of atrocity-porn by this group to stir up the US populace to rabidly support a war with Iran. Someone might have to take care of those fuckers. I don’t mean USBAT AL-THA’IREEN, I mean Rita Katz and The Atlantic Council. And that someone won’t be me – I’m too fkinig old.

Ashok Varma

US is literally dying at home and needs to get out of Iraq and Syria and spend money on its non-existent health care system.


Sorry but I don’t believe this is a genuine group (not yet anyway). No datable video, could’ve been taken 5 years ago. What purpose? To scare the Americans? Not likely. This is not part of a tactical operation so what is it? If they would film a datable event from a drone that would be interesting – say Trump’s surprise visit to a base. That’d be impressive. For all I know these might be the base’s own security surveillance drones/drivers and their vid is simply being used for a different purpose. But the killer for me is the islamic music in the beginning – reminds me of the days of ISIS, and we know that Daesh turned out to be the UZA itself. So no buy as yet. I agree with others this could be a lead to a false flag.

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