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USAGM Head Falsely Claims RT And Sputnik Have 10 Times More Funding Than US-State Funded Media


USAGM Head Falsely Claims RT And Sputnik Have 10 Times More Funding Than US-State Funded Media

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On July 10th, John Lansing, the CEO and Director of the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM) claimed that the investment in RT and Sputnik by Russia is approximately 10 times larger compared to what the US invests in USAGM’s 5 outlets.

To a question by Rep. John Fortenberry – “At what measure can you compare us to what Russia is doing?”

John Lansing had the following answer:

“Well, I don’t know exactly what they invest in RT and in Sputnik and in other Russian-language media. But I know that it’s more than what the United States government invests.”

“Ten times? A hundred times?” Fortenberry urged.

“I think it’s about 10 X, absolutely,” Lansing answered.

Lansing spoke before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs “United States Efforts to Counter Russian Disinformation and Malign Influence.”

In his words, the “information battlefield” may be the fight of the 21st century.

“Russia’s goal is to destroy the very idea of an objective, verifiable set of facts,” said John Lansing.

Joined by Lea Gabrielle and Jim Kulikowski with the State Department, Lansing called on Congress to commit more funds. They argued Russia has spared no expense disrupting democratic processes, most recently in the Ukrainian presidential election.

“From their perspective, in a world where nothing is empirically truthful, any lie will do,” Lansing added.

Pushed by Congresswoman Lois Frankel to give specific examples, Lansing pointed to a claim by the Kremlin in 2014 that the U.S. had loaded Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 with dead bodies and shot it down to pin the international crime on Russia.

“They take the news as we receive it or as we broadcast it and they distort it and change it,” Lansing said. The State Department’s Gabrielle added Russia will exploit any “string of division” including the president’s words.

The outlets that USAGM oversees are: the Voice of America (VOA); Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty(RFE/RL); Radio Free Asia (RFA); the Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN), which include Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa; and the Office of Cuba Broadcasting’s (OCB) Radio and TV Marti.

“The mission of USAGM is to inform, engage, and connect people around the world in support of freedom and democracy. We produce news on all media platforms, and our programs reach 345 million people on a weekly basis in more than 100 countries and in 61 languages. “

According to Lansing, it is worrisome that influence by RT and Sputnik was increasing globally, and even in the US.

“Increasingly, Kremlin disinformation campaigns are aimed not only at its own citizens, but also at global audiences. State-sponsored Russian broadcasters such as RT (formerly Russia Today) and Sputnik are expanding their global operations even into the United States. Right here in Washington D.C., Sputnik purchased airtime on a local radio station in 2017 to broadcast Russian state propaganda. Russian state-sponsored disinformation networks operate in English, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, and in at least 25 other languages. Russian influence is contributing to the deteriorating media environments and democratic backsliding in places such as the Balkans, where Russia partners with local media outlets, bloggers, and other influencers to push anti-Western narratives and pro-Kremlin stories. “

In addition, to that the Kremlin also targets Russian-speakers with the vast resources of its domestic state-controlled news and entertainment networks.

“The $28 million a year USAGM can devote to Russian-language programming and the additional $64 million allocated to broadcasting in the rest of Eurasia is a significant investment that shows demonstrable impact—but it is relatively small in comparison.”

And this is where the discrepancy happens – according to Alina Polyakova of the Brookings Institute said that RT and Sputnik combined will have a budget of $277 million for 2020. Compared to the specifically Russian-language programming of the USAGM, yes it could be deemed 10 times lower.

The USAGM’s total budget for all of its affairs, requested for 2020 is $628 million. And this is not taking account the endeavors and investment in other MSM outlets who are obviously and clearly affiliated with the US government.

Trying to play the personal tragedy card, Polyakova said her family’s story underscores the importance of U.S. methods to shed light on Russian falsehoods during the Cold War. Her family immigrated to the U.S. from the Soviet Union in the 1980s because they “understood what the truth was about our country, that our own authorities were not providing at the time,” she said.

According to her, today, by contrast, there is a failure at the highest levels of government to educate U.S. citizens on the Russian threat and to learn from the countries that have been fending off anti-democracy attacks for decades.

“If we want to understand the kinds of threats we will face in the future here in this country,” Polyakova said, “we must look to those frontline states like Ukraine, who have been undergoing these kinds of attacks for decades.”

That is because massive projects such as HBO’s Chernobyl that present the Soviet Union and by proxy Russia as some rogue statue that imposes its iron will through fear are not considered specifically funded by Washington.

Of course, there is an abundance of outlets, companies and individuals willing to “tell the true narrative” when it comes to being paid obscene amounts of money.

And if it appears that both the UK and Germany are also targeting RT and Sputnik in their conduct in recent days, it’s purely by coincidence, undoubtedly.




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  • AlexanderAmproz

    If there is one true word in the Western Medias it’s a “Miracle”

    This is the best site in French and other languages


    Les Frères musulmans comme membres du Conseil de sécurité nationale de la Maison-Blanche

    par Thierry Meyssan

    Nous poursuivons la publication du livre de Thierry Meyssan, « Sous nos yeux ». Dans cet épisode, il revient sur le premier semestre 2011 au cours duquel, soutenus par les États-Unis et le Royaume-Uni, les Frères musulmans se rapprochèrent ou accédèrent au pouvoir en Tunisie, en Égypte et en Libye.



    Cet article est extrait du livre Sous nos yeux.

    Voir la Table des matières.

    Ben Ali (Tunisie), Kadhadi (Libye) et Moubarak (Egypte) étaient, en 2011, trois chefs d’État aux ordres de Washington (Kadhafi depuis son revirement de 2003, les deux autres depuis toujours). Malgré les services rendus, ils furent balayés au profit des Frères musulmans.

    7— Les débuts des « Printemps arabes » en Tunisie

    Le 12 août 2010, le président Barack Obama signe la directive présidentielle de Sécurité n° 11 (PSD-11). Il informe toutes ses ambassades au Moyen-Orient élargi de se préparer à des « changements de régime » [1]. Il nomme des Frères musulmans au Conseil de sécurité nationale des États-Unis pour coordonner l’action secrète sur le terrain. Washington va mettre en œuvre le plan britannique du « Printemps arabe ». Pour la Confrérie, le moment de gloire est arrivé.

    Le 17 décembre 2010, un marchand des quatre-saisons, «  Mohamed  » (Tarek) Bouazizi, s’immole par le feu en Tunisie après que la police a confisqué sa charrette. La Confrérie se saisit de l’affaire et fait circuler de fausses informations selon lesquelles le jeune homme était un étudiant au chômage et a été giflé par une femme policière. Immédiatement, les hommes de la National Endowment for Democracy (la NED, la fausse ONG des services secrets des cinq États anglo-saxons) corrompent la famille du défunt pour qu’elle ne dévoile pas le pot aux roses et sèment la révolte dans le pays. Alors que les manifestations se succèdent contre le chômage et les violences policières, Washington demande au président Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali de quitter le pays, tandis que le MI6 organise le retour triomphal de Londres du Guide des Frères tunisiens, Rached Ghannouchi.

    C’est la «  révolution du Jasmin  » [2]. Le schéma de ce changement de régime emprunte aussi bien au départ du Shah d’Iran suivi du retour de l’imam Khomeiny, qu’à celui des révolutions colorées.

    Rached Ghannouchi avait constitué une branche locale des Frères musulmans et tenté un coup d’État en 1987. Plusieurs fois arrêté et incarcéré, il s’exile au Soudan où il bénéficie du soutien d’Hassan el-Tourabi, puis en Turquie où il se rapproche de Recep Tayyip Erdogan (alors dirigeant de la Millî Görüs). En 1993, il obtient l’asile politique au Londonistan où il vit avec ses deux femmes et ses enfants.

    Deux personnalités se présentant comme « anti-américaines » : Moncef Marzouki (extrême-gauche travaillant pour la NED — USA) et Rached Ghannouchi (Frères musulman travaillant pour la Westminster Foundation — UK)

    La « Ligue de protection de la révolution » (LPR) est l’équivalent tunisien de l’« Appareil secret » égyptien. Son chef, Ihmed Deghij, reçoit de Rached Ghannouchi les instructions des personnalités à éliminer.

    Les Anglo-Saxons l’aident à améliorer l’image de son parti, le Mouvement de la tendance islamique renommé Mouvement de la Renaissance («  Ennahdha  »). Pour apaiser les craintes de la population à l’égard de la Confrérie, la NED fait appel à ses pions d’extrême gauche. Moncef Marzouki, le président de la Commission arabe des Droits humains, joue la caution morale. Il assure que les Frères ont beaucoup changé et sont devenus des démocrates. Il est élu Président de la Tunisie. Ghannouchi gagne les élections législatives et parvient à former un gouvernement de décembre 2011 à août 2013. Il y introduit d’autres pions de la NED comme Ahmed Néjib Chebbi, ex-maoïste puis trotskiste reconverti par Washington. Suivant l’exemple d’Hassan el-Banna, Ghannouchi constitue alors à côté du parti une milice, la Ligue de protection de la révolution, qui procède aux assassinats politiques dont celui du leader d’opposition Chokri Belaïd.

    Cependant, malgré un incontestable soutien d’une partie de la population tunisienne lors de son retour, Ennahdha est bientôt mis en minorité. Avant de quitter le pouvoir, Rached Ghannouchi fait voter des lois fiscales visant à ruiner à terme la bourgeoisie laïque. Il espère de la sorte transformer la sociologie de son pays et revenir bientôt sur le devant de la scène.

    En mai 2016, le Xe congrès d’Ennahdha est mis en scène par Innovative Communications & Strategies, une société créée par le MI6. Les communicants assurent que le parti est devenu «  civil  » et sépare activités politiques et religieuses. Mais cette évolution n’a aucun rapport avec la laïcité, il est simplement demandé aux responsables de se partager le travail et de ne pas être en même temps élu et imam.

    8— Le « Printemps arabe » en Égypte

    Le 25 janvier 2011, c’est-à-dire une semaine après la fuite du président Ben Ali, la fête nationale égyptienne se transforme en manifestation contre le Pouvoir. Les protestations sont encadrées par le dispositif traditionnel US des révolutions colorées  : les Serbes formés par Gene Sharp (théoricien de l’Otan spécialisé dans les changements de régime en douceur, c’est-à-dire sans recours à la guerre [3]) et les hommes de la NED. Leurs livres et brochures traduits en arabe, y compris les consignes pour les manifestations, sont largement distribués dès le premier jour. La plupart de ces espions seront ultérieurement arrêtés, jugés, condamnés, puis expulsés. Les manifestants sont principalement mobilisés par les Frères musulmans, qui disposent d’un soutien de 15 à 20 % dans le pays, et par Kifaya (Ça suffit  !), un groupe créé par Gene Sharp. C’est la «  révolution du Lotus  » [4]. Les protestations se déroulent principalement au Caire, place Tahrir, mais aussi dans sept autres grandes villes. Cependant, on est très loin de la vague révolutionnaire qui a soulevé la Tunisie.

    Dès le début, les Frères utilisent des armes. Place Tahrir, ils replient leurs blessés dans une mosquée tout équipée pour leur donner les premiers soins. Les chaînes de télévision des pétro-dictatures qatarie, Al-Jazeera, et saoudienne, Al-Arabiya, appellent à renverser le régime et diffusent en direct les informations stratégiques. Les États-Unis font revenir l’ancien directeur de l’Agence de l’énergie atomique, le prix Nobel de la Paix Mohamed El-Baradei, président de l’Association nationale pour le changement. El-Baradei a été honoré pour avoir réussi à calmer les ardeurs de Hans Blix qui dénonçait au nom de l’Onu les mensonges de l’administration Bush visant à justifier la guerre contre l’Irak. Il préside depuis plus d’un an une coalition créée sur le modèle de la Déclaration de Damas  : un texte raisonnable, des signataires de tous bords, plus les Frères musulmans dont le programme est en réalité totalement opposé à celui de la plateforme.

    Pour le porte-parole des Frères musulmans en Égypte, Essam Elarian, peu importent les Accords de Camp David, l’urgence est de criminaliser l’homosexualité.

    En définitive, la Confrérie est la première organisation égyptienne à appeler au renversement du régime. Les télévisions de tous les États membres de l’Otan ou du Conseil de coopération du Golfe prédisent la fuite du président Hosni Moubarak. Tandis que l’envoyé spécial du Président Obama, l’ambassadeur Frank Wisner Jr (le beau-père par alliance de Nicolas Sarkozy), fait d’abord mine de soutenir Moubarak, puis de se ranger derrière la foule. Il le presse de se retirer. En définitive, après deux semaines d’émeutes et une manifestation rassemblant un million de personnes, Moubarak reçoit l’ordre de Washington de céder et démissionne. Cependant, les États-Unis entendent changer la Constitution avant de mettre les Frères au pouvoir. Celui-ci reste donc temporairement aux mains de l’armée. Le maréchal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi préside le Comité militaire qui administre les affaires courantes. Il nomme une Commission constituante de sept membres, dont deux Frères musulmans. C’est d’ailleurs l’un d’entre eux, le juge Tareq Al-Bishri, qui préside les travaux.

    Cependant, la Confrérie maintient des manifestations chaque vendredi à la sortie des mosquées et se livre à des lynchages de chrétiens coptes sans intervention de la police.

    9— Pas de révolution colorée au Bahreïn et au Yémen

    Alors que la culture yéménite n’a aucun rapport avec celle d’Afrique du Nord, sinon la pratique commune de la même langue, une importante contestation secoue depuis plusieurs mois le Bahreïn et le Yémen. La concomitance avec les événements de Tunisie et d’Égypte risque de brouiller les cartes. Le Bahreïn héberge la Ve Flotte US et contrôle la circulation maritime dans le Golfe persique, tandis que le Yémen contrôle avec Djibouti l’entrée et la sortie de la mer Rouge et du Canal de Suez.

    La dynastie régnante craint que la révolte populaire ne renverse la monarchie et accuse par réflexe l’Iran de l’organiser. En effet, en 1981, un ayatollah (chiite) irakien tenta d’exporter la révolution de l’imam Khomeiny et de renverser le régime fantoche mis en place par les Britanniques lors de l’Indépendance de 1971.

    Le secrétaire à la Défense, Robert Gates, se rend sur place et autorise l’Arabie saoudite à étouffer dans l’œuf ces authentiques révolutions. La répression est dirigée par le prince Nayef. Il appartient au clan des Sudeiris, comme le prince Bandar, bien que Nayef soit son aîné et que Bandar ne soit que le fils d’une esclave. La répartition des rôles entre les deux hommes est claire  : l’oncle maintient l’ordre en réprimant les mouvements populaires, tandis que le neveu déstabilise des États en y organisant le terrorisme. L’important est de bien distinguer les pays dans lesquels ils agissent [5].

    10— Le Printemps arabe en Libye

    Si Washington a prévu le renversement des administrations alliées de Ben Ali et de Moubarak sans recours à la guerre, il en va autrement pour la Libye et la Syrie, gouvernées par les révolutionnaires Kadhafi et Assad.

    Après avoir enseigné le langage démocratique aux pétrodictateurs, avoir réorganisé Al-Jazeera et installé les sociétés US en Libye, le Frères Mahmoud Jibril devient la tête de la « révolution » contre le régime qu’il servait la veille.

    Début février, alors que Hosni Moubarak est encore président de l’Égypte, la CIA organise au Caire le lancement de la suite des opérations. Une réunion rassemble divers acteurs, dont la NED (représentée par les sénateurs républicain John McCain et démocrate Joe Liberman), la France (représentée par Bernard-Henri Lévy), et les Frères musulmans. La délégation libyenne est conduite par le Frère Mahmoud Jibril (celui qui a formé les dirigeants du Golfe et réorganisé Al-Jazeera). Il entre dans la salle comme numéro 2 du gouvernement de la Jamahiriya, mais sort en tant que… chef de l’opposition à la «  dictature  ». Il ne retournera pas à son luxueux bureau de Tripoli, mais rejoindra Benghazi, en Cyrénaïque. La délégation syrienne comprend Anas Al-Abdeh (fondateur de l’Observatoire syrien des Droits de l’Homme) et son frère Malik Al-Abdeh (directeur de BaradaTV, une télévision anti-syrienne financée par la CIA et le département d’État). Washington donne instruction de débuter les guerres civiles, à la fois en Libye et en Syrie.

    Le 15 février, Me Fathi Terbil, avocat des familles des victimes du massacre de la prison d’Abou Salim, en 1996, parcourt la ville de Benghazi en assurant que la prison locale est en feu et en appelant à délivrer les détenus. Il est brièvement arrêté et relâché le jour même. Le lendemain, 16 février, toujours à Benghazi, des émeutiers attaquent trois commissariats de police, les locaux de la Sécurité intérieure et ceux du procureur. Défendant l’armurerie de la Sécurité intérieure, la police tue six attaquants. Pendant ce temps, à El-Beïda, entre Benghazi et la frontière égyptienne, d’autres émeutiers attaquent également des commissariats de police et les locaux de la Sécurité intérieure. Ils prennent la caserne Hussein Al-Jawf et la base aérienne militaire d’Al-Abrag. Ils s’emparent d’une grande quantité d’armes, tabassent les gardiens et pendent un soldat. D’autres incidents, moins spectaculaires surviennent de manière coordonnée, dans sept autres villes [6].

    Ces attaquants se réclament du Groupe islamique combattant en Libye (GICL–Al-Qaïda) [7]. Ils sont tous membres ou anciens membres des Frères musulmans. Deux de leurs chefs ont été soumis à un lavage de cerveau à Guantánamo selon les techniques des professeurs Albert D. Biderman et Martin Seligman [8]. À la fin des années 1990, le GICL a tenté par quatre fois d’assassiner Mouammar Kadhafi à la demande du MI6 et d’établir une guérilla dans les montagnes du Fezzan. Il fut alors durement combattu par le général Abdel Fattah Younés, qui le contraignit à quitter le pays. Il figure depuis les attentats de 2001 sur la liste des organisations terroristes établie par le Comité 1267 de l’ONU, mais dispose d’un bureau à Londres, sous la protection du MI6.

    Le nouveau chef du GICL, Abdelhakim Belhaj, qui s’est battu en Afghanistan aux côtés d’Oussama Ben Laden et en Irak, avait été arrêté en Malaisie, en 2004, puis transféré dans une prison secrète de la CIA en Thaïlande où il fut soumis au sérum de vérité et torturé. Un accord entre les États-Unis et la Libye permit son renvoi en Libye où il fut à nouveau torturé, mais par des agents britanniques cette fois, à la prison d’Abou Salim. En 2007, le GICL et Al-Qaïda fusionnent. Cependant, dans le cadre des négociations avec les États-Unis au cours de la période 2008-2010, Saïf el-Islam Kadhafi avait négocié une trêve entre la Jamahiriya et le GICL (Al-Qaïda). Celui-ci avait publié un long document, Les Études correctrices, dans lequel il admit avoir commis une erreur en appelant au jihad contre des coreligionnaires dans un pays musulman. En trois vagues successives, tous les membres d’Al-Qaïda furent amnistiés et libérés à la seule condition qu’ils renoncent par écrit à la violence. Sur 1 800 jihadistes, seule une centaine refusa cet accord et préféra rester en prison. Dès sa libération, Abdelhakim Belhaj quitta la Libye et s’installa au Qatar. Tous sont parvenus à revenir en Libye sans attirer l’attention.

    Le 17 février 2011, les Frères convoquent un rassemblement à Benghazi en mémoire des 13 morts survenus lors de la manifestation contre le consulat d’Italie, en 2006. Selon les organisateurs, c’est Mouammar Kadhafi qui aurait à l’époque monté l’affaire des «  caricatures de Mahomet  » avec l’aide de la Ligue du Nord italienne. La réunion dégénère. On relève 14 morts, parmi les manifestants et les policiers.

    Les Frères musulmans distribuent le nouveau drapeau qu’ils veulent pour la Libye : c’est celui de l’ancien roi Idriss et de la colonisation britannique.

    C’est le début de la «  révolution  ». En réalité, les protestataires ne cherchent pas à renverser la Jamahiriya, mais à proclamer l’indépendance de la Cyrénaïque. Ainsi, à Benghazi, on distribue des dizaines de milliers de drapeaux du roi Idriss (1889-1983). La Libye moderne regroupe trois provinces de l’Empire ottoman qui ne forment un pays unique que depuis 1951. La Cyrénaïque était gouvernée de 1946 à 1969 par la monarchie des Senussi — une famille wahhabite soutenue par les Saoudiens — qui étendit son pouvoir sur toute la Libye.

    Mouammar Kadhafi promet de «  faire couler des fleuves de sang  » pour sauver sa population des islamistes. À Genève, une association créée par la NED, la Ligue libyenne des Droits de l’Homme, sort ces déclarations de leur contexte et les présente à la presse occidentale comme des menaces contre le Peuple libyen. Elle assure qu’il bombarde Tripoli. En réalité, la Ligue est une coquille vide rassemblant les futurs ministres du pays après l’invasion de l’Otan.

    Mahmoud Jibril a réorganisé Al-Jazeera en 2005 pour en faire la chaîne des Frères musulmans. C’est elle qui a entretenu le mythe d’un Ben Laden toujours vivant. Son conseiller spirituel, le cheikh Youssef Al-Qaradâwî, y tient une émission hebdomadaire au cours de laquelle il appelle à assassiner Mouamar Kadhafi.

    Le 21 février, le cheikh Youssef Al-Qaradâwî lance sur Al-Jazeera une fatwa ordonnant aux militaires libyens de sauver leur peuple en assassinant Mouammar Kadhafi.

    Le Conseil de sécurité, se basant sur les travaux du Conseil des Droits de l’Homme de Genève — qui a auditionné la Ligue et l’ambassadeur libyen — et à la demande du Conseil de coopération du Golfe, autorise l’usage de la force pour protéger la population du dictateur.

    Le sang du commandant de l’AfriCom, le général Carter Ham, ne fait qu’un tour lorsque le Pentagone lui ordonne de se coordonner avec le GICL (Al-Qaïda). Comment peut-on travailler en Libye avec les individus que l’on combat en Irak et qui ont tué des GI’s  ? Il est immédiatement démis de ses fonctions au profit du commandant de l’EuCom et de l’Otan, l’amiral James Stavridis.

    30 des 38 soldats des Navys Seals (ici à l’entraînement) ayant participé au prétendu assassinat d’Oussama Ben Laden au Pakistan sont morts au cours de divers accidents dans les semaines suivant cette opération.

    Entracte  : le 1er mai 2011, Barack Obama annonce qu’à Abbottabad (Pakistan), le commando 6 des Navy Seals a éliminé Oussama Ben Laden dont on était sans nouvelles crédibles depuis presque 10 ans. Cette annonce permet de clore le dossier Al-Qaïda et de relooker les jihadistes pour en refaire des alliés des États-Unis comme au bon vieux temps des guerres d’Afghanistan, de Bosnie-Herzégovine, de Tchétchénie et du Kosovo. Le corps de « Ben Laden » est immergé en haute mer [9].

    Durant six mois, la ligne de front libyenne reste inchangée. Le GICL contrôle Benghazi et proclame un Émirat islamique à Derna, la ville dont la majorité de ses membres est originaire. Pour terroriser les Libyens, il enlève des citoyens au hasard. On retrouve ultérieurement leurs corps dépecés, leurs membres éparpillés dans les rues. Les jihadistes étant au départ des gens normaux, on leur fait absorber un mélange de drogues naturelles et de drogues de synthèse qui leur fait perdre toute sensation. Ils peuvent alors commettre des atrocités sans en avoir conscience. La CIA ayant subitement besoin de grandes quantité de Captagon — un dérivé d’amphétamines — sollicite le Premier ministre bulgare, le chef mafieux Boïko Borissov —qui présidera le Conseil européen en 2018—. Celui-ci est un ancien garde du corps qui a rejoint Security Insurance Company, l’une des deux grandes organisations mafieuses des Balkans. Cette compagnie dispose de laboratoires clandestins qui produisent cette drogue pour les sportifs allemands. Borissov va fournir des cachets miracle à la tonne, à absorber en fumant du haschich [10].

    Le général Abdel Fattah Younés fait défection et rejoint les «  révolutionnaires  ». C’est tout au moins ce que l’on raconte en Occident. En réalité, il reste au service de la Jamahiriya tout en devenant le chef des forces de la Cyrénaïque indépendante. Les islamistes, qui se souviennent de son action contre eux une décennie plus tôt, ne tardent pas à découvrir qu’il est toujours en contact avec Saïf el-Islam Kadhafi. Ils lui tendent un piège, le tuent, le brûlent et dévorent une partie de son cadavre.

    L’émir Hamad du Qatar espère en finir avec la Jamahiriya et installer le nouveau pouvoir comme il l’a déjà fait avec le président inconstitutionnel du Liban. Alors que l’Otan se contente d’intervenir par voie aérienne, le Qatar déploie un aéroport de campagne dans le désert et débarque hommes et matériels. Mais la population du Fezzan et de la Tripolitaine reste fidèle à la Jamahiriya et à son Guide.

    Lorsque l’Otan fait tomber un déluge de feu sur Tripoli, en août, le Qatar a massé des Forces spéciales et débarqué des blindés en Tunisie. Ces milliers d’hommes ne sont bien sûr pas des Qataris, mais des mercenaires — principalement Colombiens — entraînés par Academi (ex-Blackwater/Xe) aux Émirats arabes unis. Ils rejoignent Al-Qaïda (redevenu gentil bien que toujours considéré comme terroriste par l’Onu) à Tripoli, habillés et cagoulés en noir, afin que l’on ne puisse voir que leurs yeux

    Seuls deux groupes de Libyens participent à la prise de Tripoli, les combattants de Misrata, qui obéissent à la Turquie, et le GICL. La brigade de Tripoli (Al-Qaïda) est commandée par l’Irlando-Turco-Libyen Mahdi Al-Harati et encadrée par des officiers réguliers de l’armée française.

    Sur proposition de l’Otan, Abdelhakim Belhaj (au centre), le chef du GICL (branche libyenne d’Al-Qaïda) devient gouverneur militaire de Tripoli. Mahdi al-Harati (à gauche), que le président Erdogan était venu féliciter lors de la Flotille de la Liberté à Gaza, est son adjoint.

    Avant même que Mouammar Kadhafi soit lynché, un gouvernement provisoire est constitué par Washington. On y retrouve tous les héros de cette histoire  : sous la présidence de Moustafa Abdel Jalil (qui a couvert les tortures des infirmières bulgares et du médecin palestinien), Mahmoud Jibril (qui a formé les émirs du Golfe, réorganisé Al-Jazeera et participé à la réunion du Caire en février), Fathi Terbil (qui a lancé la «  révolution  » à Benghazi). Le chef du GICL et ancien n°3 mondial d’Al-Qaïda, Abdelhakim Belhaj (impliqué dans les attentats de la gare d’Atocha à Madrid), est nommé «  gouverneur militaire de Tripoli  ».

    Thierry Meyssan

    [1] “Obama’s low-key strategy for the Middle East”, David Ignatius, Washington Post, March 6, 2011. “Identifiying the enemy : radical islamist terror”, Statement by Peter Hoekstra, House Committe on Homeland Security, United States House of Representatives, September 22, 2016.

    [2] « Washington face à la colère du peuple tunisien », par Thierry Meyssan, Réseau Voltaire, 23 janvier 2011.

    [3] « L’Albert Einstein Institution : la non-violence version CIA », par Thierry Meyssan, Réseau Voltaire, 4 juin 2007.

    [4] The International Dimensions of Democratization in Egypt : The Limits of Externally-Induced Change, Gamal M. Selim, Springer (2015).

    [5] « La Contre-révolution au Proche-Orient », par Thierry Meyssan, Komsomolskaïa Pravda (Russie), Réseau Voltaire, 11 mai 2011.

    [6] Rapport de la Mission d’enquête sur la crise actuelle en Libye, FFC (2011).

    [7] « Ennemis de l’OTAN en Irak et en Afghanistan, alliés en Libye », par Webster G. Tarpley, Réseau Voltaire, 21 mai 2011.

    [8] « Le secret de Guantánamo », par Thierry Meyssan, Оdnako (Russie) , Réseau Voltaire, 28 octobre 2009.

    [9] « Réflexions sur l’annonce officielle de la mort d’Oussama Ben Laden », par Thierry Meyssan, Réseau Voltaire, 4 mai 2011.

    [10] « Comment la Bulgarie a fourni des drogues et des armes à Al-Qaïda et à Daesh », par Thierry Meyssan, Réseau Voltaire, 4 janvier 2016

    • Vince Dhimos

      Yes, this is THE site to visit for the TRUTH behind the regime changes in the Middle East. They publish in English as well. They have good info on the frame-up of Assad in the murder of ex Lebanese PM Rafic Hariri by a UN investigatory team whose lying head investigator was chosen by John Bolton. This was one of the first attempts to assassinate Assad’s character. As a result of the phony investigation, Syria was forced to leave Lebanon and the next year, 2006, Israel all but destroyed Lebanon,

  • AlexanderAmproz


    The farcical relations of the EU countries with Russia

    by Manlio Dinucci

    Manlio Dinucci writes about Vladimir Putin’s journey to Rome. There was nothing new compared with other visits to the countries of the EU, except for the rhetorical split by Giuseppe Conte’s government – Conté presents himself as a « sovereignist », while he obeys the desiderata of NATO, as the other countries do.




  • Lansing pointed to a claim by the Kremlin in 2014 that the U.S. had loaded Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 with dead bodies and shot it down to pin the international crime on Russia.
    if the Russians indeed came up with that, then they have a really wacky sense of humour, or really wonderful imaginative thinking. or who know, maybe they may be saying something we don’t know.
    State-sponsored Russian broadcasters such as RT (formerly Russia Today) and Sputnik are expanding their global operations even into the United States. Right here in Washington D.C., Sputnik purchased airtime on a local radio station in 2017 to broadcast Russian state propaganda.
    well… it’s better to be fed with Russian propaganda than rotten, putrid american tripe anyway. no one wants to be an american idiot. the in roads being made by RT and Sputnik are just on an unbelievable scale. the americans are losing the information war.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Truth is the US Warmongers Wars first victim !


      Anglo-American Money Owners Organized World War II

      by Valentin Katasonov

      To mark the 70th anniversary of the Victory against Nazism, we publish a study of Valentin Katasonov on financing of the NSDAP and the rearmament of the Third Reich. The author deals with new documents that confirm the organization of the Second World War by US and UK Bankers, covered by President Franklin Roosevelt and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, in the hope of destroying the USSR. This study raises new questions that will be addressed in a future article.




      JPEG – 47.6 kb

      Hjalmar Schacht (left), Hitler’s finance minister, with his close friend Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England from 1920 to 1944. According to documents reveled by the Bank of England in 2012, he Czechoslovak gold was held in London in a sub-account in the name of the Bank for International Settlements, the Basel-based bank for central banks. When the Nazis marched into Prague in March 1939 they immediately sent armed soldiers to the offices of the National Bank. The Czech directors were ordered, on pain of death, to send two transfer requests. The first instructed the BIS to transfer 23.1 metric tons of gold from the Czechoslovak BIS account, held at the Bank of England, to the Reichsbank BIS account, also held at Threadneedle Street. The second order instructed the Bank of England to transfer almost 27 metric tons of gold held in the National Bank of Czechoslovakia’s own name to the BIS’s gold account at the Bank of England.

      The war was not unleashed by frenzied Fuhrer who happened to be ruling Germany at the time. WWII is a project created by world oligarchy or Anglo-American “money owners”. Using such instruments as the US Federal Reserve System and the Bank of England they started to prepare for the next world conflict of global scale right after WWI. The USSR was the target.

      The Dawes and Young Plans, the creation of Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the Germany’s suspension of reparations payments it had to pay according to Paris Peace Treaty and the acquiescence of Russia’s former allies in this decision, large-scale foreign investments into the economy of Third Reich, the militarization of German economy and the breaches of Paris Treaty provisions – they all were important milestones on the way of preparing the war.

      There were key figures behind the plot: the Rockefellers, the Morgans, Lord Montagu Norman (the Governor of the Bank of England), Hjalmar Schacht (President of the Reichsbank and Minister of Economics in the Hitler’s government).The strategic plan of Rockefellers and Morgans was to subjugate Europe economically, saturate Germany with foreign investments and credits and make it deliver a crushing blow against the Soviet Russia so that it would be returned into the world capitalist system as a colony.

      Montagu Norman (1871 – 1950) played an important role of go-between to keep up a dialogue between American financial circles and Germany’s business leaders. Hjalmar Schacht organized the revival of Germany’s defense sector of economy. The operation conducted by “money owners” was covered up by such politicians as Franklin Roosevelt, Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill. In Germany the plans were carried out by Hitler and Hjalmar Schacht. Some historians say Hjalmar Schacht played a more important role than Hitler. Simply Schacht kept away from spotlight.

      The Dawes Plan was an attempt following World War I for the Triple Entente to compromise and collect war reparations debt from Germany. The Dawes Plan (as proposed by the Dawes Committee, chaired by Charles G. Dawes) was an attempt in 1924 to solve the reparations problem, which had bedeviled international politics following World War I and the Treaty of Versailles (France was reluctant to accept it got over 50% of reparations). In 1924-1929 Germany got $2, 5 billion from the United States and $ 1, 5 billion from Great Britain, according to Dawes Plan. In today’s prices the sum is huge, it is equal to $1 trillion of US dollars. Hjalmar Schacht played an active role in the implementation of Dawes Plan. In 1929 he summed up the results, saying that in 5 years Germany got more foreign loans that the United States in the 40 years preceding WWI. As a result, in 1929 Germany became the world’s second largest industrial nation leaving Great Britain behind.

      In the 1930s the process of feeding Germany with investments and credits continued. The Young Plan was a program for settling German reparations debts after World War I written in 1929 and formally adopted in 1930. It was presented by the committee headed (1929–30) by American industrialist Owen D. Young, creator and ex-first chairman of Radio Corporation of America (RCA), who, at the time, concurrently served at board of trustees of Rockefeller Foundation, and also had been one of representatives involved in previous war reparations restructuring arrangement – Dawes Plan of 1924. According to the plan, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) was created in 1930 to make Germany pay reparations to victors. In reality the money flows went in quite a different direction – from the United States and Great Britain to Germany. The majority of strategically important German companies belonged to American capital or were partly under its control. Some of them belonged to British investors. German oil refinery and coal liquefaction sectors of economy belonged to Standard Oil (the Rockefellers). FarbenindustrieAG chemical industry major wasmoved under the control of the Morgan Group. 40% of telephone network and 30% of Focke Wulf shares belonged to American ITT. Radio and AEG, Siemens, Osram electrical industry majors moved under the control of American General Electric. ITT and General Electric were part of the Morgan’s empire. At least 100% of the Volkswagen shares belonged to American Ford. By the time Hitler came to power the US financial capital practically controlled all strategically important sectors of German industry: oil refining, synthetic fuel production, chemistry, car building, aviation, electrical engineering, radio industry, and a large part of machine-building (totally 278 companies). The leading German banks – Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Donat Bank and some others – were under US control.


      On January 30, 1933 Hitler was named the Chancellor of Germany. Before that his candidacy had been thoroughly studied by American bankers. HjalmarSchacht went to the United States in the autumn of 1930 to discuss the nomination with American colleagues. The Hitler’s appointment was finally approved at a secret meeting of financiers in the United States. He spent the whole 1932 trying to convince the German bankers that Hitler was the right person for the position. He achieved the goal. In mid-November 1932 17 German largest bankers and industrialists sent a letter to President Hindenburg expressing their demand to make Hitler the Chancellor of Germany. The last working meeting of German financiers before the election was held on January 4, 1933 in Kölnat the home of banker Kurt von Schröder. After that the National Socialist Party came to power. As a result, the financial and economic ties of Germany with Anglo-Saxons elevated to a higher level.

      Hitler immediately made an announcement that he refused to pay postwar reparations. It put into doubt the ability of England and France to pay off WWI debts to the United States. Washington did not object to the Hitler’s announcement. In May 1933 Hjalmar Schacht paid another visit to the United States. There he met with President Franklin Roosevelt and big bankers to reach a $1 billion credit deal.In June the same year Hjalmar Schacht visited London to hold talks with Montagu Norman. It all went down smoothly. The British agreed to grant a $2 billion loan. The British offered no objections related to the Germany’s decision to suspend debt payments.

      Some historians say the American and British bankers were pliant because by 1932 the Soviet Union had fulfilled the 5-year economic development plan to make it achieve new heights as an industrial power. A few thousand enterprises were built, especially in the sector of heavy industry. The dependence of USSR on import of engineering production has greatly dwindled. The chances to strangle the Soviet Union economically were practically reduced to zero. They decided to rely on war and launched the runaway militarization of Germany.

      It was easy for Germany to get American credits. By and large, Hitler came to power in his country at the same time as Franklin Roosevelt took office in the United States. The very same bankers who supported Hitler in 1931 supported Roosevelt at the presidential election. The newly elect President could not but endorse large credits to Germany. By the way, many noticed that there was a big similarity between the Roosevelt’s “New Deal Policy” and the economic policy of the German Third Reich. No wonder. The very same people worked out and consulted the both governments at the time. They mainly represented US financial circles.

      The Roosevelt’s New Deal soon started to stumble on the way. In 1937 America plunged into the quagmire of economic crisis. In 1939 the US economy operated at 33% of its industrial capacity (it was 19% in the heat of the 1929-1933 crisis).

      Rexford G. Tugwell, an economist who became part of Franklin Roosevelt’s first “Brain, a group of Columbia University academics who helped develop policy recommendations leading up to Roosevelt’s New Deal,wrote that in 1939 the government failed to reach any success.There was an open seatill the day Hitler invaded Poland.Only the mighty wind of war could dissipate the fog. Any other measures Roosevelt could take were doomed to failure. [1] Only the world war could save the US capitalism. In 1939 the money owners used all leverage at their disposal to put pressure of Hitler and make him unleash a big war in the east.


      The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) played an important role during the Second World War. It was created as an outpost of American interests in Europe and a link between Anglo-American and German businesses, a kind of offshore zone for cosmopolitan capital providing a shelter from political processes, wars, sanctions and other things. The Bank was created as a public commercial entity, it’s immunity from government interference and such things as taxes collection was guaranteed by international agreement signed in the Hague in 1930.

      The bankers of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, who were close to the Morgans, Montagu Norman, the Governor of the Bank of England, German financiers: Hjalmar Schacht (President of the Reichsbank and Minister of Economics in the Hitler’s government), Walther Funk (who later replaced Hjalmar Schacht as President of the Reichsbank) and EmilPuhl – all of them played an important role in the efforts to establish the Bank. The central banks of Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and some private banks were among the founders. The Federal Bank of New York did its best to establish the BIS, but it was not listed as a founder. The US was represented by the private First National Bank of New York, J.P. Morgan and Company, the First National Bank of Chicago – all parts of the Morgan’s empire. Japan was also represented by private banks. In 1931-1932 19 European central banks joined the Bank of International Settlements. Gates W. McGarrah, a banker of Rockefeller’s clan, was the first BIS chairman of the board. He was replaced by Leon Fraser, who represented the clan of Morgans. US citizen Thomas H. McKittrick was President of the Bankduring the war years.

      A lot has already been written about the BIS activities serving the interests of Third Reich. The Bank was involved in deals with different countries, including those Germany was at war with. Ever since Pearl Harbor the Bank of International Settlements has been a correspondent bank for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It was under Nazi control during the war years, no matter American Thomas Huntington McKittrick was the Bank’s President. Soldiers were dying on the battlefields while the leadership of BIS held meetings in Basel with the bankers of Germany, Japan, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain and the United States. There, in the Swiss offshore zone, it was all peaceful, the representatives of belligerents quietly worked in the atmosphere of mutual understanding.

      Switzerland became the place where gold seized by Germany in different corners of Europe was transported to for storage. In the March of 1938, when Hitler captured Vienna, part of Austrian gold was transferred to BIS vaults. The same thing happened with the gold of Czech National Bank (48 million USD). As the war started, the flows of gold poured into the Bank of International Settlements. Germany got it from concentration camps and as a result of plundering the wealth of occupied countries (including whatever belonged to civilians: jewels, gold crowns, cigarette cases, utensils…). It was called the Nazi Gold. The metal was processed into ingots to be stored in the Bank of International Settlements, Switzerland, or outside Europe. Charles Higham in his Trading With The Enemy: An Expose of The Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949 wrote that during the war Nazi transferred $378 million into the accounts of Bank of International Settlements.

      A few words about the Czech gold. The details surfaced when after the Bank of England’s archives were declassified in 2012. [2] In the March of 1939 Germany captured Prague. Nazi demanded $48 million of national gold reserves. They were told that the sum had already been transferred to the Bank of International Settlements. Later it became known that the gold was transferred from Basel to the vaults of Bank of England. Upon the command from Berlin the gold was transferred to the ReichsbankBIS account. Then the Bank of England was involved in transactions done upon the orders of Reichsbank given to the Bank of International settlements. The commands were retransmitted to London. There was collusion between German Reichsbank, the Bank of International Settlements and the Bank of England. In 1939 a scandal broke out in Great Britain because the Bank of England executed the transactions with Czech gold upon the commands coming from Berlin and Basel, not the Czech government. For instance, in the June of 1939, three months before the war between Great Britain and Germany started, the Bank of England helped Germans to get into their accounts the amount of gold equal to 440 thousand pounds sterling and transfer some gold to New York (Germany was sure that in case of German intervention into Poland the United States would not declare war).

      The illegal transactions with Czech gold were implemented with tacit approval of the government of Great Britain which was aware of what was going on. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir John Simon and other top officials did their best to hide the truth, including outright lies (the gold was returned to the lawful owner or had never been transferred to Reichsbank). The recently declassified materials of Bank of England reveal the truth and show that the government officials lied to cover up themselves and the activities of the Bank of England and the Bank of International Settlements. It was easy to coordinate the joint criminal activities because Montagu Norman, the head of Bank of England, served as the chairman of the board of Bank of International Settlements. He never made secret of his sympathy for fascists.

      The Bretton Woods Conference, formally known as the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, was the gathering of 730 delegates from all 44 allied nations at the Mount Washington Hotel situated in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, the United States, to regulate the international monetary and financial order after the conclusion of World War II. The conference was held from 1 to 22 July 1944. All of a sudden the issue of the Bank of International Settlements hit the agenda. It was reported that the bank collaborated with fascist Germany. Leaving many details aside, I’d only mention that with great difficulty (some US delegates opposed the motion) the delegates reached an agreement to close the BIS. The decision of international conference has never been enacted. All the discreditable information related to the BIS wartime activities was classified. Today it helps to falsify the history of the Second World War.

      Finally, a few words about Hjalmar Schacht (1877-1970) who served as President of the Reichsbank and Minister of Economics in the fascist Germany’s government. He was a key figure controlling the economic machine of Third Reich, an extraordinary and plenipotentiaryambassador representing Anglo-American capital in Germany. In 1945 Schacht was tried at Nuremberg to be acquitted on October 1, 1946. He got away with murder. The same way it happened to Hitler. For some unexplained reasons he was not in the 1945 leading wartime criminals list. More to it, Schacht returned to his profession like if nothing happened and founded Schacht GmbH in Düsseldorf. This detail may go unnoticed, though it serves as another testimony to the fact that Anglo-American “money owners” and their plenipotentiary representatives in Germany prepared and, to some extent, influenced the outcome of the Second World War. The “money owners” want to rewrite the history of the war and change its results.

      Valentin Katasonov


      Strategic Culture Foundation (Russia)

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      [1] P.Tugwell, The Democratic Roosevelt, A Biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt, New York, 1957, p 477.

      • Toronto Tonto

        Hitler and stalin did jackazz. and Russia is still to this day a terrorist jew hating Nazi shitthole.

        • AlexanderAmproz

          Racist Fascist is US/Israel
          In 1938 Canada PM said
          “None Jews Refugees is already too much”
          Nazism Zionism is a London “Invention”
          on purpose to destroy Europe.
          UK King , Joe Kennedy, Preston Bush, Henry Ford, Hunt,
          Harriman did Hitler election and armed him to the teeth.
          Germany was US best partner
          GERMAN HOLOCAUST GERMAN GENOCIDE: 9-15 Million Germans Killed 1945 – 1953 Post WW2 “The Morgenthau Plan” EISENHOWER’S DEATH CAMPS “A Forgotten Genocide”

          “THE ART OF WAR”

          From 1945 until today – 20 to 30 million people killed by the USA

          by Manlio Dinucci

          It’s a fact, not an analysis, not even an opinion – the « free and open international order» promoted since 1945 by the United States has cost the lives of 20 to 30 million people throughout the world. No President, whoever he may be, has managed to slow the rhythm of this killing machine.



          In the summary of its last strategic document – 2018 National Defense Strategy of the United States of America (of which the entire text is classified) – the Pentagon claims that « after the Second World War, the United States and their allies installed a « free and open international order in order to safeguard the freedom of the people from aggression and coercion », but that « this order is presently undermined by Russia and China, who are violating the principles and rules of international relations ». This is a total reversal of historical reality.

          Professor Michel Chossudovsky, director of the Center for Research on Globalization, reminds us that these two countries, listed today as enemies, are those which, when they were allied with the United States during the Second World War, paid the victory over the Nazi-fascist Axis Berlin-Rome-Tokyo with the greatest price in human lives – approximately 26 million from the Soviet Union and 20 million from China, compared with a little more than 400,000 from the United States.

          With this preliminary, Chossudovsky introduces to Global Research a documented study by James A. Lucas on the number of people killed by the uninterrupted series of wars, coups d’État and other subversive operations executed by the United States from the end of the War in 1945 until now – a number estimated at 20 to 30 million victims [1]. Approximately twice the number of deaths from the First World War, the centenary of the end of which has just been celebrated in Paris with a Peace Forum.

          Apart from the deaths, there are the wounded, who very often find themselves crippled for life – some experts calculate that for every person killed in war, ten others are wounded. This means that the number of people wounded by US wars should be counted in the hundreds of millions.

          To this estimation in the study we must add a non-quantified number of dead, probably hundreds of millions, which have been caused, from 1945 until today, by the indirect effects of wars – famine, epidemics, forced migrations, slavery and exploitation, environmental damage, subtraction of resources from vital needs in order to cover military expenditure.

          The study documents the wars and coups d’État executed by the United States in 30 Asian, African, European and Latin-American countries. It reveals that US military forces are directly responsible for between 10 and 15 million deaths, caused by the major wars – those against Korea and Vietnam and the two wars against Iraq. Between 10 and 14 million other deaths have been caused by the proxy wars waged by the allied armed forces trained and commanded by the USA in Afghanistan, Angola, Congo, Sudan, Guatemala and other countries.

          The Vietnam War, which spread to Cambodia and Laos, caused a number of deaths estimated at 7.8 million (plus a huge number of wounded, and genetic damage affecting generations due to the dioxin sprayed by US aircraft).

          The proxy war of the 1980’s in Afghanistan was organised by the CIA, which trained and armed – with the collaboration of Oussama ben Laden and Pakistan – more than 100,000 mujahideen to fight the Soviet troops who had fallen into the « Afghan trap » (as it was later described by Zbigniew Brzezinski, specifying that the training of the mujahideen had begun in July 1979, five months before the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan).

          The bloodiest coup d’État was organised in 1965 in Indonesia by the CIA – it handed over the list of the first 5,000 Communists and others marked for death to the Indonesian murder squads. The number of people assassinated is estimated at between 500,000 and 3 million.

          That is the « free and open international order » that the United States, independently of the White House, persist in pursuing in order to « safeguard the people from aggression and coercion ».

          Manlio Dinucci


          Pete Kimberley


          Il Manifesto (Italy)

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          [1] “US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II”, James A. Lucas, November 27, 2017.

    • Toronto Tonto

      Russia is done , its going to be a bunch of lawless rouge shittholes soon enough .

      • LR captain

        well china sure is not done. They will continue their “parasitic” trade with the US as long as the US is a consumer based economy.
        do you even the how china engages in parasitic. I’d love to tell you about it. But i’d don’t think you would listen. Plus it would hold the key to bring down china.

  • Vince Dhimos

    How long will it be before any news outlet that dares say anything positive about Russia will be banned and the owner arrested and thrown in jail with Assange?

    • Toronto Tonto

      Positive and Russia just don’t mix , you should know that .

    • Sinbad2

      I’m betting within 2 years.
      Within 2 years the US economy will have collapsed, and they won’t be able to pay their thugs to intimidate the free world, and bribe corrupt officials.

      • Toronto Tonto

        Do you have tv , CNN hates trump you see that right, do you think he gives money to them .
        Putin on the other hand don’t fund Russian media he owns it . RT and spindik are corrupt just like all of Russia .

  • verner

    when an outlet is found lacking in credibility, like voice of america and radio free europe and so on, people will search for alternatives and will soon find outlets like southfront, rt, sputniknews and so on, which is hard for the disintegrating states of A to accept and immediately starts whining and complaining. but no effect since most interested people will know where the relevant information harks from and it’s not from the american or british or french msm, it’s provided by RT and sputniknews and southfront and strategic cultureand so on. so stay tuned to those outlets and avoid lake the plague, cnn, fox and bbc and so on.

    • Toronto Tonto

      Your fucced ha ha ha .

      • verner

        oh sorry I forgot but I can explain the difficult words for your ease of reference. otherwise difficult to get a proper sentence with one or two syllable words which I understand is what you can compute, at the most.

      • Selbstdenker

        Is it realy tunto? Moron from moron country.

    • Vince Dhimos

      Actually, Sputnik and RT are way watered down. If you want the real nitty gritty you have to go to the actual Russian language sites or sites that post translations like http://www.newsilkstrategies.com/

  • Sinbad2

    Well of course, America invented lying, with the aid of Jewish scientists.

    • Toronto Tonto

      Its in the Russian blood to lie .