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MARCH 2021

USA Will Continue to Provide the Weapons for Ukraine


US Congressmen have decided to provide the weapons for Ukraine.

USA Will Continue to Provide the Weapons for Ukraine

Petro Poroshenko looks forward for peace

Originally appeared at Lnr.today

Yesterday, House of Representatives approved the draft budget, which provides military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $ 300 million.

Peace in Donbass does not benefit the United States. The ceasefire, announced recently, is becoming shaky due to such actions of Congress. USA has always been famous for their bloodlust, despite the fact that the world has swept a series of conflicts, the Americans seek to create chaos – Politikus.ru said.

Would be logical provide financial assistance for the repayment of loans. But for some reason it is not even being discussed in the House of Congress, so it is evident that the fighting will be resumed in Donbass. But there is one BUT:

The Obama Administration must approve the decision of the Congress about the providing weapons for Ukraine. He has repeatedly expressed his opinion on the matter and had stated that he intends to veto the law.



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