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USA to Provide More Assistance to ‘Moderate Rebels’ in Syria

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USA to Provide More Assistance to 'Moderate Rebels' in Syria


The USA will continue to provide assistance to the Syrian opposition which fights ISIS in Syria, US Department of Defense’s spokesperson Adrian Rankine-Galloway told journalists on April 13.

“We continue to support vetted Syrian opposition forces that are taking the fight to ISIL [Daesh] in a host of ways and we’ll continue to monitor the situation on the ground and enable those local motivated, capable forces fighting ISIL,” RIA cites the US official.

At the moment, it isn’t clear which kind of “assitance the US is going to provide.

Recently, there have been numerous reports in mainstream media that the US and its regional partners are concerned about violations of the ceasefire (mainly by “the regime”) and are preparing “Plan-B” for Syria.

We remember, on February 23, White House spokesperson Josh Earnest said the US was “not ruling out a Plan B” in case the ceasefire did not hold. Nonetheless, there are no information what “Plan B” means.

In any case, the recent developments clearly show that the US doesn’t want to cooperate with Russia on the cessation of hostilities in Syria.

Thus, the negotiations on Syria is just an attempt of the American leadership to achieve a success on the diplomatic field after the lose on the battlespace where the government forces show a significant success with support of Russia and Iran.

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Well that will help the negotiations, then with the ‘rebels’ knowing the US are still going to be arming them.

Tomko Kubianca

Kerry’s ceasefire is just a stalling tactic to buy time to re-arm due to Russia’s success at wiping out so many terrorists with their 4 or 5 month campaign.


Russians are actually the ones who put forth the idea. I thought it was the us at first too. It surprised me when it happened but the us would have lost even more legitimacy if they would have opposed it so they went along on the surface while letting their “allies” undermine it without accountability.


Didn’t they already hand over all of the western armament (and vehicles) to ISIS? They act as a middle-men in this charade of “popular rebellion” which is nothing else but western staged attempt to overthrow Assad not dissimilar to that in Ukraine…

Tomko Kubianca

The Syrian people know that this “popular rebellion” was just another fake “Arab Spring” created by Obama. They could tell the people rebelling in the streets weren’t even Syrians. It’s was supposed to be a photo-op for the MSM to catch Assad gunning down his own people in the streets but it didn’t work. It failed in Egypt as well when Obama tried to plant the Muslim Brotherhood in power.

Justin Sawchuk

So they supply weapon and weapons to the worthless rebels the rebels get defeated and hand over the weapons to isis. Either by design Ie to supply isis visa vie the third party “moderate rebels” or pure incompetence where the governments are so worthless they can’t add two plus two and keep repeating the same mistake, neither of which would surprise me

Tomko Kubianca

They’ve already been ACCIDENTALLY dropping weapons directly to ISIS for a few years now. The whole US fighting ISIS is complete bull$hit and everybody knows it. Nobody buys the “moderate rebels” bull$hit either.

When Russia went in and REALLY started taking out the terrorist’s that just pissed off Obama and his stooges. All of these terrorist organizations are tied directly to “The Muslim Brotherhood”. The media believes if they create a new name every few years (now it’s ISIS) we’ll forget last years model. It’s a joke!

There are several photo’s of McCain with ISIS members and he continually says he’s on the ground in Syria and can confirm that the weapons are ONLY going to moderate “FREEDOM FIGHTERS.”

I’m not a Bush fan but I don’t remember the US administration being so blatantly corrupt. I feel for the Syrians that are loosing their loved ones because Obama want’s to create a Sunni caliphate before he leaves office.

Tim Hadfield

Good ‘ole USA – determined to support world terrorism and jihadi extremists, no matter how much chaos and pain is caused.
They are being supplied by Turkey, a NATO member – that makes them ISIS/NATO forces.

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