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US Zumwalt Super Destroyer May Stay Without Projectiles

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The Pentagon cannot afford the LRLAP munitions, designed for guns of the new Zumwalt destroyers.

US Zumwalt Super Destroyer May Stay Without Projectiles

The DDG 1000 Zumwalt destroyer (Photo: reddit.com)

The LRLAP (Long Range Land-Attack Projectile) 155mm guided precision munitions, developed for guns of the DDG 1000 Zumwalt-class vessels, have turned out to be too expensive, and, apparently, the US Navy will have to cancel the projectiles, the Defense News informational website reported.

The LRLAP was designed as a high-precision munition for naval artillery, in particular for the DDG 1000’s Advanced Gun System (AGS), a 62-caliber gun with an automated magazine and handling system. According to the words of manufacturer Lockheed Martin, the projectiles are capable to “defeat targets in the urban canyons of coastal cities with minimal collateral damage.” The LRLAP can be used at a distance up to 80 miles (about 130 km).

As Defense News reported, due to reduction of the numbers of the Zumwalt-class destroyers from a total of 28 ships to three that also has reduced expected production volume of the munitions, the prime cost of this projectile jumped up to $800,000 per round or more. It is twice more of the initial estimates.

As sources of the website reported, the projectile is fully developed and tested, and the US Navy does not have an issue with the gun or its munition but it has “an issue on the price point.”

The situation is complicated by the fact that the LRLAP is the only munition for the 155-millimeter guns of the Zumwalt-class vessels. Military sources said that currently, the US Navy is searching for another projectile for the gun system. Possibilities of reworking of the Excalibur extended range guided artillery shell, as well as of speed-up of the development of future hypersonic munitions are currently contemplated.

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The JSF of the High Seas. Incidentally hey’re both by Lockheed Martin.


Is good only in coastal waters !! Heavy seas will sink it !!

Brad Isherwood

Cut the hull and put paddle wheels on it, Sheldon Adelson might buy 1 and make it a mobile Casino to evade taxes.

George Bush could bring in Jack Abramoff, ….he’s out of Prison now .

Brad Isherwood

Except no Martin Baker ejection seats,

Swim with the Fishes : )


It’s about as effective as a floating apartment block. The military is destroying the US economy. It’s a large parasite.

Gabriel Hollows

Can’t they just print more money like they always do?


Hopefuly the fools won’t send it to Yemen and keep it for the Mississipi or the Hudson River of NYC….amd the new US Civil War !!

Brad Isherwood

Clive Cussler is probably sketching a future Sahara II book / movie : )


Sounds like some Washington DC politicians, lobbyists, Pentagon thieves, and manufacturers got together and scammed the American public. The should all be tarred, feathered and hung!

Kenneth Johnson

Well I would keep about 20 of the rounds for ship protection.

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