US Works To Reduce Tensions Between KRG And Iraqi Government As Peshmerga Deploys 6,000 Fighters In Kirkuk


US Works To Reduce Tensions Between KRG And Iraqi Government As Peshmerga Deploys 6,000 Fighters In Kirkuk


On October 13,  Peshmerga spokesman Brigadier General Jabari Yawar told the Russian news agency Sputnik Arabia that the Iraqi Army didn’t ask Peshmerga to withdrew from Kirkuk city within 48 hours.

Yawar’s statement came before the clashes in Tuz Khurmatu town south of Kirkuk city between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU). However, this incident will likely change nothing on the ground, epically that it was very limited and ended within hours.

In a related development, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters on October 13 that the US is working to reduce tensions between Iraqi government forces and the Peshmerga force.

“We are trying to tone everything down and to figure out how we go forward without losing sight of the enemy, and at the same time recognizing that we have got to find a way to move forward … Everybody stay focused on defeating ISIS. We can’t turn on each other right now. We don’t want to go to a shooting situation,” Mattis Said.

Meanwhile, Kurdish sources reported that the Peshmerga deployed 6,000 fighters in Kirkuk city on October 14. Iraqi sources also reported that the government forces deployed more units south of the city on the same day.

Although the tension is raising between the Peshmerga and government forces, it’s unlikely that the two sides will launch a large-scale military campaign each against other before ISIS is fully defeated in Iraq. On the other hand, US efforts will likely have limited effect at all on the both sides. They both know the US will not step into the fight if it begins.



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  • dutchnational

    Both sides are reinforcing now. Besides pesh merga several thousand PKK and KDPI and others have already been sent to support the pm.

    Sunni arab tribal leaders promised to send 10.000 fighters, incl medium heavy armes, to Kirkuk. It is going to be, in the end, Shia arab against the rest of Iraq.

    Better to split the country in four confederate states. Sunni arab, shia arab, kurd and Baghdad with internal autonomy for other concentrated minorities.

    • nwoecb

      Do you think people are retarded?

      • dutchnational

        Just most of the commenters here.

  • FlorianGeyer

    If the Americans are involved in diplomacy in this conflict, what could possibly go wrong :)

  • FlorianGeyer

    A Sunni Arab state would soon be flying the Black flag of ISIS. That is what Israel and the US want.

    • dutchnational

      Jordan is sunni arab, Egypt too. There are more.

      In fact, it is the fanatics, of any side, that are dangerous.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Generally, fanatics are fairly ambivalent creatures. They all seek power,money,fame,sex,God etc. some are willing to die for it, some not,some change sides. They are often sociopath’s and have no real loyalties apart than to themselves.

        For Jordan or Egypt to fly the Black Flag ISIS would need to oust the current Sociopaths in power. A new Sunni born out of the chaos in Iraq and with Israeli/US support would be the path of least resistance for regional anarchy.

  • Mountains

    The Iraqi gov’t dodged a bullet with Peshmerga. The US have been saving this nation over and over again hope they get their acts together.

    The wisest thing for the Iraqi gov’t is to wait for some years before picking a fight. Right now is not an ideal time for them and they have little to zero chance against KRG currently

  • Free man

    I do not think that the Iraqi army will attack the Kurds and there is a diplomatic way out of the crisis. I also think that the Kurds will use the referendum to get more autonomy from the central government.
    The question is what will the PMU do. Or rather what Iran will instruct them to do

  • Solomon Krupacek

    VX rain on kurds …

  • Gesellman
  • Ronald

    So Kirkuk is outside of the Kurdish Regional Government territory , but they want to annex it by force .
    Having dealt with ISIS for so long , they forget how to behave .

  • Hide Behind

    It is being reported that Israel is now main conduit for military arms to Kurd PESHMERGA forces.
    This also includes armor and arty, anti ground missles, and last but greates, Israeli fighter jets and bomber deck out in Kurdistan markings and colors.
    Israel is Kurdistans largest oil customer with major pipeline direct to Haifa oil refineries.
    Israel has several military,200-400, protecting those Kurds pipes in Kurdistan.
    US said they stopped VIA from supplying Groups so mow the go through Missed and send US paid for military to PESHMERGA to use or hive to Syrian Kurds
    Also PESHMERGA trained by Israel have gone into Iran as raiding parties within heavy Kurd areas there in past.
    Actually Iran and PESHMERGA traded party fire in one border area some 5 years past.