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JULY 2022

US Withdrew THAAD System, Patriot Batteries From Saudi Arabia – Report

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US Withdrew THAAD System, Patriot Batteries From Saudi Arabia - Report

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The US withdrew its most advanced missile defense system and Patriot batteries from Saudi Arabia in the recent weeks despite repeated attacks on the Kingdom by the Houthis, the Associated Press reported on September 11.

According to the AP, the system, a THAAD [Terminal High Altitude Area Defense] unit, and the Patriot batteries were deployed in Prince Sultan Air Base, some 115 kilometers to the southeast of the Saudi capital Riyadh.

Satellite images released by the news agency confirmed that all the American systems had been withdrawn from the Saudi air base.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby confirmed to the AP “the redeployment of certain air defense assets” which were situated in Saudi Arabia.

“The Defense Department continues to maintain tens of thousands of forces and a robust force posture in the Middle East representing some of our most advanced air power and maritime capabilities, in support of U.S. national interests and our regional partnerships,” Kirby said.

From its side, the Saudi Defense Ministry described the kingdom’s relationship with the US in a statement sent to the AP as “strong, longstanding and historic”. The ministry acknowledged the withdrawal of the American missile defense systems. However, it said that the Saudi military “is capable of defending its lands, seas and airspace, and protecting its people.”

“The redeployment of some defense capabilities of the friendly United States of America from the region is carried out through common understanding and realignment of defense strategies as an attribute of operational deployment and disposition,” the statement reads.

The withdrawal of US missile defense system came following a large-scale attack by the Houthis on Saudi Arabia. The Yemeni group fired 16 missiles and drones at the Kingdom on September 4. At least eight people were wounded.

US Withdrew THAAD System, Patriot Batteries From Saudi Arabia - Report

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After assuming office earlier this year, President Joe Biden suspended US support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen. The withdrawal of missile defense system may be meant to further pressure the oil-rich Kingdom. Another possibility is that the systems are needed on other fronts, near the border with Russia or China.

While Saudi Arabia maintains its own Patriot systems, the ability to stop the Houthis’ repeated attack will, without a doubt, decline after the withdrawal of the American systems.


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This has happened 3-4 months ago and I don’t understand why they will re-report it now.. They moved these to Jordan but KSA has it’s own THAAD and patriot systems what the US moved was just batteries protecting their own bases


This is bigger than it looks. Is the US so broke that it just left KSA to its own devices? Where will the missiles go?


America cannot be broke, they manipulate money……Muslims, can’t you see? You’re supposed to be fighting each other, the blaze should be huge, as you provide arms market. Iran and all shits should overan Saudi Arabia first before they are eventually destroyed. The west hates Islam ☪️and their teachings.

Chris Gr

If you think that Islam is the reason for the fight then you are wrong. Everything is being done in order to bring the global government.


The west hates everything that is better than they are.


They don’t want the Houthis to expose the THAAD light show to the rest of the world


they are useless anyway

Saudi destroyed

Good news


Yup saw this in twitter, US centcom seems to be all over the place, next thing we hear there abiding by the Iraqi parliaments request and pulling out of Iraq indefinitely.


It’s potentially detrimental for Rayethon’s worldwide sales & marketing to have these batteries currently operational in KSA. The system appears quite average at intercepting repeated Houthi rocket/drones/missile attacks. Rayethon’s batteries are self hyped in international market as leading US tech, and the best, but most of the clients (NATO compliant subordinates) never actually use these in combat, so they just believe all the Rayethon hype. The situation in KSA is different. It’s an actual combat testing ground, & the results at casual glance aren’t so impressive. Anyone looking more seriously at the attack/ interception ratio could crunch some numbers on this, bearing in mind Saudi reluctance to fully admit failures, and any formally published, independent report, could well prove a bad look for Rayethon’s export sales and marketing.

Last edited 9 months ago by YepItsTrue

Lol. Saudis are buying the S400 systems, so nothing to see here!


Withdrawn cuz it is an over-priced under-performing POS system and the murkanz don’t want to be embarrassed by its utter failure in Wahabbi service.

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