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US Withdrawal From Afghanistan Is The Sun Setting On Western Hegemony

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US Withdrawal From Afghanistan Is The Sun Setting On Western Hegemony

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American retreat from the region is symbolic of a broader trend of waning western influence on the world stage…

Written by Johanna Ross, journalist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

It was America’s longest war, and a war which ultimately it has lost. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan has begun, and will be completed by 11th September this year.  It will be exactly 20 years to the day after the Al-Qaeda attacks on the World Trade Centre, planned from Osama Bin Laden’s base in Afghanistan, which provoked US retaliation in the form of invasion and regime change.

The regime change operation to remove the Taliban initially went quite well. After only two months of allied intervention, the Islamic regime was collapsing and by 2004 the US-backed government was in power. But the Taliban was not defeated. Pushed towards Pakistan, it continued to flourish, generating hundreds of millions of dollars a year from the opium trade, mining and taxes. Since then, particularly after NATO troops withdrew in 2014, the Taliban has only gained momentum. Now, as western forces leave, it claims to control an incredible 85% of Afghanistan, a figure so far undisputed. With a death toll of 241,000 in the region since 2001, including several thousand allied soldiers, many in the West are now asking whether it was all worth it.

The official US position is that it’s time for Afghans to assume control of their own destiny.  The State department’s John Kirby has played down the Taliban’s advances -“Claiming territory or claiming ground doesn’t mean you can sustain that or keep it over time” he professes, adding it is now up to the Afghan army to take charge. But despite PR attempts to dispel concerns about the allied withdrawal, some figures in the western defence and security establishment are worried about what the future holds.

One such sceptic is former UK MI6 head Sir Alex Younger. He recently voiced his concerns about the allied retreat from the region, stating it would be an ‘enormous mistake’ for the West to neglect Afghanistan.  Younger fears the withdrawal will result in civil war between the Taliban and Afghan government.  Criticising the West’s strategy in dealing with the country, Younger admits the nation-building operation was ‘unrealistic’ and ‘not supported by a political plan’. The ex-security head says attempts to bargain with the Taliban were made too late.

Clearly, the attempt to transform Afghanistan according to the western model of democratic society, failed miserably. And the defeat holds wider significance, beyond the poppy fields of Afghanistan. For the US retreat from this region is symbolic of a broader decline of western influence on the world stage. A series of catastrophic attempts at regime change by successive US administrations in, for example, Iraq, and Libya have led to disastrous consequences with these countries now in a worse state than prior to western intervention.

Joe Biden’s words therefore, in his speech on 8th July, were significant. For he essentially admitted that America had given up on Afghanistan and had no hope of ‘achieving a different outcome’ in the country.  I’m not sure what’s more astonishing for those familiar with US government rhetoric; this brutally honest expression of hopelessness or Biden’s words that ‘it’s the right and the responsibility of the Afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country.’ Neither statement sounds like the America we know. It’s an America in decline.

As the US withdraws from the region, Russia and China will be ready to step up to the plate. Russia is already aiding Tajikistan in defending itself against Taliban insurgents on the border with Afghanistan. Only last week 134 Afghan government soldiers crossed the border into Tajikistan after they came under attack by the Taliban, and President Putin has vowed to provide his Tajik counterpart with all the ‘necessary support’ to control the border area, in line with its responsibilities as a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

While Joe Biden was giving his speech on US withdrawal from Afghanistan, China, on the very same day was calling for Pakistan to aid it in stabilizing the war-torn nation. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Islamabad should work together with Beijing to ‘defend regional peace together’, stating that ‘problems in Afghanistan are practical challenges that China and Pakistan both face’. China already has an economic platform in the region and is looking to expand it further by placing the Afghans on its Belt and Road Initiative.

Strategically, Afghanistan is important for the Chinese, providing access to Iran and the Middle East, and a pathway to the Indian Ocean and on to Africa. According to reports, a deal is already being negotiated with the Afghan government which would extend the $62 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor which began in 2013.

Indeed China’s ascension to being the US’ No.1 economic competitor in recent years runs parallel with successive botched western military interventions in the Middle East region and the overall decline of US influence on the world stage. We are therefore witnessing a decided shift in the global balance of power. This is slowly being reflected in the rhetoric of western politicians; we are beginning to hear acknowledgements of the ‘multipolar world’ for the first time by western leadership (Armin Laschet, tipped to be the future German chancellor has spoken of it and it was referred to in the UK security review published earlier this year). Joe Biden’s words that the Afghans should control their own destiny, and that America didn’t set out to ‘nation-build’ is a significant shift for a country that, until recently, didn’t see any problem with regime change operations.

In addition, there are signs that the West is following the pattern of decline outlined by US historian Carroll Quigley in 1961. Amongst the various indications of a decaying civilization, Quigley included ‘a growing reluctance to fight for the society’ together with the fundamental issues of moral decline, cultural suicide and political disunity, as well as economic and demographic problems. As a society becomes weaker, it leaves itself open to attack: ‘when the civilization, no longer able to defend itself because it is no longer willing to defend itself, lies open to barbarian invaders’ who often come from ‘another younger, more powerful civilization’. Quigley predicted that the western world would collapse around 2500, with China and India becoming the dominant players globally.

As one reads Quigley, and thinks about the modern world in which we live, much of what he prophesied half a century ago is recognizable. The western project of ‘spreading democracy’ around the globe has failed, fundamentally because at home, society has become more polarized and fractious, and is lacking a clear sense of direction. Without a strong ideology and internal unity, the West has nothing to promote overseas. The abandonment of Afghanistan is a symbolic moment, for it signifies the point at which the West gave up; when it realized it had nothing more to offer; when it had nothing to fight for. It was the moment when it conceded defeat and the door was opened to China. Ultimately, it represents the sun setting on western hegemony.

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Americunt Losers

Actually, the sun shone out of these western cowardly losers arse for a few delusional years because Russia/USSR defeated the Nazi arseholes at a cost of 28 million lives. These ungrateful bastards blew it by delusional quest for global domination but the dumbcunts lost all the wars they started against even small defenceless nations and are now bankrupt and exposed as global laughing stock.


Unfortunately, they dont care about losing. Yes, they lost, but they’ve managed to setback each invaded nation’s development by 20 – 30 years. And THAT my friend, is the WHOLE point


You choose to see one side of the coin. On how many occasions did they disrupt and setback their own development?

Have you seen the infrastructure in the US compared to China? THAT my friend is but one example.


Because the US military is the attack dog of corporate America. It is a plan, to allow corporations in the “civilized world” (including Russia and China) to plunder the parts of the world not integrated or unwilling to integrate into globalization.

It is no longer about superiority, it is about controllling the largest slice of the pie and dictacting how everyone else splits up the rest. Russia and China can have their slices, but the US must ALWAYS be in control for this plan to work.

Russia and China want to go back to spheres of influence, while the US wants to destroy all it can to make everything easier to exploit. Each side aims for domination, just differ in their approaches. Russia through diplomacy, China through economics and the US through force of arms. Look up the Rumsfeld-Cerebrowski doctrine that explains the US strategy since the end of the Cold War.

Yugoslavia was a good example. They had a good economy, the culture was good from what I have gathered. But it wasn’t a part of either side. So when its buffer status was no longer useful, the Americans decided yo carve it up, play the people against each other to make them easier to control snd manipulate. Now people make jokes of the area saying what a shithole it is, when we were the ones who did it so they could make cheap products and be a smuggling hub.

Tommy Jensen

US were in Afghanistan to fight Obama Bin Laden and his terrorists who attacked America. Further US fought a global war against drugs.
But as we have democracy and we are free and civilised, we couldnt do the same thing as these Cro Magnon men could do.
THEY developed their opium industry, dumped heroine on the American market, and thus continued their sneaky attacks on American soil.
We cleaned up the terrorists in Syria, we got Osama Bin Laden, extinguished all the fires in ME that Putin have been doing, and the world is a peaceful place today thanks to America.


Omaha bin Laden sends his regards from his home on Pluto.

(And your sarcasm STILL goes above the heads of 99% of the people here.)


Wow, where do you buy your drugs? They must be really good. Osama Bin Laden, the same Osama whose body Obama didn’t want to show. The same Osama killed by a bunch of navy seals, who ( casually ) died one after another.

I call bullshit on Osama. I think he died decades ago. In fact we have another great example, al-Baghdadi, an ex inmate of Abu Ghraib, yet realeased for some strange reason. Then he reappears as the chief of ISIS. Then he dies. Then he is reborn. Then he dies again.

Wow, really good drugs. You can even see pigs with lipstick.


You cleaned upt he terrorists Syria LOL!!! you ARE the terrorists in Syria.

China is a paper tiger

US withdrawal will affect china,pak and ira.Terrorism will increase in india as well, but the mentioned three countries will suffer more.US just played a very intelligent game and the results will be seen in 6 months.

Séamus Ó Néill

Using “US” and “INTELLIGENT” in the one sentence really is the ultimate oxymoron !


The best decision for the United States and the West is that they understand that they should not spend their money and energy on people who are hostile to them.And now they understand this very well, now Shiite and Sunni Islamists can easily kill each other. God bless them.


Spend their money? WTF? You mean the trillions they lavished on the Afghans buying and dropping Bombs on their heads ‘cos they wouldnt allow a Yankee pipeline through their country?


With the decline of the amerotards we also see the decline of the british, zionist trash & wahhabi inbreds.

The examples arrive daily. british “warship” enters Russian territorial waters, projecting weakness. saudi aramco facility hit and burns, projecting weakness. zionist idiots run out of diapers for their population along with missiles and cry for a ceasefire with Palestinians.

Endless examples of weakness & ineptitude by the west and their idiotic proxies in the Middle East. The buffoons from papal rome look on and watch their perverted world crumble around them.

Peter Jennings

The US must have got what they wanted otherwise they just wouldn’t have left.

Maybe the USadmins should have paid more attention at school?, especially the Roman period, or at least the end of it.


US is not an honorable nation. They bailed like trailer park trash.


Likely because half of them are lard a** trailer park trash, many proud of it.

Jim Allen

Wrong. US Government is not honorable.

Faisal al Al-Mahdi

Baghdadi is a zionist agent, Bin Laden is a CIA asset.
God Curse the anti Christ America, the leading agent of Satan, God curse him.
Glory to God, God is greater, God is greater!
Thanks to God that Gods forces gather under Imam Mahdi (as) and his 313 prophets(as) to rescue Humanity and to Kill Satan.
Vengeance for Imam Hussein, beloved of God.
Join Imam Mahdi (as), this is the final war between good and evil. with whom will you stand?


I stand with the Taliban : )

Jim Allen

A Western created terrorist organisation.
The first, then al CIAeda, then ISIS. Brought to you by CIA, MI5, Mossad, French Intelligence, and the Headcutters on the last two. Involved in the 9-11 false flag attack. The bin Laden family was close friends of HW Bush. Ever wonder what the family business,
The bin Laden Group was ? A super huge worldwide construction company. Osama bin Laden was high level management in the company, and a CIA asset. Which he liked to play spook, and his dad was permissive. He also had stage IV Renal failure at the time, he’d been dealing with kidney disease for decades. He died of complete Renal failure about 8 months after 9-11. He was never in Afghanistan, Pakistan, he was tied to a dialysis machine, living in caves just doesn’t happen on dialysis. Whoever it was that was killed in Pakistan by SEAL Team 6 it wasn’t bin Laden. All member’s of the fabled “SEAL Team 6,” and there were many different teams over the years are all dead.
Always the same little clutch of walking/talking crimes against humanity.


@SOUTHFRONT: ” It will be exactly 20 years to the day after the Al-Qaeda attacks on the World Trade Centre, planned from Osama Bin Laden’s base in Afghanistan, which provoked US retaliation in the form of invasion and regime change.” – REALLY Southfront? Has SF drunk the US-Zio KoolAid by repeating their Bullshit? If SF believes Osama did 911, then its time to shutdown this lame website


(Taliban) “generating hundreds of millions of dollars a year from the opium trade”

I’ve not seen a single article from a reliable source that provides any evidence the Taliban generated such money from opium.

The US created the enormous Camp Bondsteel to transport THEIR heroine from Afghanistan using the US air force. The US brought in refining equipment and put drug lords and war lords in power – just like it is in the USA.

Please show us the evidence of Taliban generating hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Embarrass me and show me I’m wrong.

I’m disappointed to once again see Southfront mess up an essential fact. It’s how gatekeepers innocuously slip in disinformation.

Et tu, Brute?


Salient observations. The link between the creation of the artificial “state” of kosovo, camp bondsteel and Afghan heroin has been documented.

The question remains, to what extent did the taliban benefit from drug production?


The author is probably right. “It’s an America in decline.” It’s all the grains of sand together. All the threads running in parallel. All that’s said and not said. It’s not heading in a good direction for the US.

Séamus Ó Néill

” It will be exactly 20 years to the day after the Al-Qaeda attacks on the World Trade Centre, planned from Osama Bin Laden’s base in Afghanistan, which provoked US retaliation in the form of invasion and regime change.” After reading that inane piece of ludcrous and unbelievably laughable propaganda, I couldn’t force myself to read further….

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