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US Will Keep Its Troops in Syria Until ‘Iranian Menace’ Eliminated: Trump’s National Security Adviser

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US Will Keep Its Troops in Syria Until 'Iranian Menace' Eliminated: Trump's National Security Adviser


The US will maintain its military presence in Syria as long as “the Iranian menace continues throughout the Middle East”, US President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton told ABC News’ “This Week” on July 15.

“But I think the president has made it clear that we are there until the ISIS territorial caliphate is removed and as long as the Iranian menace continues throughout the Middle East,” Bolton said.

Bolton’s remarks are at odds with Trump’s March announcement that US troops would be leaving Syria “like, very soon.” However, they sound much closer to the reality.:

  • The US troops are still deployed in Syria expanding their military infrastructure in the northern and eastern parts of the country. This presence allows Washington to limit the Russian and Iranian influence in Syria and to prevent the Assad government from restoring full control of the country.
  • The US is actively assiting Israel in its long-standing campaign to force Iranian forces to withdraw from the war torn country.

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ZeroHedge has the US military’s direct communication to Assad.


1. Somehow, Assad is supposed to keep Iran out of the entire Levant, not just Syria.

2. They offer to leave Al Tanf and northern Syria, not the whole country.

3. They do not speak for other foreign troops in the coalition (France, England etc).

So this is nothing but a sugar-coated prelude to more hostility from the US.

Joao Alfaiate

During the waning days of the Obama Administration Chuck Hagel is said to have provided targeting information on ISIS to the SAA-which is probably why he got fired.

Feudalism Victory

So they dismiss it curtly and demand that they account for american weapons or weapons bought by americans there.

Luke Hemmming

Gee Trump and Bolton better sort out their differences. Someone has been left out of the loop here. Bolton has wanted to take out Iran for years. I would love nothing more than to see that dickhead getting fired. I hate his moustache…it is so…GAY!


Trump uses these crazies as bait for the American deep state. If he gets eaten, Trump will get another goat as bait.


The US should ask itself why is Iran in Syria in the first place – oh right we tried to regime change again failed becuase Iran came in to help. Iran will leave when all the miltants are history


It doesn’t matter if Iran leaves or not, the FUKUS countries and Israel will continue to claim that Iran has troops in Syria.
The FUKUS countries are based on lies, lying is all they know.


Even if Iran does have troops, in Syria, it is none of anyone else’s business, except that of Assad and the Syrian people.

It does not matter about”lies”. or any other DISTRACTIONS


“The US will maintain its military presence in Syria as long as “the Iranian menace continues throughout the Middle East”,”

Maybe the “Deep State” is in Syria?

leon mc pilibin

MENACE??The only menace in the world today is israhelli and jewSA warmongering and theft.

Lena Jones

Boltonstein wears star-of-David printed underpants.

You can call me Al

He has a tattoo on his co** as well.


BS, Bolton is 100% dickless.


No it’s the wig. Under the wig he wore kippa.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Yes Boltonstein he was told to “win one for the Kippa”!


The true nature of the US presence in Syria comes to the surface.


Trump idiot looking for reason to take lands and patrol from Middle East countries.

Real Anti-Racist Action

This policy does not begin or end with Trump.
It began with Jews. Only cause of Jared his Jewish son in law shoved trump to this.
It is the (((tribe))) that is responsible.


Israel are not Jews. Israel are atheists.

You can call me Al

To an extent, yes they are.


Well I guess you are right, but people now associate those who worship gold and believe they have been given the right to rule the world, by their golden cow are Jews.
Yes the real Jews all converted to Islam, and the cow god people are trying to exterminate them, but most people think the cow god people are Jews.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There are those Jews who followed Christian faiths before that but Baal is these chosenites cow god.


I am not agree with you. You must go to Israel to see.


It means that you are from fckin Israel. Israel dont feel safe that is why 20% have lift Israel.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The US needs to leave Syria, the UK and Israeli troops need to leave the USA.
Israel needs to leave Syria, then the Iranian’s will be returning home for good.
It is literally that simple.


What about Palestine. They are not humans. For last hundred years they are captive.

Feudalism Victory

They should emigrate to africa.


Iranians are native residents of Middle East. While the child butcher Trump have no right to keep ISIS, ISrael and Al-Qaeda from US and Europe in Middle East for taking petrol. FO

Raptar Driver

Is anyone surprised by this?



Brad Isherwood

Assad is weak…
Putin is Rothschilds servant…

US stay in Iraq since 2003,…..Dopeistan since 2001,
And now stay in Syria and do all kinds of Evil.

East Euphrates is new US weapons test range,

Putin says All quiet on the Stolen Syrian Golan front.

Salutes the Israeli Flag on Stolen Syrian Golan

Day of shame…..

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Not sure where you pull this nonsense from as Assad has told the US they have to leave and that is a no discussing point for Syria. Putin is looking out for his people simple but he needs allies and has informed Bibi of any strikes in the region will cost him the Golan Heights. See you don’t see the whole entire picture or know what they talk about only what Bibi cries about that doesn’t happen but it’s a truth to you Neocons.

Brad Isherwood

You can’t give Putin a pass…on let Empire roll over a Decades Soviet/Russia sponsored client.
Putin going public that 1974? Golan border whatever is to be honored,

Is like Putin having the Nazi Netanyahu Over on Russia’s most sacred day .

It’s a deal with the Fugging Devil!

Assad. …This guy is a nice person and weak leader when it comes to all things military.

Remember….it’s Assad oversight at wars beginning which has Takfiri overun SAA bases and loot 100+Tanks /Mechanized and all the weapons you need to have a strong revolution.
Assad never fixed that problem in years.
As SAA ran all over the lease putting out fires while they lost every border save the sea.

Assads military leaders were shit!

Putin….shows up years later…
The response is stunning for epic fail.
Secure Syria’s borders shortens the war …ends it.
Nope. ….
Putin puts in limited forces and plays the limited air bombing opp gambit.
US builds bases and has Syria’s own populace ransack the country and counter Iran’s limited presence in Syria.

Erdogan of Turkey murders 10’s of 1000s of Syrians.
Putin gives Erdogan Nat gas pipeline, Future weapons, and trade…
And a Pass on Erdogans Criminal reality.

Putin talks about Syria’s Sovereignty. ..
Yet does nothing afainst Turk,Jordanian, Israeli or US military incursion into Syria.

US and British Media mocked Putin saying Russia does not fight ISIS.

This is tongue-in-cheek political on Truth.
US,Saudi, Jordan,Israel and even Turdogan. …are damned ISUS.

Putin never touch them. …

Assad in recent months attacked the Israeli Intel position on the Stolen Golan mountain.
Yes…are few hits and Israel repair afterwards.

Considering that IAF attack Syria for 6 years unprovoked,
SAA should have obliterated that Israeli mount position.
Instead…it was limited damage.

Assad is weak..
Syria is partitioned…still occupied.
Putin signals Israel gets to keep Stolen Syrian Golan.

Reeks like Serbs getting the shit kicked out of them by Clinton/UN…


I see a criminal in this picture, guess who.


Like I have always said: just conclude a nuclear weapons sharing pact with Syria, modelled after NATO nuclear sharing in Europe. That would solve all problems in the whole region.


Bolton is just a bolt-on, Trump will keep the weasel as long as he is useful.


Iran is going to become a dominant power in the ME, while US power and glitter is vanishing away slowly.

Joe Kerr

Bolton has Adelson, Netanyahu and the MIC on his side, which is all that counts in the land of greed and guns.


Iranian menacing US because of what in Syria ? Because it can attack US from there ?

Seriously if Israel can’t protect itself why the heck you still give them money.

Cedric Hunter

It surprises me how futile Putins influence is over Trump. How hard can it be to get a complete pull out of US troops? No one wants them there anymore, not even the Kurds.

Barry Warmkessel

Get the USA military out of Syria NOW. The USA has been at war with somebody for all but 22 years of its existence since 1776. Enough is enough, no more excuses. Be gone Uncle Sam before you are taken out by an ‘Act Of God’!


Let us better to say something like:

USA will keep its troops in Syria until ” SYRIA MENACE BE ELIMINATED”

that is the real meaning of USA saying.


This is the interesting thing about Syria, all factions and foreigners are reacting to developments elsewhere rather than enforcing a set aganda. Historically speaking that is a common thread in war, but it is important to note that any action, even if well intentioned, can have a greater reaction.


US Will Keep Its Troops in Syria Until ‘Iranian Menace’ Eliminated: Trump’s National Security Adviser”…
OK, the Iranians go to SOUTH -Lebanon and the “Iranian menace in Syria” is solved :)))
So Yanks, you may go home ;)….

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