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US Warships Entry In South China Sea Violated ‘Law’: China’s Foreign Ministry

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US Warships Entry In South China Sea Violated 'Law': China’s Foreign Ministry

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On May 27, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang stated that an “unauthorized” entry of the US Navy’s warships into China’s territorial waters had “violated the Chinese law”.

“The Xisha Islands are an inherent part of the Chinese territory,” Kang said. “The US Warships’ unauthorized entry into China’s territorial waters off the Xisha Islands again has violated the Chinese law and relevant international law, severely undermined China’s sovereignty and put in jeopardy the peace, security and sound order in relevant waters.”

Kang pointed out that Chinese Navy accomplished “identification and verification” of the US warships and “warned them off”. He stressed that China demands “immediately stop such provocation” and “will continue to take every necessary measure to safeguard its sovereignty and security”.

On May 27, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Higgins and a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser USS Antietam sailed along the Xisha Islands near to the disputed Parcel Islands in the South China, Reuters reported.

The US Navy hasn’t confirmed the report directly, but pointed out that it is conducting routine Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOPs) in the region.

On May 23, the Pentagon officially announced that China is uninvited from a major naval drill Rim of Pacific (RIMPAC) 2018 after it had once again criticized China’s “continued militarization” on May 19.

On May 18, a Chinese newspaper People’s Daily posted a video revealing that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) air force of China had carried out the first landing of the strategic bomber H-6K in the islands of the South China Sea.

According to media reports, China deployed anti-ship cruise missiles and surface-to-air missiles in three outposts of the South China Sea.

Trade Talks

On May 25, Xinhua reported that a US delegation headed by US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross would go to China on June 2-4 to “continue consultations” with Beijing oven economic issues.

On May 28, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin pointed out that Ross would discuss “a framework” that could turn into “binding agreements between companies,” CNBC reported.

It will be the third round of the co-called trade talks between world powers.

From May 15 to 19, a second round of “trade consultations” between the US and China was held in Washington.  On May 19, the White House released a joint statement of the US and China over the trade consultations declaring that both sides had agreed the increase in the US agriculture and energy exports.

The first round of the trade talks began on May 3, when the US delegation arrived in Beijing to carry out 2-day talks with Chinese officials.

Through these negotiations both sides are trying to end up with the so-called trade war, which started in April when the sides imposed punitive tariffs each against other.

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Zionism = WAR

You can call me Al

+ inbreeding = dumb. Fact.

Joe Dirt

inbreeding is why the Middle East is so fuck up! :D

You can call me Al


SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

It’s called the American Way of War.

Ceaseless and escalating provocations until they become insufferable; then when the country being provoked lashes out in defense, the US recoils with doe-eyed astonishment that anybody could conduct an “an act of unprovoked aggression” against the bearers of Democracy.

Joe Dirt

You’re a fake! What country are you really from?

Wise Gandalf

Both of you are fake. And me, too. :))

John Mason

If China doesn’t want the US to enter it’s territory they need to physically stop them, complaining won’t help.

Joe Dirt

what territory?


The ocean Joe. :D


I was also thinking of this too, stop whining & do like Russia did, by ramping the intruding vessel with reinforced cruiser. Then counter harassed hundreds of US Navy bases with surveillance warships round the year like a pest buzzing 24/7.

China should develop some anti-ZUS FON weapons that will make USN dare not do their tyranny after learn the painful lesson without war, like

1. Metal wire entangling mechanism used by Jp to disable others vessel propeller. Then toll it to China & kept captive as Iran did.

2. Dummy torpedo to dent intruder vessel without sinking it.

3. High energy EMF illuminator
This destroy all he electronic equipments & control on board. Then toll back.

4. High induction illuminator
This heat up the intruding vessels like induction heater, making it malfunction & unbearable for their sailors to stay on but to jump into seas.

Permanent solution, fire a missile across USN bow & the paper tiger will never come back.


Time and time again both sides of this extremely low intensity conflict visit an disputed rock and the media bloats the significance of it.



These islands belong to vietnam, and have such become more of a partner to the US and allies since 2012:

Wise Gandalf

Actually …

These islands belong to China. France tokk them from China in the beginning of 20th century. Then they gave to Vietnam. These islands never belonged to vietnam. moreover, there was never vietnam state in the history. mostly the whole indochina was part of china.


UZ Navy siting Freedom of Navigation should be called to question by every country on the planet. Freedom of Navigation should only concern civilian ships. There should be a completely different law for warships. As it is at present FON only helps the Empire to spread its violence around the globe. It basically completely unfairly advantages the most powerful military on the planet, and disadvantages everyone else. FON is a completely scurrilous law that should not exist.


Precisely. FON applied only for harmless civilian vessels, not hostile military warships, surveillance vessel, nuke submarines cruising right up to your coast of 12km territory.

US: Do what I say & not what I do. US has 200KM Air Security Zone but it denied all non ally like China to have any, by plying close to China with B2 nuke bomber. It won’t allowed FON right into its 12km coast, but it wanted whole world to oblige its hostile action which cause much tension with Iran Navy & China, except Russia it dare not try yet.


Just because it named South China Seas doesnt literally mean it belongs to China. On this issue I support international condemnation of Chinas activities in SCS. You guys so far off the otherside of the world do not know the small day to day news happening here in Asia. Enroachment by Chinas fishing trawlers into other sovereign territory accompanied by China s Navy into Indonesian water so far off their “claims” (Indonesia has no territorial claim in SCS) prompting Indonesia calling for formation of a joint naval task force of nations fringing the SCS.
China’s wanton claims on island (outcrop) in Malaysian territory planting their flag also with Chinas Naval escort (around this outcrop are rich gas reserve).The Philliphines and Vietnam has the most to loose together (they are closer to China than Malaysia or Indonesia) but for Indonesia the furthest and has no claims to SCs calling for joint naval task force speaks volume about Chinas ambition. Since the Ming dynasty all these countries especially Malaysia has intimate ties with China but China never made any demands to these territory. It only crop up in this 21st century. Only because in the Vietnam and Malaysia territory there are vast reserve of oil and gas.History, history, history. Kabish?


You need to read up formal record of SCS, not heresay from ZUS out to stir trouble in Asia for its hedgmon. Vietnam is stupid greedy commie stealing most of spratly islands, so they rather conspired with evil FUKUS-India to keep its booty. So are Philippine.

China is historical owner of 11 dashes / later 9 dashes, internationally recognized until Obama decided to lied shamelessly with Abe & Philippine Aquino using fake Permanent Arbitration Court, not related to UN.

Now read this article written by Spore Marine law researcher KT Tan about US-Jp-Philippine kangaroo fake Hague court ruling on SCS Spratly island:

Professor Myron Nordquist, of the University of Virginia School of Law, has opined that the ruling was a “huge mistake” and should be “criticised severely”.

“The PCA is not a court. It only provides a registry and secretarial assistance to “arbitral tribunals constituted to resolve specific disputes” for a fee.”

Singpore researcher KT Tan wrote a article to absolutely debunked the absurb judgement clearly with facts supporting these SCS islands belong to China legally:


Vietnam is the biggest illegal spratly island occupier@25, first and most aggressive in building structures(incapable is another issue). China is late comer @7 islands. This article has detailed SCS historical facts.


Don’t be a mouthpiece of CIA to spread fake news in ZUS subversion of the world.

chris chuba

The island is equidistant between Vietnam and China, so you support Vietnam’s claim to the Paracel Islands, how is this any of our business? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paracel_Islands

It’s only a matter of time before we rename the South China Sea the South Asia Sea like we did the ‘Persian Gulf’ the ‘Arabian Gulf’ because we love being the world’s policeman.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The USN sailing within A-100/200/300 MRL range, isn’t going to do anything to alter the fact the PRC has possession and title deed.
In fact the USN is fully confirming that their own ships have freedom to navigate into potential life-threatening dangers, so close to the reefs and sandbanks.

Joseph Dadi

The exhaustingly pedantic application of just the freedom of navigation point misses the real issue the world is complaining about, China stealing resources by the armed blockade of other countries access to resources inside their own exclusive economic zones. PLAN and Chinese coast guard ships are posted like trees in a forest all over the SCS with orders to interupt any vessel not cleared to transit, anchor, or fish everywhere in the vast sea; it seems the only authorized vessels are Chinese. Last, posting long range weapons on these man-made islands is not defense, it is offensive. Never in the history of the world have long range attack captability been considered defensive. Just stop Lying.

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