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JUNE 2021

US warplanes accidentally bomb Kurds in Manbij

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US warplanes accidentally bomb Kurds in Manbij

AlMasdarNews reports: On Thursday, local sources and ISIS media accused US warplanes participating the global anti-ISIS coalition of striking YPG positions in the outskirts of Manbij.

The attack occurred in the north-western countryside of Manbij where ISIS fighter are viciously attempting to break the siege of Manbij.

The friendly fire targeted two YPG positions in two separate  airstrikes. Such accidents are not completely unheard of in the war against ISIS.

About a month ago, US airstrikes accidentally struck rebels battling against ISIS fighters attempting to break into the city of Mare’ which they successfully sieged for a limited time.

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Part of wartime aerial operations, nothing more. The russians have also made mistakes and bombed government forces. It’s inevitable.

Hassadnah Abraham

Not accident at all. It is US modus operandi, they will create fighting groups or countries so they will fight each other, they will buy weapons from US factory, and whoever seems to be at UPPER hands will be BOMBED to pieces by US.
The Winner is USA.


If these accidents are not unheard of, right? Then where’s all the flashbacks in the article to when Russia accidently bombed Syrians around Palmyra and Deir Ez Zor? Or does the US only have friendly fire incidents?


Yup: Russian jets mistakenly bombed SAA base in al-Malah area northern Aleppo, Syria. About an hour ago.


Hello, can you provide a proof. It’s interesting topic for a post at the website.

Hassadnah Abraham

Russian always verify the target from ground pointer before bombing. US is the HIABITUAL FALSE FLAG CREATORS and blame on OTHERS.


Training accident.


Perhaps this explains how the USAF accidentally attacked their Kurdish allies?

Close-Air-Support Imperative — Failures in Afghanistan highlight deficiencies in U.S. air force doctrine and equipment:


Return of the Air Commandos: USAF Close Air Support for the 21st Century:


Revisiting Operation Allied Force (NATO air operation against Serbia):


Why Military Intervention will never fix the Middle East:


There you have it, jet fighters cannot effectively conduct close-air support (CAS) when friendly ground troops are in close contact with the enemy (especially mobile targets), however they can conduct deep interdiction bombing (or DAS) against stationary targets (bridges, ammunition and fuel depots, supply columns, bunkers, command headquarters).

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