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US Warns Moscow from Further Operation in Syria: “More Russian Aircraft Will Be Shot Down”

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US officials discuss options of non-diplomatic response to the failure of the ceasefire in Syria and warn Moscow that in the case of continuation of the operation in Syria, Russia would continue “to send troops home in body bags, and will continue to lose resources, perhaps even aircraft.”

US Warns Moscow from Further Operation in Syria: “More Russian Aircraft Will Be Shot Down”

Photo: AP / Manuel Balce Ceneta

Spokesman for the US Department of State John Kirby said that Moscow would continue “to send troops home in body bags, and will continue to lose resources,” if does not “stop the violence” in Syria. According to him, in the case of continuation of the conflict, extremists may exploit the situation to attack Russian cities, in addition, “more Russian aircraft will be shot down.”

“Extremist groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which could include attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities,” Kirby said at a daily briefing.

Answering questions of correspondents, the spokesman for the US Department of State said that the US has influence on some Syrian armed groups, but not on all of them.

“There are other nations that have influence. We have admitted that not all opposition groups on every single day have abided by it, and we have continued to work with them on that,” Kirby said.

At the same time, commenting on Moscow’s statement that the Russian Aerospace Forces strike the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (previously known as the Al-Nusra Front or the Jabhat al-Nusra), he said that the Russian air power attacks only facilities of the civilian infrastructure and hospitals.

The spokesman for the US Department of State also noted that US officials have discussed options of non-diplomatic response to the failure of the ceasefire in Syria.

However, he did not specify what kinds of options are discussed. According to him, US officials, involved in interagency discussions on national security, have discussed other options, “not revolving around the diplomacy’, regarding the response to the situation in Syria.

The day before, spokesman for the White House, Josh Earnest, said that the US may impose new sanctions against Russia due to the situation in Syria. Spokesman for the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, said that the statement of Earnest caused deep misunderstanding in the Kremlin.

On September 28, during a telephone conversation, US Secretary of State John Kerry told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Washington could freeze cooperation with Russia on Syria if Moscow does not take immediate actions to stop the offensive in the area of Aleppo.

“The US Secretary of State stressed that the US and its allies believe that Russia is responsible for this situation, including the use of incendiary and bunker-busting bombs in the city that is a great risk for the civilian population,” Kirby noted.

In its turn, the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that the US must fulfill its commitments to delimit the opposition and terrorist groups, as well as to stop to treat extremists with indulgence.

Meanwhile, on September 28, the Reuters news agency reported about the delivery of surface-to-surface rocket launchers to Syrian ‘moderate’ opposition groups from several foreign states, supposedly, the Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, which is a key partner of Washington in the region. The US Department of State declined to comment on these reports.

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I agree with Mr. Kirby, “Russian must stop violence in Syria.” It means Syrians, assisted by Russians and Iranians, must kick Americans off Syria, Iraq and Libya ASAP!

Doom Sternz

United States of Atrocities has totally lost the plot. Are they seriously suggesting they will shoot down, or arrange to have shot down, Russian planes as they attack Al Nusra Front UN mandated terrorists? Obama is a disgrace, the United States of Atrocities must be destroyed before they destroy us all.

John Whitehot

meanwhile, the congress just fucked up his veto on sueing saudi arabia for 911. Once in a while, something good happens in the us too.


Yes, a little justice exists that the veto happened. I would like oil to go a little lower still to make those sand flies shit more.

chris chuba

The 9/11 Bill / Law is a sham. It contains a loophole that makes the recent ceasefire look like a success. http://www.theamericanconservative.com/larison/the-senate-overrides-obamas-jasta-veto/

John Whitehot

thanks for the link. I suspected that if the bill was passed, it would not have anything more than a symbolic value. But, it’s a start anyway – at least people in the US know that their so prized “ally”, Saudi Arabia, is heavily involved in the 911 attacks. Of course, the full truth will not be revealed, if not by divine intervention – but in these days, I wouldn’t rule out some spectacular event taking place.

Jens Holm

Well, agree – Very, very dangerous. But remember US and many others started this because Assads should go or be reduced and became nr 2 because of ISIS.

that doesnt mean Assads reduced or gone is forgotten. FSA cant fight SAA terrorbombarded by russians and Assads. Russians loosing some airplanes or no more “barrelbombs” could make that part of Syria into a no flyzone.

I dont agree about Obama, but Im not impressed. Some of it seems to me more like the muslim world are jumping up and down in periods comming and going as solar spots or something.

The best hope for US is that Putin cant effort to be escalated as this. Seems the hope for parts of the region for peace only can come if we make a fence around it west of Istanbul and only let food in payed by oil.

O'Brian Andrews

When you listen to the language of the Americans, you know for sure that these people are backers and supporters of terrorists and terrorism in Syria. It appear that they are proud of their influence with these mass murderers and can openly boast about it. As to the arming of terrorist groups in Syria with advanced weaponry by the US, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States in order to wage terrorist acts against Russia and bring down Russian aircrafts. There is another side to that coin and the Americans need to get their head straight and recognize it. If appears that the Americans have forgotten that fire can be fought with fire and that the Taliban, Houthis and a variety of other groups around the world opposed to American, Saudi and other Gulf States interest can be also armed with advanced weaponry. It is quite clear to me that the Americans are desperate and out ofcontrol. Hopefully some tinge of sanity remains and good sense will prevail.

Robert McMaster

The Russians, which seems typical now, have anticipated the Americans. They know that a direct Russian on American military incident is being crafted. But the Russians don’t sit still. They change their configurations. The U.S. has no experience in combat against peer opponents. The Russians are severely trained against the U.S. as an opponent.

Putin has played a long game. To his credit. Figuring out the U.S., planning what would be better, and making it so with the hard hand of cards Putin has domestically… He’s done damned well. He’ll have laid in his zingers. These guys play chess far ahead.

Jens Holm



Well yeah, The Russian’s have forced the Americans (war crime) duplicity into the sunlight. The Syrian Civil War was always a foreign backed proxy war, with Islamists at core of ‘rebels’, with many foreigner Saudis/Turks/Tunisian/Moroccan/Libyans/Chechens who had intelligence services handlers to get them there. The broader US geo-strategic aims in Syria are to knock out Iran’s key ally and Hezbollah’s supply line, for Israel, and to secure territory under a controlled new regime, for Qatar/Turkey, to pipe gas to Europe against/ undermining Russian economic interests. The US is aiming to get a lot bang for its buck in this effort. The US oversees the war efforts using Saudi/Qataris to finance/supply it and Turkey /Jordan as logistics/base centers, these cross border bases are critical, for how else could these ‘rebels’ fight the national army inside Syria for five years? Under weak compliant US media, State Dept/Pentagon have been hiding their activity for years. But Russian diplomacy has pushed the endless war designers and suppliers out into the open.

Jens Holm

Well agree in parts of it. There were no background for Assads should fall apart, and then the try for it escalated. The hope was, that the old FSA incl. soldiers and even a general or too could remake a Goverment and make needed reforms(Im against we are being in ME at all).

But it didnt happen fast and then the extremist were the jokers. Im sure we knew Kaidas went to be iSIS as well and there also were local extreme sunni muslims, which became Nusra.

That got out of hand.

The rest is to me some overestimates. US as well as others has always used the “divede and rule” sometimes making mis and chaos. I can see US making some kind of peace with Iran stabilizing Bagdads as well at Iraqi Kurdistan and the kurds in Syria as a kind of protection zone, where US still has the strange realtions ship on the other side of the Persian Gulf/Arabian sea.

Cant see the Israeli angle for the moment. Of course it will always be an advantage arabs are fighting arabs in stead of them.

Best regards.

John Whitehot

the “Israeli Angle” is to destroy every single country that does not abide to the zionist interests and replace it with a ruffian government. Moreover, the Israeli angle is that the US population and military are idiots to be used to fullfill their objectives, and that it’s much preferable if they die instead of israeli soldiers. They allied with Saudi Arabia, promising the hegemony over the entire muslim world in exchange of quitting the Palestinian cause. The single, only cause of the trouble in middle east has always been the taking of Palestine by the jews, an occupation that protracted to our days in the worst nazi style. I’m old enough to know that since some years ago, every single muslim had, as his primary utmost priority, to remove the jews from sovereign palestinian land. Since the Soviet war in A-Stan though, zionists funded the formation and indoctrination of the new gen sunni imams and clerics, which had to push their people into countless jihads, all against other muslims and christians, never against jews.

Joseph Scott

Can’t see the Israeli angle? Then you obviously don’t read what Israeli officials say, because they have quite openly talked about the problem of Syria as Hezbollah’s supply route, and quite recently their Chief of Staff mentioned that IS was, for Israel a much lesser threat than an Iranian-allied Syria, in the Israeli media, when questioned about why the IDF offers medical treatment to Salafist fighters in Syria.

Jens Holm

Yes of course I see the israely angle. They are neighbors to it and make weatherrapports about it trying to take the right clothe on or off for it.

It doesnt matter to me, who they like the best. Im not there, but I like none of them, but ISIS make terror all over, therefore they are to be reduced and defeated as number 1.

I cant see Assads as well as the iranians in Lebanon som nice guys and girls as well. Any reduction is fine for me.

About Lebanon for the moment I only know the Lebanese army has got better weapons and might slow the supply down.


Bob, Those who should see this (in my opinion) on their daily and nightly news (repeatedly), are the citizens of the united States. But I highly doubt that they will be told this news on their supposed news networks. People in many other countries probably will, but not here in the u.S. Unfortunately, most u.S. citizens only care about things such as the NBA; NASCAR; DWTS and believing that they are the freest, most advanced, most highly educated people in all the world. And they also believe that their government is the ultimate positive influence on the planet and that their military is ALWAYS the “good guy” in whatever war, police-action and/or conflict that they happen to be involved in at the moment.

Edited to add: I said that the American people only care about tings such as the NFL, Nascar, DWTS, etcetera. I would like to add Budweiser and every other type and kind of alcoholic beverage to that list as well.


Since circa 1990 the US MSM has dovetailed into little more than a mouthpiece for the US government, reiterating government doctrine without any serious critical assessment. It is sad fact and gives US public diminished information, and is result of reduced ownership of MSM, into ever fewer hands, to those who are part and parcel of the 1% culture and its shared policy interests.

Hassadnah Abraham

JOHN KIRBY- REALLY LOOK LIKE IDIOT CLOWN. The only way to stop violent in Syria in Iraq and Syria is by Kicking dead the hard, soft, moderate terrorist and US force. Plus…. Obama, Merkel, Cameron, and Hollande wanted to crush Putin using the Maidan. Its as if they have secondary education. Did Napoleon or Hitler defeat Russia? Merkel, Obama, Cameron and Hollande acted like complete idiots. Should Putin have allowed Crimea to become the largest military base of NATO and the US? Should he have left the Russian population to fend for itself? Deceased Social Democratic German chancellor Helmut Schmidt, the most noble and most popular of all German chancellors, said that Crimea is an integral part of Russia. So did Gerhard Schroeder and Helmut Kohl. All French right-wing Republicans led by Sarkozy say that Crimea is an integral part of Russia, not to mention Marine Le Pen. All opposition political parties in Italy say that Crimea is an integral part of Russia and Prime Minister Renzi considers friendship with Russia to be an honor. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is constantly in Moscow, despite Obama providing billions of dollars. Five years ago when the West was acting normal and not being belligerent against Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg were flooded by tens of thousands of demonstrators protesting the results of the elections which were won by “United Russia”. Now everything is quiet. Romantsov is inventing amazing reasons for this, beginning with the weather and ending with the idea that everything is a set up.

Jens Holm

Run for president somewhere, then we will talk about it. You are probatly just a low life like me somewhere much different.


John Kirby and an idiot clown….


I suggest to SAA using MANPAD against US aircrafts then blame the others. Captured US pilots should the well treated and used to bait and ambush. Do not forget do extract most of underskin transponders from them.

Jens Holm

You suggest escalation and forget several things. US is with 66 other countries and we agree ISIS as well as Assads should go.

Do You really think We will sit seeing US airplanes shot down by som RPG`s and/or airplanes.

You will see many 100 airplanes right away and the whole picture for full scale non nuclear war. What USA alone do today is a hobby. Its very easy for Nato to fly in from spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus – direct and replaces loses right away.

So Your suggestians are not even funny.


Yes the US and NATO will stand very low beacause theses are ISIS and Al-Quaeda victories and not SAA. So our NATO want to risk a civil war (hot or cold) because of it’s gangstery attitude. I don’t thisk so. But who knows… SAA and Russians must do but from ground only.

Kim Jong

Idiots. Kirby is the best spokesman for them^^


The US gov just cannot admit that Russia is doing very well in its war on terror, while US is clearly the second best (and I am not even talking about the out of control USG branches that are running various rebel forces). And after NATO destroyed Libya the Libyans are now asking Russia’s help!

Jens Holm

Which Libyens and you referring to. Havnt heard that…yet.

Brad Isherwood

Extremist groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which could include attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities,” Kirby said at a daily briefing.



The thing I find most interesting about Kirby is that he’s a vice admiral (3 stars), yet he’s a liar, and manipulator by profession. This begs a simple question: Is the entire US senior officer corps completely devoid of moral integrity?


He is a politician not a military man, a lot of the higher senior officer corps are made of liars and manipulators who would be clueless in adopting a winning strategy in a major conflict. There was a political warrior Varro, who was so eager to take on Hanibal, even with a army twice as large as Hanibal’s, only to be ineptly sucked up in a position where he was completely surrounded, and his army was totally annihilated. Varro like a true politician fled the scene, instead of a true warrior fighting with his troops. If a conventional war was to develop against a peer nation…..and not some goat herders, US higher officer corps do not have the strategic grasp in fighting a winning war, because their skills are political and not military.

Jens Holm

Agree, Kirby as a spokesman is a politician with a titel, but talk for others. Dont see him as lier. Might see him as manipulator, but thats his job and we have to add and subtract.

Jens Holm

bork bork – he is a spokesman with no power. Doesnt matter if he was a carpenter. You dont titulate Assad as dentist – or do You.

Havnt heard Kirby make any lie. He made a threat and how do You know if his words are true or not. Friend og his ??

Joseph Scott

Kirby is only 2 star, Rear Admiral (Upper Half). Also, he has spent nearly his entire career as a Public Affairs Officer. Only his very first billet after he graduated was as a Surface Warfare Officer. Since then he has been a mouthpiece.

That being said, look into the US promotion system. There is literally nothing about the way the US selects and promotes officers that guarantees any tactical/operational competence. On the contrary, the ‘zero-defect’ report system favours ‘gentlemen’ who get along with their peers, adhere to the groupthink, don’t rock the boat, make sure the lawn is always trimmed and the vehicles freshly painted. Read Black Hawk Down. Watch all the officers involved mill around in aimless confusion. Every decision taken during that operation that actually got something done and advanced the mission was taken by a frustrated enlisted person, who took the initiative and dragged the nearby clueless officer along. That is a pattern that is commonly repeated in US military operations across all four services. There is a reason that many Marine NCOs have utter disdain for officers. Furthermore, to advance past the rank of 0-5 Lieutenant Colonel/Commander, you absolutely have to demonstrate some ability to get along with the political establishment. Numerous tactically proficient officers have retired at that rank because they couldn’t bite their tongues and play nice with politicians. So really, the con-artists, back-stabbers and desk-aces have only a small amount of competition from flag-ranks from the handful of officers who can manage to both charm the politicians and still try to be warriors of some kind. It is the easiest thing in the world for a fellow like Kirby to make 2 stars.


Can we imagine the great superpower with “overwhelming” military power resorting to sneaky and obscure actions in Syria hence they are facing a peer power and not some goat herders. Where are the carrier battle groups? In the proximity of Syria? What about the stealth power and prowess of F22. A superpower confident in its military capability would not resort to sneak attacks and a lot of verbosity cascading incessantly. If US is going to provide man pads to the terrorists, Russia can provide advanced man pads to the Syrian army along with Pantsair systems, that should take care of the A10 and lower flying F-16’s. Also, greater firepower will be leveled against the terrorists in the next 2-3 months to clean up Aleppo and defeat the remnants of the jihadi strongholds. Russia, Syria, Iran are going to finish the job.

Jens Holm

Well its not about weapons. Its about non escallation.

There are plenty of weapons. Dont agree about Your guessing and its very optimistic things only will go on in syria as well.


There are plenty of weapons Russia will bring to bear next month, the jihadis are going to loose East Aleppo, and on that basis they will loose the war.


It’s time to annihilate all resistance in Aleppo and take back what rightfully belongs to the Syrian government and people. Along with God in the sky there is also the Russian Air Force to help speed things along.

Jens Holm

Syria belongs to the people. Assads as well as his fathers has behaved as its private proporty for them.


If the Russians have any brains left, they will bluntly reply that “more U.S. cities will be blown up”.


Fine,… it is high time that the Russians started to treat this seriously.

First they should come up with the cool response that they believe that the Americans (unambiguously known as the United Satans of America) are responsible for this, next they should come up with a long list of their violations of international law, including the illegal supply of weapons to the terrorists, referring the United Satans to newspapers that have been publishing articles documenting this, including interviews with terrorist leaders who have been boasting about their arms supplies from Fashington, concluding it 9in Khrushchev style) with a wish that the United Satans read at least their own nationwide newspapers.

Next they should point out the gross violations of international law perpetrated by the United States of Aggression, including, but not limited to, the sending by the U.S.A. of armed bands, groups, irregulars or mercenaries, which carry out acts of armed force against the Syrian Arab Republic of such gravity as to amount to the acts listed in Article 8 bis of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, or its substantial involvement therein, especially “the unprovoked and dastardly attack” of the United Stated of Aggression on Saturday, September 17th, 1941, all these ongoing violations of the Charter of the United Nations (especially its Article 2) and numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions (such as S/RES/2170) together amount to a crime of aggression by the United States of Aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic.


Silent weapons for quiet wars. Joint cooperation and collaboration between England, the u.s, israel, and russia for population reduction, arms dealing, and opinion manipulation of civilians under the guise of proxy wars with the end game product of 1 world government. An extension of the 19th centuries’ “the great game” utilizing Divide and conquer through deception, distraction, and division.

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