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US Wants To Unite Japan And South Korea Into Alliance Against China: Report

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US Wants To Unite Japan And South Korea Into Alliance Against China: Report


The US wants to unite Japan and South Korea into an alliance against China and North Korea, but “history is in the way,” according to a South China Morning Post analysis from January 12th.

The author, John Power, claimed that a “long coveted strategy” in US foreign policy circles is a trilateral alliance with Tokyo and Seoul to present “a united front against common security concerns, including China’s growing influence.”

That plan is faced with an issue:

“South Korea and Japan just cannot seem to get along. Relations between Tokyo and Seoul, long strained by historical issues stemming from Japan’s 1910-45 colonization of the Korean peninsula, have soured further as the sides stumble from one controversy to the next.”

Most recently, Tokyo and Seoul clashed over an encounter between their militaries in international waters. Tokyo accused a South Korean vessel of locking onto one of its patrol aircraft with its targeting radar, a preliminary step before firing at an enemy. This prompted a response from Seoul and since then the rift has deepened and has turned into a public war of words over who’s wrong.

Historically, the issue of Korean forced labourers and “comfort women” pressed into sexual slavery during the second world war remains.

“The United States has long hoped that its two allies in Asia would work more closely together, bilaterally and trilaterally, with the United States to address and combat regional security threats,” said Brad Glosserman, the deputy director of Tama University’s Centre for Rulemaking Strategies in Tokyo. “There’s no opportunity for the system to snap back. It’s just one blow after another.”

The relationship between South Korea and Japan appears to be a continuous gauntlet of issues, which both sides seem keen on causing for each other.

On January 9th, a South Korean court seized the assets of a Japanese company to compensate victims of forced labour, following a related Supreme Court decision that Taro Kono, Japan’s foreign minister, called “totally unacceptable.”

Furthermore, a 2015 deal which settled the issue of “comfort women” was undermined in November 2018, when Seoul announced it would disband a compensation fund that was the base of the agreement. The deal was opposed because some survivors criticize that it does not sufficiently assert Japan’s responsibility for its war crimes.

“The bottom line is that these two countries need each other and have diametrically opposed views in the function of their national identity,” Glosserman said.

In terms of things in common both South Korea and Japan are democracies and host US troops. Importantly, they appear to share the US view of order in Asia. “More importantly, both governments see North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes as a threat, and regard the prospect of Chinese hegemony in Asia with trepidation.”

“When it comes to security issues in international politics, usually when there’s a common threat that is extremely acute, that’s when you can get two sides to partition or segment different issues,” said Andrew Yeo, an associate professor of politics and director of Asian Studies at the Catholic University of America.

Domestic political pressures in both countries impede them from further cooperation.

“Last year, the Asahi newspaper reported that Seoul was sharing little military intelligence with Tokyo despite the countries signing a related pact in 2016. That agreement provoked a public backlash in South Korea, where memories of Japanese colonisation remain raw. Around the same time, Seoul knocked back a US proposal for three-way military drills involving Tokyo.”

Notwithstanding, the US has exerted great diplomatic efforts trying to bring the two sides closer. It is questionable how successful that has been.

“The US has done a great deal of work, but quietly, in ways that would antagonise neither side and be able to allow them to accuse Washington of taking sides in the dispute,” Glosserman said.

In 2014, Obama brought South Korean President Park Geun-hye and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe together for their first face-to-face talks at the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague. The former POTUS praised the meeting as an example of common cause between the US, South Korea and Japan.

President Donald Trump has distanced US foreign policy from alliances abroad. “Yet it seems that Washington’s longer-term objective is still for Japan and South Korea to put aside their differences and cooperate on shared strategic goals.”

“The logical thing is it seems like they should be closely aligned,” Yeo said. “I am optimistic in the long run that these differences, even if they cannot be resolved, can be managed so that you can have all three countries working together to address security issues in East Asia.”

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This must surely mean that the US does not want North and South Korea to reunite, as North Korea would not agree to hostilities with China..


I don’t see much chance of that happening. Language aside the two countries are basically two completely alien cultures. East and West Germany had more in common and even that reunification is still causing problems to this day. The two Koreas are separated for much longer and North Koreans have been subjected to far more intense indoctrination and a far more intense and brutal regime then the East Germans were. East Germany did not let millions of its own citizens starve. And East Germany at least worked, of sorts. The only thing that seems to be working in North Korea is the army and the nuclear program. Also, West Germany basically assimilated East Germany, its rulers not having much say in the matter. How could totalitarian North Korea with its hereditary Kim dynasty form any sort of realistic political union with South Korea? There is literally nothing to gain for the Kim’s in Korean re-unification, unless it were by conquest of the South by the North. Which is realistically impossible, other then by act of Hollywood plot.

And even if it were to happen a united Korea would be offline to the rest of the world for at least several decades, as whichever Korea takes over the other will be busy assimilating the other for countless generations. Just like Germany was basically offline during the 90’s.

As for Seoul and Tokio unable to work together in an alliance against Japan, this is where Japan’s refusal to admit it did anything wrong in WW2 comes to bit it in the arse. Just like the US not doing anything to force the Japanese in that regard has come to bite them in the arse. Nobody in East Asia who has had the good fortune to enjoy the presence of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy is keen to have a repeat visit. In that sense China might be scary, but at least those countries have never had the PLA utterly rape them as the Japanese did.


blabla against tokyo


If we only consider the experiences of North Korea,Vietnam and Japan as well I suppose, few in East Asia are keen to have the US visit them either.



Korea has a much longer history of being united that separated.
As the Olympics showed they understand that the US seeks to re-ignite the war “against communism” at their expense, so the US has an excuse to attack China.
Slowing China’s re-emergence as the world power using Korea and/or Japan as proxies is the all to obvious plan. Korea will reunite because it is the will of those peoples, just as Vietnam, just as Syria.


Opinion stemming from an alt-right necon lunatic, you wall street shill.


South Korea will stay aligned with China given their common goals economic and political goals, Korea carries a lot of baggage from the Japanese occupation from WW2 and before.
Korean and China conduct direct trade in yuan and won.
If Korea, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia lean towards the Eurasian multipolar system, seeking good relations with China and Russia, US will have few allies in Asia.

You can call me Al

Don’t forget what Japan did to China, very similar in a way to South Korea.


and what the most demented states of A did to korea – bombed it to smithereens and then some dumber than dumb moron from the other side of the pacifics get a 500m$ reward for someone who kicked the friggin bucket in a nk prison but the friggin demented states of A haven’t paid a penny towards the reparations of north korea to the tune of 100s of billions of $$ when the koreans rejected sung man rhee as the new head of the korea as pushed by the more than dumb morons of washington dc. nothing much to say really – just plain stupid and the question is why does countries listen to something so utterly beyond common sense or what have you that makes people/organizations/countries just plain friggin stupid.


I TOTALLY disagree!
South Korea’s greatest threat is China! In fact it was the Chinese that were fighting in the Korean war on the side of the North!
Australia is in a similar situation as South Korea! We were both attacked by the Japanese, we both have close economic ties to China BUT you can bet your life that the treaties we have with the USA (BECAUSE THEY SAVED US!!!!) are solid as a rock! We buy and use US weapons, we train with them and we have their bases on our lands! WHY??? BECAUSE THEY SAVED US!!!!

You think South Korea and Japan dont thank God every day that they were defeated by the USA? Look at their lives and freedoms! Both nations are 3rd and 4th strongest economies in the world!

What kind of freedoms and political ideologies would exist in South Korea if China were to e their masters? huh?

Why do people keep FOOLING THEMSELVES into believing that China would be a better partner?? Why are people like you so stupid and blind!

Tell me, did u like Soviet Russia? (because the Russian’s didnt)
Do u like communist China with its social credit system? (dont dare say the chinese like it)

I do not love america of today but america of the past was a great nation!
You need to understand the words u write on this site!
Globalists took over the USA and Nationalists are trying to take it back!

Nationalists took back Russia (thank God)

China is to be the Globalist Ruler and here you are CHEERING THEM ON!!!!

China has no chance, NO CHANCE of defeating the USA and its allies! Why do u think Taiwan (so close to China and speak chinese) want nothing to do with China! HUH??? WHY?? answer that question!!

China cannot even navigate the south china sea without USA’s say so!
Who confronts the Chinese INFERIOR navy in the South China Sea??
Guess who?

USA, South Korea, Japan, Australia, UK, Malaysia, Philipines, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand etc etc!

China has FUCK ALL navy!
So stop talking absolute BULLSHIT!

I’d be speaking Japanese if it were not for the USA during WW2!
South Korea wuld be speaking Japanese or chinese if it were not for the USA!

And now they BOTH are free and rich!

And lets not forget that the USA saved China also from the Japanese!

(I am an Australian and i support Russia and Syria in the syrian war, but i do not defend bullshit like you just wrote)!


You seem to be way too angry for someone that doesn’t believe in geopolitical predictions on Asian future with Chinese dominance.
If you believe in that prediction, your comment doesn’t make sense. If you don’t, why are you angry mate?


These predictions are terrible!
If u think these US allies jump ship to China u are crazy!
if u think its due to an incoming US dollar collapse then u are even more crazy!

Because people who KNOW what replaces the US dollar know that the USA stay number 1!

The yuan will not be the reserve currency!
Everyone knows that the incoming IMF SDR’s that China signed up too will be the new replacement!
And within each SDR is a currency!
The US dollar, the euro the Yuan, the Stirling/ pound etc etc!
Guess who gets the biggest cut of the SDR?
The USA!
6 years a go the USA had a 40% cut and the Chinese have a 30% cut! The rest is divided between the others! But as of 2018 things have changed! China’s economy has shrunk by over 30% and the US economy has risen by over 25%!

Guess where the SDR’s stand at now??
USA has a 60% cut of the SDR!

So even if the global economy collapsed, the US would still be the economic leader!

This is one of the reasons why the military industrial complex backed Trump in the US election and likely won him the presidency! He has taken back US companies and made tariffs on China! So the former US globalists have lost their plan to enrich China and the US nationalists have taken their country back!

Look up IMF SDR’s! Then make a NEW prediction!

USA still wins in a global economic collapse!

At the moment people are investing in the USA because its booming! China is going down a hole! That is why the Chinese President announced to “prepare for war” because they know they have lost! Likely they will try to take back Taiwan but it wont be successful!

Note as soon as China made this announcement to “prepare for war” Trump immediately ordered the removal of Troops from Syria!

So u want geopolitical predictions??

There u have it!

Nobody on this site knows jack shit!




“it was the Chinese that were fighting in the Korean war on the side of the North! ” – thats right, and thankfully so. It was the South that had a US puppet regime in place to help murder Korean citizens. The US military is a whore for US corporations and israel, and thats why all US wars are initiated and fought. Vietnam and the Korean war was no exception. At least the North have their pride in tact. The South has been bending over for uncle sam ever since. What the world needs is the US to be cut down to size then punished with nuclear warfare for the millions it has genocided globally in its wars for Israel and US corporations. I’m hoping the NK-China-Russian alliance can teach the US that lesson.


Ewan there is a difference between USA of the 1950’s and the USA of 2018!

Plus the korean war was a proxy war between the soviet union and the USA and its allies!

Communism vs Democracy!

Neither are perfect but im glad democracy won!

You exposed yourself! You’re a commy lover! You love karl marx, the Bolshevik JEWISH revolution (stalin was a part of it and was a Georgian Jew)!

Soviet Russia was a Jewish takeover! Wake up and smell the shit u shovelling!


China and Korea have been neighbours for a long time, and have lived in peace for 1400 years.
The only threat to peace on the Korean peninsula is the USA.

You are a victim of propaganda, you think China and North Korea are the aggressors, but the aggressor is and always has been the USA.
The USA has been attacking Korea since 1866.


OK Sinbad…..

If i go to korea as a journalist and i put a microphone in a South loreans face and i ask them “China or USA” who do u think they will say?

Did the USA not fight off the soviets and the chinese?
did they not save them from the japanese?

Who is china friendly too? North korea or South Korea?

Who’s proxy would u prefer to be?
China’s proxy (north korea)
Americas proxy (south korea)?


Look at japan! They fucking bombed australia, fucked up korea and china, bombed the USA! They were finally defeated and now look at them! KICKING ASS! And they been kicking ass ever since the end of that war!

So if americacan defeat a country WHO ATTACKED THEM FIRST and set them almost free, then why the fuck would a dumbass like u say that South korea prefers China to the USA!

U must be on drugs to say that!

Youre gone mate! youre off your rocker!

Go to korea and ask someone “China or usa” and watch what happens!

Youre an idiot!


“Did the USA not fight off the soviets and the chinese?
did they not save them from the japanese?”

First off, the Russians were already in Korea when the Americans arrived.
The Americans offered half of Korea to the Soviets, but they declined and withdrew once the Japanese had been defeated.
The Americans refused to leave the South Korea that Dean Rusk had created claiming that the South Koreans were communists.
That is why the North Koreans tried to rid their country of the American invaders.

Calling someone an idiot, when you have obviously never read a book in your life is a bit rich.


After WW2 it quickly became the Soviets vs the USA and Western Allies!

So for someone like u who see’s it as an invasion but the soviets werent invading?

The Soviets were spreading like wild fire! Communism vs Democracy!

i’m starting to think u prefer Communism!! Do u?


Do u prefer China to be the world leader rather than the USA?

here u are trying to explain ur reasons but they just fall off a cliff every fucking time!

Shall we read history Sinbad? Shall we?
Stalin 40 million russians
Mao 80 million chinese
Stalin “president for life”
Xi “president for life”

Im not saying america is innocent but u are saying China and russia is pure!

Get off ur fucking high horse dude!
China is a piece of shit nation! U have no idea that most of the corruption within the USA is due to China! and its being eradicated now! you should be celebrating! The chinese were the ones trying to rig the US elections!



HASBARA troll.


We know what u are sinbad!
Your an Aussie (like me) who wants to cossie up to the Chinese!
1. Communist
2. extremely bad humans rights history
3. Saved by the USA in ww2
4. copy everything and destroy domestic companies who invented it
5. Globalist puppet nation
6. Spy on everyone
7. havent done jack shit in syria!
8. havent done jack shit in the South China sea
9. Economy has crashed by over 30% since Trump came to power
10. Devaluing their currency and forcing chinese to buy property in other nations driving up the housing prices and causing a housing bubble (gee thx china)
11. totally shit at war, have very little experience and have no proven allies NONE! Who is their military ally? Russia? Really? u sure about that?
12. are exculded from any form of carbon taxes (which i hate anyway but e must adhere to the rules yet they dont which means all companies will go to china)

if u support China then u support Globalism! its that simple!
Russia has fought against the Globalists!
Trump is now fighting against the Globalists!

But to u dumb fucking retards u still see it as the USA are the bad guys!

For fuck sakes u guys are so narrow minded!

Australia and NZ and the UK spied on US citizens (so we are bad guys)
Soviets invaded countries!
Chinese kill their own people!

But still its anti-usa rhetoric!

Wake the fuck up the game has changed since 2017!

Russia = good guy
Syria = good guy
Israel = bad guy
UK = bad guy
Australia = bad guy
China = very bad guy
USA = the BEST GUY (since Jan 2017)

But u fucking retards are sucking jewish zionist UN dick and u dont even know it!

CHINA is the UN Jewish/ Zionist rulers u dumb fucks!


Wake the fuck up!!!!!!!!


You are not an Australian, you are an Israeli that bludges off Australia.


You mean the same technologies used in western countries, nice try you neocon shit stain.


Funny how China gets “exposed’ but the Western regimes have been at it for years are off the hook. What a fkin idiot Justin is


And if you LISTEN to what i said………
comment image

i said “The USA is back since Jan 2017”!
Before this date the USA was the worst nation on earth because they were GIVING China the world!!!! Globalists were in control of America!

BUT NOW…… its a GOOD USA who is fighting the CIA, corrupt DOJ and FBI!

But u didnt notice this did u? u were too busy sucking the dick of President Xi “president for life”!

America was Hi-jacked and now its back!
Russia was Hi-jacked by Soviets (Bolsheviks: jewish funded gang) and since Putin came into power, Russia is also back!

Dont u see?

* JEWS took over Russia and started a new political ideology and tried to take over the world! (Communism) Russia is now Back thanks to Russian Military intelligence agency putting their TOP GUY in (Putin)! (it was an intelligence war)

* America has been taken over by a similar JEWISH political ideology (Political correctness, socialism, Globalism) So they were trying to transfer all US companies and military secrets to their vassal state CHINA which is what they want the world to be! A Digital totalitarian Dictatorship! But the US military intelligence agencies have fought back putting Trump as President! There is TONS OF PROOF! if u want it ill show u some!

But u guys just cant take off your fucking blinkers can u! u are still living in 2016! Shit is happening! Why the fuck do u think they are blaming the President and the Russians for colluding? The globalists lost their candidate! Shit has hit the fan and now the CIA and DOJ and FBI has been GUTTED!

But u guys just talk about shit the USA has done in Syria! WE ALL FUCKING KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE DONE but do u know what they are CURRENTLY doing too??

Do u?

They are pulling out!
Israel not happy!
They are bringing US companies back to the USA
they are scraping the Carbon tax bullshit (globalist tax that empowers China)
They are exposing the CIA and removing security clearances and HAVE INDICTED senior officials (draining the swamp) and so much more!

But none of u are interested are u? u just wanna sit in ur rocking chairs bitching about the past when the future is sooo good and the REAL bad guys are the ones u support!

China is the ultimate bad guy!

Why the fuck do u think Saudi stopped funding isis? TRUMP!!!!!
Why the fuck do u think a new crown prince was named and the other princes were arrested??? TRUMP!!!!!
Why do u think Google and Facebook were subpoenaed?? TRUMP!!!!!

As of Jan 2017 USA are the good guy now!
Russia has always been the good since Putin arrived!
Syria is 100% the good guy!
China and the UN and the EU are the bad guys! Especially George Soros, Clintons and Obama!

But u guys just cant see it can u!

Wake the fuck up!


If u mean facebook etc then yes! But its not a govt policy to spy on people, its a corporate policy! And people are fighting against it! The USA and the west have LAWS regarding privacy in their constitutions where as China have the opposite! In china have zero privacy!

So if u support China being a world leader then u are a fucking moron!

Thats not anger thats just plain and simple fact!


Obviously you have never heard of the NSA.


Obviously u have no idea what u are talking about!

FVEY (the five eye nations who spy on each other to get around privacy laws)
yes we have privacy laws and thats why we need our partners to spy on us!

China doesnt need partners it just openly does it and thats that!
What we do is illegal and its about to end and u know why its about to end?

So what ure telling me is YOU DONT KNOW!

It was the CIA spying on the people (the Five eye nations) and NOT the NSA!

The NSA was spying on its allies INCLUDING THE CIA!
yes Sinbad, since u dont know whats going on let me tell u!

The NSA’s spying tools were exposed because they were spying on other intel agencies! But the CIA and the UK, NZ, Canadian and Aussie spy agencies were spying ON THE PEOPLE!

This is why Snowden was pushed from the CIA to the NSA in order to expose the NSA’s spy tools because the CIA was spying on citizens!

So guess what Sinbad…… the NSA was spying on the bad guys!

Thats why they were caught spying on Merkel’s office! etc!

Snowden exposed this because Snowden is a “pretend good guy”!

Snowden was a lacky for the CIA who exposed the NSA because the NSA was exposing the CIA!

1. NSA (mainly a military intelligence agency)
2. CIA (a govt intelligence agency started by jews) truth!

As soon as Trump was elected, Admiral Rogers immediately went to Trump to tell him hat the CIA was spying on his campaign!

Google Fisa Declas!

There are 2 kinds of intelligence agents:
1. White hats = good guy
2. Black hats = bad guys

The NSA is saving us! the CIA is a Mossad sister agency!
This is why there is an intel war happening i the USA right now!
U see this every day on the news when u hear about “russian collusion”!

The CIA has embedded journalists in the main stream media!
The NSA is exposing this NOW!
Why the fuck do u think Paul Ryan resigned?
Why the fuck u think the media dont want Trump and putin meeting each other!
Why the fuck u think the LEFT msm wants to stay in syria?

Look at this picture below and it will explain it to u!
The NSA is killing the CIA because the CIA is spying on us! Thats why those NSA spy tools were made and why they were exposed by a former CIA agent!

U think china didnt help Snowden get out of China?
The CIA helped Snowden whilst the NSA were trying to capture him!

comment image

Ask yourself, why is the media against Trump no matter what he does!
Why is the military supporting Trump?
Why did the media and the Dems go after Michael Flynn (former DIA director)?

Sinbad, u dont know what u are talking about! All u have are talking points! u have no idea whats going on!

CIA and NSA are enemies of each other!
U show how much u dont know!

Stop hating on USA, its different now that Trump is in!


ABC news is like the BBC, it’s a Government propaganda outlet.


Yes and its corporations who dictate govt policies!

Do u know the difference between a govt dictatorship and Corporatism / fascism?

China = Extreme Govt dictatorship (president for life)
Australia = Corporate takeover over govt due to corruption!

China = govt writes laws to spy on you and thats that!
Australia = law states the right to privacy so they must secretly ILLEGALLY spy on us

So to finish my comment, we can end our situation via exposure of corruption but its damn hard when the media is batting for them and when an independent journo is censored! but still, we can fight back and win! (example yellow vests in france, tommy robinson in the UK, Qanon in the USA)

But in China, its fucking law! They can lawfully and legally spy on u!

Do u understand the difference sinbad or do i need to draw u a fucking picture so u can understand??


Why is it that Jewish posters always hide their prior posts?
Are you afraid your hypocrisy will be exposed?
Exactly why do you hide?


Dude im more pro Russian and Syrian than u are!
i have fought off more pro american, pro sdf, pro israeli, pro FSA supporters than u have!

i just dont accept bullshit when people on this site decide they will support and prefer China to the USA!

Would u have said the same thing in 1989??


The USA was infiltrated and peolpe like u dont understand! Well guess what, since January 20th 2017, the GOOD USA is back! its back and its fighting off the jewish, mossad cabal!

UK and Australia spied on President Trump’s campaign because these ELITES u and i both hate were trying to get Hillary to win!

Thats why the Left wing globalist media has spun this Russian Collusion shit!

Well guess what, its being exposed NOW!

Guess who the CIA and the Clinton campaign were working with?? CHINA!
Guess what they gave to China when Clinton was Sec of State? Military secrets and commercial secrets! What about the trade deals which forced US companies (even aussie companies) to China?

And here u are with ur thumb up your ass thinking that China is the good guy!

CHINA IS THE BAD GUY!!!! Clintons, CIA, Directors of the FBI, etc etc were colluding because the globalists WANT CHINA to be the new power!

The USA military intelligence fought back!

U have no idea do u!

CIA bad guy!
NSA good guy!

Edward Snowden Bad guy
Julian Assange good guy

But u believe the shit dont u?? u bought into the Snowden thing like a good little boy!

Well u were schilled by the CIA!

Wake the fuck up and KNOW what u are talking about!


you said “US will have few allies in Asia”!
Thats the most stupid thing i’ve seen someone write on this site in a long time!


Stupid is what you pretty much type, neocon shill.


Who will they lose?
Taiwan? Australia? India (lol no way they lose India), Malaysia? Singapore? Japan? South Korea? (they actually might gain North Korea, u never know)!

Come on, tell me who they are losing! Go ahead! If u say Phillipines u are kidding because the Phillipines is a US colony! Remember they were purchased from Spain! So come on. Name a country they will lose!


if im a neocon then u are a zionist jew!


Yes you are a Zionist Jew, good to see you came out of the closet.


Sinbad, I’m on your side!
But you’re not!

China = Zionist Globalist takeover!

Wake the fuck up!

It should be ME calling YOU the Jew!

Why dont u know what is going on???


Who created Facebook??
Who REALLY created Facebook???

Follow their wives Sinbad! Follow their wives!!!!!

CIA marries operatives (team)! Not for love!

Wake up!
i am opening the Door for u Sinbad but u STUBBORNLY wont walk through it!

WHY? What are u afraid of??

Saudi Arabia has been dealt with!
Rothschilds have been dealt with!
Only George Soros left!

trump’s victory Free’d Putin! Now they are working together to defeat the evil! Do u want to learn or do u want to stay old and stubborn?

I’m on your side! But you’re not!
comment image
comment image comment image


Are u sure u support China?
Are u sure China does NOT = Rothschilds???



Which countries political system best suits the Globalists needs?
Why is/was America being drained and China being pumped up?
Who are the major shareholders for Twitter, Google, Facebook etc??

Saudi Arabia (important) +++ (most wealthy family)
Rothschilds (important) ++ (second most wealthy family)
Soros (important) . + (3rd most [from Rockefella family])

Military Black Op GO CODE:


comment image

Sinbad, Do u know what happened here?
Do you REALLY know what happened here?

comment image comment image comment image comment image

Was John McCain’s cancer a cover?
In case indicted, could blame memory loss??
What does the Clinton foundation and the McCain institute have in common?
comment image

Did John McCain die of Cancer?
Have u seen the last interview he did THE DAY BEFORE HE DIED?
Perfectly healthy!!!

comment image

2. Happening (30 day marker?)(day of the dog?)
comment image

3. another one?
comment image

$. Who’s next? Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

SINBAD!!!!!! I’m on your side! But you’re not!!


New Saudi Crown Prince?
What happened to him lately? Blamed for what? Why?
Who benefits?
high level OP?

Which Saudi Princes were killed in 2017?
Which Saudi Princes were taken Prisoner?
Which ones were held the longest?
Who interrogated them?

comment image

Why is the important?
Who was the first news agency to talk to him after his release?
Reuters = Rothschilds?

What does Twitter, Facebook, Google have in Common with :
1. CIA,
2. Alwaleed bin Talal,
3. China

comment image

Why is Eric Schmidt (former CEO of Alphabet, Googles parent company) doing in North Korea in 2014??

What access is he giving them?
To who’s server??
Clintons bathroom server?
Pay for Play?
Who rules North Korea?
Who REALLY rules North Korea??

Why did Eric Schmidt resign and when?
Executive Order?
National Emergency?
Human Trafficking?





Who was Obama’s handler?
Who recruited him?
Who funded him?
This picture was before he became President!
Who is the old man sitting next to the stair case?
Who paid for Obama’s Havard education?
Who was Obama’s real father (from Kenya! Not his adopted Father)
Who did Obama’s mother work for?
CIA is family recruitment agency!!
comment image

Mika works for MSNBC
Who is her father?
Zbignew Brezinski?
comment image comment image

Anderson Cooper works for CNN!
Who is his mother?
comment image comment image

Why the Child Sacrifice on the wall??
What happened to Anderson’s brother?

Vanderbilt extremely wealthy family!
Payseurs! (equal with Rothschild wealth)
Vanderbilt = Payseur!

What did they do at their Mansion??
comment image

(CIA, Mossad, Rothschilds, Soros, House of Saud, CHINA)
The family, the agency, the system!

Human trafficking, child sacrifice! Control!

Sinbad….. do u really want to know whats going on??

Putin said long time a go “the NWO worships Satan”
Trump and Putin are allies!!

Putin was on his own until Trump was elected, now Putin is free because the USA is not working against Russia anymore!

Sanctions (since Trump arrived) are optics until the awakening!
did Trump’s missiles hit any russian or Syrian targets of importance?
Who did Russia shoot down lately?
Trump pulling out?
All this works against who’s interests?
in the first missile strike, Syria was able to move their jets off the runway!
Active again within 48 hours!

Do u believe this was a failure on the US part? Or deliberate and were given forewarning?
Forewarning means cooperation!!

i am giving u bread crumbs here!
if u want to know more!
ask me!
i will SHOW U!

China is the CIA!
CIA is Mossad!
They are backed by the 3 families!
there are other families but these are the main ones!

Trump ended Saud family! Full cooperation now

Im on your side, but youre not!


Why is the left wing MSM trying so hard to stop trump and putin from meeting?
Why did Trump and Putin have a 2 hour private meeting in Helsinki with only interpreters present?
Is this normal to meet in such ways? one on one and face to face?
Why not on the phone?
Why not with cabinet members present?
Why does the MSM and everyone want to know what they talked about so badly?

comment image

What was in the soccer ball Putin gave to Trump?
The world cup soccer ball contains electronics… what did Putin put in it before he gave it to trump?

What is the Uranium 1 scandal about?

How is all this shit i am telling related??





The US already has its asian “alies” jumping ship.


name them!


So the Chinese economy has shrunk y over 30% and the US economy is up over 25%!
The IMF SDR’s (that replace the reserve currency in a global collapse) favours the USA with a 60% share! China has a 28% share!
People who know economics and know military capabilities and know who they back and are experienced in war will be all with the USA!

Only an extremely dumb person wants China to be the new global empire! And t make the prediction they defeat the USA and its allies is absolute rubbish!

And dont assume that Russia will be on the side of the Chinese in such a war! If u assume that then u really do show ur geopolitical naivety!

Russia has always been on the US side in a world war! China will not be a proxy war!China is more of a threat to Russia than any other country simply because they share a border and russia has land and resources! Eventually, if china were to become a great power, Russia would be swallowed up!

Everyone knows Putin wants to be a part of Europe! But he was forced to partner up with China (something they never wanted to do) when Sanctions were laid upon them after Crimea!

My prediction, after 2020 and the arrest of many corrupt politicians in the USA over the next 2 years, Russia and the USA will become allies!

Thats a prediction and a bold one!

Qanon quote:
(note: “Enemies are allies”)

f you are smart (stupid) you know what just occurred at the meeting in Russia.
Attempts to frame Russia / POTUS (optics) are failing and will soon be exposed.
[Objective] to keep POTUS away from PUTIN failed.
Bolton + PUTIN should scare you.
Enemies are allies.
EVIL has no place here.
America is no longer for sale.
The age of taxing our citizens across the World while entry to our markets is FREE is OVER.
The WORLD will UNITE in this cause (G v E/R v W).
Forced immigration pushers will be exposed (the ‘why’).
Read the BIBLE.


Exactly, the US has had no allies since the Korean war.
The US has vassals, and every one of those vassals would sink the knife in, if they thought they could get away with it.


So youre saying that South korea would ally with China if they had the opportunity? So too India and Australia?
Seriously, is this what u are saying?

Do u know anything about the battles in the coral sea? did u know the USA did not need to fight for us? UK didnt fight for us they preferred to save India!

The USA did not need to defend Australia yet they did and this was the cause of the ANZUS treaty!
So youre saying, we will ally with China for economic reasons? thats what youre saying here? That money talks and treaties, ethics, friendship, being saved doesnt count?

Im ashamed of you!

Youve been sucked in by this website! Brainwashed!
Yes its good to support Russian and Syria here but the USA saved us dude and u are preferring China!

Shame on you!


I am so fed up with the BS that America fought for Australia.
America fought for America, when Australia asked for American troops, because ours were fighting for Britain, the US REFUSED.

When Australia arranged to buy nuclear armed Bloodhound missiles from Britain, the US got the deal stopped.
When Australia was going to merge West Papua with East Papua to rejoin New Guinea, the US vetoed it. Why, because the US wanted the gold, but didn’t want to pay for it. Australia is the largest exporter of LNG, the Americans pay us $10 million a year. The second biggest producer of LNG, Qatar earns $40 billion a year.

If you bothered to read real history, instead of the Hollywood version of history you would now I speak the truth.


Mate, the UK REFUSED to allow our trained troops to go back home from Europe to defend our homeland! thats what happened!

Thats why we celebrate those on the Kokoda trail! BECAUSE THEY WERE ARMY RESERVES!!!!

They were just normal working people and not well trained soldiers yet they believe because they were from different fields of life is WHAT SAVED THEM because of their tactics (extremely non-military) that won the day!

So the kokoda trail along with america’s help in the coral sea saved us!
They couldnt take new guinea and setup a forward base!

America took back Guam and were able to help! They took what they had remaining after the japs bombed pearl harbour (which was their aircraft carriers) and helped us with 2 vs 3 of the japs carriers!

Yet they could have used those carriers in the battle of midway which they were outnumbered there too! They risked a lot for us! and idiots like u forget!
“We shall NEVER forget”!
Fucking traitor!

Bloodhound missiles were developed HERE in Woomera by the Brits but the US missiles were better and cheaper! So there goes another one of ur fake news comments!

As for the spoils of war! Thats why they say “the spoils of war”! someone needs to take the winnings otherwise whats the point in fighting in the first place! Remember, the USA was attacked first pre-emptively! And so were we! OR DID U FORGET???


PROVE IT!!!!!!!!



“Fucking traitor!”
I served from 1969 until 1975, how about you, ever put your money where your mouth is?

I mean how old are you?
You sound like your entire history education is made up of movies and BS.


read carefully! “LNG”!
The “L” means “liquified”!
Transported by ship!


We are NOT the largest exporter of Natural Gas! Not even close!

Also, when u send a link via reuters, u are sending a Rothschild link!
Do u like quoting the Rothschilds?

So if u are bragging about Australia being a big liquid gas exporter its because we have to traverse oceans to get it to our customers! Because we are a continent! Would Russia need to do it? Saudi? Venezeula? USA? (who will beat us for sure soon) Baku? They send theirs in pipelines as a gas!

No need to brag u idiot hahahaha!
Qatar ships far more gas than we do via pipes! Thats why this war in Syria is taking place! Do u know how much more expensive it is to ship gas via sea going vessels? this is nothing to brag about! The ONLY reason people buy our gas is because they want to diversify (not be so dependent) on a single nation so that the nation who sells it doesnt gain political power over them! Which is why Europe was backing the Qatar pipeline (ISIS) and started a coup in Ukraine (Russian pipelines)

As for ur service……well done!
As for referring China over the USA i still say that u are a fucking moron and u need to see a Doctor!

I will never forget u said this!


And who do you owe your allegiance to?
You guys come here, we treat you like equals, then you betray Australia by giving your Australian passports to Israel, to use in terror attacks.
You have no country, you and your kind are feral.


“And who do you owe your allegiance to?”

My country Australia, our allies and to those who fought and died for us!

“You guys come here, we treat you like equals, then you betray Australia by giving your Australian passports to Israel, to use in terror attacks.”

Who the fuck are u talking about? I was born with blonde hair, green eyes! im not a jew and ive even told u the stories about what Jews did to me in Melbourne and u fucking agreed with me! Get a memory u dumb cunt!

Dude lets ask u the same questions shall we??



Here is the difference between me and you!

1. i support russia and Syria just as much as u do!
2. i hate jews and zionists just as much as u do!
3. you love china!
4.i prefer the USA
5. China is a communist dictatorship (president for life)
6. America is a Democratic republic (elections, impeachment, the right to bare arms and overthrow their government)!
7. you think the USA today is the same as the USA of 2016 (BECAUSE YOURE DUMB!!)
8. I KNOW that the USA is now under NEW control and is fighting the globalists just as Putin did!
9. you read this site and maybe al-masdar and sputnik and RT!
10. i read all sites and i also study the politics taking place in the USA!
11. you have no idea what is happening in the USA and the war on the deep state and i know a shit load about it!
13. You Dont know this and u suck Chinese dick and thus u suck Jewish dick BECAUSE YOU ARE DUMB!
14. The U.S.A under Trump has exited the UN human rights council BECAUSE THEY TRAFFIC CHILDREN AND HUMANS! You dont know this because u are dumb!
15. Trump is fighting a war on human trafficking! u dont know this because u are dumb!
16. china leads the world in human trafficking and has been working with the former BAD CIA! Humans are trafficked from China, North Korea (think of NK as a farm for human organs and slaves which are sold)! Haiti etc etc!
17. HILLARY clinton sold US military secrets, commercial secrets and political information on all senators and congressman to China so they could be controlled by China! YOU DONT KNOW THIS BECAUSE U ARE DUMB!
18. China is THE WORST NATION in the world because they traffick humans, children, enslave their people, spy on their people and have a history of MASSIVE MURDER of their own kind! If they kill 80 million of their own people, what do u think they would do to us YOU DUMB CUNT! HUH?

you are supporting jews and u dont even know it!
1. u quote me a Rothschild fucking link (reuters) BECAUSE U ARE DUMB!
2. and u support the UN owned Chinese who are communist, have a president for life and have control over most US and Australian politicians! BECAUSE YOU ARE A D UMB CUNT!

i dont care if u get offended because people like u will make this country into shit!

i am 45 years old and i know how to research!
i know how to get information from the dark web (the onion router)
i know whats going on in the intelligence war!
AND i know that Trump and Putin are working to KILL the Deep state and the Jewish zionist control in the world!

and i can prove it!
i can be the one who wakes u up so u ADMIT that u dont know shit!
Challenge me bitch! Ask me how i know!


Wow you are really having an event, call a friend if you have one, or one of the help lines. A few days in the clinic and you will be back to your version of normal.


What do u choose Globalism or Nationalism?
Is Globalism a Zionist plan? (hint: Fuck yes)
Industries are going From which countries to what country???HUH???


(even though u do not want to support them! You are a part of the problem instead of being a part of the solution)

turn on english subtitles! LEARN!
Swallow your pride and Denounce what u said about the Chinese!



Oh, just in case you don’t know, Onion is a CIA piece of software.


And just so YOU know……
CIA and Mossad work with and run China!

The more you know!

Does the CIA run 8Chan?

Wake the fuck up u dumb cunt!

Youre barracking for the wrong team!

Do u feel humiliated that u actually support zionist jews?
Do u?
Do u even KNOW what u are talking about?????


Sinbad, youve gone quiet on me!
When people go quiet its usually because they are wrong and are too proud to admit it!
Don’t support China mate!
China = Zionist jews / Rothschilds, Soros, House of Saud!
i can show u soo much evidence of this!

Just dont ever say again u support and prefer China!
China is run by those mentioned above and their intel agencies (CIA, Mossad)

I’m on your side! But you’re not!


“During the course of the war, these two geographically isolated nations faced the threat of direct attack for the first time in their histories as modern states. As the Japanese expanded south into the Pacific Ocean, mainland Australia and especially the city of Darwin suffered frequent Japanese air raids in 1942 and 1943. After the sudden fall of the strategically important British colony of Singapore to the Japanese on February 15, 1942, the Antipodean nations expressed concern that the British Government was too focused on the war in Europe to protect its colonies properly and they began for the first time to look to the United States to help ensure their security.”

UK abandoned us and wouldnt let us bring our troops back from Europe!
So we used Reserves! (accountants, farmers, carpenters etc)

US had far less carriers and ships because the japs bombed them!




Do u understand what happened here when Putin gave Trump this ball? Ignore the fake news MSMedia!
Why does the media try to stop Trump and Putin from meeting??
Why did the Democrats try so hard and fast to get rid of General Mike Flynn (former Defence Intel Agency director) as Trump’s Senior advisor?
Why did the MSMedia go CRAZY when Trump and Putin met in a private room (one on one) and are trying to subpoena the translator to get information?

Do u even know what is going on or is your fucking dumb brain stuck in Syria and your dick in China? huh??




I’M ON YOU’RE SIDE!!! BUT YOU’RE NOT!!! (read all i wrote please and TRY to understand)!


Go to the this, scroll down to post 1 (at the very bottom) and start reading!


Just do it!
im sick of u knowing NOTHING!!

U call me the Jew when u dont even realise that YOURE the JEW!

u think USA is bad but since 2017 they are good and FIGHTING the globalists!!

Who begun globalism and made crappy trade deals in the US so that China could be the worlds manufacturing hub?
Would world elites LOVE to model their global control in the same way China does? A digital prison? Orwells 1985 but much worse?
Can u vote in China?
Are EU leaders elected?
Can countries simply leave the EU?
70% laws are made by EU that prime ministers cannot veto!

China is the Globalist Goal!
facebook is going to China!
Apple is in China
Google, youtube, facebook is CIA
MoSSAD is Israeli, globalist intel agency!

NSA is NOT the bad guy!
Why would america need 2 foreign intel agencies?
What is the importance of North Korea to China?
Who runs North Korea?
Who REALLY RUNS NORTH KOREA? (China??… nope)
CIA runs everything, tax payer funded!
CIA is google
CIA is Facebook
CIA is twitter
CIA is Washington post!
CIA is New York times!
Mossad IS the CIA, CIA is Mossad! DO YOU UNDERSTAND???

NSA is USA military intelligence! NOT owned or run by the CIA or Mossad!

Since Trump arrived, the NSA has been at war with the CIA, FBI, DNI, DOJ MI6, ASIO etc etc!

CIA is mossad! Globalist OWN the CIA and Mossad! (jews)

Globalists (jews) plan is for china to be the super power!
They want the world to be the same as china! (u fuckin idiot)
They want the UN to be the worlds ultimate power (unelected, prints the money and controls all other unions such as the EU and the others which are to come)!

So, since Jan 2017 Trump and Putin are allied! but the MSM is making it out to be “russian collusion) when in fact the the deep state wanted hillary to win and it was the CHINESE funding and colluding with the CLINTONS!

u can hate the USA because the country has been MOSSAD owned for many decades! in modern times only 3 good presidents!

JFK, Reagan, Trump!

All assassinated or attempted! (Trumps airforce one had a missile shot at it just off the coast of Washington state and also near Hawaii)!

So the BAD USA that u hate so much which was run by jewish Globalists WERE TRANSFERRING AMERICA’S EMPIRE OVER TO CHINA!!!!

Now the GOOD old USA that SAVED US in WW2 is back! And it is fighting an intelligence war and a hidden war against China and the former CIA, FBI, DOJ, DNI and Mossad!

Do u fucking understand??????//?????

You and i are on the same side! the only problem is that you dont know that China is the bad guy who was working with Mossad and the CIA and globalist!

like i said….. im on your side! BUT YOURE NOT!


And thats exactly what is already happening. The US as a superpower is waning in influence and the proof thereof is seen in the dissent by traditional client states like the Phillipines etc

You can call me Al

The hostiry and long term effects of a brutal and vile war, can never be understood by the mindless cretins in the US, because they have never been attacked in their homes, cities and Country; they spew out ridiculous statements like this prick “Andrew Yeo, an associate professor of politics and director of Asian Studies at the Catholic University of America.” stating that South Korea and Japan can be and should be best buddies, because the US want them to be.

China and both South Korea and Japan are making inwards towards a deeper friendship on their own, as is the South and North Korea…. my recommendation would be to keep the Yankers out of everything.


South Korea could do itself the biggest of favors by settling things with North Korea. This would clear up any real security concerns. Japan is a security story that ended in 1945, in South Korea’s favor. My take. I wish well to all.


The Korea’s would have reunited decades ago, if the US had allowed it.


You are correct here but what u dont know is that the CIA runs North korea!
Did u know that???

Do u want to learn more and why China is the bad guy???
Why China, the CIA, Mossad ARE ALL ONE!!!!


Why is Globalism brought to this world?
Why did the Globalists choose China?
Why did former American Presidents (Clintons and Obamas) create trade policies that forced companies to China?


For the love of God Sinbad fucking think!!!!

GO HERE and learn!


Start at number 1 and read! If u truly hate Jews,,,,,, READ!


CIA is Mossad
CIA and Mossad are Globalist Agencies!
CIA owns all Social media (tax payer funded)
Its exported and run in China (half has moved there already (apple is one example)
US industry exported to China!
Global industry exported to China!

China to be the NEW ruler (planned by the Globalist Jews)
REAL RULER is those who control the UN, World bank, IMF and the AIIB!

Who created Communism??
Where did it start and what gang was used to infiltrate Russia?
How much of the world did they take over?
Who defeated it?
Who wants Slaves and sheep spying on each other and being spied upon by AI?
Who wants self driving cars to be controlled?
Where will they be Controlled from??

Russia is back! (escaped Zionist control)
USA is back (escapING Zionist control since Jan 2017)




FUCKING READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tommy Jensen

American stupidity. US bases are in South Korea only to protect them against Japan, seen from an Eastern point of view.
Obama´s sick view that a rapist victim should meet with her rapist, talk it over and then they can just be friends, is typical liberal perversity.


US bases are in SK to ratchet up tensions in the region and sell weapons to SK and Japan by making China the next Bogeyman and lie about NK. Finally, a SK president is not that deep up Uncle Sam’s butt. Count on the US to sabotage the relationship soon.


The US bases are in South Korea to oppress Koreans and use them as cannon fodder against China.


South Korea is in a difficult situation, they would like to reunite with the North, but they rely on sales of over $40 billion to the US, that the US would embargo if the 2 Korea’s became one without the US ruling over them.
Sooner or later one of Americas major colonies(Germany, Japan, Korea) will demand freedom, but nobody wants to make the first move and risk getting Iraq’d.


Uniting Japan and SK would require amazing diplomacy.The US is incapable of of this level of diplomacy – it has never needed diplomacy – its diplomats are just thugs in suits (Pompeo). NK outsmarted Trump diplomatically. Today NK and SK look toward a future alliance that will eventually squeeze the US out of the Korean peninsula for good. US power is waning.This is a limp dick effort to maintain dominance in that region. The losers will be Japan.

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