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JUNE 2023

US Vows To Protect Occupied Deir Ezzor Oil Fields From Syrian Population

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US Vows To Protect Occupied Deir Ezzor Oil Fields From Syrian Population

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On October 28th, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and US Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley gave a press conference on the situation in Syria, following the claim that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been killed two days earlier.

The full transcript of the press conference can be found on the US Department of Defense website.

Esper began by saying that despite al-Baghdadi being allegedly dead, the situation in Syria remained tense.

His phrasing regarding the recent “withdrawal” of US troops from northern Syria was notable, as he didn’t use the word at all, he said “repositioning.”

“Our recent repositioning of forces within the country is intended to posture us to continue this mission and give the president options, while returning the balance back home to the United States. Those who remain will continue to execute counterterrorism operations, while staying in close contact with the Syrian Democratic Forces who have fought alongside us.”

He then said that US troops, as well as the SDF would remain in northeast Syria protecting the occupied Syrian oil fields.

“Additionally, the United States will retain control of oil fields in northeast Syria. At the height of Baghdadi’s reign, these oil fields provided ISIS with the bulk of financial resources used to fund its terror. U.S. troops will remain positioned in this strategic area to deny ISIS access to those vital resources, and we will respond with overwhelming military force against any group that threatens the safety of our forces there.”

Not only ISIS, but any group at all would be met with “overwhelming force.”

Additionally, “these oil fields also provide a critical source of funding for the SDF, which enables their ability to secure ISIS’ prison camps and conduct operations against ISIS, among other things.”

Thus, if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government and forces, and the Syrian population hoped to use their country’s oil fields to fund the possible reconstruction of their country, they’re fresh out of luck.

Mark Esper, further said that the repositioning also included the deployment of reinforcements in Deir ez-Zor, including mechanized forces and others.

It is not only a “repositioning,” but there would be even more forces deployed to secure the oilfields.

“We have begun deploying and repositioning additional assets into the vicinity of Deir ez-Zor. As I said the other day, it includes mechanized forces and other types of forces. That will continue until we believe we have sufficient capability to ensure ISIS and other destabilizing actors are denied access to that oil facility.”

Answering a question whether it would mean that the oilfields would also be potentially protected against Syrian and/or Russian Armed Forces, both Milley and Esper confirmed.

Milley had the following to say:

“We’ll continue to do that, and to secure the Conoco oil fields in and around Deir ez-Zor. That is in the vicinity of the Middle Euphrates River Valley that you’re familiar with, and the fundamental purpose of securing those oil fields is to deny those oil fields access to ISIS in order to prevent ISIS from resurgence, because we are still committed to the counter-ISIS campaign, and we don’t want them to resurge. They get a lot of their revenues from that.”

Esper was more specific about the “end state” of the region, and the current objectives:

“Barbara Starr: My specific question is within — what do you want to do in the oil fields, does that include denying access, preventing Russian or Syrian forces, which now have changed the battle-space?

Mark Esper: So the short answer is yes, it presently does, because in that case we want to make sure that SDF does have access to the resources in order to guard the prisons, in order to arm their own troops, in order to assist us with the Defeat-ISIS mission. So that’s our mission, is to secure the oil fields.”

Additional attempts to question that Russia and “the regime” may request access to the oilfields and be met with “overwhelming force” were denied.

Trump’s recent statements regarding the situation in Syria were confirmed by Esper and Milley, the oilfields need to be secured. He said that US troops would be pulled back from Syria, but clearly that’s not happening, yet again.

Two days earlier, he said that the oilfields were secured and US troops would remain, during a press conference.

“We’ve secured the oil and, therefore, a small number of U.S. troops will remain in the area where they have the oil,” Trump said. “And we’re going to be protecting it, and we’ll be deciding what we’re going to do with it in the future.”

Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Major General Igor Konashenkov called the US oilfield operation “state-sponsored banditry,” and accused Washington of leaving its forces there to help oil smugglers pillage Syria’s national resources. The ministry published aerial images on October 26th, that it claimed show crude oil being smuggled out of the country “under the strong protection of the US.”


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There’s only one place that the stolen oil can go to be fenced, and that’s Iraq. The Iraq government is complicit in the theft of Syria’s oil. The Iraq government needs to stop that and to get the US military out of Iraq.

Ceasar Polar

Might be going to israHell through Jordan. Im afraid Jordan is a zionist-vassal, the US and the zionits-scum fly/move freely in Jordan….


Key issue on that side of border is smuggling of looted Syrian oil to Turkey via Iraqi-Kurdistan.

Rafik Chauhan

If Iraq close the semelka border and don’t allow US to move in and out . then it has chance . but Kurdish thugs from both Iraq and Syria control that border and working with US to steal the resource of Iraq and Syria.

Ishyrion Av

You forgot Turkey.

Pave Way IV

Which Iraqi government – the real one or the Kurdish Barzanistan Mafia? If oil is going across the border, then the Iraqi Kurds are buying it and the money is funding Syrian Kurd insurgents and their welfare/oil theft economy. Could be going to ISIS too – CIA has a lot of ‘projects’ in Syria.



Hassadnah Abraham

Russia should one battalion of S 400 to Syrian specifically to be placed near El Dzor immediately


And no effective reaction from Russia. A few US tanks sufficient to take oil fields of Syria.


At the rate that things are going. SE Syria is going to become one more border pocket to be cleared of foreign occupation. With 80% of Syria controlled by the Syrian government with the ability to implement a no fly zone over the entire nation. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/830d6bd06bdb26eedb398bc0ca3c4cac7bf1ee620ac7d6aba69faf7f3a68fe61.png https://syria.liveuamap.com/ –


All of those areas north of the oil fields where the SAA is securing the road network. Are going to be filled in with as Syrian government control as the SDF cedes territory not only on the Turkish border. But up to 100 miles south of it as well. The Isis sock puppet excuse is getting extremely thread bear. And no rational right thinking person is buying it as an excuse for the US to maintain it’s illegal occupation of Syria and it’s theft of Syrian land, oil and gas.


Again don’t show that to Israeli troll klove and light.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)



I don’t think that the US has the ability to bring overwhelming force to bear on the Syrian government coalition. Escalation management against the US is more difficult than against Israel. But having backed down against Iran after the Iran drone shoot down. And having it’s air defense capabilities thoroughly overrun by a third world militia in Saudi Arabia. Tough talk from the US rings hollow.

For Syria it’s another case of like Israel, it’s not worth the diversion of resources when they’re expanding their footprint in other areas. And the regime change miscreants are retreating. And the US is retreating. The Syrian position gets stronger by the day. And the US position gets weaker as they not only cede territory, but have the SADF installing a robust air defense system right on top of the shrinking US footprint that is superior to what the US has.


What Syria needs is some of these which the US has no defense against and which can take out launch platforms on land and at sea within a 1,000 mile radius: http://lewis.armscontrolwonk.com/files/2015/08/Kaliber_4.png



https://missilethreat.csis.org/missile/ss-n-30a/ –


Latakia and Idlib is the big preoccupation here. Once that is settled, attention turns elsewhere. This is a long term game plan. The Northern border is being retaken and secured at this point. Not everything can be done at one step. The rebuilding of Syria is being backed by China. The step by step reclamation of Syrian territory is non-stop. This little speed bump here means absolutely nothing. My take folks. Enjoy your day.


Once the central east and north east borders are stabilized – then the SAA can approach Idlib from both Hama Governate, to the south, and side-flank from Aleppo Governate, to the east. This is big advantage for SAA, as two contact fronts can disperse the militants strength, and allow SAA to avoid facing only a single direct offensive straight into the Hama-Idlib boundary defenses, that the militants have been building up for years. Slow and steady. In the meantime, this month Russia has been unloading tanks and trucks at Tartus naval base for future SAA operations.

Rafik Chauhan

But SAA is wasting time in Kabanh area its been 6 months and SAA dint able to take control of that Area. SAA should turn thier attention on the east idlib and soth idlib and round them up. SAA is losing men power if it continue like this then ther will be not enough soldier to fight and take thier land back. it means they will loose everything soon


Talking rubbish. If SAA abd allies moves in with Russuan support US will again find excuse to withdraw All big talks only


These Zionist anti American Israel firster talking heads in the US government are an embarrassment to the American people with their nonsense and lame excuses for their international crime spree. And wasting our money on overseas follishness for the Jews.


There must be an army that dares to stand up against America. There must be someone who gives the first blow. If not America will do as it pleases. The first blow must be strong and deadly to discourage them to retaliate, a first blow that determines the continuation of the fight.


just common thievery, something the morons of the unhinged states of A have in common with the thieves in palestine. thick as thieves in their criminal endeavours, like murder, like wanton destruction and ethnical cleansing in concentration camp Gaza – just one thing to do – liberate the world from these thieves and murderers either the easy and voluntary way or the hard 6 feet under way. nothin in between.

and vote for a one state solution in palestine – the squatters out and the palestinians in, for good and make the insult to humanity, israel, a memory to be forgotten!


Well,at least the US finally came out and said it plain enough even for Americans to understand…we’re going to continue to steal Syrian oil and the Kurds will share the proceeds. Does it become clearer why the Kurds never made a deal with Syria? The US will try to keep the Rajova dream alive, keeping the Kurds safe, to satisfy the bitching back home about saving the Kurds. That is the surface impression being made. In reality, this was and is the plan. All the pissing and moaning in the US was neccessary for Trump to be ‘forced’ into not actually leaving. Like I said before…Iraq is the problem, the Zionist traitors there continue to work for Israel, not Iraq. It’s time for The PMUs and SAA to lock up the border areas ASAP, as Iraqi regular forces are impotent and leadership likely compromised by the enemy, who is destabilizing Iraq now to keep Iraqi forces busy…enabling continued logistical support for US criminal military ops in Syria. If there is to be a secured Syria anytime soon, this has to be stopped. The one thing the US (and their Kurd fodder) cannot do, is stop the SAA and Russians from securing the entire border. If we see the US move to secure a border crossing to Iraq, this will quite telling. This the Russians and SAA cannot permit to happen. It would mean that the US could stay indefinitely. The US lifelines have to be cut, no fly zones imposed. I believe that Russia is going to start playing hard ball soon, as Russia cannot continue to let this thing fester much longer, as the Zionists are continuing to open new fronts of terrorism (on Russia’s doorstep) that they will also have to oppose. Unless Russia wants to fight a long war of attrition, which they don’t, this has to happen soon. Trump supporters in the US like to keep saying that Trump represents US values…well, Americans, do you like what you see? Lying, stealing and murdering…the real American values?

Ceasar Polar

Let’s see what is the strategical move Russia/SAA/Iran/Hezbollah/PMU will come up with. I think this move by US-zionazi-scums was expected.

Tudor Miron

I see lots of comments “Russia must do this”, “Assad must do that” etc. Don’t expect jerky moves from Assad/Russia – that’s not needed in this case. Things will get resolved and without starting WWIII. US will be thrown out of there faster than one may think.


Every day without WW III shows F.uk.us and evil minions becoming just a bit more desperate as the dollar dims and opposition organizes.


Does anybody remember around mid June, the reports about a deal between SDF and an Israeli national (named Kahan or something) regarding sales of oil? At that time, SDF denied it (of course they do).

Still wonder why the US is risking a war or puts it’s own sons and daughters in harm’s way for looting Syrian oil? Not even a drop of it goes to their own country.

———– PS. Found the letter, the name is Kahana. He had an interview and confirmed that he has the privilege of buying/selling oil from east of Syria exclusively.


Harry Smith

If they won’t start the WW3, then Israel won’t became a world power after USA+EU+Russia+China+India+Pakistan mutual destruction. If Israel won’t became the world power, where the Dajal will rule the world from?

Pave Way IV

Fars, July 15th: [link]

Arab Paper Reveals Syrian Kurds’ Oil Privilege to Israeli Businessman

TEHRAN (FNA)- A leaked letter signed by the US-backed Kurds shows that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have given a privilege to an Israeli businessman to sell the oil extracted from Northern Syria.

The Arabic-language al-Akhbar newspaper reported that Israeli journalists are freely active in the SDF-controlled areas in Northeastern Syria and Israeli officers make regular visits to the region.

It added that the letter signed by Ilham Ahmed, the head of the so-called Syria’s Democratic Council, gives Moti Kahana, an Israeli businessmen, the privilege to sell the oil exploited from the Kurds-controlled areas in Northeastern Syria.

The newspaper wrote that the letter, if real, means that Syria’s Democratic Council is acting as an independent side from the Syrian government and permits the enemies of Syria to take control of the country’s oil.

It added that the SDF is now controlling lands in Northern Syria which host 80% of the country’s oil fields.

Relevant reports said in April that the Washington-backed SDF stationed in Deir Ezzur had exchanged Eastern Syria’s oil in lieu of receiving American and Israeli arms and military equipment, sources said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that a military convoy comprising 70 trucks carrying military and logistic equipment (made in the US and Israel) has been dispatched by the US-led coalition from Iraq to Syria.

Every f’king time…

Pave Way IV

Israeli American oil thief on Twitter. “It’s for the Kurds!”



This oil is for Israel and maybe Japan.

World Wisdom


World Wisdom

US Fourth Reich created AQ and Bin Laden, then killed him without ever proving it. The US created Daesh and its leader al Baghdadi, and then allegedly killed him, but never proved it. False flag, false flag! The US rogue state continues supporting terrorism and fighting against Russia and Syria. Not the terrorism, but the US is the real threat to Syria. All terrorist organizations are supported by the US.

World Wisdom

Idlib is 100% controlled by AQ. No way Bagdadi to be there. It is 100% fake.


AQ ?

World Wisdom

Russia can strike anybody anywhere, especially the US scum in Syria.

World Wisdom

Hitler is like a child in comparison to the US rogue criminal state of Satan

World Wisdom

It is so stupid – protecting the dog’s identity. hahahah, Fucken brainless scums. So, you are afraid of killing the relatives of the dog or what?? FAKE!!!!! Show the video right away. Why is classified?? Does not make any sense. You have optics and everything so that you can make a zoomed enough video where can be seen the face of Bagdadi. All FAKE!!! GET OUT OF SYRIA, AMERICAN SCUM!

The Objective

Still makes me feel the real plan was to replace Kurdish forces with terrorists. Russia appears to have foiled that plan for now.


Turkey’s terrorists, you right.

Taz T

US is acting like a bandit. It is a war crime, according to U.S. law and treaties it has ratified, seizing it would be pillaging, a technical term for theft during wartime that is illegal under U.S. and international law. The are unwanted thieves.

You can call me Al

I am not sure why Trump is so brazen about it, it is both shameful and pitiful + in my view, it will make many other ME nations think twice about working with them.


It is not Trump, it is USA policy-military-economy interest.

Xoli Xoli

Bagdadi is not dead USA propaganda.

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