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US Vows To Provide Air Support For Kurdish-led Forces Advancing On Deir Ezzor

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US Vows To Provide Air Support For Kurdish-led Forces Advancing On Deir Ezzor

U.S. Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend (right) welcomes U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to Baghdad in February, 2017. (AFP Photo)

The US will provide an air support to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the expected advance against ISIS in the province of Deir Ezzor, Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, the commander of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition in Iraq and Syria told reporters via a video teleconference from Baghdad.

The US general said that the final battle against ISIS will take place in the Middle Euphrates River Valley, which includes the oil-rich countryside of the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor.

A large part of the Deir Ezzor city is besiged by ISIS terrorists and now the Syrian Army and its allies are working to lift the siege.

Townsend  said that the US thinks the SDF would be a suitable force for the battle against ISIS there. In other words, Washington and US-backed forces clearly aim to seize oil fields in the Deir Ezzor countryside.

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greedy machiavelic thieves…


The US as always steals other peoples goods so that all to many Americans can eat themselves to death.

jason sixx

Saa should not allow this uqayribat detachment should quickly pass maadan and then cross river with irbs if possible … us wants to steal more land, its despicable

Floyd Hazzard

I said that before. There need to be air insertion of SAA commanded and troops in the eastern banks of the Euphrates to halt the Kurds progress south. Then let the RUAF and S400 batteries provide air cover for those troops? Russia has the technology to insert armoured fighting vehicles from the air.

Floyd Hazzard

I said that before. There need to be air insertions of SAA troops in high points of the eastern banks of the Euphrates to halt the Kurds southern advance. Then let the RUAF and the S400 batteries deal with the aggressors

Leonardo Watch

Do it terrorist supporter.


The US terrorists mustn’t be allowed to steal more land, ISrael’s Kurd proxies already have way too much Syrian land to let them grab more.

Tudor Miron

US hopes to do what they did at the end of WWII – steal the results of others victory. They will also claim that it’s them who defeated Daesh :). What a scum.


This is exactly what they will say.


They are two-faced pieces of garbage. But then again they are run by Kikedom.

Jaime spenser

Says the scum bag who are already claiming to defeat ISIS when it was mostly US and iraqs, kurds who did most of it.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Says the scumbag whose country who is bombing and killing civilians as the Iraqis allowed ISIS along with the US into Syria while making false claims of defeating ISIS along with the Kurds who aided and abetted them in the massacres.

Jimmy davis

Sure steal the victories of others who also claim they did most of it all when it was a joint effort give it a break with the propaganda.


to late ..now its obvious to me, wonder why i couldnt see it…the counter attack of isis was meant to create a way for the kurds to reach DEZ.the SAA has blocked them and the only way was an advance from the other side of the river…but the easier was the highway ISIS tried to create for them….well put more fuel in the fire of rage against you, US.you are good at it……

Manuel Flores Escobar

USA played his cards along Syrian conflict….FSA card, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Kurds, Israel..they all seek the same goal..it is US military bases there, destabilization,Petrol/Gas,Geostrategic interest, Pipelines ways…etc….now the 5 cards of the game has ruled out 3( Fsa,Al Qaeda, ISIS)…and is left with 2 ( Kurds, Israel)…” The game continues”…

Philip Nash

Oops, too late, Syrian government forces already reached the city!

Graeme Rymill

The city isn’t the objective for SDF. The city is almost entirely on the southern side of the Euphrates. A more compelling objective for the SDF would be to hold as much of the northern side of the Euphrates as possible. The northern side has a lot of the oil and gas fields in Deir Ezzor governorate. The river itself would provide a defensible border for a Kurdish led government either independent or within a federated with Syria.

The problem for the SDF is that the SAA has all the momentum at the moment and the SDF hasn’t any momentum. It is fighting a protracted battle for Raqqa. There have been suggestions of a SDF offensive from Al-Shaddadah heading south into ISIS held areas north of the river. Nothing appears to have happened as yet from this direction and it may be that nothing eventuates.

A race between SAA and SDF might eventuate. At the moment though only one particpant has their running shoes on.


I actually agree with you here.

SDF minded tweets report many arabs, even as groups, joining DeZ MC, gathering fighters around Shaddadi, being joined by Sanadid forces and YPG/YPJ and MFS. Together there should be above 10k fighters and military convoys have been sighted.

A lone tweeter claimed an offensive started yesterday, but I tend to discount this one.

If the SDF does want to start an offensive, it should be started withing the next week, ten days.


It seems like the US has switched strategies again. No more grabbing towns and villages along the Euphrates, and instead go for unpopulated oil fields in the Syrian east near Iraqi border.

US strategy keeps changing. No doubt they did not enjoy seeing their forces pinned in a long siege in raqqa while the SAA swept the countryside all the way to deir ezzor.

The us has same problem as SAA , limited manpower. The more Arab villages the Kurds grab, the less tenable their control. Recruiting Arabs has failed, because Kurds won’t share and power with Arabs. Kurds want to create a Kurdish state, not liberate Arabs. The Arabs won’t fight for their occupiers, so war between the Kurds in rojava and their Arab subjects are unavoidable.

George King

Syrian Forces have displayed their abilities in vertical envelopment behind enemy lines, the Middle Euphrates River Valley will be taken and held despite it not being the final battle. It will belong to Syria, oil fields in the Deir Ezzor countryside and all territory to the Turkey border.

Langaniso Mhlobo

USA administration and terrorists generals are seriously greedy.Their run first to Raqqa to protect terrorist and are according to hidden agenda not yet finished there with fake liberation.But wants to run again to Deur Ezzor to cause obstructions by making false claim that their troops were under attack.


America have not been invited to Syria. America will again attack SAA and its allies. America is a big threat to SAA and its allies. Russia and Iran must know this.

Even children knows that America and their allies are terrorists in the whole world.


Even children knows that you and your supporters are mentally insane who check into the mental hospital.

John Brown

The SAA will advance rapidly to cut off the SDF from any ISIS territory in Deir Azur from Deir Azur city as they did to the FSA long the Jordanian border. This will stop any SDF advance into Deir Azur. I bet this will be accomplished in 2 weeks tops.


As soon as Deir Ezzor siege is lifted, SAA and allies should cross Euphrates and deploy north east. Repair the bridges and keep the momentum flowing towards the Iraqi border linking up with PMU.

Leonardo Watch

Are using what ISIS uses for drugs?

Gladius et Scutum

The Kurds are a serious destabilising force in the middle east and I have long been weary of US support for them. It was a huge mistake for the Bush administration to not do everything in their power to force the Kurds to integrate into the new Iraq after the 2003 invasion and I was leery of President Trump’s vocal support of the Kurds during the election process. If the goal is a stable, secular, multi-ethnic middle east then the Kurds must understand that they are Iraqis/Syrians/Iranians/Turks first, and Kurds second. US policy since the end of the Gulf War in 1991 has gone a long way in feeding Kurdish ambitions.

That being said, the Kurds do offer some very tantalizing realpolitik advantages for the advancing of whatever interest a powerful country may wish. They represent powerful minorities in 4 strategic countries and any country who can gain their support can use them as bargaining chips against any regime that does not want to cooperate. Both Iraq and Iran used Kurdish proxies to screw with each other and train and gain political concessions all through the 60’s and 70’s. With the Kurds as our friends, the US has a nice little chip with which to bargain with our various friends and enemies in the region.


Can you explain to me what reason kurds have to want to be Syrians, Iraqis or whomever first and kurds later?

What exactly did those countries do to make kurds feel like they wanted to live in those countries, the countries that all tried to genocide them literally (Syria, Iraq and Turkey), denying they even existed, gassing, bombing them?


No answer?


By the time you twots get there you will find the Russians and Syrians already there.

Now you want to try take it from them? Hell – feel free to try. Go right ahead – you go bomb the SAA in Deir Ezzor again – we REALLY don’t care how many of you cünts go home black-bagged or remain the fertilize the dirt! But hey – we’ll raise a glass to every “good American!”


It will be interesting to see how matters will develop in this region.

I have no doubt at all that SDF will take a large part of IS held areas north of the Euphrates, maybe even all of it, depending on what agreements were made between US/SDF and Russia SAA. It is even possible that SDF will cross the river again to help out SAA, though I find that unlikely.

It will also depend on what choices IS will make, where they concentrate their forces.

Lastly, a major factor will be how matters develop in the north west.

Idlib and HTS remain an uncertain factor and it is not likely they will wait to be attacked on SAA terms.

One thing is certain. Beginning 2015 nobody would have predicted the successess of the YPG and even the existence of the SDF, arabs and kurds they can work together for mutual benefit, for democracy, for multi ethnicity.

SDF having broken the back of IS in Syria.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Why do you always insist that there were any deals as the only deals the Kurds made were with the US in regards to their making a Rojava . The Syrian Govt allowed minimal control as long as they didn’t break any deals , which they did by attacking predominantly Arab regions and attacking the SAA in Syria. The deals broken by the US and Russia is on a grand scale of deal breaking even for the US. The only assurances given by the Syrian govt in regards to autonomy but not over any Arab regions , now the Kurds have never lived up to any of that as they don’t want to share power with Arabs, their racism is showing.

Idlib remains to be seen as no group there has any control and lack the ability to make any credible advances in the area. They may face eventual mutual extermination between the 2 groups as they both realize neither has the ability to launch a sustained attack. The possibility of ISIS being defeated and them having to face an uprising of the people there, looks daunting for them.

When the US stepped in to help the Kurds the world expected big things and were sadly disappointed to find out the Kurds were not much different than ISIS/Daesh/FSA all hiding terrorism behind a thin veneer of respectability. Turkey is trying to weigh it’s options and may decide neither Kurds in Iraq nor Syria will be allowed to have their own country.

The best thing is how the SAA and it’s allies have broken ISIS apart and all the embarrassing US/Coalition/SDF have done is become inconsequential and bit players in this drama.

Dustil schmit

You provide no evidence and just cry out everyone I dislike is “terrorist” get old after awhile find new material or go home. The deir ezzor operation would of not happened without manbji being liberated first you forget that you cluck didn’t you ISIS cut off started to die faster.


Problem is that while you are right, half the commenters do not give a hoot for that. They make their own facts, like the comment above where it is claimed that Assad promised autonomy for kurdish regions.

Fact is, he did not while saying all the kurds loved him so there was no need for autonomy.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Assad promised governance and the autonomy was something the Kurds wanted , their is a huge difference in both parties agreeing on different things so no formal agreement existed. Do you want the transcript of the meeting sure it can be gotten, Syria told the Kurds they were not going to hold Syrians or the Syrian Govt hostage to demands of Autonomy. The word governance was discussed just not in predominantly held Arab-Syrian territories.

Now learn some facts and truths about the agreement autonomy was never even agreed upon, just a Kurd want and nothing else.


Like I said and now you agree. No autonomy was ever promised to kurds. The Russians mentioned it though as part of their proposed new constitution for Syria, the one Assad rejected beginning 2017.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Syrian Constitution passed in 2014, the Russians even didn’t support autonomy for the Kurds. The Russians have called them a problem and believe more than likely they will continue conducting terrorism once ISIS is done. Syrian Govt refused any Autonomy and restricting governance to the North eastern tip of Syria. The Kurds rejected that offer as they want more than they even represent as they want to flood the area with Kurds from Iraq and Turkey.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The problem is Kurdish YPG did so much running and retreating in the beginning it was pathetic they needed the FSA and then the US to help them. Stop living in my truth is the only one world sounds good but it fails to pass the history and facts test.

There was nothing done by the SDF to slow them or stop them , they were broken by the SAA and it’s allies. Manbij was largely freed by the SAA and the revolutionary council of Manbij and not the SDF.

ISIS was able to get reinforcements from Iraq when the US aided in their escape from Mosul and Iraq was totally complicit in that as they sent the PMU on a mission to clear the borders east of Mosul.

Besides you are the one who cries without even evidence and when it gets presented to you, you just laugh it off .

Seems you and dutcthnational are very similar in being Antifa trolls whom have partnered with the well known terrorist group the PKK.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Remember when the shoe fits wear it just like PKK/YPG are both known terrorist groups and only until recently was YPG taken off but still remains for some , just because the US backs them doesn’t mean they are any less terrorists, their actions speaks volumes.

Dustil schmit

Sure provide the evidence even PKK is not recognized as terrorists by Russia or China but by US and many western countries but that blows your deluded bubble you live.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The fact you stated they are is enough for me as they are terrorist organizations as will soon be Antifa listed on a global scale. Many of them stay in the yellow zone until they move them back to the lists some western nations have not all have removed them entirely from list. Talk in the back rooms is they are going back on at the end of next year.


And u seem to forget the SAA and Russians saved the SDF from the Turks and in Aleppo and in Afrin!

There will be a war between the SDF and SAA in the near future! We all know which side u will be on! Not the Syrians!

You will be on the US and Kurds side!

Good luck with that!


It will not surpeise you I disagree with most of your comment. I will not go into detail as others already did that and you have read my comment too.

I will just concentrate on Idlib. In fact, the situation of Idlib is very clear. HTS and its partners like Turkestan Islamic group have largely taken over the region and are dominant there. AAS has largely disappeared in the region and HTS is formulating strategies to take over remaining independent and FSA groups.

Turkey is starting to cozy up to them to try to keep some influence there, but they will not be the senior partner there again and not in the present setting.

There are now three viable players around the Idlib region : SAA/Russia vs Turkey/some mercenaries vs SDF. As it takes two to tango, it will be interesting to see who those two will be that will dance in Idlib.


There are no fucking agreements! U think the SAA agree to allow the SDF to take their oil and gas resources? REALLY? Stop being such a fuck head! Nobody listens to u on this site anyway!

Leonardo Watch

You are being the fuck head who only cares about gas and oil and land greedy fucker.


REALLY? So gas and oil art important to a nation? Land also? If it wasn’t important then why the hell is the USA in the middle east? Why do they suck up to Saudi Arabia? The only Muslim nation to be ruled by sharia law! ALL WARS are based on land and resources! If u don’t know this then GROW UP!

This war is AGAINST SYRIA!!! Remember the words “REGIME CHANGE”?

If u hadn’t heard about the Qatar pipeline? huh? The one that was supposed to run through Syria!

Listen to me u little dumb fuck! Learn ur shit or shut the fuck up!

Calling me Greedy and land grabbing?? THATS WHAT I AM TRYING TO FUCKING STOP U DUMB CUNT! Stopping the USA from stealing more land and then BALKANISING THE COUNTRY! The Kurds have already stated they will be pushing for an autonomous state!! What u think they are just gonna hand the land back over that is the most richest in natural resources??



GO AHEAD, SUPPORT YOUR FRIEND! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/75117ff5650607b1d92534d5d1d707a37aedb0c5f4a04b00a8308c292b05fa11.png

Dustil schmit

Nothing he stated was wrong it’s called strategically thinking you know something you don’t have and predict outcomes?



He only comments on SDF / Kurd posts! He takes the time to say 5 Kurds died instead of 6! Why? Whats the fucking point!

He will say SAA efforts are over exaggerated!

He always criticises the SAA and always defends the SDF!

He justifies the USA shooting down the SyAf plane!

We know what he is!

And then he entertains himself war gaming for FUCKING TERRORISTS! Not rebels, BUT TERRORISTS!

We know who he is dude! Through and through he is a piece of shit troll against the news posted on this site! And u protect him! That fine! I protect those who back the SAA and are 100% against the USA and its proxies! USA proxies are FSA, Al-Nusra, ISIS and SDF! If u disagree then I don’t give a shit! USA is the true enemy (along with Israel) And USA proxy taking Syrian land and oil and then balkanising is something I am against! Most of us on this site is against it!

You support the USA clearly! You like what they have done to the middle east! Good for u!

U will always be a scum bag to me! Just like DutchNational!

And Schmit is a Jewish name! So even without say a single word, you are already SCUM!

Yes I hate Jews because they are the most racist people on earth! They are worse than Nazi’s in Palestine! So I troll the trolls and I am racist towards racists!

Thats what I do! And u come here and talk about “likes”, like its a currency of value! lol….. shallow fucking Jew loser!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Terrorist weasel piss always supporting terrorism and the US is an actual war criminal as more charges are being established against it.

Dustil schmit

An idiot who has more comments then likes says a lot about no one caring what you state.


Schmit!! Sounds Jewy to me! U got a dog in this fight? I bet u do u little rat!

The guy I made my comment against supports ISIS and Al-Nusra! And now u protect him! Rats protect rats!

Who is stealing who’s land Dumb ass! Is the Syrian Army stealing Syrian land? Or is America stealing Syrian land?

They are Balkanizing the nation u dumb cunt! They will never return it! Why don’t u fucking learn something before u comment!


Dustil schmit

Syria was the result of balkanzing read some history fool.


The whole Middle East was re-drawn by the Brits and the French! Kuwait was split from Iraq! The ENTIRE REASON Syria was in the shit BEFORE ISIS was because 18 factions were at war! 18!!!

So now u wanna balkanise it again? Really? NO!

Look dude, its clear u support the USA and Israel who in turn support the SDF/ Kurds!

If you support the USA, then shout it out! Say it loud and Clear so we all know who and what u stand for! Don’t fuck around and say u support Syria’s war against isis and blames blame blame because we all know ISIS was created by the USA when it funded “rebels” who then armed al-nusra who then formed a break off group called ISIS!

Oh and now they wanna make a buffer on its border between Iraq and Syria!

Oh and now they wanna “help” take land back in DeZ! How wonderfully nice of them to do that!

Dude u support the United States! And therefore u accept all the shit they have done in the ME!

A spade is a spade!

Sell bullshit somewhere else! JEW!


Where are your likes bitch? Huh?

Dustil schmit

13470 I have you have 780 pfft off kid


yeah cos of the gay sites u comment on! U get a lot of likes there don’t u!


Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Who has a more valid comment rather some empty headed bobble head nonsense like you. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/437cf76110a39973d56b75ee34aef7bb5cfd517968f9b5c3ddd68c8417a4a2c0.jpg

Dustil schmit

My content gets higher praise then fool.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The reason why is you are a multi account holder just keep liking yourself , probably the only one Who cares.




Terra Cotta Woolpuller

DE will be freed soon as they are advancing fast and any ISIS build up is in holding Mayadeen as they have become seriously weakened and have multiple uprisings. There will be an advance across the river to cut off any US overreach in the region and any attack on the SAA will backfire This time as the US may end up facing total world backlash which means the end of their dreams and schemes. The US needs to approach this cautiously as they lack the manpower to achieve any of their goals in Syria. This is just a reality they will need to face, that Syria will remain whole and any attempts by the US will be that of a puling little child.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The faces of men who like like they have been bested and are looking for a way to salvage the US reputation,and having no other clue than to attempt to steal someone else’s thunder, watch them ramp up the PR as they make their move.

This is the act of pathetic and desperate men, as they look like the belated cavalry who show up after all the fighting is , done old blood and guts Patton was the same other countries blood his glory.

Cheryl Brandon

The International Outlaws/Robbers and their terrorists will try to stop SAA and Russia’s very successful work! USA always try to get in the way of progress! Vultures/crooks/bullies/greedy/violent TERRORISTS!


YEP…. I said this would happen! And of course the Kurds will do it because this will enrich their soon to be formed Kurdish state! I told u Kurds were an enemy to Syria! I wouldn’t be surprised if Turkey attacks the SDF heavily and the PMU attack the SDF from the east! Fuckin America and Israel at it again! They create the problem and then take, take, take!

This is how Jews operate! Get ready for proxy War 2! Kurds, KSA, USA, Israel vs Russia, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Iraq More could join! But this IS THE Middle East WAR we always hear will happen that will start WW3.

If u are American, I already hate your guts! Fuck u and your country!

Leonardo Watch

Fuck you racist dirtbag.


Racist? Really?? Im against the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia! Im against any of their proxies, Al-Nusra, FSA, ISIS and SDF! Im against Israel bombing the SAA! Im against what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians! Do u support these groups? DO YOU?

Do u support this below? If you do THEN U ARE THE RACIST! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUZaR3op1qw&index=20&list=FL5a7exFGzl7wd0XBpwu7t_Q

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

No, Townie boy! Nyet!!! Just BUTT OUT. No-one wants you in Syria except the ass-lickers!

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