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US Urges More Maximum Pressure On Iran, Russia And China Unimpressed

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US Urges More Maximum Pressure On Iran, Russia And China Unimpressed

US Secretary of State Pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has called on the UN to extend sanctions on Iran, claiming that if this is not done Iran could obtain advanced fighter aircraft from Russia or China and would be in a position to threaten Europe and Asia.

Senior officials of the Trump administration are continuing with their all-out efforts to force Iran to change its policies in accordance with US demands or face economic ruin or even a military attack. Most recently Pompeo twitted:

The US State Department’s ‘Bureau of Counterterrorism’ has also just released a new report which claims that Iran is a major sponsor of terrorist groups around the world:

As part of the maximum pressure campaign against the Iranian regime – the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism – the United States and our partners imposed new sanctions on Tehran and its proxies.  In April, the United States designated Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), including its Qods Force, as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) – the first time such a designation has been applied to part of another government.  And throughout the year, a number of countries in Western Europe and South America joined the United States in designating Iran-backed Hizballah as a terrorist group in its entirety. LINK

The 13-year-old arms restrictions imposed on Iran by the Security Council are due to expire in October under the terms of Tehran’s 2015 nuclear deal. Senior US officials and diplomats are trying hard to persuade or force the rest of the international community to support its policy against Iran and extrend the arms embargo:

Russia and China will be isolated at the United Nations if they continue down the “road to dystopia” by blocking a U.S. bid to extend a weapons ban on Iran, U.S. Iran envoy Brian Hook told Reuters ahead of his formal pitch of the embargo to the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday.

He further claimed: “We see a widening gap between Russia and China and the international community.”

“Russia and China were isolated at the (International Atomic Energy Agency) last week and they will be isolated in the Security Council if they continue down this road to dystopia.”

Nonetheless, their efforts are unlikely to succeed as Russia and China, who are also subjected to punitive unilateral sanctions imposed by the US, have signalled they oppose extending the embargo. A council resolution needs nine votes in favour to be adopted, and is also subject to possible veto by the United States, China, Russia, Britain or France.

“There is no possibility for its adoption,” said a Chinese diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, after Hook and Craft briefed council envoys. “The U.S. draft resolution is in essence a continuation of the U.S. maximum pressure policy [on Iran] and it has no value or basis for discussion.”

Earlier this month, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on Russia and China to resist Washington’s push, pledging to “increase our defence capabilities as we have been doing so even under sanctions.”

The IAEA’s 35-nation board of governors on Friday called on Iran to allow the U.N. nuclear watchdog access to two sites suspected of nuclear weapons activities, and to cooperate fully. Iranian allies Russia and China opposed that move but could not block it.

On Wednesday Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran would be open to talks with the United States if Washington apologises for exiting a 2015 nuclear deal and compensates Tehran, at the same time cautioning that U.S. calls for discussions were insincere.

The confrontation between Tehran and Washington has worsened since 2018, when U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew from the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal with major powers and reimposed strict unilateral sanctions on Iran’s economy.

Iran has refused to hold any talks with the United States unless it lifts sanctions on Tehran and returns to the original agreement.

In retaliation for Washington’s ‘maximum pressure’ policy, Iran has gradually scaled back its nuclear commitments, a process Tehran says is reversible if the European parties to the pact carry out their promises to shield Iran’s economy from US penalties. Rouhani has however accused the European countries of surrendering to US pressure and failing to fulfil the commitments that they made to Iran in the JCPOA.

Rouhani also criticized a resolution by the International Atomic Energy Agency passed last Friday that called on Iran to stop denying the agency access to two suspected former nuclear sites.

Meanwhile, relations between Iran and Venezuela continue to diversify and strengthen in spite of the US campaign against both countries. Telesur reports that a cargo ship from Iran laden with food and other consumer goods has entered Venezuelan waters:

Iranian Ambassador in Caracas Hojjatollah Soltani confirmed the arrival of the ship “Golsan” in Venezuelan waters with a food load destined to open the Islamic Republic’s first supermarket in the South American nation.

“The ship, which left last May 15 from the Iran port of Bandar Abbas, is already approaching La Guaira, in Venezuela,” Soltani said.

As part of the agreements between Tehran and Caracas, the Golsan will arrive loaded with consumer goods to supply the Persian nation’s first commercial centre in Venezuela. LINK


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Peter Bozich

The U.S will never let it happen, guess what Pompeo you have no choice. The U.S is fading away like a blown out candle. Your country and finances are broken.


yeah look forward to the day in October when the world can start selling guns and a few other things and stuff with which the jews in palestine can be obliterated to zero, zilch nada and nothing and the palestinians can resume control of their land (presently under illegal occupation by the thieving and murdering ugly and smelly jews) and the gas under the palestinian seabed which these ugly and smelly jews are in the process of selling to their best friends, the fences in london and paris.


Even many citizens of the West now regard the US as ‘a state ruled by sociopathic morons with attitude”. The same type of people who engage in theft the world over.

The dying phase of all past empires have followed the same path of unimportance by alienating their once passive vassals.

The US political and corporate mafia is now attempting to devour Europe in the vain quest to remain as the current world hegemony with unipolar ‘jewristiction’ over the globe.

Swift Laggard II

stop lying. uropa is a partner in imperial ventures and crimes. down with the whitewash


Pompous Pompeo wrote “If the @UN Arms Embargo on Iran expires in October, Iran will be able to buy new fighter aircraft like Russia’s SU-30 and China’s J-10. With these highly lethal aircraft, ”

I seem to recall the Pompous Lardarse declaring that Russian and Chinese combat aircraft were no match for the ‘Exceptional’ US made combat aircraft in his attempt to blackmail Erdogan last year :)

Laurent Parodi

Exactly. The us has 2 main propaganda strategies. Russian weapons and military hardware are junk or very deadly. It depends on the propaganda the us chooses. Theese things happen only when the elite in power is brain dead.


I suspect that the brains of the US elite are all severely damaged from birth :)

AM Hants

Inbreeding, so comes to mind.


It certainly does.

AM Hants

What is ironic, the US spends over $700 billion and rising, for a lot of tack that does not work. F35s, Zumwalt Stealth Ships, Ford Aircraft Carriers, Littoral Class Ships, $40 billion, obsolete (owing to how long it took to reach active stage) missile defence systems, no working ice breakers, no portable nuclear floating platforms, no hypersonic in active stage and Russian space rockets to get into space.

Russia spends $47 billion, a $billion less than the UK, to have the World’s most powerful military, with advanced toys, that actually work.


Not only that, [Zarif tweeted that] it seems the pompous thinks either of those jets have a combat radius comparable to a commercial jet range and able to threat Europe from Iran.

Their tragic scare-mongering sometimes becomes comedy.


I am flabbergasted that all too many Western libtard zombies accept the US propaganda shite that spews from the ulcered mouths of US elite cretins with the morals of rats..

AM Hants

Can you see him soiling his NATO strength Pampers if Iran purchases either Russian or Chinese Fighter Jets?

Especially, when the F35 has so many problems. Not the greatest marketing tool.


With a gut the size of Pompous P, he would need an industrial oil spill kit as a nappy, AM.

AM Hants

You have a point. Can you imagine the poor wife, if he has one, having to clean him up?


Can you imagine being his wife and having to bounce up and down on the fat slug, AM :)

AM Hants

Fat slug, highly appropriate wording haha. Yuk.

Off topic, but, rattled my cage, over on the DM. Twitter and Social Media, having no problems with the new pedo club members. Now identifying themselves as ‘minor attracted’. Remind me, but, who were the crowd that Nick Clegg got into police Facebook? Wasn’t there some strange person who claimed to be trans and attracted to deers? Think, I have got it wrong, but, somebody seriously damaged, in a number of ways and in charge of policing social media.
Social Media, banned to Conservatives, but, on a recruitment drive for pedos.

Wonder how long it will be before we are silenced from being outraged by pedos? With nobody able to protect the children?


Has this sort of behaviour, that the vast majority of people abhor, always been in society and that it is in the current ‘enlightened’ times that such selfish proclivities are aided by a decade or two drive to place such undercover perverts in roles of authority?

In past times such people were placed in an asylum or strangled. Apart from the Royalty of the day and their hangers on though :)

As a country we are now in an era of madness that cannot end well.

AM Hants

Explains why the first job of Common Purpose, was to shut down the asylums and sell them for Prime Estate. Used to be a fan of Maggie, but, now wonder if she too was a Common Purpose Member, owing purely to who her Special Adviser was.


I would not be shocked if she was. How else could a grocers daughter be anointed as a ‘safe pair of hands’ for the UK deep state?

AM Hants

Plus, she studied Chemistry at Cambridge. Will get the electric chair, but, I liked Maggie. My type of feminist.


Maggie was a very likeable villain wasn’t she :)

She did go too far though. Many communities all over Britain were destroyed as a direct result of her economic policies.

AM Hants

I loved her use of the handbag. Only since following Ukraine, I have changed my opinion on what she was about, owing purely to her special adviser and the fact we have no industry, courtesy of the asset strippers.

Weird, but, Timothy Bell, her special adviser and an advertising executive, who set up Bell Pottinger. Have I ever mentioned how they were given $500 million to spin the Iraq War? Haha, my mantra returns and no doubt in rant form.

Anyway, Brother Timothy, brother of David, who runs Common Purpose, Media Standards Committee and Cambridge University Press, ended up with a position with the Coal Board, after the Miner’s Strike, he helped set up. Three House Scargill, never went without, when his miner’s were starving and dying, owing to his actions, whilst Poland picked up the coal contracts.

Why does Poland remind me of Ukraine, comparing how Russia looked after Ukraine, giving so much from 1654 to 1954 and even paying the bills. Similar to Poland feeding off the EU.

Would never have voted for Kinnoch and didn’t he and his family do well, when looking for a lifestyle with the EU. Why does Biden remind me of Kinnoch?

Again, do believe we were all played and Maggie was just an old Vaudeville Show person, in the same style as Donald.

Common Purpose, weren’t the launched in 1984? How long had David Bell been working on the project, together with input from Brother Timothy? Which one used to enjoy ‘flashing’ from the bathroom window, overlooking Hampstead Heath?

Chris Paaten, Common Purpose Member, redundant member of Conservative Party who ended up Governor of Hong Kong, in 1996. Major, who took over from Maggie, politicalised Hong Kong Governor position, for Chinese handover. CIA thrown out of Hong Kong, to be replaced by NED.

Hong Kong handed back to China and Chris Pattonbecomes EU Commission aire, before joining BBC as Chairman of Board of Governors. Same time as Mark Thomson was Director General of BBC. Then Jimmy Saville story breaks, that Thomson tried to hide. Saville good friend of Ted Heath and Maggie and Dennis. Mark Thomson moves over to NYT, as CEO.

John Major, Common Purpose Member, who lost election to Labour’s Common Purpose Member Tony Blair. Didn’t John Smith’s heart attack come in handy. Blair’s special advisers Alistair Campbell and, Peter Mandelson and then you have links to PIE, who came back as Stonewall. With Blair giving them so much power and control, especially their LGBT and 62 varieties project.

Alistair Campbell, editor of the Daily Mirror under Robert Maxwell. Now Blair adviser. Did he advise Brown on the best way to fleece private pensions, following lessons learnt from Maxwell? Brown another Common Purpose Member, who took over from Blair. Selling UK to the lowest bidder and rushing out in the middle of the night to sign over UK sovereignty to the EU, under the guise of the Lisbon Treaty. Going back to Blair, good mates with Clinton and Bush and fully supportive of any war going, especially if you have to lie to get it up and running. Who gave Maggie’s Special Adviser Timothy Bell a lifetime peerage.

I could go on, but, found an interesting article on the Daily Mail. Which takes me back to Tavistock Institute, set up in 1913 for mind control of the masses, by 2 brothers and Rockerfeller. One brother was a media mogul running the right leaning Daily Mail and the other brother ran the left leaning Sunday Mirror. Reminds me of the fake feud of Robert Maxwell, running left leaning Daily Mirror and Rupert Murdoch running right leaning Times and The Sun. Also reminds me of Brothers Bell, the publishing and advertising executives.

Sorry rambling, but, there was an image of the 48 Club, working with the Chinese. Did laugh at trying the Chinese Connection, as they were all Common Purpose Members and all fully primed REMOANERS. Blair, Heseltine, Prescott, etc etc etc.

Plus, there was another article and it was old Gordon Brown, who purchased £10 million worth of WHO/Gates qerecommended vaccines, for one of the WHO virus of the year awards, which disappeared after Brown bought up all the vaccines. He is now working for the WHO/$ORO$/Gates organisation, known as GAVI.

Such a small crowd of people, yet, look at the damage they do.


There is enough material for a short documentary to rival anything done by Adam Curtis in your post, Dearest AM.

Every sentence in your post can be linked to a multitude of pictures, videos and news items in British papers ..

So many memories come back ..

“Such a small crowd of people, yet, look at the damage they do.”

As far as I can remember, Chomsky attempted to look into it in his famous lecture “who rules the world” ..

I remember this quite vividly:

“.. Brother Timothy, brother of David, who runs Common Purpose, Media Standards Committee and Cambridge University Press, ended up with a position with the Coal Board, after the Miner’s Strike, he helped set up. Three House Scargill, never went without, when his miners were starving and dying, owing to his actions, whilst Poland picked up the coal contracts.”

As for Alister Campbell and Peter Mandelson, they were very special creeps like no other ..

Perhaps we should try to develop a script for a TV documentary. I can think of at least three good production companies which might be interested in doing some work for us.
Chomsky did an excellent one on the subject of the American working class.
comment image

Laurent Parodi

If the arms embargo is lifted next october it will be a huge humiliation for trump administration. Their strategy would be a complete failure. Biden could use this failure to humiliate trump personally. I think the trump administration will try everything including false flags attacks or more to prevent that from happening.


oink oink the pig has spoken, to no avail just more derision over his rants of no value.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

China’s Su-30MKK/MK2 fleet would be an ideal transplant to Iran’s air forces and then Russia upgrading them to SM standard.

Tommy Jensen

Iran, Syria and Lebanon can never get S-300/S-400 nor SU-planes. They cant afford to pay in shekels or dollares.
But they are welcome to buy Bukh missiles.

Ivan Freely

It would really piss Russia off if the Chinese sold their SU variants to Iran. The J-10 or JF-17 would likely be the only models available.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I very much doubt it, the Chinese Su-30’s are older variants that need upgrading anyway.

The J-10 is a medium weight fighter but probably more than a match of any F-16 in production today and highly likely on par with the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Ivan Freely

Ah…I didn’t realize the Chinese do have Su-30’s. I was thinking of the variants they’ve made based on the Su-30 like the J-16. The problem is these Su-30’s are used and likely have many hours on it.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Not an insurmountable problem and can be refurbished, modernized and upgraded as Iran would need. (using either Belarus, Russia or China)

Perhaps Iran could even develop a domestically produced version?

Interesting article here on China’s options for it’s Su-30 inventory.

How Can China Keep its Su-30MKK/MK2 Fighters Viable: Domestic Enhancements, a Russian Su-30SM Upgrade or Early Retirement All Possible

peter mcloughlin

The rhetoric and language point only to world war. Mankind has already stumbled blindly into two: it now faces a third.

Tommy Jensen

I and Bolton are aligned with Pompeo.
No way an American can allow Iran to get modern Airfighters from Russia nor China………………LOL.
Thats too funny man.

Iran is maintaining secret societies with terrorist groups all over the world, pay and support Al-Qaida, ISIS. Al-Nusra Front, Al-Shabab, Islamic Jihad, IRA, MIK, MAK, Gladio cells in Europe.
The Bader-Meinhoff Group, Antifa, BLM., Boko Haram, and Houtis are also part of Iran’s full spectrum global dominance doctrine.

Iran blew up the 9/11 Towers, the Bologna Train Station, killed all gays in Paris, and threw 2 nuclear bombs over Nagasaki and Hiroshima, bombed Pearl Harbour, and are the cause of all misterious killings in Germany and France, notwithstanding what you have been brainwashed to hear in school and fake news.
It about time YOU wake up to the real truth and DO something!

Tommy Jensen

Yeah I know you Iranians are more hooked on Democrats probably because of the Obama deal.
But in the overall scheme, western socialism can end up as a much worse friend because they carry no honour.

Tommy Jensen

Your are right. It fooled me too in the first place. I found out it goes under the “soft power” concept.
Democrats are behind KKK, Obama created and paid ISIS. In all Democrats retoric, lies real racism, real fascism (communism/Gulag), real discrimination, a pervert relationship to God’s desgin of nature plus the colonial tools.

But I was talking about ideological roots. The roots of Democrats are slave trade and money exchanging, the roots of Republican is the American dream of all men created equal, realising your own business, being independent.
But you are right, we cant see the differences today, everything is perverted,


Don’t forgot the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, Black death and Charles I beheading. Also all the US fighter jets falling from the sky like flies.

Even Hitler was an Iranian from the city of … [dun dun dun] Astara!

AM Hants

How many nations has Iran invaded in the past 200 years?
Repeat question, using America.

Tommy Jensen

Iran is not doing it like real men.
Iran is doing it through invisible soft power and colour revolutions, gossip among the populations, propaganda, using proxies.
Therefore it is difficult to understand for ordinary people what we, Bolton, Pompeo and I, are warning everybody about……………………in order to save YOU!

AM Hants

Sorry I am laughing. Iran – soft colour revolutions as opposed to US hard colour revolutions, with millions displaced, dead or left with life changing disabilities.

How old is Iran compared to the US? Who has slaughtered the most people?

AM Hants

The axis of resistence gets stronger and stronger. Washington DC gets weaker and weaker.

Looking forward to seeing SU35s, with the Iranian flag, waving to Israel and her US vassel.

China and Russia isolated in the UN? As 2 of the permanent 5vmembers of the UNSC, not members of NATO, the only nations that disagree with them are some NATO members, with other NATO members, working with them.

AM Hants

Talking of the US and Russia, why are the US and UK behaving so childishly?

UK & USA Embassies in Moscow Provocatively Hoisted LGBT Flags… https://www.stalkerzone.org/uk-usa-embassies-in-moscow-provocatively-hoisted-lgbt-flags/

(ironic when one of their White Helmet Jihadis, given asylum in Reading, decided to let us know what he thought of LGBT plus 62 varieties, leaving 3 dead).


Together with Nuland working for Albright ‘the death of 500,000 dead Iraq babies and children is well worth the price. Is she hoping to take her basket of cookies to Red Square and encourage the kiddies to go camping, the Cookie Monster way?

Nuland’s Cookies & the Future of Russia… https://www.stalkerzone.org/nulands-cookies-the-future-of-russia/

Plus, good luck Belarus

The Spring of Maidan in Belarus Is Uncoiling Quickly… https://www.stalkerzone.org/the-spring-of-maidan-in-belarus-is-uncoiling-quickly/

Tommy Jensen

Its not childish nor ironic.
Its deliberate and a sophisticated psy-op, because it works as a red flag in front of the bull: It causes anger, frictions, conflicts and killings, and thats exactly what it shall do in Moscow.

AM Hants

Still rather pathetic? So not sophistacated. It would be like the Russian Embassy, raising a flag to the White Helmet/Jihadi and his actions in the Reading Park, just for a soft psy-op exercise. How many homosexual men did he take out, in the month they were celebrating LGBT and 62 varieties? Was it 3 and how many others did he injure?

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