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US, Turkey to Set Up More Military Bases in Northern Syria

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Washington and Ankara are going to set up two new military bases in northern Syria.

US, Turkey to Set Up More Military Bases in Northern Syria

Photo: Getty Images / Vyacheslav Oseledko

The US and Turkey are going to set up new military bases in Aleppo and Hasaka provinces in northern Syria, the al-Hadath newspaper and the ARA news agency reported.

According to the al-Hadath newspaper, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) is going to withdraw its forces from its military base in Tal Bidar, located to the north of Hasaka city, in order to allow the US-led coalition establish a new military base there. Reportedly, the new base will be used for receiving and sending land and air cargos with arms.

At the same time, the ARA news agency reported that Turkey also plans to build a new military base in Kaljabrin village, located in northern Aleppo, where the Turkish side has been sending a lot of military hardware from Tal al-Hmar and al-Rai regions, located near the Syrian-Turkish border. Reportedly, Turkey is currently deploying its forces in various parts of Kaljabrin, as well as is building defense barriers, including trenches and barbed wire, there.

In November 2016, it was reported that the US-led coalition intensified its efforts to build a new military base on the Abdul Aziz mount in western Hasaka, which was under control of the Kurdish-led PYD, allied to Washington in northern Syria.

As the Sham Time newspaper reported at that time, Kurdish fighters and US soldiers cut hundreds of trees in Maqloujeh village, located near the Abdul Aziz mount, 30 kilometers to the west of Hasaka, in order to build a landing platform for helicopters of the US-led coalition. After this, the US side started to equip the base.

“A group of US soldiers went to the village on military vehicles every day. But they started to equip the base under the tight security measures of the Kurdish forces in Maqloujeh in recent days. The US forces have separated the base from the village by trenches and soil walls. They have tuned the base and its surrounding areas up to the Sakriyeh ancient citadel into a military zone,” the newspaper quoted its unnamed sources in November of the last year.

In August 2016, the Fars news agency reported, citing unnamed Kurdish sources, that the US deployed tens of its marines in the village of Mabrouka, located in the western part of Hasaka province in northeastern Syria, under the pretext of demining of Ra’s al-Ain city, which was fully controlled by the Kurdish forces. As the sources reported, the US-led coalition set up its military base in one of the buildings of the Syrian power department in Mabrouka, named Housh al-Kahroba.

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'Sup Bruh!

Why is Turkey’s name even in there for fucks sake? This is such a bullshit. For Turkey, Northern Syria, lands of YPG, is enemy territory. It is so absurd to say Turkey is going to establish a joint base in Hasakah.

So far, Turkey has 0 military bases in Syria. Maybe secret ones in Idlib, i do not know. What I know for sure, is that USA has 2 military bases in Northern Syria(YPG controlled area) and from what i understand from this news, this number is gonna be 3.

Furthermore, USA also has 5 chopper bases in Northern Syria to provide weapons and ammunitions to YPG terrorist organisation.

Another thing that USA accomplishes with all these bases, is the seperation of Syria. They are making sure that YPG terrorist organisation will not be attacked by simply being there. No is going to attack US forces obiviously.

Sooner or later, YPG terrorist organisation will ask for an independent state. So USA and Israel can have a puppet state right in the middle of enemy territory.


Article is referring to two different bases, not a joint base. The Turkish base may be close to Al Rai in N Aleppo province (close to their border), they already have an unofficial base there. It seems late in the day to start a new US base. Taking Raqqa may be a long ways off.


They have no permission to set up base in a sovereign nation. Plus, their is a new administration in Washington DC. So where did the story come from, apart from wishful thinking, from team Qatar to Europe Pipeline Press Agency.

Pave Way IV

F’king land thieves. When did the U.S. turn into Israel?


The USA need bases in northern Syria for the eventual reckoning in Raqqah. This is necessary to get rid of ISIS and bring everyone close to a diplomatic solution.

The SAA cannot defeat ISIS and liberate all of Syria anyway.


usa can go back home and stop supporting the terrorists.


And who will get rid of ISIS?


SAA can and will defeat ISIS and Al Qaeda when the US and Turkey stops funding and supplying them . When SAA controls the oil fields and the revenue from them , it will not have a manpower shortage . Its difficult when the so called “rebels” make much more per day . The US and Turkey are both in violation of international law , and need to display a re-commitment to it . Withdraw from Syrian territory .


USA and Turkey support other groups that are enemies of ISIS.


ISIS is a spin off from Al Qaeda , both Saudi Sunni jihadists .
Both supplied and supported by the US , Saudi’s , and Turkish , despite the public propaganda .


No, Turkey supports Al Nusra, a group which was a shoot off of ISIS but then went independent by announcing its Al Qaeda affiliation out of the blue. Later it withdrew it.

Al Nusra is now called JFS and is an enemy of ISIS, as is Turkey.

Dod Grile

What is Syria’s land doing underneath Murder Inc’s military base?


“The US and Turkey are going to set up new military bases in Aleppo and Hasaka provinces in northern Syria, the al-Hadath newspaper and the ARA news agency reported.”


“Taking off from Qamishli Military Airport in northeastern Syria, the Russian Air Force began the onslaught by launching several airstrikes over the Sheikh Yassine, Al-Rusafa, Al-Jubeileh, Al-Rashidiyah, and Al-Hussiniyah districts of Deir Ezzor.”

“US-led air strikes wipe out 90 boats carrying ISIS members in Mosul”

Under the new US regime perhaps the US will be setting up new bases, but not for regime change operations.


Really? Who has invited them and given permission? Plus, they ignore the fact that their is a new administration that has moved into Washington DC and have they agreed? They have no legal basis to set up shop in a sovereign nation, without an invite.

John Mason

Are there any objections to this from Syria? If not then is there an agreement between Syria and the US/Turkey.

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