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US Troops Remain In Syria To Protect Oil Fields From ‘Terrorists’, War Report

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US Troops Remain In Syria To Protect Oil Fields From 'Terrorists', War Report

The US is planning to keep control of oil fields on the eastern bank of the Euphrates despite the ongoing troops withdrawal. On October 21, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper told reporters that Washington wants to be sure that ensure oil fields do not fall into the hands of ISIS or other militants.

According to media reports, the number of US troops remaining in the Omar oil fields area will be 200. 400 more US-linked private military contractors are also expected to remain. This number, backed up by the US Air Force, will be enough to remain in the area. However, it remains unclear how Washington is planning to exploit the seized oilfields when forces of the ‘bloody Assad regime’ deploy all around the US garrison. Most likely, the oil fields will become another bargaining chip in Washington’s Syrian strategy.

Northeastern Syria remains the hottest part of the country despite the temporary ceasefire in the region. According to the Turkish Defense Ministry, a total of 765 ‘terrorists’ have been neutralized since the start of Operation Peace Spring.

Speaking at TRT World Forum, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey has “never sat at a table with the terror groups” during the government’s 17-year term, and “will never do so.” Additionally Erdogan slammed the West, including EU and NATO states, for standing by ‘terrorists’ against Turkey during its operation in northern Syria. Erdogan further recalled his upcoming visit to Russia to discuss the processes ongoing in northeastern Syria.

During the October 17 press briefing, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mariya Zakharova, said that Russia “has always recognized Turkey’s legitimate interests in the security of its borders” and stands “for practical cooperation between Damascus and Ankara on the basis of the 1998 Adana Agreement.”

Remarks by the Russian side became another demonstration of the ongoing cooperation of Turkey, the US and the Syrian-Russian bloc over the situation in northeastern Syria. In this situation versions that describe the current situation in northeastern Syria as a pre-agreed scenario that plays into the hand of Damascus, Moscow, Washington and Ankara look even more reliable.

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US Troops remain to Steel the OIL

Icarus Tanović

Surrounded by SAA, yeah right.

Jens Holm

The USA paid SDF and ISIS has digged a tunnel all the way Israel.

Its a surprice tunnel sending oil for Westbankers :)


Get areal job danish prostitute.

Harry Smith

Todd’s First Two Political Principles: 1. No matter what they’re telling you, they’re not telling you the whole truth. 2. No matter what they’re talking about, they’re talking about money.

Jens Holm

I read and write here often. More like whatever You are told, You are not even allowed to listen and comment apart from, what Your Maters has learned You from before You were born.

Money is important. Thats why USA and others are able to come to You, and You in Your infected, corrupt lowlife economy are not comming here.

The only ones in Syria having any plan for the future are the now collapsed SDFs by PYD.

You just has smashed tose being the most poor into the ground again an again are back in the times even before Assads.

And the Jihadist of Yours are even more back.

Thats what You have decided to accept. The next many decades You will live as bums in ruins and tents. Fine with me. But You will still kill each other and maybee reinvent bow and arrow.

Harry Smith

Good. Your hysterics demonstrates 2 things: 1. The level of desperation in the group you’re belonging to. 2. Russia does the right things.

northerntruthseeker .

More like to deprive Syria of that vital oil!


The only thing vital in Syria is the Syrian people.


And the people need a working economy. This is what the US is trying to prevent.


The Syrian military economy is working, no doubts about that.

Jens Holm

What a joke the Syrian economy is working.


The joke is that you Danes are among the most indebted people on Earth, enjoy your new found poverty when the new depression hits, jack ass.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Then Israel doesn’t deserve as such either!

Jens Holm

If You have good solutions for all, You should send it right away and make majority for it.


Again can’t think of anything to say you Scandinavian piece of white trash.

Jens Holm

Thats right. USA try to keep Assads down. That has been the plan.

But before that Assads has kept the Syrian economy into barking madness of low ancient production totally infected by corruption.

Assads not even have structures, tools and educated people for it. Ther hardly has been any normal investments and hardly even in oil. How comes oil producing countries cant even produce plastic buckets for themselves. The rest of the world knows.

Syria has many oil- and gas fields and hardly money to re establish all, wich is not needed – for now. So Gonoco and Omar are so far guarded against being in flames by sabotage by ISIS or criminels in primitive fuel production.


Nothing more primitive then your badly written posting there Danish buttboy.

Jens Holm

Baathist took all oil themselves and used most of the money for corruption.


BS, unlike the bankers that fucked you Danes over with negative interest rates and debt.

Jens Holm

Thats tptally incorrect. Syria has many oilfields and they dont needto take alll up until they can use it.

Their main problem is, Syrians and Russians dont have the tecnology to the socalled “empty fields” and the USA boycut.

By that its impossible USA takes or blocks for taking up oil in Syria. The main problems are, that the needed investments already were eaten up by the Baathist corruption and next the expensive war came – and in the war most oilfa´cilities was bombed hard. Here its true USA closed down the fuel productions taken by ISIS. But those fields were not possesed by Assads and anybody else.

I think Russians did a few bombarrdments against that and took several 100 trucks out, so they could not export fuel to mainly Turkey and Turkey privates but also Qaida, FSA and whatever any bodies…

Ceasar Polar

They will be removed, an alliance between Russia/iran/syria and most probably at the world’s surprise Turkey will chase the US from oil fields right after the SDF/kurdish problem is handled.

Jens Holm

IDDDIJOT. Thats not possible and never has been possible.

Assad or Erdogan has programmed Your tiny little misrable brains, so You sheep not even can use common sense.

Where do they take it out???????? Is there any production there at all ????

NO NO NO You just declare lies most normal people in the whole world know is not even possible as if Erdogan and Assads are the last prophets in the world.

Bah-bah-bahetist and Erdopedia, here we comes.

No wonder You are behind in anything apart from killing each other and dont care.

How do You recognize a Hesbollah member in Lebanon ? Well, they have only one leg hahahaha…


Its idiot learn how to spell it idiot.

Jens Holm

Which way do they send it ??? Do You know where syria is.


Apparently you don’t idiot.


US/UK are Pyromaniac – Fireman with their Proxies as usual !

More they changes, more it’s the same !

Jens Holm

Not at all.

Ceasar Polar

So why are they expanding so close to Russia, risking every time a full blown nuclear war. US/UK/Nato are pyromaniacs, and psychopaths that think we are too many on this earth, and wish to see millions to die, for their world depopulation program. The rest of Eu-fags are just vassals, they cant have true independance since their weight alone is too little to make any balance go their way, so they just follow what the pyromaniacs/psychopaths decide.

Jens Holm

So You are supporter of Neocolonisme by Russia all the way to Berlin from 1945.

I am not.

Those countries has to find their own very difficult and mysteries way to something else then the economic and political collapse of the mismanegements made by Uncle Marx and Cousin Engels. Thats not rejoining the ruins of it going back after some light by Gorbatjof and jeltzin to Putin being a refreshed KGB look a like.

As a very small country always in the middle, I as dane support, that we also are with the ones, we choose.

Naming us as EU and Nato DAGS does it. Why should we not arm us against accusations like that. Compared to Yours we are a great succes in everything, which are very visible in most parts of Nato and EU.

The vital thing is, that You never should decide what we do and in the most bipolar way expect those countries should join Your dominance instead of the one, we have chosen ourselves.

The Russian version of the world are the same as it was by USSR. You prefare countries are not united and strong by joining, so You can take and dominate them one by one and You almost only understand hard firepower.

If You dont want us fx in Ukraine and Baltikum, You could take away Your many big new missiles in Kaliningrad. The result of that deployment are danes has ordered at least 4 scud missile batteries for the navy and many smaller ones.

You seemes to know nothing about EU.

Ceasar Polar

“ So You are supporter of Neocolonisme by Russia all the way to Berlin from 1945.” —-> that is exactly the fears they shove through your throat in Danish mainstream media. The true is completely the opposite, Russia is trying to be a nation state and have stated a million times that it doesnt follow a imperialistic agenda (like the old USSR) it is only looking after its own people (nationalist agenda) . And seeing the threat that NATO represents to Russia, Russia must defend itself against a possible aggression from Nato. Putin even asked to join NATO 3 years ago, and it was denied go understand why… oh without Russia as the arch enemy, why would NATO exist ? The USSR is dead, the KGB is dead, right now it is Russia, and Russia is different than the USSR, when will you brainwashed eu-fags will understand that ? The new Russian doctrine/vision is more a nationalist vision, and not a globalist or imperialist (as oppose to US and vassals). Putin and Russia is trying to put the country together to serve its people as best it can, with bilateral trades and regional alliances, to enhance exchange and improve the economic situation of both Russia and its partners. It doesnt envision to absorb its partners it intends to grow stronger and richer with its partners. Now for Ukraine: Nato is befriending the Ukraino-nazis, and Nato has put in power a nazi, and supporting its cause, That same nazi tried to conduct ethnic cleansing of Ukrainians of Russian descent. This whole Ukraine-nazi mess is because of NATO, the US, and EU-fags-vassals. Now thanks to you warmongers, Crimeans have conducted a referendum and voted to rejoin Mother Russia, for protection against the ukraino-nazis NaTO and axes of Evil have put in place.

For your “scud missiles batteries: You have to know that Scuds are from the soviet Era, Russia have now Hypersonic missiles that goes mach 5+ even some hypersonic gliders that do mach 25+ and that even the US doesnt have. Needless to speak of Iskander missiles that is of 1999 generation which is much more destructive than your little scud missiles. Plus the S300/S350/S400 and future S500 all do very well against Scuds, so that wont protect you if your Masters (US, Eu-fags) decide to attack Russia. Putin have clearly stated that any EU-fag-Vassal that holds missiles for the US-zionist-scums will be targeted in case there is an attack on Russia.

When you say you took a side and you took the other: Danemark, Sweeden, finland, all have been extremely supportive of the zionists-scums, and support the US-imperialist agenda, so where is your moral, an independant state should choose the right side, which should be the Palestinians over the israHellis, the Russians over Nato-expansion, Houthis over the aggressors UAE-Saudi, but in all what you scandinavian-Eu-Fags do is support the zionist-imperialistic agenda of your Masters, since you are just a vassal, you have basically nothing to say. Even tho you think you guys have some freedom to do that is all an illusion put in place for your MSM, but outsiders can see how the whole EU-fags are behaving like Vassal-states, especially Germany (the biggest zionist-scum base Europe).

Jens Holm

Its very easy to member of EU as well as Nato. You just follow the rules for those 2 organisations.

Russia, Turkey and others dont dictate us.

You seemes to forget, that Ukraine for very good reasons are no EU member. You are tight about the choise still is between Old Communisme and Nazisme/fascisme and filled up with corruption and a lot of bad leftovers. They as Russia/USSR has no democratic traditions as well as they as You has no sense for the economic systems here and certainly hardly are seen as commings.

Correct we dont see Jews as scums. We hardly see them at all because they are well integrated as well as assimilated.

One of the big differences we have from You are advvanced tax systems, so when people takes initiatives, they pay hard tax as well as the employes do.

Therefore its much more difficult to be as Bill Gates, Facebook, Google and Your many Oligarcs.

We also by that and our systems for 50% tax and local deciding outside our parlament for Years has been in the group in the world being less corrupt.

I and we anytime will support USA compared to Your lowlives being in the integrated world economy with them.

I have told my oppinion about ME here many times. My wish is a wall west of Istanbull and only food in and oil out to fair prices.

And dont blame me about all Your selfmade crap there. Israel was made 70 years ago and I was not even born.

People of 70 in Denmark were babies.

Babling nonsense for any kind of dialoque for people naming us “Fags do support the zionist-imperialistic agenda of your Masters, since you are just a vassal”.

Danes any time will try to protect against You a third time will try to steal all Eastern Europe from the people living there incl. pressure.

You have deployd many big missiles in Kaliningrad against. Shouldnt it be ok we becauise of that by 4 extra scud missel platform and bunches of small missiles. I think so.

Ceasar Polar

I thought Danes had free education, i am having hard time understanding your hopeless defense of “zionazi-imperialist agenda”. Use google translator next i think it will do a better job than your brain (no offense, only facts here). To reply to you, i advise you to go look on Google, Russia/Putin did ask to join NATO, not EU, NATO, it was denied, are you aware of this very important point ? And no Russia is not “dictating” to you. Proof of that, they are still selling to EU-fags all the gas they need to heat up during the winter. Hell Russia is even selling Nuclear fuel, and space rocket engines to the US, did you know these facts ? Russia wants to cooperate economically, Russia DO NOT want a war with EU-fags, if that happen the whole world will perish is nuclear fire. NATO is pushing Russia to its borders, making everyone nervous. Who started the build-up, NaTO, and zionazi-US. “Ukraine is not EU”, the funny part here is that they asked to join the EU, now let see how far the zionazis will go, will they accept their application… highly unlikely, but not impossible… “Russia has no democratic tradition” : Let me tell you my dear scandinavian brainwashed anon, democracy is system ruled by jews, it doesnt mean that you are free to act as you want, it is only the illusion of freedom, in practice no country in the world enjoys real freedom or so called True democracy. Communism too was ruled and created by jews. Can you ponder 2 mins on this ? There is no democracy in the US (a history of election fraud even with electronic systems, and so much more…), Germany has no democracy, try denying the Holocaust in Germany and you find yourself in jail for 2 years, is that democracy to you ? (Or is it a system ruled by jews, start seeing the big pic here ?) France too with their fake terrorist attacks with paid actors to tighten up the security rules on their citizen (management of Terror go look on google). UK democracy ? They just placed a goon with blonde hair as PM, no one voted for that turd yet he is the one who is going to put the nail on the UK coffin. I will stop here for your democracy exemples. “We dont see jews as scums, they are integrated” i will say to that it s a bit more complicated, some true jews are fine, the very few non-zionist jews, for the the rest they are not just integrated, they are infiltrated inside the fabric of implicite and explicite power of every country in EU, arab world, and US. You cant hide from it, we are all victim of their infiltration. “We have advanced tax system”: oh my God it is the most horrible thing in the world, there is no such thing as advanced taxes, money is devaluating, the government is racking more and more debt, therefore they need to tax you more and more, soon they will hit 80% tax, they cant do otherwise just compare old tax with new tax for the same services you get taxed a lot more through time, not because it is advanced but because your currency is worth less and less through time, things are costing more and more also (housing, insurance, food) “There is much more difficult to be like bill gate…” : these american fortunes, do you have any Danish super rich person you can show off with, at least Russia has rich billionaires, like in China, US, and most powerful countries. “…government…less corrupt in the world…” : dont you think one second that you have no corruption in Danemark, everyone is hit by government corruption, it is just that they hide it better in developed countries, but it still exist (Jaques Chirac, Sarkozy they all went down for corruption, and more…) “Build a wall in Istanbul” : you are a freaking racist. Walls dont change a thing, walls arent solution. Nationalism is the solution, if everyone is happy in his country, no one will come to your country, therefore bilateral ties, alliances are a must, everyone should everyone develop its own industry/country/people (just like Russia is doing while NATO is encircling it). “Israel 70 years ago, you weren’t born”: does that excuse you of the atrocities they are committing in Occupied Palestine ? They are ethnic cleansing the native population, they are exporting violence through police training and military cooperation (india is applying the zionazi techniques on Kashmir right now, it could potential enflamme the whole region since pakistan had nukes too, all this because of the israeli cooperation with Modi, he gave them some ideas) and that is why the world need to stand against zionism, so that their model of violence is not exported in other parts of the world. “ you have deployed big missiles in kalingrad” : they arent big missiles, they HYPERsonic missiles. They can destroy you before you finish you dump in the toilet, and no one can defend against them, not even the US. Does that mean that Russia will attack with them ? Of course not! It is only in case NATO gets some bad idea of attacking Russia, that Russia will unleash hell on EU-fags-vassals, and zionazi-US-scums. So all is for defense only. They arms are there now. So you which ask yourself why is NATO poking the Bear ? “Danes will defend themselves…” bla bla bla, with all respect Danes are nothing compared to Russia or China. Right now if Russia wanted it can take over the whole scandinavian area but it wont do it, because Russia does not pursue those goals. Russia doesnt not seek aggression. I hope you wake up from you heavy brainwashing on day. Russia isnt the aggressor, no Tax can be advanced, NATo is being warmongers and getting at Russia’s border…


Ah Denmark you fell quicker to the NAZI’s then Panama did to the U.S. in 89, jealous that you Dane buttboys are hundredth the actual men Russians are.


That your a disinfo danish transexual troll prostitute, there jenny.


Say 600 americans with airsupport will not be able to cover some 10k square kms without local support. It is hard to see, given US betrayals of allies, who would even want to contemplate aiding US except for plain mercenaries and even those would want guarantees.


But only 200 to 400!

Jens Holm

They are protecters against ISIS making flames again and probatly against normal criminals making dirty fuel and a lot of polluted smoke.


Again fuck off danish prostitute.


they can’t resupply them either

Jens Holm

You really dont get anything of it. You are not even able to try to undersrand anything about it, because Your mind is totally infected …


Shut the fuck up Dane monkey, you can’t even think of anything to say.


Never underestimate Kurdish leadership for selling themselves cheap and short. There’s always some lower levels they can sink into.


Garga, I will not be so sure, who has an ass as fear.

Jens Holm

Here we go again. Do You know where Syria is, and do You know where Kurds are.

No You dont. You certainly are lowered Yourself as if someone has taken Your highealed shoes.


Hey Danish monkey its over with the turds, now fuck off from the comments.


The kurds sold out Syria and every country around them so fuck them, and fuck eurotrash like you who support or sympathize with kurdish rats.


The yankee imperialists are done in Syria, there isn’t any steak for them there. They are so able to keep the Syrian oil as to conquer the Caucasus or the Tibet.

Jens Holm

Far out once again. Syria hardly has oil for supply of american cars one day.

And Sprutnok is the source. hahaha. Not even trust the weatherrapports from there :)

Ceasar Polar

Syria does have oil ressources.

Jens Holm

I didnt write that. Syria has good oil and gas ressources for local purpose, which is a good help for the corrupt contraproductive Baathist in Damaskus and on the coastline.

It also say a dew shiploads from Syria improve the Syrian economy.


Besides that the fields for 50% or more already are owned and driven by Shell, BP, China and India.

Ceasar Polar

Did you that Syria’s central bank is owned by Syria and not the Rothschild’s, unlike EU, US, and most of the world. They have enough oil for export and local consumption. Baathist Assad is still way much better than the israHelli/US/zionist-scums/EU-fags alternative of Isis caliphate or dismemberment of Syria with the gypsie Kurd on one side isis on the other, and israel expanding for security reasons since the caliphate isis is near that is the perfect excuse for israHell’s expansion. So over all that, the WORLD prefers the baathist government for Syria.


Sorry your kurd buttfuck boyfriends are done for you danish fag.


Jenny the tranny, wants a kurdish facial.



Douglas Houck

In the current conditions the US are guarding blown up wells. With the SAA moving toward the northern border crossing near Qameshli, I don’t see many options for the US to move the necessary equipment to rebuild the fields or how they plan to get any oil out. They can sit in the desert doing nothing. They are fooling the US public and Sen. Graham who want to think that the US will get some money or leverage by being there.


And the Russian choppers are already in Tabqa…

Jens Holm

Do You know where Tabqa is and the range of effective helicopters. I dont think so.

Tabqa – DEZ is about 200 km. Helicopters would be fine, if they were in the DEZ airport – if anything is left of it. But they dont need much space for only getting fuel.


Don’t talk military matters, it makes you more of an idiot then you already are.

Jens Holm

USA are not going to take any oil friom those small random files. Do You get it. How can You remain that stupid after so many has told You exact, what You write – oil by ballons, barrels down eufrat, zipfiles by internet.

You are as stupid stupid stupid and are systematic kept as the sheep You are.

They protect them from fire made by ISIS.

Besides that You also not seemes to know, that USA boycuts Syria and by that certainly dont support any oil and gas production as well.

Ypu are as stupid stupid stupid and are systematic kept in dark and might even have choosen that Yourself.

Even omly Kurds/SDF has had them, they cant even produce fuel from them. They have no equipment for it. They has sold some truck loads to Assads now and then, and thats it. Some criminals has made a little fuel in the very small and very dirty polluted way. Some money from that might be given to ISIS.

Now You have the whole picture.

Americans are protecting Omar and Gonoco fields from burning again.

If anything people like Ypu are the barking mad fools and the ones alive are now bums living in ruins and tents. More then 5 millions are not in the country.

Because of oil :)

Maybee You should also learn the ownership of parts of the fields. 50% are owned by Shell, BP, China and India. USA cant steal from them but they can block as they do.

Ceasar Polar

He has had way too many burgers it’s clogging his coma-state brainwashed mind to think straight. Or he is just a paid troll…

Jens Holm

Its Your cousin…

Ceasar Polar

Come one that is cheap! I was defending you there ! We can disagree doesnt mean you can lower yourself this cheap! You can do better!


That’s rich coming from the spawn of brother and sister, you inbred Dane.


Danish transexual monkey rant.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

F’n A right. I can’t wait until the Axis of Resistence decide to play hard ball with the US empire (Axis of Evil, inc). But I also don’t wish to see any further death, destruction and hardships for innocent civilians, which would certainly expand in scope should such a scenario play out. I like the idea of sequestering, isolating (or letting them isolate themselves) them, leaving them to play reacharounds or whatever it is they do in the middle of nowhere basically (what with non-functioning or very limited extraction, and limited logistics as you describe). What a laughing stock.

Jens Holm

If anything are and was as You say, why has they not retreated. BUT OH NO its what LITTLE BOYS LEARN AN BELIEVE MORE THEN ISLAM.


Rich coming from deluded brainwashed two bit racist zionist Dane.


the US won’t stay there, logistically they can’t. That force wouldn’t have the manpower to do anything with the oil in those wells. The Kurds were selling it back to the Syrian government. There’s also no way to resupply those men they’d be surrounded.

Jens Holm

Yes, its for protection of the fields against sabotage mainly from ISIS.

Ceasar Polar

Isis is long dead or Under the full control of the US or the SDF. Lately it s more Turkey that is in the business of hiring ex-isis fighters to form their mercenary force.

Jens Holm

Your fantasy composition about this is totally out of any context supported by no facts.

Its as if You not even know where those 2 important fields are.

Ceasar Polar

Deer-ezzor and al-qamishli are the 2 oil rich regions of Syria. Both regions are free of daeshi fighters thanks to the SDF. So the US is there to steal more Syrian oil. Oil = money. And the US is oil addicted. At the cost of lifes of thousands of people, the empire doesnt care.


What you typed there eurotrash has no facts.


Danish monkey needs a kurd banana.

Ceasar Polar


Neo Onh

The US troops are the terrorists!

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

The private mercs, contractors and the like more so but I get what you’re saying, they are just as guilty.

Ceasar Polar

Are you blind to reports of US veterans speak out of atrocities they committed during war-time ? Or are you blind to the PTSD problems Veterans face due to all the horribles things they did to civilians/children/women/unarmed men? Or just the videos released by wiki-leaks showing for instance an apache helicopter opening fire on Reporters, civilians, and all recorded, they knew exactly what they were doing. Or are you blind to the whistle-blowers within the military corps, saying : that the US army is the terrorist force that invade poor, under-protected, ressource-rich countries ? Here is the video for you : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=B6hp8HMstkE

Or this one : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=b1eQPhqm93k

Or this one : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eEMKwY1vF_8

So whether you are a troll or you are truly a brainwashed Americunt/zionist-scum.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Listen, fuck you first of all, bitch! We’re talking Syria right now, so I clarified that mostly who are the terrorists are not the US troops as you say but ISIS, Al-Nusra, and associated gangs. US Troops right now in Syria are not beheading people or doing what they’ve done in Iraq (yeah, Raqqa earlier but they are not doing that today) or Afghanistan or Vietnam. You’re no different than the people I was trying to convince at a private music tracker I belong to, which is important to me as I’ve been a member since 2009, I basically told them to delete my account as they are Russophobes, hate all things Russia. I try to have a level head not be like a fanatical, edgy redditer. Put some thought into my comments instead of slinging simple slogans such as you had. Get a grip.

Ceasar Polar

Why block you? Nothing wrong with a constructive discussion. Yes the mercs are even worst than the US/Nato regular army, that is for sure, no one will even deny or try to argue that. But when you have a regular army that does a terrorist job is far worst news than the mercs. It means that international law is eroding, international treaties are falling apart, it is really bad news for Humanity as whole, it s a undeniable sign that fascism is here, alive and thriving, even more, it s a sign that the Nazis have just rebranded to Zionism, and continued with their efforts of imperialism with a state of perma-wars for the benefit of the biggest corporations and the money-printers. So the mercs is dangerous mutation of military conflicts, it is privatizing military which gives them “carte blanche” to conduct whatever dirty work the regular army could get clogged with and can be bad PR. Where you have to look is the source country of those Mercenaries, where are the HQ based, then you know who is the instigator and responsible for this calamity which is still the US government because it is allowing the merc firm to operate on its soil with all legality, they are even paying fees to them. That means to me the mercs are representing the same people behind the regular US army which are the money-printers Rothschilds and minions. Blackwater was sold to Mosanto, which makes them both Rothschild companies. Same enemy different faces-corps-legal entities.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Yes, thank you for your expanding upon this sickening rot of private mercs/contractors. It is given life and support from the host gov (US empire), as you describe. US troops are w/o doubt mercs on behalf of big MIC/big oil/big finance/corporations, all controlled by powerful oligarchs, so there isn’t too big a distinction between them and the private variety. Either are terrible and should be reigned in and not allowed in so-called civilization (its as if we are still in the 15th or 16th century.. then again, the US has been committing atrocities all throughout its life-span, was just reading up on the Mexican-American war of mid 19th century.) It’s just a shady, sinister change of strategy during Obama’s reign, going from full-on, massive troop deployments to covert ops using various jihadis, takfiri/wahabbi criminal thugs as well as the usual private mercs the empire employs, those “contractors” and Blackwater types. Very slick. Dirty tactics, either way, but regardless, they both are illegal (overt vs covert). It is any wonder why Obama rarely shows his face in public these days.

I can tell you are passionate and are absolutely disgusted with what the US (Anglo-Zionist) empire is doing around the world, as am I. I need to take a few days away from geopolitics and technology, get out to the mountains, rivers, clear my head and spirit. My apologies for snapping on you.

Ceasar Polar

It’s all good we are Humans, with feelings, it happens sometimes. You seem as passionate as i am for what’s happening around the world. I think everyone’s fear here is WW3 or the possible trigger for it. I think Russia is trying to fight fire with fire, in the same time it is playing firefighters to try to extinguish the remains. I think Russia is playing a superb chess game in Syria, trying to pull a Win-win-win situation for all parties involved. I think Erdogan is playing the role of the scare-crow, Assad playing the victim, iran being the silent partner (strategic advisor iranians are the creator of Chessgame some amazing strategists they are), Russia the father-figure with candies (S400, SU35, SU57…) or punitive measures (create a safe zone within Turkey to make sure HTS-terrorists in idlib are contained) to stir anyone in wanted direction to satisfy all parties. The US is playing to party-pooper, where it doesnt want to make everyone happy so it s sticking around the oil wells. So in this theater the whole point is to bring Sovereign Syria back to its full integrity. Never Erdogan intended to annexe any inch of Syrian territory, it s all fear tactics for the SDF and the US. Trump is happy because he gets his soldiers pulled out as he asked, and that will play a role for next elections, next few weeks he might ask for his troops in afghanistan to pull out as well, for campaign PR stunt (no perma-war stand). Turkey will get their share in syrian’s reconstruction and Assad will kiss and make up with Erdogan, it s all part of a same plan, carefully planned and now carefully executed. The only real looser in this sublime win-win-win scenario is israHell, and thank God for that. Their sordid plan of dividing Syria and installing a isis kaliphate (to justify aggression and security zones) is now doomed.

Rodney Loder

I have a feeling US will give up the Syrian Oil Fields because Trump is gracious and generous, and if they don’t they will get the crap blown out of their rotten stinking guts.

Jens Holm

USA never has possed those oilfields to produce oil and fuel. Its about protection of them.

Rodney Loder

Trump just wants to stop Syria using its own oil, Brother Tayyip Erdogan has announced he’s accepting SAA and Russian control over 32 kilometre border safe zone, should ask him to go all the way to Jordan and Iraq eliminate the Kurdish militias entirely.

Jens Holm

It was about the reasons for soldiers at gonaco and omar. I cant see it can be kept from Assads and Russians by that troops.

I alllow we 2 seperate those 2 things very much.

Turks and Assads are barking mad and You are just a follower. Your countries seemes not able to change very bad habits.

As long Turks fertilize in stead of solving things among themselves and some af them for kurds being even more dramtic, You will remain in the same Turkish Nationalisme from 1923 and from just after WW1.

Looking at Your socalled Kurdish problems, You in Your mind already has the fictive borderline including 20 million Kurds. For good reasons it has never solved problems properly.

Now You want 30 km more. Those are the ones, where everybody knows a few ones uprise like PKK but a lot hardly see themselves as Turkey included.

You even has jailed moderate but public elected memebers to P; as well as public elected small Town majors are replaced. You have no free press anymore and the rest of the Turks hardly know, whats going on in the eastern part of Your country.

And the list is long and grow.

The latest here in Denmark are Turkish secret police spuing on ots own stilTurkish citicens using them as political meat. I dont care if those are kind of Gúlen or not, but those citicens of Yours are the only way for Turks in Denmark to learn Turkisk standard language and culture well.

This is OUR COUNTRY. Those are OUR citicens. They are under DANISH JURISICSTATION.

Only right wings here are happy because those Turks and half Turkish now only can learn danish and become LESS TURKISH. They really dont like You. Its parents, which has moved from far to the few Tuurkish schools we have here. So You kind of kill Your own diaspora here as well. Its kind of fine with me, but its a big minus for anything about Turkey right here – TOO.

Rodney Loder

Whatever it takes to keep Turkey on side to oppose israel, all the issues you mentioned are borderline, this is from a Theological persoectipe Kurds and Albanians were exactly like FSA, but FSA changed, for whatever reason doesn’t matter all that’s left opposing Assad is HTS and White Helmets they are the only ones in the wrong side now.

FSA and TSK have done a dramatic change Assad is not helping reconciliation with the people who put their hopes in these leadership’s, the war will be in the Golan not Denmark.


FSA is HTS avatar! The best allegory is the change from Puff Daddy to P. Diddy only the name changes, not the person.

Rodney Loder

If that were true Turkey would not now be in consultation with Russia, Iran and Pakistan concerning Syria.

TSK doesn’t have to be in Syria liberating it from Kurdish Terrorists.

FSA are supported by Saudi Arabia and some Gulf Principalities but it’s old guard not mercenary soldiers of fortune they have genuine ideologies much more relevant than Western garbage.

FSA were never fighting for Obama or Trump .


Your stupid kurds are done for and your Israeli masters are floundering, so now its time for you to take your danish ass and fuck off.


Again whatever you stupid zionist dane hack.

Rodney Loder

The house on the hill is on a slope, Trump’s using his intelligence as a sky kook he’s tied his brain to a cloud.

Douglas Houck

From other sources:

“But Defense Secretary Mark Esper says the US administration is considering leaving a residual force of 200 American troops in Syria to keep the Bashar al-Assad regime and Russia away from the country’s contested rigs and derricks. This plan is likely to face pushback from within the administration and among allies, as well as lead to potential legal challenges from Congress, current and former American officials told Al-Monitor. …But multiple US officials who spoke to Al-Monitor were not clear where the idea for American troops to guard Syrian oil fields came from.

“I don’t know where all this oil infrastructure stuff is coming from,” the senior US official said. “Maybe playing to what [Trump] wants here. We have not seized the oil fields.”

Read more: https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2019/10/pentagon-guardianship-syria-oil-fields-pushback.html#ixzz63950OLkB

or here:

“Syrian opposition media sources said that Syrian regime conducted air borne operation on Saturday’s dawn and could seize Omar oil field near Zayban village eastern Deir Ezzor.

The media sources didn’t reveal any additional information yet about the operation details, but some sources said that Syrian regime could seize the area between Zayban village to Omar oil field, which lasts for 3km.

Meanwhile, RT channel said that Omar oil field is under the fire control of Syrian regime, adding that the military operations are still running, and ISIS withdrawing from the area.

see: https://www.qasioun-news.com/en/news/show/104330/Did_Syrian_Regime_Seized_Omar_Oil_Field


just another example where the left hand doesn’t know what the right does or that the commander in chief, trump, is countermanded by the administration when it dislikes what the cic orders. and that is precisely why trump is fighting a war with the administration to regain the powers that the administration feels entitled to and which were handed over to them by earlier commander in chiefs, like bush 2 and dumbfeck obama, and which the administration will fight to keep. however, it seems that trump is on his way to regain the complete power package that would make him the undisputed commander in chief with the right to end those endless wars that the mic/ds/fic now is fighting for.

Douglas Houck

How much oil are we talking about? Very little.

“Mohtadi explained that Syrian Kurdistan produces between 30-40,000 bpd, adding that almost all of the oil is used for local consumption.

“They would need to produce three to four times more, get a decent transport route (the border with the Kurdistan Region is tightly controlled), and transport it via trucks to Iran,” he said.

“This is not profitable and logistically almost impossible.”

See: https://www.kurdistan24.net/en/news/0b078a0a-836e-4564-aaaf-c0d30add8307


about 350000 to 400000 bpd, provided the system works. and if not it should be possible to get the volume up to those levels fairly quickly.

psil o cybin

Hahahaha how ironic terrorists protecting from terrorists wow


I think, USA wanted to say that “they will remain in Syria to protect oil fields from other terrorists,” as it was pointed out by Neo Onh.


Deprive Syria of its wealth, and continue her suffering.

AM Hants

Did not take long for the standard turnaround. No doubt even more troops will be sent out, with no declaration of war, no UN authorisation and no invite to come and invade. Still, Trump changed the headlines for a few days. Now what will the White Helmets do with the $4.5 million bonus, Trump has awarded them, and more new friends with lethal weapons to lend a hand?

Ralph London

The other point AM, is mainly because of satanic cheney, a lot of the work will be given to PMCs – off the books so to speak. It’s like sleight of hand.

AM Hants

Didn’t Cheney do well out of his Haliburton Career, and getting the PMCs up and running?

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