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US Troops Occupying Koniko Gas Field Came Under Rocket Attack

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US Troops Occupying Koniko Gas Field Came Under Rocket Attack

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On August 18 evening, US troops occupying the Koniko gas field area on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River in Syria came under rocket attack, according to Arab media and local sources.

Several unguided rockets reportedly hit the US positions, but did not cause any casualties.

Just a few hours ago the US military lost at least one MQ-9 Reaper (it may appear that two) over Idlib. More about the incident with US drones could be found HERE.


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Good observation, it’s definitely added an unwanted level of complexity for the Kurds and their handlers, with regards to moving around east of the Euphrates,, and now Russia and Damascus have their foot in the door, which might provide cover and support for the Arabs who are resentful towards the SDF.


Ashur-ban-them-all; Let me remind you of the history of Al Qashimi and Hashaka.

That is a Christian majority area, and they have been under SAA protection throughout the war on Syria. Even though surrounded by SDF, the locals in surrounding areas were happy to supply them and enlist with them. Those cities they have kept safe from the Arab Kurds.

So now what we have here, are Americans firing on and killing Syrian Christians. Another sad day for them, and a serious error on the part of US command.

cechas vodobenikov

nonsense—the Kurds have ethnically cleansed Yazidi, Christians, arabs from their rojava—only d they survive due to CIA money…..they will soon be crushed once more by turkey, Iran, etc


Outside of SAA protected Al Qamshli and Hashaka you may be right, the Kurds may have ethnically cleaned Christians and Yazidi, but not in those cities. Arabs are numerous within different Kurdish groups, so what are you talking about, CNN indeed.

cechas vodobenikov

too much CNN—

Jens Holm

There is no”may”. Things are well relative well descriebed.

SDF has moved a great amount of people from the fighting areas, so they could connect the 3 kurdish consentrations and see whois who as well as fewer of those arabs can be victims and potentially ISIS supporters.

And farms and villages taken over by hostile Arabs by Assads deporting Kurds to fx Afrin is same thing. They are expelled by soldiers, by children and grandchildren giving back those relative few farms and villages to the owners(according kurds they did nothing wrong). Fc it was not allowed Kurds to have land right into the Turkish border because of the affiliation with the Turkish Marxist.

And yes a handfull of random revenge nfortunatlyis there. And it is handfulls.

The suppooters of hostility to Kurds always refer to an Amnest Rapport, which is true. But that has happend in In Iraqi Kurdistan by Barzani Peshmergas 200 to 500 kilometer away. Kurds certainly is not one group.

Jens Holm

If You see facts, Yóu cant even recognize them.

I have just commented You abóut facts for Russia and Balarus. For Belarus You wrote Lukashenko had 120.000 suppoorters and the opposition 10.000.

Ypu know nopthing about Syria as well and lie all the time not even knowing Your enemies.

Fx more then 2 million from the SDF already was in Turkey by fightings between Assads and ISIS.

So why do You never blame them for 2 millions as well as they dont allow any help to SDFs, which has expelled and defeated ISIS there and even their Capitol and their last real territory at Hajin and Aby Kamal.

“Putin”: We have no covid and send help to Italy… Well Russia was not able to registrate covid or did not.

Its same all over. You infected unimplyment rates for Russia and Denmark as well. Number sin % was wrong. And if only half of the Russian actually works and 80% do in Denmark, You have to explain why the danish unimployment only is 1% the Russian one.

I will not clean those numbers, but If I compare the Russian unimplyment would be 15% and the Danish the mentioned 6%.

Maybee You are learned to count people, which only are home growing potatoes in their Dachas, because they are nothing for U.


The Kurds were only ‘dominant’ because of “US supported conscription” and backing overall. The Kurds are only 8 % of the Syrian population.

Your links to Al Masdar News, and Dier Azzor refer to Sunni Arab tribes in that area, which is a long way south of Al Qashli and Hasaka or any Kurdish settlements.


Ashur-ban-them-all; My apologies, there is no intent to be disrespectful, or treat you like an enemy, rather just to comment on your statement “Before the Turkish invasion the Kurds had a very stable position, and within 2 weeks any SAA presence would have been lost”. The reality is the SAA held their position in those cities throughout the war. They held their position because the local population supported them rather than the Kurds. Although when the battle for Dier Azzor was raging, Iranians did help out with a few air-drops. This is no blame game, only a correction.

Jens Holm

In my mind I refer them as the ones, which didnt ran away to Turkey, when ISIS knocked Out Assads there.

It doesnt matter if they are 8%. And they do have or had a majority of arabs in the SDF as well.

And yes, things do devellop. You dont see the dynamics but only some kurds vcliming down rom sdome tree and stay there.

This is not about kurds but about keeping a system, which by decades and even 2 generations has shown Syria is a private property owned by the Baathists as if they had ciopied Kremlin and KGB.

And as for Russia, there has been less and less improvemenets and even the opposite because all oil money has drowned in corruption and people are kept in the dark and there are not even structures for any devellopment.

And the main reason is not Jihadisme or Kurdish Marxists at all. Its opposition to having no jobs and no light for the future, because 50% of the men(Women are nothing and illiterate lazybums making children in their kitcehens) have no jobs and are not able to create any.

So what Kurds has given is a very good relative simple structure based on communisme organisation and decentraled gurilla command in small groups.

And the alternatives are Assads and Jihadisme by Sharia.



The occupying, thieving US cunts are facing growing Syrian tribal opposition. Local Arab Uprising in Northeast Syria May Wipe US Forces & Their SDF Proxies Out of the Region. More of this below:


Jens Holm

Sputnik is no source. None should trust noteven weather rapports from there.

Last week they wrote USA and CIA well assisted by Zionists and Zorro wouldthe sun not shine at the behind of someone named Putin. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/58416551c1704445bafd7f362f2e030d6c2d590d59d401ef76aefb32ccac00c0.jpg

Кристофер Петров

just 2 katyushas? conico complex is huge. and muricunts are hiding in their bunkers usually half the day playing fortnite.


There should be daily rocket attacks and IEDs against these US occupying criminals.

Кристофер Петров

then they will cry “victim” as if they never invaded Iraq and Syria, killing a 1,000,000+ since 2003

Assad must stay



I would so watch the US Army infrastructure in Al-Tanf leveled and that green turn into SAA-RED. But……


They are using the wrong munitions,they should have used a barage of TOS-1s,there wouldn’t have been anything left of the whole area.

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