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US Troops Lay Down Razor Wire At Southern Border

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

US troops at the US-Mexico border are laying down approximately 1,000 feet of razor wire fending along the Texas side of the Rio Grande river underneath the McAllen-Hidalgo International Bridge, as three separate caravans of Central Americans make their way north in the hopes of claiming asylum.

Soldiers participating in “Operation Faithful Patriot” are working with US Customs and Border Patrol officers to install the fending, according to the Department of Defense.

US Troops Lay Down Razor Wire At Southern Border US Troops Lay Down Razor Wire At Southern Border

During a Saturday campaign rally in Montana, President Trump said “Mexico is trying, they are trying but we’re different, we have our military on the border,” adding “And I noticed all that beautiful barbed wire going up today. Barbed wire, used properly, can be a beautiful sight.”

A spokesman for the US Border Patrol told the New York Post that the fencing was part of “necessary preparations” for the caravans.

US Troops Lay Down Razor Wire At Southern Border US Troops Lay Down Razor Wire At Southern Border

US Troops Lay Down Razor Wire At Southern Border

Troop arrivals

Around 900 troops have arrived at the US-Mexico border since the Trump administration announced the deployment on October 26.

The president vowed the forces would block the caravans, which contain thousands of migrants, from entering US turf.

Military units are heading to outposts along the border from Texas to California.

After saying about 5,000 active-duty troops would be deployed as part of Operation Faithful Patriot, Trump on Wednesday boosted the number from 10,000 to 15,000.

A separate contingent of about 2,100 National Guard troops had already been deployed to work with Border Patrol in anticipation of the caravans, which have about 7,000 people total, according to the Defense Department. –NY Post

The original caravan continued on foot Saturday after Mexico rescinded an offer to bus them to Mexico City, citing a lack of water. They are currently making their way through the Gulf Coast state of Veracruz, and are around 750 miles from the US border. The caravan’s numbers have dropped from 7,000 to around 4,000 over the last few weeks, while around 3,000 have applied for asylum in Mexico and others haver returned home.

On Friday night, Veracruz governor Miguel Ángel Yunes offered bus rides to the country’s capital, however he quickly rescinded the offer, blaming maintenance work on Mexico City’s water supply which he said left 7 million people without water over the weekend.

Mexican officials, meanwhile, have ceased to provide bus, truck and van rides to the group.

A second caravan of around 1,000 to 1,500 people from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador entered Mexico last week and is around 1,000 miles from the southern US border, while a much smaller caravan also entered Mexico from Guatemala on Friday – wading across the Suchiate River after Mexican authorities blocked access over a bridge.

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US Troops Lay Down Razor Wire At Southern Border

Why? That is not their country. They themselves are migrants came from EU and have occupied Native American land by force.



clovis man-


Joe Stevens

You’re right. They are descended from the undesirables (trash) that Europe kicked out back in the day. In other words, they are white trash. And, as we can all see, they add truth to that old saying, “like father, like son.”


That is some fake revisionist history right there – the first organized European colonial mission to North America comprised numerous religious separatists, who sought to get away from British state religious laws. They left of their own accord and despite most being relatively poor, farmers etc, without means for such major travel expenses, they accepted terms in exchange for the sea fare, that initially left them open to colonial exploitation, as financed by a London financier called Weston.

Joe Stevens

Billy Bob, sure they did LOL! Boy, you need to get smacked upside the head! Time for you to go to school:



Billy Bob? That’s lame.

Joe Stevens
Feudalism Victory

Perhaps the natives should help in laying wire to prevent more human trash from inviting themselves in?


like ruskies siberia and most of european part.


Oy vey! Seems someone is stuck in the past.



Thesublime Planckmass

the came as conquerers and colonialist not as migrants that want to immigrate into a social security net.

Jens Holm

Most of them did not. You mainly is wrong and should read about.

And what about beduins of Yours. Thats the same. Beduins are low and Kurds even are named beduins given no respect compared to farmers.

Jens Holm

Well, most of those migrants have a lot or some european origin at all.

Ancisters of them mainly came form spain but also portugal and africa.

Jens Holm

Well, if You are like that the Turks and Arabs should go home too. The Shammar entrence was 1820 to 1850 and many russian minorities shouls leave their lost colonies a well as Sibiria.

You are a zulu ? If so, You should leave South Africa as well.

Those millions of Emmigrants mainly went to other destinations because of intollreence, where they came from, just like all the muslims here in my European world by being too poor, religion & culture.

How comes those million of muslims prefare us from someone like You.


Barbed wire is like poison ivy. If you leave it alone, it leaves you alone.

The wire in the pictures does not look like true razor wires. Some kind of hybrid between barbed and razor perhaps.

Jens Holm

Thats right. There are at least 2 kinds. The last picture shows the version we use as fence for sheep, sows and horses, so they dpnt get really harmed and only as 1 or 2 lines.

Today that version almost is replaced by electric fences modified toseveral kinds of animals and also for swine.


I am used to the razor wire in the picture on the right. The real razor wire. That stuff can slit open a leg or an arm no problem.

The wire that the army is putting up causes small cuts, and is coiled so that it collapses in toward any area where the trip wires are touched.

It is meant to stop an intruder, and is less lethal than the razor wire.

Jens Holm

Thats how it is.

H Eccles

President Trump said… “And I noticed all that beautiful barbed wire going up today. Barbed wire, used
properly, can be a beautiful sight.”

Sounds like he’s into S&M..


this is national guard, you russian troop! :))


Funny enough, they call this operation ‘faithful patriot’. Maybe they should dig holes – as deep as the trenches between the people and communities of their beloved nation.

Thesublime Planckmass

For the first time in many many years the US Army is finally doing what it is supposed to do: Protect the borders of its own country.
F….Great ! Love it !


Am I reading it right? 1000 feet, as ~300 meters? For a ~3200 km border? :-O
I’m sure one single layer (oooh, 2, one on top of the other) of that wire is going to stop the big bad migrants.

Hopefully, they won’t continue this show after their election. It becomes tiresome already.


Direct consequence of nonstop US interference in Latin and Central America – have turned the place into a $#!t hole. Same policies now at work turning America proper into a hole as well. The best govt money can buy, and their soldiers too.

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