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US Troops Are on the Ground in Yemen for al-Qaeda Offensive

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Written by Jason Ditz; Originally appeared at AntiWar.com

A day after the US was reported to have participated in an anti al-Qaeda offensive in southern Shabwa Province of Yemen, the Pentagon is confirming that a “small number” of US ground troops have been deployed into Yemen for an ongoing operation against the al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) force.

US Troops Are on the Ground in Yemen for al-Qaeda Offensive

Details are still scant, but the operation is said to be taking place across central Yemen in a major al-Qaeda stronghold. The Pentagon said the main purposes of their presence is “intelligence sharing,” at least for now.

That’s because the Pentagon said they are not ruling out sending even more troops into Yemen in the coming weeks, as they appear to intend to continue escalating the fight against AQAP, in an offensive which apparently is being coordinated with the United Arab Emirates.

This operation is distinct from the Saudi-led war in Yemen, which is not focused on fighting against AQAP, but the presence of US ground troops in the country at all is likely to be controversial, given the human rights disaster the US-backed Saudi conflict has turned into.

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Of course. You must always think the exact opposite of what USA says. US troops are there to help fighting against the Houthis and the yemeni army.

Nigel Maund

Thie War in Yemen as all about plummeting oil and gas recoveries from the key Saudi Arabian supergiant oil fields at Ghawar, Abqiaq, Safaniyah and Berri. Formation brines are flooding the systems. However, Yemen’s sizeable oil and gas resources would buy the corrupt Kingdom valuable time and bring in much needed revenues to the depleted Saudi coffers. They would also continue to underpin the increasingly weak and fragile US petrodollar.

Jonathan Cohen

Yemen has oil??? Why is it poor then????

Nigel Maund

Research online USGS Petroleum Bulletins. There is one devoted to Yemen.


Again. These stupid sunnis are destroying Yemen. After, they cry. “Oh USA is using us to take the oil, to control the country, wa wa wa”. Why are you destroying Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, …. “It’s not us, it’s the USA wa wa wa”.


Amazing … so many U$ american Citizens Volunteering to die in Yemen …

Bet 95% of them never had an Idea where Yemen was … geography is not U$ american Citizens strong Point …. the Internet is used for Sex, Porn, drugs ,,,, not U$ American Foreign Policy !


These do not seem to be SOF, therefore US military entanglements can be costly, a “small number” could mean thousands of troops. Supposedly they are going to fight Al Queda, however US interst is in controlling the straight of Bab el Mandeb to insure maritime tanker traffic from ME to Europe. I am sure the Iranians are salivating at the obvious opportunities.


This is just a file photo, no doubt to change the substance of the article with a photo. The straight of Bab el Mandeb is open and under no threat. Check the N Yemen control maps. It’s not looking very good for the Houthis along the coast. :(


The straight has been open, however, the Houtis can impose fire control using surface to surface missiles. US has a base in Djibouti and wants another base in Yemen to ensure the “protection” of the straight from both sides.

John Mason

Typical US tactic, support insurgents then boots on the ground to fight those insurgents, then the US builds a base and stays. Houtis need to get rid of the US before they become set.

Nigel Maund

T=You’ve got the US strategy nailed in one sentence!

Brad Isherwood

Humping all that gear…..One could get heat stroke : ) “Go…And Die with Honor”!…. That’s what Jesus, The Pope and Trump said….

Bestriding the world in a way that no other nation can, America has  become more invasive, predatory, and repressive than at any time in its  history. Eight hundred U.S. military bases garrison the globe. A highly militarised state, backed by major corporations and a wealthy elite,  exploits the public fear of foreigners, subversives and minorities to create  a high-tech version of medieval demonology, in which an unseen enemy  is poised to exploit any lack of vigilance. There is only one response to  the lurking Powers of Darkness: love of Jesus and awesome weaponry.  (Kenneth Humphries )

Romes Legions in the desert… Sometimes it goes OK. …sometimes not. Roman Syria was invaded in 252/253 (the date is disputed) after a Roman field army was destroyed in the battle of Barbalissos by the King of Persia Shapur I which left the Euphrates river unguarded and the region was pillaged by the Persians.

In 259/260 a similar event happened when Shapur I again defeated a Roman field army and captured the Roman emperor, Valerian, alive at the battle of Edessa. Again Roman Syria suffered as cities were captured, sacked and pillaged. (Wiki)


Just can’t resist invading yet ANOTHER small poor broken and destitute country can you – you phucking disgusting scum-of-the-earth Americunts!


Another war for Israel and Saudi Arabia….nice.

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