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US Troops Enter Areas near Aleppo City

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US Troops Enter Areas near Aleppo City

US troops have entered the Syrian towns of Marea and Azaz located north of Aleppo city, Lebanese Al Mayadeen channel reported.

According to report, the US servicemen are embedded with ‘moderate rebels’ from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and are going to prepare the US-backed advance on ISIS in the area.

The appearance of US servicemen allegedly caused tensions between Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra or al-Nusra Front) and the FSA. Jabhat Fatah al-Sham militants called for “a fight with the Americans” and burnt several FSA flags, according to Al Mayadeen.

Some pro-government experts believe that the deployment of US servicemen in Marea and Azaz are not linked with the fight against ISIS and is likely the move in order to strengthen the US influence in the area of strategic Aleppo city where the Syrian government forces have recently launched a full-scale advance against terrorists.

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Good, let’s see more US involvement in those areas until the radical groups go completely ballistic and start infighting. Maybe a suicide bomber will also blow then sky high.


Assuming that they are present without the Syrian government’s permission, they should be driven out with the rest of the invaders.


These developments have a sinister feel to them. The momentum seems to be towards even more conflict and war. I have little doubt that the usa and their allies are savages to the core of their being. You might say that WW2 was fought to decide who shall be the master race and the usa won. It may yet again fall to Russia to cleans the word of the true heirs to the Nazis.


It wasn’t the us that crushed the nazis but the ussr. The us would have never made it onto the beach if the Germans weren’t busy being overrun from the east. The us didn’t even enter the war itself until around the battle of kursk in the east other than the lend lease program. The documentary series”soviet storm” is the best I’ve found on the war in the east in english. I’ve studied ww2 era battles for years but still learned a lot when I first watched it. The march through Manchuria helped break the Japanese as well which is asunheard of in western versions of history as japanese unit 731.

Joseph Scott

Indeed. The USSR was the principal actor on both fronts.

“I believe the Russian participation in the war against Japan rather than the atomic bombs did more to hasten the surrender.” -Chief of the Navy General Staff Admiral Toyoda Soemu.

“It is true that the appearance of the atomic bomb brought a great psychological threat, but since its use would be extremely difficult on the battleground, in view of the close proximity of the two forces and scattered units, we were convinced that it would not directly affect our preparations for homeland defense.” -Bureau of Military Affairs Report to the Japanese Imperial Diet, September 1945

“The Soviet participation in the war had the most direct impact on Japan’s decision to surrender.” -Japanese Army Ministry report to Imperial GHQ

“If we miss today, the Soviet Union would take not only Manchuria, Korea, [and] Karafuto [Sakhalin Island], but also Hokkaido. This would destroy the foundation of Japan. We must end the war when we can deal with the United States.” -Prime Minister Suzuki, on the need to immediately accept US Secretary of State Byrne’s surrender demand.

“Now that the Soviet Union has entered the war against us, to continue … under the present conditions at home and abroad would only recklessly incur even more damage to ourselves and result in endangering the very foundation of the empire’s existence. Therefore, even though enormous fighting spirit still exists in the Imperial Navy and Army, I am going to make peace with the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union, as well as with Chungking, in order to maintain our glorious kokutai.” -Imperial Rescript read to the Imperial Japanese Forces on the Emperor’s decision to surrender.

Real Anti-Racist Action

This is the time. If Jabhat Fatah al-Sham would attack from one direction, and Iraq’s Hezbollah from the other, and supplied with solid Russian intelligence. Then the invaders bodies can be flown first class back to Hillary and Obama who sent them their.

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