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MAY 2021

US Troops Allegedly Prevent Syrian Army From Entering Kobani (Video)

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US troops are reportedly preventing Syrian Army units from entering the town of Kobani (Ayn al-Arab) in the area controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

According to pro-Kurdish sources, US troops blocked the Qaraqozak bridge that could be used by the Syrian Army to enter the town.

It seems that the Trump administration will prefer forces of Mr Recep Erdoğan in the area rather than the ‘bloody Assad regime’.


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Concrete Mike

A buzz by an su25 should scare these rascals away!

Go home americans its over.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Or an MI-28 :)


Especially at night!

Jens Holm

They are not scared. They retreat because You are unimportant according to Trump.

David Parker

Exactly who commands the US military?
Is it Trump or Israel?
The gall of US military to block the SAA inside Syria! I would say it is about time for a few stray artillery shells to take out these exalted Humvees and the S-300 to take out any USAF or USN aircraft that interfere. A handful of mercenaries hiding behind my flag to block the SAA is infuriating. I do no approve these US deep state / Israeli foreign invasions and massacres funded by money stolen from me at the point of the government gun.

Saddam Hussein

The US and whoever lives in the White House is owned and controlled by jews in Tel Aviv.

Sasan Jamshidi

Also Saddam was once jewish tool too when killing iranians & shias and kurds lol.

Jens Holm

Yes, he covered his curly hair well, because he was pope on sunday as Pope and now and then Chairman Mao.

Xoli Xoli

Yes indeed Saddam was educated and train by them and killed by them USANATO. But Kurds are just like Israelis killing the once who help them.Kurds are USA NATO and Israel unending war cheap prostitutes including Saudi Arabia kings and monarch who killed Khashoggi and many women and men.


The tyrannical jews ‘will be the death of America’ :)

Jens Holm

If true its fine with me. High GDP, high livingstandard for most of us.

You never show, what to prefare and is better.

Xoli Xoli

Exactly Israel lay down procedures of years back are followed to create unending Israel global war.When God try to open the eyes of Israelis their shut them self and follow their own agendas of lies.

Their even killed Jesus to hide the truth from the face of the world. Now this greedy Israeli fucks are waiting for never coming own anti christ.

Tommy Jensen

The sheeple killed Jesus. Jesus followers were also Jews.

Peter Jennings

I agree.
It seems that the Trumpster’s immediate withdrawal isn’t that immediate.

The Syrian admin and people will not receive any respect from the USMIC/nato/isreal anyway. So they should use their superior numbers and have only one thought in mind, the liberation and stability of their country.

Jens Holm

Its not Trump or Israel. Who is commanding You and the other sheep and You.

USA, France and others retreat because Trump says it not important anymore, and not because some few lousy armed arrives in own cars or on bicycle.

Who cares about, what someone like You approve.

You hardly produce anthing. How can we steal that. Before the fightings Syria had 50% of the men doing nothing. Maybee some few us might like their behinds, but thats it.

And even worse for women only making food and children.

Money to war here all are confirmed by Majority by elected Parlaments and Goverments. As minority we can try to change that, but we dont steal from You even in US.

Ku KluxKlan has to be taxpayers as anybody else. Maybee middle easterns like white male hijabs, If not You can emmigrate anywhere else or make Your own country.

David Parker

Whose ass do you kiss?
I know very well you are not autonomous.

Jens Holm

Read what I write and You will know, who I am.

Which park do You come from.

David Parker

Evasion. You accuse me of being a sheep but I know very well you answer to someone you hypocrite.
Reading your drivel is no clue to whose ass you kiss.
Do you expect me to start shooting people to prove to you that I am “doing something”? You do it, I’ll take notes on how successful you are of ridding the world of demonic people. Here’s a hint: They are very well hidden and do not mingle within reach of commoners. How close can you get to a Rothschild? To Netanyahu? Exactly who are the Zionists who engineer the wars among the goyim, control every central bank, and own all media? You have not a clue.
The only solution is for people everywhere to start using real money, ignore all their statutes restricting our freedom, and by this means bypass the demons.
I’ll work for an ounce of silver per hour. You?

Xoli Xoli

Trump is USA spokesman and Twitter secretary.Israel,France, Britain under the leadership of Burger boy fat bafoon Pompeo runs the show.Look Look in few hours Trump is going to Twit utter nonsense after Pompeo brief him.


Hey Kurds, this is the country to whom you sold your soul. They’re actually helping the Turks take your territory. And the fun part is, I and others predicted this years ago, when the YPG fanboys were purring with delight when they took East Syria and denied the SAA access to the Omar oil fields. Sooner or later the US will sell you out to the Turks, because in the grand scheme Turkey is more important to them then you, that’s what I said back then.

I feel …….., I have this strange almost tingling sensation, one that tingles in my belly and slowly goes up, until it erupts with a geyser of glee. This is what it feels when you are proven right and you can say……….., wait for it……….., I TOLD YOU SO!

Cronos Sin Apellidos

Guess some inside the pentagon are playing their own geopolitical game, in external and internal policies.


The neocons within the pentagon just can’t cope with reality … their dream of a partitioned Syria is now dead.

I’ll bet they set fire to the Deir Ezor oil fields on their way out of Syria. Sore losers !

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Wow! US military is so anti-SAA that even in a time of mass withdrawal and great crisis, when their kurdish allies even side with SAA, they prevent and antagonize SAA? It’s clear their masters are not the White House but Tel Aviv


So let me get this straight. The US quit providing protection for the Kurds and now block the group the Kurds made a deal with to come and help them. The SAA.

Perhaps the Kurds should attack the US, they seem to be the greatest threat to their future.

Which, when you think about it, was always true. World leaders absorb this lesson please!
Delusions of grandeur, like they read our musings.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Read my comments just posted. Active military are trained to hate every single government and army that’s not allied with Israel. Confirmed by active and former US military members I know


Mostly they are trained to follow orders. I personally think it would not take much for them to be moved out of there. Sitting still in those things has got to be unnerving.


Are they mules, you are suggesting!


Thanks for the link, forgot about veritas. I don’t see the Dems thinking there is anything wrong with treason. The thing with Biden being allowed to run Ukraine but Trump can’t. Hello is there anybody in there? Really see not having Clinton in there as almost saving the world.

Jens Holm

It is like that. USA in the first place is there because being against Assads and next because ISIS got out of hand.

SDFalmost came from nowhere and became something,so by that they are not against Assad but for a kind of Autonomi.

Assads still are enemies of USA and many others, but USA will delay Assads being stronger even in the last minutes. More like they now prefare Turks taking over parts of Syria, so Assad dont get those parts.

David Doumèche

When you promisse help and support and then betray someone, it’s important to kill the witness

Jacob Wohl's Nose

I’ve spoken to many active US military members and they all say they hate Assad and Syria and that it’s “bad” and uses “chemical weapons”. They said they go through hour lectures from superiors about “evil regimes” and “threats to Israel”.
But every FORMER military I speak to are pro-Assad, anti-zionist, and NOT brainwashed.
Goes to show you during training all MILITARY members are brainwashed intensively with zionist propaganda.



Joe Dickson

Those .50 cals aren’t stopping anything.

Sasan Jamshidi

Ah disgusting trump & america. Once i hated assad but i hate you now more ! You obviously want to make turkish invasion more easy! Or because of israel to be out of harm never mind Kurdish & Innocent genocide!


If this is the reason this is betrayal and help on a war criminal. This is the a mater for he internatinal cour for war crimes in Den Haag.

Ceasar Polar

I see this as an opportunity, the SAA needs to roll in the tanks, and MRAP’s meanwhile 2 SU-29 buzzing around like 20 times, if all that doesnt work out, use a manpad and make their radars go nuts saying they are being targeted, then they will leave in 30 seconds top. The US only react to force! It doesnt know Ethics, morals, or the better good of Humanity as a whole. Zio-scums are all in control of the US of Trump.


The Syrian Air Force could bomb the US troops and then say it was all a mistake. Surely, the US would understand that mistakes are inevitable?


Watched the video and it didn’t prove anything. We just see US vehicles standing somewhere in Syria… there is absolutely no context to it. I find it hard to believe American’s arrogance at this level would be tolerated, USA can’t stop the Syrian Army in fucking Syria (especially when they already made a deal with the Kurds)!! They should be blasted away.


Yup, I watched, by an mistake an CNN clipp, about Syria and the North aka Kurds, and the CNNs reality was what I expected, ISIS they claim became an civil force because of Assads “terror regime” bombed their own people, thats why we have this eh…. war, and the Kurds are heroes because they fight Assad and Erdogan, yup, and then we have an soup of every changing names and afiliations, to whom can change overnight but some of them and Trukish backed, to UssA/ZATO backed aka ISIS, witch they claim they where fighting for 5 years, by an miracle didnt hit one, until the pesky Russians started to wack em where they found them in even kilometer long rows of everything from Oil tankers to Arms covoys, yeah, is there something wrong with this picture, huh, and the EU whom is throwing Catalans in the slammer, for been so blatant “criminals” that they wanted to be independent, oh….. horror, autonomy, and democratic that, they, the Spankian Gov had to wipp em into place take away their rights, and the same EU whom along with the rest whines about Kurdish eh….. freedom and referendums to become an autonomus uh….. state, the world politics have turned into an f…. mupped show, in fact muppets have credibility, the politicians have nada.
ANd the Imperial banana republic, yeah, they are just f…. scums, and never ever belive anything until they actually do something, and then we have the staggering stupid or more or less native Alt Right wankeestan sites whom is of course an basked case when it comes to foreign news,
an nation whom pimps idiot propaganda at an level previous never heard off, and they just cant help it either, since they are the most brain washed flock of drooling idiots the world have ever encountered.

And then we have another peculiarity, compared to an nation like Norway, the region where the so called Kurds have been or is in as we speak, have more hospitals than my country have, Norway, there must be thousands of hospitals in just that region, huh, is every second house an full blown hospitale, eh….. BBC, makes one wounder something about cognitive abilitys or have they turned geriatric and cant remeber what they said a couple of days ago, and of course, its Putins fault, yeah, hehe, jesus the MSM is going nuts and then we have some shootout in Kentuky.
This is just thru ONE day in our eminet MSM day to day eh…. factfinding relity, right.

Yeah, I am in awe, honest, cross my hart, knock on wood, spitting over my shoulders, hallelujah.
But one positive thing is, or more or less two, Equadorians have shown us one thing, they have cojones, and then we have the Catalans, whom exposes, since they to have balls aka elephant sice, the rotten scums whom runs Europa and Spain, an crime riddeled multicultural enritched shit hole, and we all know why, because of the scums of this earth wanting to crash Europa and rape/plunder our homes and people, the Neo-liberal scum whom runs it all incl the refugee trafficing and now is crashing the banks and drives out ecnomy down the drain, and on top of it some even admits the central banking scam is de facto dying, maybe we in the Tinfoil compartemennt wasnt that far off, are we, nobody belived it would happen next monday, we aret AGW pimpers whom thinks our planet will burn down the week later, are we, and we where right, you where wrong, and now the house of cards is crumbling.
All in just one day.
Yeah, intresting times indeed.
Yup I may go into the barn for having converstaions with at least intellegent life forms, yeah I may become an cow hugger, the rest is simply just to stupid.



You sure asked the right questions despite the chaff you throw at the reader! Appreciate your insights.


The Kurds need to start confronting the US militarily. Make everyone in the country hostile to them. No refuge or safety anywhere.

Xoli Xoli

Israel,France and British commands USA forces.But were is this double sided SDF why dont their go and tell their masters to stop blocking SAA.Because their masters abandoned them.If SDF is serious then their must tell USANATO that their dont want them.
SDF tactic is let SAA protect areas which we are going to lose out to Turkey and let USANATO protect our oil fields which we will used to negotiate after war for autonomous Rojava and have permanent shares as only special ethnic in national interest.

Tommy Jensen

Calm down folks. We are just moving south. America will always be around. But its funny you believed US would pull back troops also this time.………..LOL. The sheeple are so funny man……..….LOL.

Luke Hemmming

Well the US ain’t ‘around’ Manbij anymore HAHAHA. Bye bye US. Cya wouldnt want to be ya.


I think a few T-90s ought to do it. And a diplomatic message along the lines of “fuck off, USA, we’re busy”


Might be fake news. I don’t think they’re blocking anything. If a Syrian armoured division rolls up, even the most brainwashed US soldier is going to move along fairly soon. There are also multiple roads into town.

Tudor Miron
Hos Ng

illuminati, neocons, zioterrorists and wahabi barbarians covered in boiling tar and feathers, breakdancing in pain…we need to hunt and destroy everything they created just for our democracies to survive. there isint a giew, or anything religious about these sabatean frankists.

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