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US Tries to Initiate New Conflict Between Russia & Turkey

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The US needs a confrontation between Russia and Turkey to reach its own interests in Syria.

US Tries to Initiate New Conflict Between Russia & Turkey

US President Barack Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Photo: Pool / Getty Images North America)

In these latter days, US activity in the Turkey’s direction increases, amid normalization of relations between Turkey and Russia. Moreover, this activity is directly proportional to the improvement of Russian-Turkish relations.

Western media and Turkish opposition sources do not stop to report about ‘Russian aggression’ in Syria. It is already becoming a commonplace. But one of the most popular news in the West is the news about an airstrike, allegedly carried out by Russian aircraft on the place of deployment of the Turkish Special Forces in Syria, which killed several Turkish military.

As usually, the blame for this was laid on Russia, although the Russian Aerospace Forces do not operate in this region (in the north of the Syrian province of Aleppo). According to a tacit agreement between the sides, this area is under control of aircraft of the US-led coalition.

It seems that the US liked the situation, when relations between Russia and Turkey were tense, and now Washington takes great efforts for resumption of the Russian-Turkish confrontation.

If to recall a development of the relations between the two countries, it is clear that there is a third-party influence from overseas.

On November 24, 2015, Russian Su-24 tactical bomber was shot down by Turkish F-16 fighter jet. But we should not forget that this provocation was provided with intelligence data by a group of US satellites and the Boeing E-3 AWACS of the US Air Force.

Judging by used means, the decision to attack the Russian jet was taken not in Ankara. Most likely, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan just agreed to provocation, believing that the operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria hinders Turkey’s interests too much. However, he even could not think that his overseas partner cares about Turkey’s interests even less.

On July 16, 2016, a military coup attempt began in Turkey. And if Erdogan was not so resolute and his opponents were not so cowardly, the events would develop into a mass army’s uprising, whose hostility to the government has long ago grown into hatred. And all this would remain an internal affair of Turkey, but, in fact, it turned out that the power structures in the country are primarily controlled by US military and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). And particularly strong the influence of the CIA was in the Turkish Air Force. The most massive arrests in the Turkish Air Force were carried out on the Incirlik airbase, where US aircraft are deployed. A pilot, who shot down the Russian bomber last autumn, was among arrested.

After suppression of the coup attempt and emergence of the first investigation data, Erdogan realized that the US does not want stability in Turkey, and relations between Ankara and Moscow have started to change gradually. Recently, even opportunities for a partnership between Russia and Turkey on the most problematic issue, the situation in Syria, have been chalked out. Many articles of the Russian-American agreement that has not been fully implemented are of interest of Turkey. According to it, it is quite real to achieve a balance of interests in the Syrian province of Aleppo.

Although, the US attitude towards Turkey is very clear, but US authorities once again try to force Ankara to defend Western interests in the region. They make plans for the joint ‘attack on Raqqa’ and pressure on the Syrian government. In this way, Turkey will inevitably collide with the interests of Russia, and Washington seeks for right this. But Turkish authorities should decide will they continue to implement ‘orders’ of the US or will conduct a dialogue on Syria with Russia, which is interested in the stability of the entire Middle East.

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The degenerates in Washington are not going to be happy until they have set the world on fire.


The way things are playing out on the ground, I think Turkey has already decided; they will cooperate with Syria and Russia. Even the Chinese are now sending military representatives and had a ship go to Syria recently. The game may play on but, the direction is certain at this point. My opinion is that the end result will have little to do with what the US/EU have in mind. A good day to all.

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