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US Top General Accidentally Disclosed That There Are 4,000 American Troops In Syria

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US Top General Accidentally Disclosed That There Are 4,000 American Troops In Syria

US Army Major General James Jarrard

The commander of the US-led special operations task force responsible for defeating ISIS on October 30 said more than 4,000 US troops were in Syria, then quickly retracted the figure when it was pointed out the Pentagon officially insists only 503 troops are deployed on the ground there.

“We have approximately … I think it’s a little over 4,000 US troops in Syria right now” supporting efforts against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,” US Army Major General James Jarrard told Pentagon reporters from Baghdad via satellite,  The Hill reported.

When asked to confirm the number, Jarrard quickly corrected himself: “I’m sorry, I misspoke there, there are approximately 500 troops in Syria.”

It’s fair to assume that there are more US soldiers stationed in Syria and Iraq than the Pentagon officially admits. Due to troop caps set by the Obama administration, the public troop count is kept artificially lower by moving forces around in the region and using specific personnel accounting methods.

In April of 2017, the US President Donald Trump claimed that the US is “not going into Syria”, although the US had already had a military presence in the country since early 2016 to train and advise Kurdish and Arab rebel forces fighting ISIS in northern and eastern Syria.

Back in March, the US stepped up its deployment of troops to Syria to 900 soldiers and Marines, with a temporal authority to exceed the formal troop cap of 503, planning to deploy up to 1,000 more troops into northern Syria.

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la Cariatide

have the yankee brought the 4000 bodybags?


no need for that…..they just have 2-3 uniforms each…..if something goes wrong….you change the uniform and become sdf, or fsa or ….or… or …or …..


That’s a lot of terrorists in Syria. They must’ve been very busy lately, making agreements with ISIS for their lightning-fast takeover of everything east of the Euphrates in Deir Ezzor.

Solomon Krupacek


russia could sell some of these old bullets before their expiration:


they are optimal against us marines. ;)


Americans are still worried about Assad not killing his people or Gadafi not killing his people or Iran not killing his people, …. but they are not worried about US soldiers (aka terrorists) killing people in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, ….

John Whitehot

they don’t seem particularly worried about US soldiers getting killed as well. But seriously, who cares when you got iphones.


My God! Look at that shield in the background. An upside-down heart like a sharp pointy shovel, with horns! Scary AND ridiculous!

Brother Ma

It is to appeal to the heart -eating ,horny porno ,-watching ” moderate” headchoppers.

You can call me Al

Clinton and McCain ?

Mission Accomplished

Yikes! Revealling confidential Intel to the enemy – us.


Force Management Levels (FML) are a political device used since Vietnam War. In response to anti war liberals, Obama set troop levels via FML at 5,262 & 503 for Iraq & Syria.

Sounds good, but in practice FML causes greater use of contractors and 6 month temporary rotations not counted as part of FML. The Result is that no one really knows exact number of actual troops at any given time. For example: there have been an estimated 9,000 plus troops in Iraq during past 2 years– even during Obama.

Trump: In April 2017, it was reported by Reuters that Trump had given DOD Authority to set their own tactical needs FML without White House Control. However, the DOD has also adopted a Policy of Nondisclosure of FML to avoid alerting enemies, because enemies change tactics.

**So, the real story is that the General violated Policy by discussing the current FML; not that he violated the Now Extinct (Void) Obama FML.


Did they nick the emblem off the Klingon Empire?




Is anyone surprised?

Melotte 22

They are not good even in lying.

Dawn of Svarog

All the figures coming from any mouthpiece from empire of lies, has to be divide or multiply by 10.. Only after that it can by close to the truth..


It seems to me the 4k, or maybe a little less, seems correct.

As far as I know there is the artillery fire base, and from Iraq is known that takes about 600 to a 1.000 men.

There are the special forces, likely somewhere between 500 to a 1.000 and there are the 7 or 8 bases used by the US. It seems reasonable there will be military on all bases, logistical personnell etc. If one assumes an average of say 150 per base, that would be another 1.000. All in all that would be somewhere between 2.000 to 4.000.


There is still some hope, the good ol’ military is not yet so advanced in lying that they wouldn’t slip up every now and then. As it is confusion reigns over real numbers. SOJTF should give proper numbers of ALL participating nations, and stop the bs of separate figures for different nations. The fact that it is all wrapped up in total secrecy and obfuscation means that no nation has proper control, i.e. it is really a criminal enterprise.


What an idiot. Useful though.

Jan Tesarik

uSS illegal terrorist and psychopaths murdering in Syria, understood

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