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JUNE 2023

US To Relocate Its Warplanes To Intimidate Moscow And Beijing

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US To Relocate Its Warplanes To Intimidate Moscow And Beijing

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Warplanes previously stationed in the Middle East are being transferred to regions nearer Russia and China.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant.

US weapons abroad are being relocated in line with Washington’s new strategic priorities. According to recent reports, the US will send old and outdated attack aircraft to the Middle East, replacing the modern and advanced aircraft that are currently stationed in the region. The goal is to transfer the most efficient military equipment to Europe and the Pacific, where it can eventually be used against Russian and Chinese forces – which are currently the main concerns for the US government.

The data was shared in an article published by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on March 21. According to information obtained by the authors, there is a plan to redistribute the planes in April. It is planned that aircraft of the type A-10, an older and less efficient model, will be sent to American bases in the Middle East. WSJ sources inform that the Pentagon considers such planes to be strong enough to protect US interests in the Middle East, therefore there is no need for more modern and equipped jets.

“The imperative is to get the most suitable aircraft to the Pacific for the higher threat challenges (…) The A-10 is still relevant to the mission CENTCOM (United States Central Command) flies over the Middle East”, Larry Stutzriem, a retired Air Force major general, told WSJ.

There is still a lack of official and more concrete information on the subject, but, in fact, this move was already expected. The Middle East is no longer part of the focus of attention in American foreign policy today. In the midst of a proxy war with Russia and the imminent emergence of a conflict with China in Taiwan, it is expected that more and more modern war equipment will be transported to regions close to Russian and Chinese territories.

According to the most recent issue of the National Defense Review, published by the Pentagon last year, China would be a kind of “pacing threat.” This means that the US sees China as a danger, but at the same time considers the threat “under control” – suggesting that Beijing is being closely “monitored”. Also, in recent speeches, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin repeatedly corroborated this thesis, emphasizing the “Chinese threat”.

Regarding Russia, a country that is already the victim of American aggression – through the Ukrainian neo-Nazi proxies -, the same document states that Moscow would be an “acute threat”. This means that the rivalry between the countries would be something far beyond the mere collision of strategic interests, being also related to an antagonism of values. This would “justify” exceptional measures in search of increasing American military capacity against Russia.

For these reasons, it is likely that the next few months will see a wide redeployment of forces by the Pentagon. All sorts of modern, sophisticated, and efficient weapons may be located as close as possible to Russian and Chinese borders. Some sources claim that F-35 fighters are about to be sent on a large scale to Europe and the Pacific. This happens, of course, in addition to the official and regular arms supply that already takes place with the enemy states of Russia and China. So, a new wave of militarization is starting, and certainly will not end anytime soon.

Obviously, this wave will not end US military campaigns in the Middle East – nor in other regions where Washington maintains troops. There is a concern on the part of the US to avoid the loss of territories that are already under its military domain. After victory of the Taliban in Kabul, the image of the American Army among global public opinion was strongly shaken. And given the imminent defeat of pro-NATO forces in Ukraine, there is concern on the part of the Pentagon that anti-US rebellions will arise around the world, demanding an end to territorial occupation or the handover of military bases to local governments. For this reason, certainly these moves are calculated in a very careful way. It means that, in the face of the emergence of possible new conflict situations, more redistributions of weapons may be made, always in accordance with the updates of American strategic interests.

On the other hand, with these mobilizations becoming clear, the tendency is for Russia and China to prepare themselves for an eventual situation of open conflict. More than that, the greater the American pressure, the more the two countries tend to deepen their bilateral cooperation, which may adopt clearer military contours soon. And given the many reports of problems with the US defense industry and cases of corruption and financial speculation in the military-industrial complex, there are many doubts about the US capacity to face the integrated Russian-Chinese alliance.


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More like the Middle East is “lost” and the toothless meth addled golem is getting its ass out of Dodge while it still can. Anyone remember Afghanistan and how the mob high tailed it out of that 20 year debacle? Meanwhile poor tiny “democratic” Israhell is left on its own and is not too much longer for this world without its rotten snaggle toothed USSAN golem.

The jig is up and all the posturing in rump Ukrapland won’t even fool the seething masses in Slumville proper as all things angloZionaZi implode…globally.



stfu spic juden.

Russia won the war a while

The only one who should keep their mouth shut with a cock is you, dumbass.

Russia won the war a while

Right. US spent 20 years in the middle east murdering over 6 million human beings.

Jens holm

And You counted themself too.

Jens holm

Israel is not left alone. There are no threats against them.

Israel has deep relations to USA even things has changed.

So why are You not happy if USA is not there? I can tell You. You can no more hide, You are a bunch of lazy bum non devekkopers zone and mainly kill each other no matter what.

Only Hesbollah is very visible. Most men there has only one leg.

Russia won the war a while

After giving up all their air defenses, I think if Ukraine is finished, US airspace will be really vulnerable, China was able to spy on them using reconnaissance ballons, that is the result of giving up all ur air defenses.

Jens holm

In Yuri gagalagarin and his servicedog wrote that.




Instead of rattling sabres the UK/US rattles outdated airplanes.

Donald Moore

Stealth planes needs to be in a closed environment to protect the paint and body of the aircraft or they will deteriorate quickly to the sun and weather. I wonder if they have enough places overseas to hide them all?

Macaron The 1st

The F-35 as a ground attack aircraft is likely to be a fun, bloody joke. And who will fly them? Ukrainians or Australians?


“Transition” of the enemy is always the best time for “obliteration”…

Hope Russia and China take full advantage of that time they have instead of watching and waiting…

Might as well start with that “brand new” garrison being set up in Poland?!…

Last edited 2 months ago by Matt
jens holm

I shit, my country shit, I viking the shitty ass have a beard to whipe my dick.

Joseph Day

US Intimidate. Buhahahahahahaaaaaaa


Stále tomu akosi nerozumiem. Prečo Čína ešte otáľa a už nenadviazala z RF spoločný obranný pakt? Za čím čakajú? A mali by pribrať aj Bielorusko, KĽDR, Irán, Sýriu. A ak by mali záujem tak Venezuelu, Nikaraguu, Kubu. Treba vytvoriť konečne alternatívu proti (zto) NATO!!!


US aircraft s that can’t fly if lacking spar part from China 😂

L du Plessis

clowns intimidating the bear 😂

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